The Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations

Hundreds of carrier integrations to make order fulfilment easier for both you and your customers..

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The Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations

Hundreds of carrier integrations to make order fulfilment easier for both you and your customers..

Enhancing the customer experience and ensuring that it is seamless from start to finish includes creating a strong connection between your shipping and fulfilment data. Although that mind sounds easy, it is actually quite challenging to bring these two together and create a harmonious flow of information. 

But with the help of carrier integrations, you can not only centralise your fulfilment and shipment data, but also make sure that it is used to boost your productivity and provide your customers with an unparalleled customer experience. 

Excited to learn more about carrier integrations and how they can be used to make your order fulfilment processes better? 

Then keep reading!


  • What are Carrier Integrations?
  • What are the Benefits of Carrier Integrations?
  • Major Carrier Integrations Examples Businesses
  • Conclusion

What are Carrier Integrations?

Your fulfilment procedures and your shipment information are brought together through carrier integrations – they are integral software connections that make it easier for you to ship your orders out on time and with complete safety. As such, the fulfilment process formed with the help of a carrier integration involves connecting your WMS or ERP system with the systems of your chosen carriers so that they may communicate with one another directly.

Shipments may be automatically scheduled, after which shipping labels are created and tracking numbers are generated and handled. Needless to say, this helps you save a lot of time and effort and therefore, carrier integrations become an important aspect of your operations as a new and developing business.

What are the Benefits of Carrier Integrations?

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits offered by carrier integrations.

Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - Helps you save time

1) Helps you save time. 

By automating your shipping procedures, carrier integrations save you a lot of time compared to manually entering various order data. Eliminating manual bookings also significantly reduces user effort, freeing up operatives’ time for replenishing, selection, or packaging. The time you end up saving by switching to carrier integrations can then be utilised to improve other areas of your business.

2) More accurate and reliable.

Since the delivery information is entered automatically from the ERP or WMS, there is far less chance of human mistake, which results in much higher accuracy for all of your consignments. Having fewer keying mistakes means spending less time, effort, and money on failed shipments and returns. Therefore, for businesses that are looking to cutback on mistakes and save money on that end, shipping and carrier integrations are quite beneficial.

Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - More accurate and reliable
Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - provide a better customer experience

3) Help you provide a better customer experience. 

Customer complaints resulting from improper shipment information, missed delivery, or inaccurate tracking, damages your company’s reputation. Customers receive their products and have a great shopping experience when shipping details are precise and tracking information is made available. This is essentially what can only be achieved with the help of carrier integrations, and hence they should be prioritised and made a part of your customer experience strategy as a whole.

4) Brings efficiency to your workflows.

Customers these days have very high expectations. They want short delivery times and precise delivery windows. Meeting these expectations often entails using multiple carriers, and juggling these different carriers and their systems is not an easy business. Automating the process produces a streamlined, more efficient method of connecting fulfilment and shipping.

Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - Brings efficiency to your workflows
Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - cut back on costs and save money

5) Enables you to cut back on costs and save money. 

An operation that saves time, improves efficiency, delivers accuracy and has satisfied customers is one that is minimising costs and maximising profit. Luckily, this is exactly what carrier integrations provide and hence, it makes it easier for you to optimise your budget and ensure that you are not overspending where you certainly don’t need to.

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Major Carrier Integrations Examples

Some of the most important and prominent carrier integrations:

Royal Mail Carrier Integration 

What is Royal Mail?

Royal Mail is one of the biggest postal and courier services in the UK. It was first published in 1516 as a government department, and has been providing mail collection and delivery solutions ever since. It was fully privatised in 2015, after the government sold its remaining share in the corporation and ended 499 years of state ownership. 

Whether its letters, parcel, or bulk deliveries, the residents of the UK can rely on Royal Mail for safe courier services. Moreover, because Royal Mail is required by the law to maintain universal service, people from around the world can also send items to and receive them from the UK. 

Royal Mail Carrier Integration for Businesses

If you are considering Royal Mail for your business, there are few things you should know. The main chunk of Royal Mail’s business mail service is for PPI or franked mail. This refers to mailing that involves the sender printing their own stamp. The Royal Mail does bulk business mails as well, which are done by using mail mark technology. 

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, a Royal Mail WMS integration could be just what you are looking for. The carrier integration will connect your shipping data to your fulfilment procedures and ensure that you deliver your shipments through Royal Mail with utmost precision and efficiency. For more information on Royal Mail WMS integrations, visit here. 

Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - Royal Mail Carrier Integration
Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - APC Overnight Carrier Integration

APC Overnight Carrier Integration

What is APC Overnight?

APC Overnight is a UK-based courier service. It was formed in 1994 and specialises in providing same-day nationwide delivery. According to their website, they are dedicated towards providing exceptional customer service, utilising advanced technology, and investing in safety and efficiency. They serve more than 100 locations within the UK, and for anyone who wants to deliver a parcel urgently, APC Overnight is a great option. 

Other than that, they provide affordable, times delivery packages. These are great for fresh produce and perishable items that need to be delivered urgently to their nature, as well as other time-sensitive goods such as medical supplies and travel documents. Whether you are sending a parcel or receiving it, APC Overnight is a friendly parcel service that can help you complete your shipments on time. 

APC Overnight Carrier Integration for Businesses

If you are a business that routinely deals with the shipment of time-sensitive goods such as food and other perishables, as well as documents and medical supplies, then APC Overnight can be the perfect courier service for you. With their timed delivery services that are offered with flexible pricing, you can benefit from providing your customers with the perfect shopping experience. 

Moreover, with the help of an APC WMS integration, you can enhance your customer experience even further by ensuring that not only the shipment process, but order fulfilment as a whole from start to finish can be completed without any hindrances whatsoever.

DHL Carrier Integration

What is DHL Parcel UK?

DHL Parcel UK Limited, also known as UK mail, is yet another courier solution that provides a convenient and efficient postal service. What started out as a taxi firm in Harrow in 1971 is now one of the most prominent courier providers in the UK, competing directly with the centuries-old Royal Mail. 

One of the best things about UK Mail is that it offers meticulous tracking. Every parcel you send or are expected to receive will be properly tracked and so you can depend on UK Mail for safe and secure shipment. Other than that, UK Mail can not only collect your mail, but it also allows you to simply upload and print mail directly from your computer through their online services. 

UK Mail Carrier Integration for Businesses

UK Mail is a great fit for businesses that are keen on providing safe and secure tracking for their shipments, as it seems to be one of their strengths. If you want to make deliveries in the UK and ensure that they reach the recipient safely, you can research into UK Mail and see if it checks all the boxes for you – which, again, it probably will if you are looking for safe shipping experiences! 

A UK Mail carrier integration, then, will make these shipping experiences even better for you. By connecting your UK mail data and features with the warehouse end of your business, you can ensure that the fulfilment process for each order and shipment that leaves your warehouse complex is delivered seamlessly. 

Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - DHL Carrier Integration
Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - Parcelforce Carrier Integration

Parcelforce Carrier Integration

What is Parcelforce?

Parcelforce, dubbed as Great British Parcel Delivery, is a good option for postal services if you plan to deliver to the UK, Europe, or even worldwide. They claim that you can trust their team to make your deliveries smooth regardless of what your location is, which is obviously a huge benefit. Moreover, they focus especially on businesses and provide postal solutions that enable the growth and development of a business. 

With wonderful discounts in place such as saving up to 50% on international delivery, Parcel Force provides an affordable and efficient way for you to get your parcels sorted. With over 25 years of experience in the post market, Parcelforce has made its name as a postal service that does not only help people with safe deliveries, but also has a considerable presence in the IT and infrastructure markets, which contributes to its credibility as a business partner. 

Parcelforce Carrier Integration for Businesses

If you want a courier partner that offers you discounts, special concessions, and helps you with advanced shipment technology, then Parcelforce seems to be the best option for you. They claim that at peak times, they take delivery of a fully loaded vehicle every 45 seconds, so if your ultimate goal is to reduce your delivery times and impress your customers even during peak season, then Parcelforce could be the postal service you’ve been looking for. 

And of course, needless to say, your Parcelforce experience can be made even better with the help of a Parcelforce WMS integration.

DX Delivery Carrier Integration

What is DX Delivery?

DX Courier, or DX Freight, is a British postal and logistics company. It has its operations in the UK as well as Ireland, and can collect parcels from and deliver them to main areas in the UK and Ireland with both business and residential addresses. They provide many different products, including DX Exchange, DX Mail, DX Secure, DX Courier, DX 1-Man, DX 2-Man, DX International, and DX Logistics. 

Therefore, there are many solutions that you can get with the DX Group. They have 4000+ employees, which means there is a huge team that can help you sort through your deliveries. Not only that, they deliver over 1000 million items every year, which means the DX Group is quite experienced and hence, to a great extent, also reliable.

DX Delivery Carrier Integration for Businesses

If your business operations are mainly based in the UK and Ireland and you are looking for a postal service that can help you with your deliveries, DX Delivery is a good option. They have many different options that you can choose from, which makes it easier for you to find a shipping solution that aligns with your needs. 

A DX Delivery WMS integration will ensure that your experience with DX Delivery as well as your warehouse management solutions are well-aligned and work well with each other. 

Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - DX Delivery Carrier Integration
Ultimate Guide to Carrier Integrations - FedEx Carrier Integration

FedEx Carrier Integration

What is FedEx?

FedEx is one of the biggest names in the shipping industry globally. They deliver millions of packages every single day, and that too internationally. They are focused on customer experience, so their postal services make sure that your needs of safe and fast deliveries are met. One of the best things about FedEx is that they are committed towards providing sustainable delivery solutions, and they genuinely make an effort to translate these commitments into their work. 

Based in the USA, the company really contributes to the USA’s economy but it also has an impact on the shipping industry all over the world, and hence is a great shipping option for personal as well as business use. If your business is more of an international player, then it’s obvious that there is no better option than FedEx. 

FedEx Carrier Integration for Businesses

FedEx provides a range of wonderful solutions for businesses. Regardless of where you are located in the world or how expansive your operations are, FedEx can streamline your shipments for you. 

However, it is most likely to work the best with a carrier integration that connects all your FedEx data to your warehouse operations, as this is the foolproof way to bring utmost efficiency and productivity to your workflow – at least as far as the customer experience is concerned. 


Carrier integrations are an important way of connecting and centralising your shipment and fulfilment procedures. Therefore, they are an integral component of successful business management and it’s time you start prioritising them.

Luckily, you can do exactly that and more with Canary7’s warehouse management software!