DHL WMS Integration: How to Use it Effectively

By integrating your shipment processes with DHL through Canary7, you provide your warehouse with a solid logistical framework that doesn’t taint your experience in any way.

Canary7 - DHL Integration

DHL WMS Integration: How to Use it Effectively

By integrating your shipment processes with DHL through Canary7, you provide your warehouse with a solid logistical framework that doesn’t taint your experience in any way.

For many businesses, streamlining the delivery process is a constant worry. This is due to the fact that effective shipping requires proficiency at a number of distinct levels in order to accomplish your objectives. 

Manually accomplishing this is challenging. Manual processes and a strategy revolving around them is not complex enough to deal with each of these levels and add to the progress required to keep a firm competitive. They are an expensive component of any firm since they could impose a lot of stress on the warehouse staff. 

The biggest issue for the majority of enterprises will, however, be whether they have any other choices. 

Automation is the ideal substitute, thus the answer is yes.

Automated processes are essential for business growth in the twenty-first century. There are many methods for automating processes, including carrier integration. With the aid of a carrier integration, you can both streamline your shipping processes and turn your warehouse into a lot more structured centre of production. 

One such example of a carrier integration is the DHL WMS Integration. A DHL WMS integration will help you move forward in the right direction as a business, and ensure that you are providing your customers with nothing but the best delivery experience – which is one of the most important ways to ensure your brand success. It will prove to be the most important aspect of your success strategy, and hence deserves your full attention. 

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  • What is DHL?
  • What Services Does DHL Offer?
  • The Use of a DHL WMS Integration
  • DHL WMS Integration Features
  • Benefits of a DHL WMS Integration
  • Summary

What is DHL?

With regards to package delivery, DHL believes itself to be “world-leading,” and with good reason. Its annual delivery of 1,818,000,000 parcels demonstrates that many individuals and organisations put their faith in DHL to handle their valuables. The courier service is a terrific choice for 3PLs that want to rule the market and guarantee that every shipment that leaves their warehouse reaches the client in perfect condition because DHL has operations in so many nations. 

It is one of the most prominent postal services provider, and the first choice for postal service for many businesses and private shippers. 

Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - What is DHL_

What Services Does DHL Offer?

Some of the prominent services offered by DHL include:

Domestic Shipping Services

Domestic Shipping Services

Being a worldwide provider of postal services, DHL ensures that no matter where you are in the world, you can deliver products to any address in your domestic setting. As long as you are in a country served by DHL, you can easily take advantage of their services and send your parcels in a safe and secure manner.
DHL’s website is easy to navigate, which means using their services for domestic shipping is even easier. Whether you are a new or an existing customer, you can get in touch with solutions that are especially targeted towards you, so that you can make sure that your needs are being met. What’s even better is that you can send both freight as well as documents as your parcels, and any other product that fits the requirements of DHL shipping. They have multiple offices within any country, which means that initiating the shipment process is quite straightforward and accessible.
International Shipping Services

International Shipping Services

Since DHL is a global logistics service, it has global expertise to help you with your shipping. Whether it is a private parcel or a business parcel, DHL can help you ship it seamlessly out of the country, no matter what your location and destination is. According to them, their international shipping services are made with
a combination of features that consumers want, so you can rest assured that everything you want is being provided to you.Moreover, keep in mind that they deliver more than 220 countries and territories all over the world, which means that they have access to almost all of the world! The options for international delivery include DHL Parcel International Direct, DHL Parcel International Standard, DHL Paket International, DHL Duty and Tax Calculator. As you can tell, DHL provides a pretty comprehensive framework that you can comfortably work within, which makes it easier for you to successfully ship parcels to anywhere in the world.
Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

DHL’s logistics solutions are aimed towards providing businesses with a chance to optimise and improve their supply chain. The main focus is to enable them to gain a competitive advantage, and hence the solutions enable them to be better in a way that actually pushes them forward towards success.
The best part is that the size of your business doesn’t matter; you can be Small/Medium Enterprise as well as Large Enterprise in order to avail the best possible logistics solutions from DHL. Their solutions for small, medium, and large businesses all include warehousing, transportation & distribution, integrated logistics, customs, security, & insurance, green logistics, consulting & management services, and visibility & risk management. In short, no matter what your particular grievance about your supply chain is, DHL can help you improve it.
Varied Industry Support

Varied Industry Support

DHL provides services to multiple industries. The industry sectors they support include auto-mobility, chemicals, consumer, energy, engineering & manufacturing, life sciences & healthcare, public sector, retail, technology, and eRetail & fashion.
The point of mentioning all these industries is to showcase the variety of solutions offered by DHL when it comes to serving their customers. Needless to say, the needs of a manufacturing business are far different from those of a retail one, and the fact that DHL takes care of both of these type of businesses as well as many others seems to reflect the idea that that if you choose DHL as your postal partner, you are largely in good hands.
DHL for Business

DHL for Business

It’s important to remember that DHL provides a whole different set of services for businesses, which means that the needs of a business are looked at specially. This is important, considering that the shipping experience a business provides
is an integral part of their success strategy, which means that it requires extra attention. DHL will help you impress your customers with seamless shipping, and hence should be your partner – which can be achieved with the help of a DHL WMS integration. A DHL WMS integration connects your DHL app to your warehouse, and hence takes your logistics to the next level.
Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - The Use of a DHL WMS Integration

The Use of a DHL WMS Integration

Nothing is more advantageous for your company than a WMS integration, particularly if it is linked to a postal service like DHL. Your preferred courier service might become a crucial component of your business operations with the aid of a DHL WMS integration. You may take advantage of all the DHL app’s features, functions, and services by integrating DHL WMS. From there, you may take steps to process orders significantly faster and generally better, which will wow both you and your clients.

DHL WMS Integration Features

Some prominent DHL WMS integration features are:

Improving Picking and Shipping

To ensure that the company’s selection and packing practices meet the needs of the delivery service, a DHL WMS integration is necessary. With the help of a DHL WMS integration, you can now be sure that your attempts won’t be useless just to be abruptly rejected by the mail service. Before you even start packing, you can use the integrated, centralised data in order  to get all the information you need to finish your delivery. 

By optimising your packaging and selecting procedures, you may enhance the fulfilment process as a whole and relieve your team and employees of unneeded pressure, which will increase their productivity in other areas.

Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - Improving Picking and Shipping
Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - Successful Order Tracking

Successful Order Tracking

With a DHL WMS integration, you can efficiently track your order and get updates along the way. Order monitoring is essential because customers will see your business more favourably overall if you can give them regular updates. 

Once your clients’ concerns are resolved, you’ll be able to unwind and feel certain that your business is developing a solid reputation. You can ensure that your items are being delivered securely and safely by keeping a check on your orders as they are being shipped. 

With a DHL WMS integration, you can trace every order, which will make customer support simpler, gratify your customers, and make sure that your postal revenues aren’t being squandered. Many user-friendly order tracking capabilities are available from DHL.

These, along with the effectiveness and automation offered by a DHL WMS integration, may enable you to trace your parcels and assure their security absolutely up until the very last second – minimising the possibility of problems and granting you complete control over the delivery of your goods!

Enhanced Shipping Procedures

You’ll succeed if your delivery procedures are optimised. Making batches, mailing things in batches, handling multiple units, printing labels in batches, finishing batches, and conserving batches are all examples of batch shipping. Batch or bulk shipment involves exactly this, which is why companies consider it to be so crucial. 

By delaying integrating batch shipping into your operations, you are deliberately preventing yourself from achieving the right kind of success. No business, least of all yours, should be delaying integrating batch shipping into its operations because it can substantially impede your ability to develop. Therefore, you must begin incorporating batch exporting into your processes as soon as you can.

Batch shipment offers many, many benefits that are genuinely substantial. Utilising batch shipping, which provides more operational flexibility, can help you manage your shipments more successfully. Additionally, they save you money and energy, and bundling comparable orders increases business efficiency and helps minimise errors.

Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - Enhanced Shipping Procedures
Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - Quick Exchanges, Returns, and Refunds

Quick Exchanges, Returns, and Refunds

The fulfilment procedure is heavily influenced by how well you manage returns. Return logistics are crucial, and if you focus on them, your business is headed in the right direction. This role must be understood by several firms. This is because reverse logistics is one of the most important but lucrative aspects in the purchase process. 

The easier it is for clients to quickly return, refund, and swap incorrect things, the more successful your firm will be regarded to be. The good news is that return logistics are made simpler by DHL WMS integration, which has a significant beneficial effect on your organisation.

DHL provides straightforward ways to deliver and receive products, as we just said. Reverse logistics may be fully frictionless when this is combined with the technological tools, which you can achieve if you have a DHL WMS interface.

Summaries of Orders

You need better order visibility for success. Having correct statistics, data, and information on the development of your business that can be gathered into analyses and inspections that are essential to the growth of your business is just as vital as making sure your products are in good condition! Unfortunately, no. Since many businesses are unaware of this, they often give their purchasing visibility very little thought. 

You are not required to operate one of these businesses. With the aid of a DHL WMS integration, you can effectively focus and integrate all of this data, guaranteeing that you are earning from it and that you aren’t one of those businesses. 

Use DHL WMS integration for enhanced order overviews and unparalleled transformation.

Canary7 DHL WMS Integration -Summaries of Orders

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Benefits of a DHL WMS Integration

You should be aware of the benefits a DHL WMS Integration may offer. A few of these are:

Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - Benefits your Staff

Benefits your Staff

Your staff will experience significantly more stress if your business uses time-consuming manual methods to navigate these areas! If you expect your staff to address their fulfilment issues solely manually since this could reduce their productivity, you are certainly doing them a disservice. 

Therefore, relying too much on manual procedures can prevent your business from growing but also to the psychological and physical health of your employees. You can aid them by giving them a setting that will speed up their work and be comfortable for them with the DHL WMS integration.

A DHL WMS integration will automate everything and ensure that your employees can be their best selves from beginning to end without anything affecting their productivity and efficiency, which will ultimately convert into more success for your company.

Can help you do more, in less time

A DHL WMS integration saves you a tonne of time compared to manually inputting diverse order data by streamlining your shipping processes. When manual operations are eliminated, you put out substantially less effort, which gives operators more time for replenishment, picking, and shipping. 

By moving to a DHL WMS integration, you will gradually save time that might be used to improve other aspects of your company. As a result, your processes will be more effective and you’ll have more time to keep up your advantage over other businesses.

Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - Can help you do more, in less time
Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - You get reliable and precise data

You get reliable and precise data

All of your packages and shipments will be much more accurate since there is a lot smaller risk of terrible mistakes because the data is a major turning point from the ERP or WMS. You may save more time, effort, and money by having fewer accidents and mistakes in this area than you would otherwise lose to returns and unsuccessful shipments.

Therefore, delivery and transportation integrations—particularly ones like DHL WMS integration—are quite beneficial for companies wanting to save expenses and minimise errors in that area. The data you generate using a DHL WMS integration can be completely trusted since it is accurate, that will eventually make it easier for you to receive an overview that is perfectly reliable and error-free.

Will improve the customer experience you provide

Your business’s reputation is damaged by customer complaints brought on by incorrect shipment details, late delivery, or erroneous tracking. When delivery details are accurate and tracking data is made available, customers receive their purchases and have a wonderful shopping experience. 

This is something that a DHL WMS integration could only help with, thus it has to be given priority and included in your entire customer experience strategy. By incorporating DHL shipping into your processes, you are making an investment in the development of your business as well as the effectiveness of your complete customer service strategy.

Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - Will improve the customer experience
Canary7 DHL WMS Integration - Will run with unmatched efficiency

Will run with unmatched efficiency

Modern consumers have very high standards. They want prompt turnaround and delivery within a specific time range. It is typically necessary to employ many carriers to meet these requirements, and it can be challenging to coordinate the systems of all of these different carriers. 

Automation makes the relationship between fulfilment and shipment more seamless and effective. You can accomplish all of this and more by utilising a DHL WMS integration, which improves your operating procedures to the core and makes sure that your clients can recognise your efforts.


A DHL WMS integration is essential if you’re thinking about simplifying carrier operations because it will raise your delivery and fulfilment operations’ productivity, income, and dependability. It is crucial for your approach to customer service because it gives you the tools and technology required to guarantee the effectiveness of the logistics you offer your customers.