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Introducing Canary 7: The smart, fully automated warehouse picking system that takes your warehouse’s efficiency, flexibility and scalability to the next level.
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Warehouse Picking Software? Look No Further…

Forget outdated, low-performance warehouse order picking system. Canary 7 combines years of experience in warehouse management to provide our customers with a solution that is powerful, scalable and totally adaptable.

Regardless of the size, scale or complexity of your warehousing operation, Canary 7 cuts labour costs, improves functionality and increases profitability: it’s what we do.

Warehouse Pick and Pack Software for Today’s Challenges

Years working in third party logistics management has taught us one thing: warehouse productivity, efficiency and operational speed are in high demand. However, many traditional warehouse WMS systems fall well behind the demands of the modern business.

Manual processes, no matter how convenient they seem, are simply not evolved enough to deal with the needs of businesses in the 21st century. For success in today’s competitive and high-risk commercial setting, you need something special. 

And now you have found it. 

The minds behind Canary7 have engineered a next-generation warehouse storage and picking system that is responsive to your feedback, your needs and the changing requirements of your business and hence, is the ultimate tool for your growth, regardless of which industry you belong to.

Warehouse Management System Warehouse Warehouse Pick and Pack

Warehouse Management Tools & Features

Ecommerce WMS Solution Faster Deliveries

Unlike traditional wms software providers, Canary7 caters to a wide variety of stock rotation needs thanks to an included warehouse management system barcode scanner. Regardless of your level of demand, our system captures both inbound and outbound serial numbers, making your job considerably easier as well as more efficient.

Ecommerce WMS Solution Accelerated Scalability

When you choose Canary 7, you choose warehouse software that offers complete availability for virtually all integration options, ranging from FTP to push or pull APIs. Because we consider integration to be the key to success, our team of expert developers are on standby to configure any integrations to meet your requirements. Easy!

Ecommerce WMS Solution Improve Customer Loyality

As your market-leading warehouse management system software, Canary7 is easily and conveniently operated using a simple, sleek and effective interface. To make our system even easier, we even offer expert training and user guides to ensure best practice from day one. Thank us later!

Ecommerce WMS Solution Better Inventory Management

When it comes to transforming the efficiency at the heart of your warehousing and logistics operation, total visibility is key. That’s why Canary7 provides a 360° view of all of your operations; encouraging best practice, completing orders accurately & giving all users total end-to-end control.

Ecommerce WMS Solution More Servings

Are you frustrated with overly complex warehouse management system architecture? We get it. Fortunately, Canary7 provides a design that is interactive and responsive to data, with all vital reports available at a touch whether you’re using a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop computer. Who knew software could be so sleek?

Traditional WMS vendors allow no opportunity for real growth or scalability. Canary7 provides a solution to this problem with seamless integration and automation systems that allow you to add machines & processes to your operation as it evolves. Future-proofed software, anyone?

Our range of labour management features offers a fresh definition of logistics warehouse management software. Daily shift reports are generated for each user, with data automatically captured and displayed in live dashboards. Cut out the noise, and focus on all that matters.

Fact: warehouse management doesn’t have to be boring. We combine fun and functionality with unique gamification features, allowing users to compare their productivity and performance against their colleagues. When it comes to team engagement, it’s game on with Canary 7!

It’s true: no warehouse stays the same. In order to support your business in its growth and scalability, Canary7 provides WMS inventory software features including optimised waving, picking & packing strategies. It’s time to plan for the future!

In today’s busy marketplace, few warehousing organisations have the time or resources to spend worrying about infrastructural limitations and hardware setup. Fortunately, Canary7’s cloud WMS solutions activate straight out-of-the-box and cut costs by only paying per user.

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Achieve Warehousing Excellence with Forward-Thinking Warehouse and Distribution Software

Finding the best warehouse management system to support your logistics operation has never been easier with the arrival of Canary7. We’re redefining warehouse productivity with a range of special features that boost profit margins and increase your bottom line. Customisable & engineered to facilitate growth Ship more products, faster Put an end to expensive warehouse mistakes
Warehouse Management System Achieve Warehousing Excellence

Warehouse Management Systems

Addressing the Challenges

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of 3PLs must use Big Data to become more competent with their supply chains(2021 Logistics Industry Report)

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of warehousing organisations highlight growth management as a primary challenge (Statista)

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of managers report that they primarily use Excel spreadsheets to manage their supply chain (Procurement Tactics)

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of exporters claim that using real-time data has helped them understand shipping alternatives (Capgemini)

Smart Stock Rotation

Enhanced Control of Stock with Interactive Dashboarding

Mastering the inventory rotation at the heart of your business requires a warehouse stock management system that guarantees ultimate flexibility and throughput. Canary 7 ticks both of those boxes and more.

Canary 7’s unique range of stock rotation features can give your warehouse the kick-start it needs to drive an intelligent stock replenishment strategy. Our warehouse management program has been specifically designed to strike a fine balance between replenishment frequency and picking efficiency, allowing your business to ship more products and satisfy even more customers.

Whether your business operates in eCommerce, food production or manufacturing, our cloud-based WMS solutions can be easily configured to facilitate your stock rotation needs. Meanwhile, you can use those same features to allow your warehouse to follow its own inventory rotation procedures.

Warehouse Management System Smart Stock Rotation
Warehouse Management System Universal Integration Options

Universal Integration Options

Comprehensive API Integration Across All Options

Our warehousing software and warehouse management systems are built on a foundation of API flexibility. With Canary 7, you can configure your system to work with virtually any digital application.

When it comes to taking full control over your warehouse finances, it’s all about flexibility and seamless integration. That’s why our solution allows for full API integration, allowing you to connect and synchronise with platforms ranging from online marketplaces and fulfilment carriers to accounting and payment systems. When we say Canary 7 connects your warehouse, we mean it.

Our commitment to universal API integration means that you can wave goodbye to financial blunders, data entry headaches and time spent manually entering account data. Canary 7 cuts out those frustration points by allowing your organisation to instantly submit invoice data through your own accounting platform. It’s easy!
Warehouse Management System Universal Integration Options

User Interface & Expert Training

Smart Design Meets Industry Expertise
Here at Canary 7, we’re passionate in our belief that warehouse management computer systems shouldn’t be overly complex or hard to use. With this in mind, we’ve made something smarter…
Forget clunky user interfaces, long loading times and frustrating glitches. Our warehouse storage management system takes inspiration from the latest trends in web and app design to place UX and overall convenience at the top of the agenda. When you choose Canary 7, you choose a system which offers all of the simplicity without sacrificing on performance. The end result? A sleek WMS that streamlines all aspects of your logistics operation.

Canary 7 is easy to use, and our commitment to expert training ensures that this is true for all of our users. Regardless of the size or complexity of your warehouse, our team of logistics & warehousing pros provide highly-focused training programmes to use the software to its ultimate potential. Meanwhile, we provide a range of training materials to ensure that your newest staff get to grips with the software from day one.

Warehouse Management System User Interface & Expert Training
Warehouse Management System 360° View of All Operations

360° View of All Operations

Boost Warehousing Efficiency with Oversight of Operations
Regardless of your sector of industry, the efficiency of your warehouse will largely depend on how much visibility you have. That’s why Canary 7 provides a live view across all of your logistics operations, improving fulfilment accuracy through total end-to-end control.
A key obstacle to achieving warehousing excellence is the often-siloed approach to various processes. Canary 7 unites all of your logistical tasks in one centralised system, visualising those operations through live, interactive dashboards. With the complete operational visibility our solution provides, you can quickly and effectively assess stock and labour availability.
Our commitment to total operational oversight doesn’t only benefit business owners. By providing a complete view of labour resources and progress status, you can incentivise your workers to adopt best practice throughout your warehouse. Everyone’s a winner!
Warehouse Management System 360° View of All Operations

Sleek, Responsive Design

Interactive Interfaces for Intelligent Warehousing
Whether you need a warehouse management system software for small business or a solution for a large-scale operation, Canary 7 provides all of the features you need in one flowing and secure digital space.
Accessibility is built into the very essence of our warehouse storage management system. Regardless of your location or choice of device, you can use Canary 7’s remote access features to operate the software on laptop computers, tablet devices and even smartphones. By enabling your staff to access the system at any time, you can resolve urgent issues quickly and effectively. Unlike any other warehouse management solution software, Canary 7 gives your business the tools it needs to become a true 24/7 operation.
The benefits of our design features don’t end there. We even offer optional personalised design, enabling you to embed your own company assets for consistent branding. Bespoke design, anyone?
Warehouse Management System Sleek, Responsive Design
Warehouse Management System Future-Proofed Solution

Future-Proofed Solution

A Warehouse Management System Application Designed for Growth
Inventory warehouse management systems are traditionally designed for static spaces, with little scope for growth or scalability. Fortunately, Canary 7 is built to support your future plans.
Don’t let outdated software stand in the way of true business growth. By choosing Canary 7, businesses choose a versatile and highly flexible solution that facilitates growth and changing business plans. Stop guessing and stop estimating: with our cloud-based WMS, you can make decisions that are informed and completely data-driven, allowing you to manage your resources effectively during periods of high demand.

If years working in third party logistics management has taught us anything, it’s that overstocking and under stocking of inventory can pose significant consequences to any warehousing organisation. Canary 7 eliminates this business risk by providing constant and accurate visibility of what you have and what you need.

Warehouse Management System Future-Proofed Solution

Simple Labour Management

Discover Workforce Management Made Easy
Canary 7 doesn’t just manage your inventory, your operations and finances: it manages your people, too. Using live data, our solution allows you to allocate labour resources to the areas most in-need.
Regardless of your choice of WMS system, one aspect of your warehouse is critical to the success of your business: its people. With this fact in-mind, Canary 7 offers a range of smart labour management features that streamline your human resourcing process to its core. This is made possible by a daily shift report function which generates productivity reports for all of your warehousing staff. Data from these reports are articulated via live dashboards, making your people accountable for their work. Who knew resource management could be so simple?
Utilising Big Data effectively has the potential to transform how businesses run their warehousing operations. Canary 7 is the smart WMS you need to make decisions that are supported by cold, hard data.
Warehouse Management System Simple Labour Management
Warehouse Management System Gamification Team Management

Gamification for Team Management

Add Some Fun to Your Warehousing Game
Time is of the essence in any productive, effective warehousing operation. Canary 7 uses advanced warehouse management systems to truly gamify your approach to team allocation. Game on!
Canary 7 is the top WMS for any business who wants to see a little slice of fun in their fulfilment operation. Using interactive and competitive dashboards, our solution ‘gamifies’ your labour management process. Unlike many alternatives, Canary 7 puts team performance first in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for all. Looking for a way to display productivity competitively? Do you need a productivity measurement tool to incentivise your staff? Play the game with Canary 7!
Picking inventory doesn’t have to be painful. Our gamification features transform the most mundane tasks into a game that everyone can play, driving your company towards achieving its KPIs.
Warehouse Management System Gamification Team Management

Flexibility & Scalability

A Smart WMS That Adapts To Your Needs
The importance of warehouse management systems to your flexibility and scalability shouldn’t be underestimated. Canary 7 uses Big Data to support growth in a way that is both sustainable and successful.
Today’s complex shipping challenges demand real flexibility from our WMS systems. While traditional warehouse management systems are built for uniform, static environments, Canary 7 works according to a live map of your warehouse. Thanks to this unique feature, our users can adapt their inventory and infrastructure to suit the evolving needs of their organisation. So – how do we do it?
It’s simple: we’ve used our expertise around inventory and order management to provide fully optimised picking, waving and packing strategies that facilitate tangible growth across all of your business’ sales and distribution channels. It’s time to grow with Canary 7!
Warehouse Management System Flexibility & Scalability
Warehouse Management System Cloud-Based WMS

Cloud-Based WMS

Warehousing Excellence, All Inside the Cloud
Canary 7 is among the top warehouse management systems to utilise cloud-based technology to its ultimate potential. From enjoying lower costs and lower lead times, there’s lots of reasons to choose our cloud-based WMS.
Cloud-based technology is presenting solutions to some of the logistics industry’s most perplexing challenges. Canary 7 is leading the way with a ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solution that activates at an instant, helping your organisation drastically reduce time spent installing hardware or addressing infrastructural limitations. Our users can proceed with confidence that their data is housed within a super-secure server in the cloud, with a technical team on 24/7 standby to assist with all of your hosting requirements. Beyond that, basing our system within the cloud ensures your operation continues to run effectively, allowing you to exercise total control over the features you use. Nifty!
Take business decisions based on data. Eliminate costs associated with hardware repairs and replacements. Enjoy a WMS solution that holds your data safely and securely in the cloud. Canary 7 ticks all of these boxes and more!
Warehouse Management System Cloud-Based WMS

Warehouse Management System

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Warehouse Management System | FAQs

What is a warehouse management system?

A warehouse management system is an automated software solution that can help businesses be in control of their warehouse processes and improve their fulfilment experience from start to finish. A warehouse management system offers a range of different functionalities that, when integrated into your warehouse, can make it considerably more evolved, efficient, and productive. It is one of the most crucial elements of your success strategy and employing it at your warehouse will definitely allow you to see some very positive changes.

Do all businesses need a warehouse management system?

Yes! All businesses that have a warehouse need a warehouse management system. This is mainly due to the fast-paced world we live in. Back in the day, it would have been possible for businesses to operate their warehouse manually with the help of a paper-based system. However, that time is now long gone and the only way you can keep up with growing competition and requirements of success is to automate your warehouse processes with the help of a robust warehouse management system. So, to answer your question: absolutely! All businesses do need a warehouse management system.

Do I need a big budget to get the best warehouse management system?

Not at all. The costs associated with your warehouse management system depend on what kind of functionalities it offers. However, there are many affordable options present in the market that offer even better solutions than the pricey software systems. And out of them, Canary7 is the best option. It helps you improve your cash flow and save money in multiple areas of your business, which makes it an absolute must for your warehouse management strategy.

Can a warehouse management system help me with my inventory?

If it is an advanced solution like Canary7’s warehouse management system then yes, absolutely. The inventory is one of the most important parts of the warehouse, and any functional warehouse will most definitely have a well-organised inventory. This is precisely why Canary7’s warehouse management solutions are catered towards helping you manage your inventory properly. Whether you struggle with maintaining the right levels of inventory or with optimising your warehouse space in accordance with inventory storage, Canary7 is at your service to help you out with the most advanced methods of inventory management.

How do I know Canary7 is the right choice for me?

Canary7 is a holistic warehouse fulfilment software. So, if you are a business that is struggling in terms of achieving a well-balanced warehouse management strategy, Canary7 is likely to be the right fit for you. However, we also want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied about us being the right choice before you actually commit to us. To that end, we offer a free demo that you can avail and test things out. During this demo, you can see whether or not Canary7 has the functionalities you want your warehouse management system to have, and we can move from there.