Discover Canary7: A Smarter, Slicker Order Management System

It’s time to meet Canary7: the forward-thinking order management system that brings your warehouse’s flexibility, scalability and efficiency into the 21st century.

eCommerce Order Management to Meet Changing Demands

Warehousing doesn’t have to be frustrating: that’s a fact. Here at Canary7, years of experience working with warehousing operations across several industries has highlighted a glaring need for order management solutions that streamline fulfilment operations rather than complicating them. Fortunately, we’re rising to the challenge with a warehouse management platform that cuts costs, boosts functionality and adds to your bottom line. 

Order Management to Meet Today’s Challenges

It’s true: warehousing facilities across all industries need a smarter, smoother method of managing, processing and picking their orders. That’s why the people behind Canary7 have pioneered research and development to engineer a warehouse order picker that ticks all of these boxes and more. Forget clunky software and painful loading times: our solution is continuously improved based on user feedback, helping your business open its doors to more productivity, more efficiency and more growth.  

Key Order Management Software Features:

Driving a smart replenishment and inventory rotation strategy is a bare essential for any productive warehouse. Canary7 allows your business to modernise its strategy with unique stock rotation features, including both inbound and outbound serial number capturing: it’s what we do. 

When you choose Canary7, you choose warehouse software that offers complete availability for virtually all integration options, ranging from FTP to push or pull APIs. What’s more, our team of expert developers are on standby to configure any integrations to meet your requirements. Easy!

We’re passionate in our belief that order management systems should make life easier, not harder. That’s why we’ve engineered a user-friendly system with a simple, accessible interface. If that wasn’t enough, we even offer expert training processes and learning materials to ensure that all of your staff are totally confident from day one.

True scalability and growth is impossible without the right level of visibility. With this challenge in mind, Canary7 offers a comprehensive view of activity across all areas of your warehouse, allowing you to fulfil orders in a way that is fast, effective and totally accurate whilst encouraging the best practice in your staff. Thank us later!

We get it: in today’s busy marketplace, responsive and versatile application design is at the top of the agenda. That’s why we’ve created order management system software that is accessible on virtually any device; ranging from smartphones to tablets and laptops.

No warehouse can predict the future. However, preparing for the future is possible with Canary7’s scalable, flexible functionality. Whilst our system allows seamless integration with automated systems, it even allows you to add machines and processes as your business changes. Future-proofed solution, anyone?

Whilst software matters, your warehouse depends on its people. Fortunately, Canary7’s range of work order management tools make labour and resource management simple and pain-free, with daily shift reports generated for every user and displayed in sleek, interactive dashboards

No warehouse ever stays the same. With this in mind, our order management system software adapts to your changing demands with unique waving, picking & packing strategies; including multi order picking. It’s time to grow the right way!

As next-gen work order management software, Canary7 uses cloud-based computing to remove the challenges associated with hardware installation and infrastructural limitations. Never mind pricy operational costs – with our system, you only pay per user!

Engaging your staff is critical to the success of your warehousing operation. Canary7 places teamwork at its core, using a ‘gamified’ interface which allows workers to compare their results against their colleagues. What better way to get your game on?

Need A OMS System That Processes More Orders, Faster? Look No Further…

With all of the options on the market, finding the best order management software for your business can be difficult. We’re stepping in to make that decision-making process simple with a range of intelligent features that boost your business’ bottom line. After all: why settle for standard?


Customisable & Scalable to Facilitate Growth

Fulfil More Orders, Faster

No More Expensive Warehouse Errors

Third Party Logistics: Understanding the Industry

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of warehousing operations must use Big Data to become more competent with their supply chains.

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of logistics businesses cite growth management as a major challenge (Statista).

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Smart Stock Rotation

A Smooth Approach to Inventory Management

We understand that our customer’s warehousing space will change according to fluctuating demand. Unlike other WMS solutions, Canary7 is equipped with the stock rotation tools you need to reduce order to ship time.

Whilst your warehousing space will change with consumer demand, one thing remains constant: the need for an intelligent stock rotation strategy. When businesses choose Canary7, they choose an out-of-the-box solution that guarantees highly organised and well distributed order management, allowing them to strike that perfect balance between picking efficiency and replenishment frequency.

It’s simple: Canary7 works according to your unique stock rotation requirements in a way that allows you to follow your own inventory management protocols. It’s time to do it your way…

  • Comprehensive support for lot numbers, receipts and expiry dates as well as LIFO and FIFO.
  • Instant serial number tracking via smart scanning technology
  • Capture essential data during your outbound process, no matter the challenge
  • Specify individual serial numbers of products to be picked


Universal Integration Options

API Integrations That Work Around Your Business

Worried about having to upgrade your tools to use our order management system software? Don’t sweat it. We’ve engineered Canary7 to provide universal API integration, giving you total control in one location.

Whilst having total control over inventory and resources is essential, it’s equally important to have complete oversight over your warehouse’s finances. Canary7 gives you just that with a range of multi channel order management features including Shopify order management, Magento order management and more. If you’ve got the tool, we’ve got the integration features you need to match it. Go on – try us and see for yourself!

Canary7’s universal integration options don’t just make your operation run smoother: they also make your financial and accounting processes more streamlined and error-free. By using your own choice of accounting software and by sending calculated invoice data at an instant, our solution helps you wave goodbye to accounting nightmares and data entry mistakes.

  • Automate your most perplexing accounting & financial tasks 
  • Fully integrate your databases with market-leading digital tools
  • Guarantee uninterrupted comms between different apps
  • Cut time thanks to hassle-free setup and oversight in one location

User Interface & Expert Training

Beautiful Design Meets Professional Training

We’re driven in our passion that life should be made easier by an OMS order management system – not harder. That’s why we’ve combined UX design and training expertise to make your experience with Canary7 a breeze.

Gone are the days of slow loading times, clunky software, frustrating glitches and costly software repairs. Here at Canary7, our experienced team of engineers and developers take inspiration from the latest findings and trends in app design, connecting you to your warehouse using a simple yet beautifully designed user interface. We combine your feedback with design improvements to ensure your journey with Canary7 is smooth, responsive and visually appealing: it’s what your staff deserve.

Our order management system is built for ease of use. However, we’re committed to making things even easier with a range of expertly produced training and user manuals, ensuring that all staff can familiarise themselves with the software at pace and with ease.

  • Expert training, developed and delivered by order management professionals
  • Digestible user guides for effective training of new staff 
  • Comprehensive order management functionality in one smart dashboard
  • Continuous training & support with fresh features added regularly

360° View of All Operations

More Visibility. More Productivity. More Profitability.

No matter the size, scale or nature of your warehouse, you’ll need total operational oversight to achieve real growth. Canary7 empowers the user by opening a window of visibility across all areas of your fulfilment operation.

Regardless of your warehouse order picking methods and regardless of your staffing levels, having total end-to-end control and operational oversight can draw that thin line between a successful, productive warehouse and one which haemorrhages profits. Canary7 keeps your warehousing operation on the right side of that line by giving you a comprehensive and reactive overview of your warehouse, its inventory and its relationships with third party couriers and delivery services, all within one smart location. Indeed, whilst our solution keeps you informed, it also encourages your workers to adopt best industry practice.

Wondering where in your warehouse you’ve stocked a particular product? Frustrated with poor visibility across your fulfilment operation? Don’t get frustrated: get more visibility and control with Canary7!

  • Remote access features for immediate action, when you need it
  • Enjoy better organisation with client-level filters at search level
  • Determine overall capacity with real time statistics and Big Data
  • Full automation at your fingertips

Sleek, Responsive Design

Secure, Stable Access Across Any Device

Your fast-paced and ever-changing warehousing operation needs eCommerce order management that is designed to react. Canary7 does just that, using responsive design to remove your pain points.

Achieving complete end-to-end control across all areas of your fulfilment operation means using a system that is compatible across virtually any digital device: the requirements of today’s modern market demand it. With this challenge in mind, our solution is amongst the best order management software solutions in terms of accessibility, with full reports and functionality available at the push of a button on virtually any device; ranging from smartphones and laptops to personal computers. When we say our design responds to you, we mean it.

Our approach to application design is about more than mere aesthetics. By making Canary7 usable across virtually any device, we give your organisation the tools it needs to become a truly 24/7 operation.

  • Access all features remotely on any device
  • Enjoy smooth functionality thanks to expert app development
  • All features accessible via touch screen capability 
  • Rapid transitions with virtually no loading times

Future-Proofed Solution

Putting The Future of Your Business First

Canary7 takes the definition of ‘future proofed’ to new heights. By designing our order management system to support your operations at both peak and low levels, we build growth into the heart of our design.

When it comes to assessing the future growth of your warehouse, nobody has a crystal ball. However, Canary7 uses real-time data and live statistics to help you predict opportunities for tangible business growth. Rather than basing your warehousing operation within a static software system, Canary7 allows your business to grow when it needs to by adding processes, machines and software integrations as it scales. Forget ‘guesstimating’: our solution provides the data you need to make decisions that are informed by accurate information.

Unlike other order management platforms, Canary7 succeeds by managing your resources effectively if and when demand rises or subsides. Let’s go on that journey together!

  • Add new technologies and processes as your business scales
  • Comprehensive scope of available space and existing inventory
  • Manage resources effectively via an interactive dashboard 
  • Eliminate costs associated with understocking, overstocking & stock shrinkage

Simple Labour Management

Human Resource Management, But Easier

The success of your warehousing operation largely depends on how effectively your workforce is managed. With Canary7, you can use real-time data to direct resources to where they are needed.

We don’t just manage inventory and resources: we manage the people that keep your business moving. Providing a range of smart labour management features, Canary7 takes the hassle out of people-management by visualising all members of staff in one digestible location. Whilst daily shift reports for each member of staff ensure individual accountability across all areas of your business, our solution uses visibility features to encourage best industry practice.

Our commitment to easier, more streamlined labour management doesn’t end there. We work with your staff to ensure the highest levels of confidence when using our system, guaranteeing greater productivity from day one.

  • Direct accountability via individual staff profiles 
  • Use real-time data for informed, justified decision making 
  • Identify areas for improvement in skills and processes
  • Allocate human resources to where they’re needed

Gamification for Team Management

Want to Improve Productivity? Game on!

Managing and tracking productivity is a bare essential in the modern warehouse. Canary7 takes some of the most mundane aspects of warehousing and ‘gamifies’ them with a range of fun, competitive features.

With today’s shipping and warehousing pressures, it helps to cultivate a working culture that is both positive and productive. Canary7 allows your business to tick both of these boxes and more with unique gamification features that prioritise employee engagement. Our solution uses smart performance indicators and visualises these in a live dashboard, displaying productivity levels for each employee to keep your staff motivated and working to a high standard. Want to incentivise your staff to work to their best potential? Need to identify areas for improvement? Don’t panic – get your game on with Canary7!

Don’t let productivity and performance measurement become a pain point. Canary7 helps your business achieve its KPIs in a way that is positive and enjoyable for all stakeholders. Competition, anyone?

  • Display productivity levels accurately and individually
  • Facilitate a positive working culture in your warehouse 
  • Gamify your labour management with fun dashboards
  • Encourage transparency across all areas of your business

Flexibility & Scalability

Meet Order Management Made Flexible

Canary7 succeeds by using optimising waving, picking and packing strategies to facilitate tangible growth through each of your individual sales and distribution channels.

Years of experience working in order management have highlighted that no warehouse ever stays the same. Despite this fact, few order management systems are built to support change, growth or fluctuating stock levels. With this in mind, Canary7 has been engineered to support sustainable growth in a way that eases the strains associated with today’s most challenging shipping pressures.

When you work with Canary7, you work with a scalable system that invests in your business’ future. Who knew scaling your warehouse could be so manageable?

  • Personalised picking, packing & waving strategies
  • Observe your warehouse grow in real time 
  • Use interactive warehousing maps to identify growth opportunities 
  • Fulfil even more orders, even more accurately

Cloud-Based WMS

The Ultimate Cloud-Based Order Management Software

When it comes to achieving lower costs, fast lead times and even better customer service, cloud-based technology can provide a solution. As the ultimate cloud-based WMS, Canary7 has the answer.

Today’s warehousing operations don’t have the time to waste on lengthy hardware installation or worrying about infrastructural limitations. Canary7 cuts out the hassle by offering an order management tool that is activated straight out-of-the-box, using the latest developments in cloud computing to ensure that your warehouse’s data is secure and ready to be used for growth. Sometimes it pays to have your head in the cloud…

Eliminate costly hardware repairs and replacements. Make decisions that are backed by cold, hard data. Proceed with confidence that you’re using a system that’s at the top of its game. With Canary7, you can achieve warehousing excellence through the power of the cloud.

  • Cut costs associated with alternative order management systems
  • Achieve true flexibility with zero infrastructural limitations
  • Enjoy real-time visibility across all warehousing tasks
  • Access Canary 7 remotely via your own, branded portal

Industries We Work With:

Mobile and eCommerce functions, whilst driving retail growth, are adding new layers of complication to the supply chain. Canary7 manages these changes by providing a flowing and fast shopping journey.

Logistical requirements in the food and beverage sector are subject to constant change. To meet this challenge, Canary7 adapts to your customers’ shifting expectations.

Canary7 supports FMCG suppliers & distributors in achieving increased profit margins and reduced operating costs throughout their fulfilment operation.

From production right through to distribution, Canary7 has been engineered to meet many of the specific challenges faced by today’s productivity-driven manufacturing sector.

Canary7 offers a selection of order management features that are specifically designed for your third party logistics operation.