How Can a TPN WMS Integration Help Your Business?

By connecting your shipping workflows to TPN with Canary7, you give your warehouse a strong logistical base without compromising your experience.

Canary7 - TPN Integration

How Can a TPN WMS Integration Help Your Business?

By connecting your shipping workflows to TPN with Canary7, you give your warehouse a strong logistical base without compromising your experience.

Numerous businesses are always looking for ways to make their logistics procedures more efficient. This is because effective shipping necessitates seamlessness at a wide range of levels in order to fulfil your objectives. 

Without automation, performing all of this manually can be difficult. In order to oversee all areas, advancement, innovation, and technology is necessary. So, in one place, manual procedures are overly complex and hard to get done with – which is likely to put your business at a disadvantage. In the other place, however, we have automation. Fortunately enough, automation makes everything easier and much more efficient. 

Automated processes are essential for any business operating today. After all, there is no way you can keep up with the growing challenges of the 21st century if you don’t have the right amount of automation integrated into your business.

Process automation can be achieved via a variety of methods, including carrier integration. With the help of a carrier integration, you can put in place your storage facility as a far more organised manufacturing hub and optimise your shipping procedures. 

The TPN WMS Integration is one illustration of a carrier integration. One of the most crucial ways to ensure the success of your business is to provide the finest delivery experience possible for your customers. You can drive your company in the appropriate directions with the aid of a TPN WMS integration. It will ultimately prove to be the most crucial element of your success plan, thus your company should put a lot of emphasis on it.

Need more information on utilising a TPN WMS integration? By reading on, you can learn everything there is to know about TPN WMS integration and how it can be beneficial for your business.


  • What is TPN?
  • The Use of a TPN WMS Integration
  • Benefits of a TPN WMS Integration
  • TPN WMS Integration: Features
  • Summary

What is TPN?

One of the leading pallet networks in the UK is TPN, also known as The Pallet Network. They are able to give next-day, scheduled, or budget deliveries for any palletised products thanks to its 106 Members and more than 120 premier regional speciality locations around the UK. They provide nationwide delivery for each of their customers via the other TPN Members, pickup from any local customer, and offer overnight palletised distribution.

TPN claims that by adopting a hub and spoke approach for collection and distribution, the pallet network architecture reduces your shipping costs and overall carbon footprint. They consider it as a crucial addition to the other transportation requirements of our customers. 

TPN offers a variety of advantages that make it a suitable postal option for companies. First off, it provides what may be regarded as the top service in the sector. It is highly accessible to everyone located in the UK because it also has the finest geographical coverage in the country. Additionally, it operates peak-proof, meaning that service is maintained even when volume increases.

Last but not least, it provides the only specialised service, guarantees delivery times for outsize freight, provides connections to Scandinavia and Europe internationally, and has a sister system in Ireland.

Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - What is TPN_

So, if you are looking for a delivery service that provides palletised postal solutions, then TPN is a great option. They know the pallet model inside out, and can make sure that your products reach their desired destination safely and securely. As a business, this will help you streamline your fulfilment to a great extent. 

However, if you plan on ensuring that your deliveries actually contribute towards the success of your business, then you have to consider a TPN WMS integration. Without it, your shipping strategy remains incomplete!

The Use of a TPN WMS Integration

There are many uses for a TPN WMS integration, and we will get to the bottom of that soon. But first, let’s consider why exactly does your business need to start considering getting a TPN WMS integration. 

Domestic Shipping Services


A TPN WMS integration makes your selected postal service provider an essential component of your company’s operations. By integrating TPN WMS, you may utilise all of the features and services offered by the TPN app.
From there, you may take action to handle orders in general much more quickly and effectively, pleasing you as well as your customers. A TPN WMS integration can unify your fulfilment processes and shipment data, making it simpler for you to complete your orders promptly and in total safety. As a result, in the fulfilment process developed with the aid of a TPN WMS integration, it will establish a strong foundation for your business.


A cargo can be set up to be sent out regularly, creating shipping labels and managing tracking numbers. Your operations may benefit greatly from a TPN WMS integration if your company is new or growing because
it undoubtedly saves you a significant amount of time and effort. 


If you’re interested in using TPN’s services, you can count on a TPN WMS integration to make it possible. Your warehouse, storage, and other distribution network elements can easily be connected to the TPN app, enabling
a direct integration across every stage of your operational journey. By combining the two, you can take use of the features that TPN and a good warehouse management system both offer. Watch your services greatly advance with the help of these two solutions, and never again disappoint customers.

Benefits of a TPN WMS Integration

It is important to know the benefits of a TPN WMS integration, which include:

Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - Can help you save money

Can help you save money

Money is essential to every organisation. After all, the more money you can set aside, the faster your business will grow and prosper. However, managing a budget is not always easy. 

Consider that you are funding each department of the company, many of which are resource-intensive. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to focus on order fulfilment, delivery, and inventory control in particular. You can save a lot of money by integrating the TPN app with your logistics management procedures.

This is partly because of how much automation it provides. By automating each stage of your logistics operations and shipment, a WMS integration lowers the possibility of errors occurring. You no longer worry about mistakes, defects, and inaccuracies as a result. Everything here is automated, which will cost you money due to the lack of problems that should be fixed afterwards. 

This becomes even more crucial when sending and receiving packages. This is due to the fact that once anything has been sent improperly, there is no going back. Giving your customer a damaged item can be uncomfortable for you both, result in extra costs, and have negative consequences.

You may obtain precise and trustworthy data

Data is a vital essential point when it comes to ERP or WMS, therefore all of your deliveries and packages will be substantially more trustworthy because there is a much smaller possibility of catastrophic errors. By making fewer errors and blunders here, you may be able to save more time, money, and effort than you would otherwise lose to cancellations and failed shipments.

Accordingly, businesses looking to cut costs and faults in that area will find that shipping and logistics integrations, especially those such as the TPN WMS integration, are highly helpful. You can generate correct data with a TPN WMS integration, which will eventually make it simpler for you to get an accurate and error-free view.

Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - You may obtain precise and trustworthy data
Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - Could speed up the completion of additional tasks

Could speed up the completion of additional tasks

By streamlining your shipping procedures, a TPN WMS integration saves you a lot of time compared to manually inputting various order data. You use a lot less energy when manual tasks are eliminated, which facilitates employees’ resources for refilling, selecting, and shipping towards other areas of your business. 

You will gradually save time if you switch to a TPN WMS integration. The time could then be spent more wisely in other departments of your company. Your operations will be more successful as a result, and you’ll have more time to work on making your business a better fit for competition with other companies.

Customer service efficiency will increase

Customers that complain about inaccurate tracking, delayed deliveries, or inadequate shipment information damage your company’s reputation. Customers receive their goods and enjoy a satisfying shopping experience when shipping details are precise and tracking information is easily accessible. 

A TPN WMS integration can undoubtedly help with this, thus it must be taken into consideration and incorporated into your comprehensive customer service plan. You are investing in the growth of your company and the efficiency of your overall customer service strategy by integrating TPN shipping into all of your activities.

Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - Customer service efficiency will increase
Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - Your operations will run with unsurpassed agility

Your operations will run with unsurpassed agility

TPN WMS integration will help your operations run incredibly efficiently. When we consider the extremely high expectations of contemporary consumers, this becomes apparent. They demand a prompt response and delivery within a predetermined window of time. To meet these objectives, numerous carriers are typically required, and connecting the systems to all of these various carriers can be difficult. 

The connection between fulfilment and shipment is improved and made as efficient as possible by automation. By using a TPN WMS connection, which helps strengthen your operational processes from the ground up and ensures that your clients can appreciate your efforts, you may reach all of these required milestones.

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TPN WMS Integration: Features

So, what features does a TPN WMS integration have that makes it such an integral part of your warehousing system? They are:

Overview of Orders

For success, you need improved order visibility. Just as important as making sure your items are in good shape is having solid statistics, data, and information regarding the evolution of your business that can be put into evaluation and audits that are essential for the expansion of your business. Most of the time, however, businesses don’t have the tools needed to turn this into a reality.  As a result, many businesses typically give their purchase visibility little to no thought. 

It is not necessary for you to run one of these companies. You can efficiently consolidate and aggregate all of this data with the help of a TPN WMS integration, guaranteeing that you are profiting from it and it is actually making a difference to your company’s growth. This kind of insight puts you in a better position when it comes to the overall improvement of your warehouse management and order fulfilment, which enables you to get past all your desired milestones and present your business in the right light.

Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - Overview of Orders
Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - Optimised Shipping Protocols

Optimised Shipping Protocols

Your brand will grow like never before if you improve your delivery processes. Batch shipping involves a variety of operations, some of which include producing batches, delivering products in batches, managing large quantities, printing tags in batches, finishing combinations, and preserving batches. Since this is exactly what batch or bulk shipments entail, businesses value them highly. 

You are wilfully obstructing your own success by postponing the implementation of batch shipping in your business. Every company incorporate batch shipment into their regular business operations because doing so could substantially impede their potential to advance. As soon as you can, you must start integrating batch exporting into your procedures.

Batch shipping may sound like it’s easy to achieve, but it isn’t! However, with the help of a TPN WMS integration, it becomes easier for you to sort all your orders out into batches and make your shipments that way too. 

Successfully Order Tracking and Fulfilment

You can effectively track your order and receive updates along the route with a TPN WMS integration. Order tracing and tracking are essential since they help clients see your company more favourably. It is crucial that you keep them updated frequently as a result. 

Once the issues with your customers have been fixed, you’ll be able to breathe easy and feel certain that your company is evolving and building a reputation that you can proudly display in front of your clients. By monitoring your purchases as they are delivered, you can make sure that they are being transported securely.

You can track every order with a TPN WMS integration, which will simplify customer service, greatly amaze your clients, and ensure that your postal expenses aren’t being threatened. Because TPN offers a variety of user-friendly order tracking options, it is simpler. 

These, together with the quick development and automation provided by a TPN WMS interface, may allow you to keep a watch on your goods and ensure their security all the way up until distribution, reducing the chance of issues and giving you total control over the whole process.

So, essentially, order tracking is the fool proof way of ensuring that the connection between you and your customers remains free of any major hindrances to begin with.

Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - Successfully Order Tracking and Fulfilment
Canary7's TPN WMS Integration - Easily Processing Returns

Easily Processing Returns

How well you handle returns will have a big impact on the fulfilment process. If you concentrate on return logistics, your organisation is headed in the correct direction. It is essential to plan the return trip. This obligation must be understood by many organisations, which is troublesome given that reverse logistics is one of the most crucial aspects of operating a retail business. 

Customers will view your company as being more successful if defective goods can be returned, refunded, and exchanged more rapidly. The TPN WMS integration is fantastic since it makes return logistics simpler, which is very advantageous to your business.

With an effective returns logistics process in place, you can finally ensure that your customers trust your business – what’s better than that? A convenient process speaks volumes, and will leave everyone impressed. It is also the number one way to establish your brand image on the basis of reliability and credibility, which are important qualities in a business and are valued by all customers. 


A TPN WMS integration is essential for streamlining carrier workflows since it is going to boost your fulfilment and delivery operations’ efficiency, profitability, and dependability. It is integral to your customer service strategy because it gives you the tools and technology required to guarantee the effectiveness of the fulfilment experience you are offering your customers.

Since it will increase the effectiveness, profitability, and dependability of your fulfilment and delivery operations, a TPN WMS integration with Canary7 is crucial for optimising carrier workflows. Because it provides you with the resources and technology necessary to ensure the success of the fulfilment experience you are providing your consumers, it is essential to the overall customer service plan.