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Canary7’s 3PL warehouse management system offers full visibility of your operations, increases order throughput, and reduces costly warehouse errors.

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Made by 3PL Warehouse Professionals, for 3PL Warehouse Professionals

Here at Canary7, our years of experience working within warehousing & third party logistics management highlighted a demand for smarter, more effective 3PL warehouse manager system. With this challenge in-mind, we’ve developed a warehouse management system (WMS) that reduces labour costs, enhances functionality and drives more profitability for our customers.

Third Party Logistics Software for Your Unique Challenges

Is your business facing challenges in its warehouse operational performance?
Are you frustrated with outdated warehouse technology that hinders productivity, efficiency & overall growth? We get it. That’s why Canary7 is continuously developed and refined by some of the industry’s most experienced warehouse management experts, with new features regularly based on customer requirements and feedback.

Key 3PL Warehouse Software Solutions

Ecommerce WMS Solution Faster Deliveries
Canary7 is a smart 3PL Logistics WMS system that facilitates a broad range of rotation needs. Whilst orders can capture serial numbers during the outbound process, they can also identify specific serial numbers of items to be picked.
Ecommerce WMS Solution Accelerated Scalability
From FTP to push or pull APIs, Canary7 offers full availability for all integration options. Our 3PL central WMS is supported by in-house developers who configure any integrations according to your logistical needs.
Ecommerce WMS Solution Improve Customer Loyality
As your next-gen third party logistics warehouse management system, Canary7 is operated via a user-friendly interface. What’s more, our expert training means that new staff can use our WMS solution with confidence from day one.
Ecommerce WMS Solution Better Inventory Management
Canary7 increases warehouse efficiency and fulfils orders more accurately with enhanced operational visibility, offering complete end-to-end control & warehouse visibility whilst encouraging your staff to adopt best practice.
Ecommerce WMS Solution More Servings
Canary7 offers a highly versatile and responsive design, meaning users can use the 3PL WMS software on a range of devices including smartphones, laptop computers and tablets. All vital reports are available at the touch of a button!
Thanks to Canary7’s seamless integration with automation systems, our users can add automated machines & processes to their fulfilment operations as their business scales and grows. When we say we’re future-proofed, we mean it.
Our range of labour management features offers a fresh definition of logistics warehouse management software. Daily shift reports are generated for each user, with data automatically captured and displayed in live dashboards.
Productivity shouldn’t come at the expense of your team’s engagement levels. That’s why Canary7 uses gamification across its interface, with dashboards allowing users to compare their performance against their colleagues.
Today’s marketplace demands 3PL warehouse software solutions that can adapt to changing business needs. Fortunately, Canary7 supports scalability with optimised waving, picking & packing strategies: it’s what we do.

Forget time-consuming hardware setup & frustrating infrastructure limitations. Canary7’s 3PL inventory management software activates instantly, reducing installation and operational costs by only paying per user.

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3pl warehouse software management system streamline business

It’s Time to Streamline Your Business with the Future of 3PL Management Software

With all the choice out there, choosing the best 3PL WMS software to suit your business can be a challenge. We’re making that decision easier than ever with unique benefits that increase profit margins and efficiency.
3pl warehouse software management system streamline business

Third Party Logistics: Understanding the Industry

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of 3PLs must use Big Data to become more competent with their supply chains(2021 Logistics Industry Report)

This means that businesses need to start employing Big Data into their supply chain processes.

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of 3PLs cite growth management as a major challenge (Statista)

For 3PLs that want to expand their operations, it is important to prioritise growth management.  

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Of shippers outsource their warehousing activities to 3PL providers (Statista)

There is a lot of opportunity for success for 3PLs; but only if you play your cards right.

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of shippers said the use of 3PLs has contributed to improved customer service (Capgemini)

Customers expect 3PLs to improve the level of customer service they provide, hence this is an expectation 3PLs have to meet.

Smart Stock Rotation

Improved Stock Control via Real-Time Dashboards
Canary7’s unique stock rotation features give you the flexibility and control you need to meet your business KPIs, cutting order to ship time whilst simplifying some of warehousing’s most complex problems.

When it comes to enhancing the levels of productivity at the centre of your warehousing operation, stock rotation and a smart replenishment strategy can play a key role. Canary7’s 3PL inventory management system has been engineered to balance picking efficiency with replenishment frequency to allow your business to boost its productivity and attain the highest levels of customer service.

Regardless of your sector of industry, our warehouse management system for 3PL can support your stock rotation requirements and enables your business to follow its own stock rotation protocols.
3pl warehouse software management system smart stock rotation
3pl warehouse software management system universal integration options

Universal Integration Options

Full API Integration Options to Suit Your Needs

Our third party logistics warehouse software provides comprehensive availability for all integration options, allowing you to take full control over your finances in one user-friendly platform.
Financial management doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. When you work with Canary7, you can drastically reduce labour time spent on rekeying manual account data throughout all stages of your fulfilment operation. Forget account headaches and data entry blunders: our solution enables your business to send calculated invoice data instantly via your own choice of accounting software.

Canary7’s universal API integration options mean that you can directly integrate with virtually all digital applications; ranging from accounting systems and fulfilment carriers to online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms

3pl warehouse software management system universal integration options

User Interface & Expert Training

Unrivalled UX & Knowledge Resources

From integrated business intelligence dashboards to real-time statistical data, Canary7 has been built to a specification which puts convenience and user-friendliness first. The best 3PL WMS software.

Regardless of the scale or complexity of your warehouse, our 3PL logistics WMS uses a simple interface to streamline, optimise & simplify your operation. Whilst designed for ultimate efficiency and ease-of-use, all users are fully trained by Canary7’s in-house team of warehousing & logistics experts. Indeed, our streamlined UX offering combined with our training materials ensures that even the newest members of your warehouse can use the software with ease. Canary7 customers are introduced to the third party logistics warehouse software via a rigorous onboarding process and a training programme that ensures all staff can use it to its ultimate potential.

3pl warehouse software management system user interface and expert training
3pl warehouse software management system 360° View of All Operations

360° View of All Operations

Transform Warehouse Productivity with Total Operational Oversight
The success behind Canary7 3PL management software lies in the unparalleled level of visibility it offers to our users across all areas of their warehouse. The end result? Greater fulfilment accuracy & overall efficiency.

When it comes to transforming the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse, complete end-to-end control and operational visibility are bare essentials. Canary7 ticks these boxes and more by providing a complete overview of your warehouse; its inventory and its relationships with couriers – all inside one convenient platform. Meanwhile, a cohesive view of your labour resources will encourage staff to adopt best practice across all aspects of their work.

Need to find information from an old order? Do you need 3PL WMS software that enables you to see current stock levels and space at all times? Don’t sweat it. Canary7 provides a 360° operational view to empower the user to make data-driven decisions.

3pl warehouse software management system 360° View of All Operations

Sleek, Responsive Design

Beautiful Interface Design to Enhance User Experience
Canary7 uses effective & responsive application design to make your life easier: period. When companies choose our 3PL warehouse management software, they choose a solution that visualises their operational potential.

Our commitment to versatile design means that Canary7 users can quickly log on and use the 3PL software from any device of their choosing; including laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones. This means that regardless of your location or the challenge at-hand, your staff can access the WMS to resolve any issues quickly and promptly. We even offer company and client-level branding, allowing you to reinforce your brand with specified logos & colours.

Greater warehousing productivity and efficiency are built into the very foundations of Canary7’s design. Regardless of your choice of device or branding option, our third party logistics warehouse software solution works around your business: simple.

3pl warehouse software management system Sleek Responsive Design
3pl warehouse software management system Future Proofed Solution

Future-Proofed Solution

Next-Gen 3PL Logistics WMS Systems, Built for Scalability
Here at Canary7, we understand that scalability is essential to the success of our customer’s business. That’s why we’ve engineered our 3PL software to support your operations at your lowest volume, your highest volume and everything in-between.

No warehouse ever stays the same. In order to support future growth and changing business requirements, users can use Canary7 to add machines, processes and software integrations to their operation as their business scales. Rather than ‘guesstimating’ how your infrastructure will grow over the years, Canary7 handles demand peaks and responds with plans to manage your resources if and when demand subsides.

Understocking and overstocking can represent significant costs to your warehouse. With Canary7, you can maintain a clear and consistent scope of how much stock you have, how much stock you need and what you need to plan for the future.

3pl warehouse software management system Future Proofed Solution

Simple Labour Management

Quick & Convenient Workforce Management
Warehousing & logistics operations typically operate with the support of a large workforce. Canary7 is the third party logistics warehouse management system you need to direct those resources to the areas that need it.
Many may see warehouse labour management as a trivial task. In reality, however, the management of your workforce can draw that thin line between a productive, profitable warehouse and one which fails to reach its ultimate potential. Canary7 offers a number of smart labour management features that streamline your resource management process to its core. Daily shift reports are generated for each and every member of staff in your warehouse, making them directly and visually accountable for their own performance. Meanwhile, this data is displayed in a digestible format via live dashboards. Who knew labour management could be so easy?
Years working in supply chain distribution has taught us that workers cannot improve what they don’t understand. With Canary7, you can start making real improvements using the information that matters most: real, live data.
3pl warehouse software management system Team Management

Gamification for Team Management

Productivity Tracking, But Fun
When it comes to transforming the productivity at the heart of your warehouse, tracking of hours is essential. Canary7 puts the fun in warehouse fundamentals with a ‘gamified’ approach to team management.
Unlike other third party logistics software solutions, Canary7 transforms team management with unique gamification features. Our solution puts your team at the very centre of your business by displaying employee productivity and task progress in live dashboards, with smart performance indicators used to motivate staff across all areas of your warehouse. Want to see how many picks or putaways your staff has completed? Need to incentive your staff to boost productivity? We’ve got a game for that… When it comes to engaging the staff that make your warehouse run smoothly, it’s game on with Canary7. Employees play a game that offers points and status recognition whilst striving towards your company objectives.
3pl warehouse software management system Team Management

Flexibility & Scalability

A 3PL WMS That Adapts to Your Needs

Regardless of the size or scale of your logistical operation, Canary7 facilitates scalability and growth whilst easing the strain of today’s most demanding shipping pressures. The 3PL warehouse manager software tailored for your needs.

Scaling and growing your warehouse in a sustainable way means creating an efficient supply chain that can master order fulfilment and product delivery. Whilst many 3PL logistics software solutions remain static, Canary7 succeeds by adapting to the growing spatial and operational requirements of your business. Thanks to our unique optimised waving, picking and packing strategies, you can channel real growth through each of your sales & distribution channels thanks to the best 3PL WMS software.

Forget outdated technology that prevents scalability and growth. With Canary7, you invest in a third party logistics warehouse management system that invests in your warehouse’s future: it’s that simple.
3pl warehouse software management system flexibility and scalability
3pl warehouse software management system cloud-based wms

Cloud-Based WMS

Convenient Management Captured in the Cloud

As a logistics service provider, you will strive to achieve lower costs, shorter lead times and excellent customer service across all areas of your business. Canary7 ticks all of these boxes as a definitive cloud-based WMS.

When you choose Canary7, you choose an out-of-the-box, cloud-based WMS that activates and gets to work instantly, helping you to cut time spent setting up hardware or worrying about limitations with your infrastructure. You can count on our team to take care of all of your digital hosting needs using a super-secure server that is supported by enterprise grade security. What’s more, our cloud-based WMS helps to keep your operation running smoothly, letting you pick and choose what features you need to address a range of 3PL challenges.

Make data-driven decisions. Avoid unwanted repair and replacement costs. Enjoy a solution that’s never out of its depth. With Canary7, you can proceed in confidence that your warehouse is being operated efficiently and securely via the cloud.
3pl warehouse software management system cloud-based wms

Canary7 3PL Management Software: What Our Users Say​

Sectors We Support:

Today’s mobile and ecommerce functions are driving retail growth whilst adding new layers of complexity to the supply chain. Canary7 mitigates this by offering a fresh, consistent and fast shopping experience with a state of the art warehouse management system enabling you to adopt the best ecommerce warehouse setup.
E-Commerce & Retail:

Adapting to changing logistical requirements is critical in the food and beverage business. Canary7 rises to the occasion by responding to your consumers’ shifting tastes.
Food & Beverage:

Unlike many solutions, Canary7 assists FMCG suppliers & distributors in achieving increased profit margins and reduced operating costs throughout their warehouse.
Fast Moving Consumer Goods:

Our vast experience working across the manufacturing sector has highlighted a demand for an WMS that offers solutions to specific industry challenges. Canary7 offers full visibility across your manufacturing process, from production through to distribution.

Canary7 offers a range of 3PL WMS features that are purpose-built for your warehousing operation. 3PL warehouse software solutions tailored to make your warehouse run like clockwork!
Third Party Logistics:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a 3PL warehouse software?

A 3PL warehouse software is a warehouse management system designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your warehouse operations. From managing, shipping, and tracking inventory, Canary7 is the best 3PL WMS software. Developed by 3PL warehouse professionals, for 3PL warehouse professionals.

What is the best 3PL WMS software?

Canary7 is the best 3PL WMS software on the market. Developed by a team of warehousing experts with years of industry experience managing a 3PL warehouse, Canary7 is in a unique position to offer a warehouse management system that is built with a full understanding of the pains and features required to manage a 3PL warehouse successfully. With regular development sprints, Canary7 is ever evolving to offer the best 3PL WMS software.

How do you manage a 3PL warehouse?

Managing a 3PL warehouse comes with many challenges, including outdated technology hindering performance, low employee engagement, and lack of inventory visibility. Canary7 is built to transform the efficiency, flexibility & scalability at the heart of your business. It enables warehouse managers to reduce labour costs, enhance functionality and drive profitability for the business.

How can 3PL warehouse software solutions help me?

3PL warehouse software solutions help transform the efficiency, flexibility & scalability of you warehouse.

Who can use a 3PL warehouse manager software?

Canary7's unique interface makes it extremely easy to use. This combined with our comprehensive training programme & user guides means everyone in your team will be fit to use the 3PL warehouse manager software with confidence! Including warehouse operatives, warehouse managers, business owners, accountants etc can all use the 3PL warehouse manager software, offering your business full visibility of your inventory.