Growing & Succeeding Together.

Customer engagement and a strong collaborative culture allows Canary7 to stay ahead of changing warehouse requirements and support clients in achieving their goals.

Customer Success Team

Our dedicated customer success team will proactively work with you, ensuring that you get the very best from Canary7.

  • Receive in-depth advice on how to meet your evolving warehouse needs.
  • Available for remote or face-to-face meetings to discuss custom development requests.
  • Ensure customers achieve their desired outcomes while using Canary7.

24/7 Support

We understand that the warehouse is the beating heart of your business. Therefore, our warehousing and development experts are there for you 24/7 to keep your warehouse running like clockwork!

  • Piece of mind with a dedicated Canary7 Support Manager.
  • Email and on-call access to avoid downtime.
  • Our support team are Canary7 experts who understand the importance of your warehouse productivity.

Expert Training

From our onboarding training process, to the resource centre, our Canary7 experts will help your team to reduce errors, improve usage, and maximise efficiency.

  • Training resources available, such as user guides and video tutorials of specific tasks.
  • Customised training is delivered on your premises.
  • Training is carried out for managers, supervisors, and all users on the floor. 

Monthly Development sprints

Our unique customer service approach allows our customer success team to work simultaneously with our inhouse development team. This means you will have bespoke features available every month, unlike any other WMS.

  • Meeting customer needs through agile sprints
  • Log ideas for new features that will be sent through to our development team.
  • Get all these new features every month at no extra cost!