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Enterprise Resource Planning software, also known as ERP software, can help your business evolve by streamlining the day-to-day activities in the most efficient of ways. When it is integrated with a fulfilment and logistics solution, your ERP software can even be more beneficial and contribute considerably towards the success of your business. 

There are many ERP software solutions available in the market presently, and one of them is Unleashed. Unleashed is an inventory management ERP solution, and can help you streamline quite a few aspects of your business. Although it is pretty popular, if you haven’t heard of it don’t worry, because you have come to the right place. 

This page is all about Unleashed, how it helps businesses like yours, and everything else you need to know about this particular software. 

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  • ERP Solutions: What Are They
  • Why is ERP Software Important?
  • What is Unleashed?
  • A Closer Look at Unleashed Software Features
  • Advantages of Unleashed ERP
  • Disadvantages of Unleashed ERP
  • Canary7 WMS and Unleashed ERP Integration
  • Benefits of the Integration

ERP Solutions: What Are They?

Basically, ERP solutions help you make your organisation a better, much more organised place. In that regard, any software that helps you optimise a certain part of your organisation is ERP software. For example, an accounting ERP software can help you streamline the accounts and finance area of your business. Similarly, an inventory ERP software will help you streamline inventory processes that take place within your warehouse.

Why is ERP Software Important?

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions we have to deal with. At the end of the day, it all comes down to automation. With the help of an ERP software, you can bring much needed integration to your business, which ultimately allows you to maximise its potential. In today’s day and age, it is important to automate as many processes as possible considering it is the only way you can make sure that you have a competitive edge over other businesses. 

Other than this, there are many practical improvements that you can bring onboard with ERP software. Not only do you provide your customers with better customer service, but you also improve inventory costs and cut down on unnecessary expenses. You can also make your delivery times a lot quicker, which is something every business wants.

Unleashed WMS - Why is ERP Software Important_

What is Unleashed?

Before we proceed in any direction, it is important to understand what Unleashed is. As mentioned earlier, Unleashed is an ERP software. Which means that like other ERP software, its job is to simplify and streamline the countless processes that have to simultaneously take place within an organisation.  

Based in New Zealand, Unleashed Software is essentially a SaaS company that is focused on providing cloud-based solutions for your company. The solutions provided by Unleashed are more focused towards inventory management, so businesses that want to organise their inventory and handle their stock more effectively use Unleashed to get the job done. 

However, it also has some other features such as an eCommerce feature that allows you to have a basic overview of your eCommerce activity as well as your sales in general and some accounting data. Not only that, but Unleashed Software also provides users with a customer relationship management feature, which can be used to keep track of all your clients including their contact details and recent sales activity. 

Moreover, Unleashed has a partner program that involves equipping businesses with just the kind of support, training, and resources they need to evolve their inventory management strategies and bring more productivity to the warehouse. This is great, since any business using Unleashed also gets a chance to learn it in-depth and make sure that the app is being used to the best of its potential.

And of course, Unleashed Software can be integrated with other software systems as well. So, for example, you decide that you want to go with Canary7 for your overall warehouse management processes, but want to stick with Unleashed Software for inventory management. You can easily connect Unleashed ERP, which is more or less solely an inventory management system, with Canary7’s software solutions, which offer a more holistic grasp on your warehouse.

A Closer Look at Unleashed Software Features

No better way to understand what Unleashed does than to take a close look at its features. The features of the software include:

Unleashed WMS - Easy-to-Use Interface

Easy-to-Use Interface

Unleashed has an easy to use interface, which means that it is not complicated to learn or make use of. It can be navigated without major effort, and hence businesses can save time on trying to make their way through unnecessary technological complications. 

Extensive Customer Support

Customer support is a feature that Unleashed Software really seems to take pride in. Unlike a lot of its competitors, this software goes beyond the basic email support and actually equips the customers with a helpful platform called Unleashed University. As the name suggests, this is an online learning centre/support forum that enables users to gain more knowledge about Unleashed and also become better at inventory management in general.

Unleashed WMS - Extensive Customer Support
Unleashed WMS - Integrations


The main thing that defines just how good an inventory management system as well as an ERP system it is, is its capability in terms of integrations. If it allows you to combine different sales channels into a single platform, it is a good addition to your organisation. Unleashed does this, and hence is a strong contender in the world of ERP.

Inventory Planning

Your inventory is only as good as the plan it operates in accordance with. It seems that for this reason, Unleashed allows its users to plan each and every aspect of their inventory management. You can take historical inventory and product data and convert it into forecast reports that can help you bring more efficiency to your supply chain.

Unleashed WMS - Inventory Planning

Advantages of Unleashed ERP

If you are looking to trust Unleashed with your inventory management processes, here are a few advantages you will be introducing yourself to if you eventually decide to go with it:

Unleashed WMS - Specialised B2B Solutions

Specialised B2B Solutions

B2B sales are somewhat tricky to execute – after all, selling to a business is far more complicated and riskier than selling to a single consumer. However, Unleashed Software promises that their inventory management as well as eCommerce solutions are focused on B2B sales. With the help of these, you can streamline your B2B sales; allowing businesses to quickly place orders on your eCommerce platform and thus enhance the whole buying experience to a great extent.

Cut Down on Costs

Another advantage is that Unleashed guarantees that using their inventory management solutions will enable you to minimise costly errors and mistakes, which will help you save money. By automating your B2B sales processes from start to finish, Unleashed Software can be the tool that helps you optimise your budget and save a few extra dollars, which is of course a blessing.

Unleashed WMS - Cut Down on Costs
Unleashed WMS - More Efficiency

More Efficiency

Additionally, Unleashed also promises more efficiency when it comes to processing B2B orders. Their claim is that with streamlined processes, it becomes easier for you to not only get more orders, but also process them quickly, accurately, and in a way that more or less leaves your customers in awe of how to manage things. Remember, when selling to a business, you need to be extra careful about the services you offer. Since they have considerably more commercial awareness than an individual customer, they can catch you when you stumble in any area which can ultimately have an adverse impact on your overall sales.

A Mobile Sales App

Recently, Unleashed Software came out with a mobile sales app, which they claim allows businesses to make more sales. Not only that, but the mobile sales app can also be used to manage products, orders, and customers on the go – with just a few clicks. What’s more is that this app is available both on Android and iOS platforms, so your preference of smart device will not take a toll on how well the app works for you.

Unleashed WMS - A Mobile Sales App
Unleashed WMS - Integration with Platform Partners

Integration with Platform Partners

Another advantage that Unleashed ERP brings to the table is the fact that it gives you the option to integrate with a number of other platforms. Unleashed Software is a cloud-based solution that can integrate with other software you use and create an enterprise-level connectivity between different components of your business, which is ultimately all that you need for your success.

Other than this, Unleashed Software promises to be valuable, real-time, accurate, analytical, effective, integrated, transparent, and profitable. These are the qualities that businesses look for in all their software solutions, and hence it explains why so many businesses prefer Unleashed Software when looking for ERP benefits.

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Disadvantages of Unleashed ERP

However, like everything else, Unleashed ERP also has its drawbacks. If you want to make an informed choice and ensure that Unleashed Software is indeed the missing piece within your organisation, it would be wise to keep in mind the following points: 

Technical Difficulties

One aspect that users have zoomed in on when weighing the pros and cons of Unleashed Software is that it is prone to technical difficulties, especially when dealing with third-party integrations. Considering how important third-party integrations are for most businesses, this is certainly not a minor hiccup and has caused customers to question whether or not Unleashed is the software for them.

Unleashed WMS - Technical Difficulties
Unleashed WMS - Less Comprehensive Stock Tracking

Less Comprehensive Stock Tracking

One of the most important aspects to focus on when managing inventory is stock tracking. It is only with adequate stock tracking that you can accurately gauge your warehouse and inventory performance. However, for some users, Unleashed Software only allows you to track stock on a very basic level, which means that you may not be able to achieve the kind of holistic control you are looking for when it comes to inventory management.

Unsatisfactory Demand Forecasting

Perhaps because the software doesn’t offer advanced level stock tracking, it also presents certain gaps in demand forecasting that users have reported. In comparison to its competitors that prioritise demand forecasting and trend analysis, Unleashed seems like it’s falling behind in this area and hence, may not be able to attract as many customers as it should. This is problematic and indubitably steers a lot of people away from the software, as accurate demand forecasting is the key to a good inventory management strategy that actually works.

Unleashed WMS - Unsatisfactory Demand Forecasting
Unleashed WMS - No Support for Small Businesses

No Support for Small Businesses

Another drawback that is of concern is that Unleashed Software does not really cater to small businesses. As you will see in the pricing section below, their pricing bundles are addressed to enterprises, large businesses, or mid-sized businesses. There is no special package for small businesses, which means that their solutions can only be comfortably used if you are a bigger business.

Although the advantages of this software outweigh the disadvantages, the drawbacks presented are concerning and may render customers to decide that Unleashed is not for them.

Canary7 WMS and Unleashed ERP Integration

To make the most out of your journey with Unleashed Software, integrate it with Canary7! You will be able to get the benefits out of the two together, instead of relying on just one. With the help of such an integration, it is actually easier to transform your business into a hub of productivity and make sure there are no major lags in this area. It is also the best way to leave your competitors biting the dust; after all, you are equipped with just the right technology to help you take off as a business and take care of your processes during that particular journey. 

Benefits of the Integration

Improves data accuracy 

An ERP and WMS share similar information around inventory, sales, received orders etc., meaning it is natural that these systems should be integrated so everything is in one place. Integrating an ERP with a WMS allows for seamless communication between the two systems, ultimately eliminating the concern around data accuracy as there is no need for manually entering data from one system to the other. With the integration, you can stay on top of everything from inventory and order management to complete management of your warehouse operations. 

It helps you make better decisions

You must constantly make informed decisions when managing your warehouse operations as effectively as possible. With an ERP and WMS integration, all your information is in one place, making it easier for everyone within the company to access. This will make it easier for each department to make better decisions based on accurate and reliable information. 

Brings automation to the forefront of your operations

Automation plays a crucial role in streamlining and improving your warehouse processes. Manual processes are a thing of the past, and you are considerably lagging behind if you still use them. By automating your processes from start to finish, you’ll be able to speed up tasks, save time and money and ultimately lead to a faster return on investment. Luckily, automation is an advantage of Unleashed ERP and Canary7 WMS, so integrating the two is a must!