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Unrivaled 3PL Logistic Software Solutions

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7
Unrivaled 3PL Logistic Software Solutions

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7

Unrivaled 3PL Logistic Software Solutions

Logistics are a tough nut to crack, considering that they form what is often the most challenging aspect of a business. This is why many businesses choose to rely on 3PLs. However, as a 3PL, your job is anything but easy – and we understand that.

Logistics are a tough nut to crack, considering that they form what is often the most challenging aspect of a business. This is why many businesses choose to rely on 3PLs. However, as a 3PL, your job is anything but easy – and we understand that. 

To be able to master third party logistics, you must create a seamless fulfilment procedure – and you can do just that with the help of Canary7. 

Canary7 offers cutting-edge 3PL logistics software solutions that can help your 3PL business become the best version of itself. 

Canary7 has been created by 3PL professionals to help businesses like yours cover all bases in the world of third party logistics and emerge as a leader in the industry. No matter what the current state of your business is, Canary7 can prove to be a useful partner by helping you evolve in all regards.

Are you ready to create the best 3PL inventory framework? Because we are! The best 3PL logistics software solution is just a click away.

Why Canary7?

Canary7 is aimed towards helping 3PL businesses across the world perfect their logistical journey by bringing more efficiency and productivity to the heart of their fulfilment procedures. Our features are designed by 3PL professionals to navigate various 3PL challenges, and hence will help you move forward as a business regardless of where you are currently. 

End-to-End Automation

Logistics is a tricky business – there is an insurmountable burden on you to make the right decisions backed by accurate data and to get everything sorted with minimal interference. However, such decisions are not possible to achieve if you are doing everything manually. This is because when everything is manual, there is an increased chance of mishaps. 

For this reason, it is absolutely important for you to invest in 3PL logistics software solutions because they can help you integrate automation across your supply chain, and hence minimize discrepancies and inaccuracies. Automation will help you enhance the fulfillment procedure – and the best part is that the effort required from you is minimal. 

Essentially, you can sit back and relax, and let 3PL logistics software solutions from Canary7 streamline everything for you with the latest automation technology and techniques. 

3PL Logistics Software Solutions - Automate your warehouse

1. Automate your warehouse.

Seamless logistics can only come from an organised warehouse. However, since there are hundreds of processes going on simultaneously within a warehouse, it is not always straightforward to manage everything, especially if you are planning on doing it manually. 

However, with the help of automation, it is not only possible to organise your warehouse properly, but also to make it better by bringing more productivity to each of the processes that take place within the warehouse. 

2. Automate your inventory.

Did you know that your logistics journey begins in the inventory? This is exactly why it is important for you to focus on your inventory as well as other aspects of the supply chain. Although with inventory management, you need to be more careful since one wrong move can lead to under-stocking/overstocking. 

If you automate your inventory processes, however, you can easily manage your inventory and align it with accurate data, so that you don’t have to deal with any future discrepancies. An automated inventory will also help you improve your inventory forecasting, through which you can ultimately ensure that you never miss a sale ever again.

3PL Logistics Software Solutions - Automate your inventory
3PL Logistics Software Solutions - Boost productivity

3. Boost productivity

The most important benefits offered by an automated fulfilment process is that it brings more productivity to your business. When everything is left to be done manually, you are essentially putting more burden on your human labour, which is never a good idea. Not only will it tire them out, but increased dependence on your employees leads to a higher probability of things going wrong. 

With automation, you can decrease the load your employees have to take on. This will lead to their efforts being utilised elsewhere, and an overall increase in productivity throughout the supply chain.  

Real-Time Visibility and Tracking

In the 21st century, everyone has the expectation of staying updated 24/7, in regards to everything. This is especially true in the world of commerce, where customers and clients want to keep in touch with their order processing from start to finish. Needless to say, this has the tendency of complicating the logistics journey to a great extent – but not if you have the right 3PL logistics software solutions at your disposal. 

With the help of 3PL logistics software solutions offered by Canary7, you don’t only get to keep track of all your orders yourself, but also make sure that your clients and customers stay in the loop as well. By sharing real-time tracking information, you get to build your credibility as a business and establish yourself as a safe and secure 3PL business. In addition, 3PL logistics software solutions that grant you 360 degrees of visibility also ultimately ensure that you are in complete control of your operations, which in turn means that you can perform early-problem detection and deal with any issues that come head-on as they arise. 

1. Early Problem Detection

Early problem detection is an important goal for any business – especially 3PLs. This is because early problem detection is the only way you can ensure that you aren’t wasting money on damage control. By identifying problems early on and dealing with them as they come, you ensure that you don’t have to spend any of your funds on fixing those problems when they turn into bigger issues.  

Early problem detection is crucial if you want to have full control of your business, and with the help of 3PL logistics software solutions that prioritise visibility and control, it is very easy to implement early problem detection. Stay in touch with the fulfilment process from start to finish, so that if things go wrong, you are the first one to get the memo. 

3PL Logistics Software Solutions - Early Problem Detection
3PL Logistics Software Solutions - Inventory Tracking and Forecasting

2. Inventory Tracking and Forecasting

An organised inventory is tracked 24/7, and hence can help you generate accurate data that will inform your future sales decisions. This will help you take more orders, satisfy more customers, and build a better rapport with your customers. A tracked inventory will ensure that you never miss an order again, and help you increase your profit margins to a great extent. 

Use 3PL logistics software solutions to track your inventory and ensure that your stock and the number of orders you take on to process is always well-aligned, so that you never have to compromise on your sales ever again. 

3. Better Delegation Across Supply Chain

At Canary7, we believe that your workforce is your biggest asset, which is why your workforce deserves all your effort – ultimately, it is in your hands to ensure that the workforce is being utilised to the best of its ability, and that each worker is facilitated in a way that enables them to bring their best version to the table. 

This can only be done if the tasks are being properly delegated and for this, you will have to ensure that your 3PL logistics software solutions offer you 360 degrees of visibility. This way, you can assess which skills are needed in which departments, and assign work to your warehouse operatives accordingly. 

3PL Logistics Software Solutions - Better Delegation Across Supply Chain

Uncapped Scalability

The right 3PL logistics software solutions allow you the space and flexibility to grow. For every business, this is a very important aspect – however, it is even more important for 3PLs. However, as a 3PL business, it is even harder to expand than it is for most businesses. This is because the more you grow and the more customers you add to your client list, the more complicated the fulfilment procedure becomes in terms of logistics. This means that essentially, you are setting yourself up for a bigger challenge and hence, taking a bigger risk. 

However, this does not mean that it is an impossible ordeal. With the right support, you cannot only take on this challenge, but also equip your business with the technology it needs to be able to expand. Keeping this in mind, the solutions offered by Canary7 become a part of the picture and help you grow your business geographically, demographically, or in any other direction that you deem necessary. Trust in Canary7’s 3PL logistics software solutions, and watch your business grow like never before. 

3PL Logistics Software Solutions - Expand Your Target Audience

1. Expand Your Target Audience

By integrating your warehouses and distribution centres with the software solutions provided by Canary7, you are essentially creating an ecosystem that can support more orders. This will help you take more clients onboard for your 3PL services, and hence expands your target audience. 

The best part is that with the help of our 3PL logistics software solutions, you can connect all the different aspects of the supply chain, including multiple warehouses, together. What you get in return is a centralised hub of 3PL fulfilment, which, needless to say, helps you attract more people willing to entrust you with their logistical challenges. 

2. Make More, Spend Less

Needless to say, your budget plays a huge part in setting you up for success. If your finances are not optimised properly, it is unlikely that you can make the decisions needed to help your business grow in the right direction. To ensure that you can actually expand your business as necessary, it is important for you to adopt a make more, spend less approach. Ideally, you want to be making more money than you are spending – this way, you will have enough funds going towards the establishment of your business. 

The 3PL logistics software solutions offered by Canary7 can help you in this regard, because they are created to help you spend less and save more. This way, you are increasing your margins and saving enough money to be spending it on the growth of your business.

3PL Logistics Software Solutions - Make More, Spend Less
3PL Logistics Software Solutions - Impress Existing Customers

3. Impress Existing Customers

When it comes to scalability, it is not enough for you to work on expanding. A huge chunk of proper scalability also depends on how well you are dealing with your existing customers, and ultimately how well you can retain them. For this reason, our 3PL logistics software solutions help you not only get new clients on board, but are also designed to enhance your 3PL services in a way that makes it easy for you to retain your previous clients! 

Keep all your customers consistently happy and encourage them to choose your business for all their 3PL needs – over and over again. 

Canary7: One-Stop Shop for Unparalleled 3PL Logistics Software Solutions

Canary7 is created to connect 3PLs with the best software solutions so that they can move forward in the industry with full force. Our ultimate aim is to help you improve your business with convenience – turn your operations around in just a few clicks, without ever leaving your comfort zone. 

With Canary7, you get a little something for each of the aspects across your supply chain. The nature and size of your business doesn’t matter, because Canary7 will help you grow anyway!

Best 3PL WMS Speed up your processes

1. Warehouse Management System

Managing your 3PL warehouse may sound like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Canary7’s 3PL logistics software solutions can help you get full control of your warehouse activity, through which you can conveniently ensure that everything is running seamlessly. With the help of these tools, you make the most out of your fulfillment journey.

  • Speed up your warehouse processes.
  • Implement better supervision. 
  • Build better relationships with customers and suppliers alike.
Inventory management

2. Inventory Management System

Inventory is also an important part of the supply chain for 3PLs, hence the 3PL logistics software solutions offered by Canary7 include solutions that cater to 3PL inventories. Optimize your inventory with our cutting-edge technology, and never face any inventory related problems ever. Not only will you be impressing your customers with savvy inventory management, but will also be able to make your staff’s job a lot easier. 

  • Track your inventory 24/7.
  • Forecast your inventory properly to prevent stock outs or under stocking. 
  • Make data-backed decisions that optimise your inventory.

3. Order Management System

Order management is one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of a 3PL business. This is because your success as a 3PL business depends on how well you streamline order processing for both your clients and their customers. Being the middle-man of the logistics journey is not an easy task, which is why you need the best 3PL logistics software solutions to help you to take control of all the orders you need to deal with. This way, you can work on making order management an integral part of your business without having to put in a lot of effort. 

  • Track the ordering process throughout.
  • Handle reverse logistics masterfully. 
  • Keep your customers along the way.
Labor Management

4. Labor Management System

The best 3PL solutions will enable you to manage your workforce a lot better. This is why the solutions that we offer help you take control in terms of labour management as well. Our labour management system is the best way to ensure that the human element in you work processes remains productive, and that each worker within the warehouse is equipped to do their absolute best. 

Bring out the absolute best in your team with the help of our labor management 3PL software solution, and watch them become an integral part of your success.

  • Delegate tasks in the most effective manner. 
  • Employ a gamified approach for maximum employee engagement 
  • Increase workplace productivity. 

3PL Logistics Software Solutions by Canary7: Your Partners in Success

The ultimate goal behind providing these 3PL logistics software solutions to businesses is to enable them to accelerate their journey to success. That’s the future we want for all our clients, including you. And the best part? That future is just a few clicks away from you.