WMS Manufacturing by Canary7

Managing a manufacturing warehouse can be hard, but not with Canary7. Streamline your manufacturing process as well as the handling of the finished products with our leading warehouse management solutions.

Make Manufacturing Easy

Running a manufacturing business is far from easy, especially when the maintenance of your warehouse is involved. Not only do you have to take care of thousands of raw materials, but you also have to pay special attention to the finished product.

All of this, and more, can simply be sorted with the help of a Warehouse Management System catered towards the manufacturing industry. Canary7 offers the ultimate WMS for manufacturers.

The Manufacturing Automation WMS You Have Been Looking For

Canary7 takes into account your unique needs as a manufacturing business, and presents you with solutions that will optimise your warehousing processes – no questions asked. Whether it is inventory management that you are trying to focus on or special storage issues that need fixing, integrating Canary7 WMS for manufacturers into your warehouse will allow you to achieve a smooth, seamless supply chain process. 

Canary7 aims to provide you with end-to-end automation at your warehouse, which means that you can finally leverage top-notch technology in your work processes, and cut down on the time, effort, and money you spend on the maintenance of your warehouse.

Key Insights into the Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturing is estimated at $650b in 2020. It was found that by 2027, the market is likely to hit $732.2b. The market for manufacturing is not only huge, but ever-expanding. (Source)

WMS Manufacturing - How Canary7 Helps

The manufacturing supply chain consists of multiple layers, and each comes with its own share of complexities and issues.

Your Problems

As a manufacturing warehouse setup, there are many things that can cause you to worry.

Luckily, Canary7 has your back.

We know this is what your problems look like: 

  • Inventory inaccuracy
  • Redundant processes
  • Poor warehouse layout
  • Labour costs
  • Picking optimisation
  • Quality control

Our Solutions

Here’s how Canary7 WMS for manufacturers can help:

  • Organised, accurate record-keeping and inventory
  • Efficient warehouse processes. We help you adopt best practices
  • Optimised warehouse space
  • Cut down on labour costs & increase employee engagement
  • Streamline pick and pack processes
  • Quality management and maintenance

First Class WMS for Manufacturers

Canary7 offers all the necessary solutions needed to make warehouse management easy for you! Our holistic warehouse management approach comes fully equipped with not only a WMS for manufacturing, but also a Warehouse Control System, Inventory Management System, and Labour Management System. What this means is that you have all the tools you need to automate your manufacturing warehouse processes, and benefit from cutting-edge technology to make your job easier. The ultimate manufacturing WMS.

Key WMS Manufacturing Features

1. Just-In-Time Production

Get Complete Support for Major Manufacturing Methodologies

Canary7 WMS manufacturing supports lean and JIT manufacturing methodologies. You can easily pull raw materials whenever you need, while optimising your storage space and reducing line delays to a great extent.

2. Lot/Batch Control Tracking

WMS Manufacturing, Introduce Great Quality Control & Accountability

Canary7 enables businesses to foster top-notch quality control and accountability. Lot tracking provides manufacturing histories, empowering you to isolate lots/batches and trace where components travelled through the production process. The end result is a seamless manufacturing process that upholds the integrity and quality of all your products.

3. Operational Visibility

Gain Full Visibility of Your Manufacturing Processes & Materials

The manufacturing process consists of multiple stages, and you must stay in touch with each activity throughout your warehouses to ensure total operational visibility. We understand that, which is why with Canary7’s WMS for manufacturers enables you to track material flow in real-time and see all movements for accountability, offering you a 360° view of your operations. 

4. Shipment Consolidation

Streamline and Optimise the Shipment Process with A WMS for Manufacturers

Canary7 helps you optimise shipments and comply with your customers labelling and shipping requirements to avoid recalls. This allows for better resource planning decisions, driving warehouse efficiency and accuracy.

5. Industry Standard Support

Comply With Industry Standards, WMS Manufacturing

Get support for industry standards such as barcodes with a WMS for manufacturers. We allow diverse kinds of tagging and help you capture specific data points – all in accordance with the industry you operate. Maintain your quality and management-related certifications by letting Canary7 check all the necessary boxes for you.

6. Responsive Line Configuration

Configure Settings According To Your Preferences

Manage the flow of materials through your lines, and get your products safely across to the final staging areas. Get top-notch response line configuration so that you don’t run out of materials or space, and that your team knows exactly how to handle your products.

7. ERP Integrations

Benefit From Top-Level Integrations

ERP integrations can boost the functionality of your WMS and at Canary7, you benefit from the best ERP integrations for a manufacturing business. Integrate your system with helpful ERP software such as Amazon and DHL, and watch your processes evolve.

Stellar WMS Manufacturing Solutions

Canary7 is the best WMS for manufacturing – here’s why:

To ensure that your manufacturing processes are running properly, you need to have an accurate understanding of your warehouse and inventory. Canary7 enables you to have considerably more visibility of warehouse and inventory activity: you can manage complicated supply chains, work with multiple locations, track orders and shipments, manage your orders while simultaneously maintaining an accurate record of everything. 

Manufactured goods have a huge demand, and quite possibly one of the biggest markets in the world. Being a manufacturing company means that you are opening yourself to the opportunity to expand your operations. Canary7 prepares you for the future and supports your warehousing processes in ways that make it easier to expand your operations.

Speed is one of our core values, which is why all our solutions aim to make your warehousing processes speedier and considerably more efficient. We help you clear out any complications that you might have to address in your supply chain, and as such help you carry out your deliveries a lot faster with the most efficient processes.

Our solutions are fully optimised to be used on any smart device, so you can benefit from Canary7 using your mobile phones as well. This also means that you can get your warehouse updates delivered right to your phone, and stay in touch with your manufacturing process without putting in any effort.

Canary7 not only decreases the amount of effort you put into your processes, but also allows you to save money. Whether it is warehouse control or labour management, Canary7 helps you automate all the core warehousing processes within your distribution centre, which means more efficiency. In the world of manufacturing, the more efficient you are, the more money you make and the less you spend. Canary7 can help you considerably maximize the amount of profits you get.

The Leading WMS for Manufacturers

Designed By Experts

Canary7 allows you to access warehousing solutions created by experts. We know exactly what it takes to turn your manufacturing business around for the best and provide you with end-to-end automation across all your warehouses.

Reverse Logistics

Your customers will not shy away from returning goods which is why you need to have a robust reverse logistics system ready to accomodate any returns that you get. Canary7 helps you streamline the reverse process as well, and create a clear path for any goods that make their way back to your warehouse.

Safe & Secure Storage

Canary7 optimises your warehouse space in such a way that all your warehousing processes, such as picking, packing, and even shipment are fully secure. By offering 360 degrees of visibility, Canary7 ensures that you are fully in touch with all your activity, and can avoid any problems well in advance.

Sectors We Support:

Mobile and eCommerce services are accelerating retail development while adding new levels of complexity to the supply chain. Canary7 mitigates this by providing a new, accurate, and speedy shopping experience using a cutting-edge ecommerce warehouse management system.

Adapting to changing logistical requirements is essential in the food and beverage business. Canary7 rises to the occasion by reacting to your consumers’ shifting tastes.

Canary7, unlike many other systems, enables FMCG suppliers and distributors in increasing profit margins and lowering operating expenses throughout their warehouse.

Our extensive experience working in the manufacturing sector has revealed a need for a WMS that provides answers to specific industry difficulties. Canary7 provides complete visibility into your manufacturing process, from production to distribution. The ultimate WMS for manufacturing. 

Canary7 provides a comprehensive suite of 3PL central WMS features designed specifically for your warehousing operation.

What is wms manufacturing?

A Warehouse Management System is a software system that helps you optimise and streamline warehouse processes. It can help you with all aspects of your warehouse management - from picking and packing right down to the shipment, a WMS helps businesses stay in control of their warehouse activity and ensure that their operations lead to unparalleled customer satisfaction. In the manufacturing industry, you can leverage a Warehouse Management Software to optimise all your manufacturing processes. Whether it is pulling raw materials, transporting products, or ensuring the quality of finished products, a Warehouse Management Software can help you improve your processes to a great extent.

What are the benefits of WMS for manufacturing?

A Warehouse Management System can help you get a lot of benefits! These include but are not limited to: Increase in sales Reduction of excess inventory Decreased operational costs Better organisation and order fulfilment warehouse Increased customer satisfaction Better long-term solutions

What to look for in a wms for manufacturing?

Before you commit to a WMS for manufacturing, you must know whether ot not the WMS you use is worth the commitment. In that regard, there are a few things that a good WMS should offer you: Ease of use Scalability Reporting Integration Network supporting Mobile support Connectivity Data accuracy Safety and security

Why Canary7?

Not only does Canary7 offer you all the features listed about, but it offers you even more! Our solutions include warehouse management, warehouse control, warehouse labour management, warehouse order management, and even warehouse inventory management. Canary7 offers a well-rounded approach to maintain your warehouse and helps you propel your business forward in terms of progress.

What should I know before investing in a WMS for manufacturing?

There are quite a few things you need to understand before you invest in a Warehouse Management System for manufacturing. To start off, ask yourself the following questions: What is the size of your business? What is your budget for the software? How many products do you want to sell in total? Is your team tech-savvy? What are the existing problems in your supply chain that you want to fix? Is your business mainly online or offline? What would be the most ideal integrations and/or features for a business like yours?

Is reverse logistics an important part of warehouse management for manufacturing?

Yes! Increasingly, it is becoming more important for customers to be able to return products they don’t resonate with. Any manufacturing business that doesn;t pay attention to this particular setup is essentially setting up for disaster! Leaving reverse logistics to be sorted out on the last minute will cause a lot of confusion, and can lead to serious hiccups in the supply chain. For this reason, it is very important for you to keep reverse logistics in mind. What would be even better is if you plan out a proper path for returned goods in advance, so that you don’t sign yourself up for some last minute trouble.

Can I get a free demo of this WMS for manufacturing?

Yes! Canary7 offers a free demo on all its solutions. If you want to try out our WMS Manufacturing solution, you are welcome to sign up for the demo. You can also sign up for demos of some of our other solutions, such as Warehouse Control System, Inventory Management System, Labour Management System, and Order Management System.

What integrations does Canary 7 offer?

Canary7 integrates directly with many popular applications, including but not limited to: FedEx DHL Amazon UPS DPD Yodel Magento BigCommerce Amazon Prime And more.