Empower Your Workforce with Canary7

Warehouse labour management has never been easier! Manage your employees, track labour activity, boost warehouse productivity, and maintain a stellar performance – only with Canary7. As the leading labour management system, Canary7 helps you enhance your business by empowering your workforce to be the absolute best.

Warehouse Labour Management: Your Ladder to Success

No matter how far technology and automation advances, a business’s biggest, most important asset will always remain its human workforce. After all, labour relations and performance forms the backbone of your business.

But with great labour performance comes even greater responsibility in terms of warehouse labour management. Managing your labour and ensuring their efforts translate into tangible results can be a tedious job – but Canary7 is here to change that. 

Get The Best Out of Your Team

Your number one aim with warehouse labour management is to make sure that the skill set of each individual member in the warehouse is utilised to its maximum potential – and we get that. Canary7 is a custom-built Labour Management System software that focuses on providing businesses with just the right tools and automation processes that will help you ameliorate your labour force. Our solutions help you bring out the best in each employee, so that you can sit back and watch your workforce evolve exponentially.

Streamlined Warehouse Labour Management Solutions for Everyone

Top-notch labour management is not only integral for the success of your business, but it is also the best way to improve employee retention and show your people that they are your number one priority. 

At Canary7, the warehouse labour management solutions are designed to not only optimise your workflow, but also to help you facilitate the needs of each individual member of your team.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are created to help you:

  • Track employee activity with dashboards & shift reports
  • Improve visibility to the flow of goods
  • Boost resource utilisation
  • Maximise employee satisfaction
  • Monitor total costs
  • Integrate with accounting systems
  • Refine employee performance

Increase Utilisation and Decrease Labour Expense

Canary7 is a labour management system designed to unlock your warehouse potential, improving employee engagement and overall performance results. Supporting advancements in warehouse automation and robotics, Canary7 not only offers labour management but the complete warehouse execution system.

Leverage Data-Driven Insights for Warehouse Labour Management

Your warehouse labour management process doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. With Canary7, you get data-driven insights that supplement your decisions and ensure that your choices lead to unrivalled success.

Key Labour Management System Features by Canary7:

1. Efficient Performance Management

Streamline Workforce Performance Like Never Before

Canary7 is focused on providing you with more visibility to the warehouse workflow, which means you get an opportunity to be present and supervise your business operations with a 360 degree perspective. Additionally, Canary7 also ensures that each task is executed through jobs, allowing for effective planning and management of all your warehouse operators. This leads to a more optimised fulfilment process, and can help you speed up your delivery times.

2. Planner Productivity Tools

Plan Each & Every Detail

Whether it is demand planning or planning the workflow, planning is an important part of effective warehouse labour management. Remember: the better you plan, the better you can manage your workforce. Canary7 solidifies this by providing you with first-class planning processes. Understand current workloads, tasks completed, and employee downtime to plan the workflow better and assign tasks accordingly. All in all – plan to improve warehouse labour management in advance!

3. Gamification for Employee Engagement

Keep Your Employees Engaged & Motivated

Employee engagement is an important aspect when it comes ensuring the success of your warehouse and fulfilment processes. Canary7 provides you with warehouse labour management tools that motivate and engage your warehouse operatives. Thanks to bespoke dashboards, individual members of the team can see their progress in comparison to their workmates’, which doesn’t only create a friendly competitive environment but ensures each member of the team is accountable for their output.

4. Essential HR Functions

Cut Down on HR Costs

Who says you need to have a fully functional HR department to improve your warehouse labour management processes? A multi-functional Labour Management System is enough in itself to take care of essential human resource functions such as employee onboarding, payroll, and overall employee management. Save money on HR and get straight to effective labour management.

5. Third Party Integrations

Seamlessly Integrate with 3rd Parties

With some top-level off-shelf integrations such as Amazon, FedEx, DHL, and UPS, Canary7 makes warehouse optimization even easier for your workforce to execute. Canary7 also offers bespoke integrations if necessary.

6. Real-Time Insights, Updates, Reports, and More

Make Data-drive Decisions, 24/7

Using data to evolve your warehousing and labour management methods is the only way forward. Canary7 allows you to not only collect all the important employee related data, but also generate useful reports out of it. Get real-time updates, and then use those updates to make valuable decisions for your labour force.

7. A Customer-Centric Approach

Improve Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Just like we value you, you value your customers. Hence, customer satisfaction is the heart of our Labour Management System. It enables you to do better demand planning, forecast and predict assignment completion, which in turn leads your customers to receive their orders on time, in full, every time. 

Choosing Canary7 as Your Labour Management System

Choosing the right labour management system is a significant decision for warehouse optimization… but why Canary7? 

Canary7 is the best choice because it is:

Time is money – which is why we want neither you, nor your staff to waste too much time in learning how to operate our solutions. Canary7 is a simple, easy-to-understand Labour Management System that comes with helpful user-guides. Anyone can learn how to use it – you and your workers will be Canary7 experts in no time!

Canary7 supports a responsive design that works well on not only desktops but also on all smartphone devices such as mobiles and tablets. No matter where you are, what you are doing, or what device you’re using, you can make use of the Canary7 labour management system.

Canary7 is here for you in the long run! By taking the load off you for core warehousing processes such as labour management and inventory optimization, Canary7 aims to become your one-stop shop for fulfilment solutions. The best part? We equip you with the technology to boost your scalability, help you grow, and grow with you. 

When all else fails, it is your people that you can turn to for support – which is why it is important for you to foster a healthy relationship with your labour, and encourage each individual member of the workforce to come forward and be an active part of the team. Our processes are designed to elevate this very thought and will enable you to create a friendly, wholly productive environment across your warehouses. 

The ultimate aim behind Canary7 is to decrease the amount of effort you put into maintaining your warehouse, but increase your bottom line. Fully optimised, streamlined warehousing processes mean that you don’t have to cross oceans to get the results that you want. Simply put: we make you let us do all the work needed to elevate your business onto newer, better levels of success.

Labour Management & More!

Labour management is not all that we do! Canary7 is a multi-functional software solution that doesn’t only enable you to improve your labour management processes, but also helps you with other aspects of warehouse management and maintenance. 

Canary7, as the best warehouse management system, provides your warehouse with optimised fulfilment processes that can be leveraged to boost your whole eCommerce game. Improve the pick and pack process, reduce errors during delivery, and establish your company as one that has their warehouse running like clockwork!

Canary7 offers an exceptional order management system, allowing you to improve your daily sales orders, remain ahead of your competitors, and impress clients in a way that leads to unequalled customer loyalty. Take care of your orders efficiently by simply avoiding costly warehouse mistakes.

Improve your inventory management by streamlining everything from warehouse packing strategy through storage, all the way down to the final shipping! Canary7 helps you better understand your inventory activities so that you can dedicate your resources to taking care of your goods.

Stay in full control of the flow of activity in your warehouse through our cutting-edge, latest material handling automation system. We offer this in collaboration with our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Together, Canary7 WMS and WCS can deploy the ultimate warehouse execution system and enable your business to grow beyond any set parameters.

Sectors We Support:

The mobile and online functionalities of today are driving retail development while adding new levels of complexity to the supply chain. Canary7 mitigates this by providing a constant, fresh, and speedy purchasing experience.

In the food and drink industry, adapting to changing logistical requirements is a must. Canary7 meets this challenge by acting upon your customers’ changing preferences.

Canary7, unlike many other systems, enables FMCG suppliers and distributors in increasing profit margins and lowering operating expenses across their warehouse.

Our extensive experience engaging inside the manufacturing business has revealed a need for a WMS that addresses unique industry concerns. From production to distribution, Canary7 provides complete visibility into your manufacturing process.

Canary7 provides a set of 3PL core WMS capabilities that are tailored to your warehousing needs.

What is a Labour Management System?

A Labour Management System is essentially a software solution that provides productivity planning and reporting capabilities. It is used by many businesses to stay on top of their employee activity, drive employee engagement, boost retention, and maximise the potential of the whole team. A Labour Management System (LMS) may also be referenced as Workforce Management (WFM) system. They aren’t entirely different things - however, an LMS is more directed towards warehousing issues as opposed to a WMS, which can be employed in other types of workplaces as well. Essentially, the purpose of this software is to manage staff scheduling and give business owners more control over the productivity within a workplace.

What are the advantages of a labour management system?

A Labour Management System can introduce you to many benefits, including but not limited to: Crucial data collection and reporting Increased employee satisfaction Fair performance targets for the team Better and more informed management decisions Better labour relations Better customer satisfaction When used properly, a Labour Management System can help you fully elevate your business to success!

Is a labour management system an alternative to HR software?

Technically, no. The functions of a Labour Management System are a lot different than those of an HR software - and since Labour Management Systems are usually used in connection to warehouses only, they are not general in the way an HR software is. That being said, there are some essential HR functions that can be performed by a Labour Management System. Things like payroll management and work hours record-keeping can easily be done by an LMS, and it can be used on it’s own, without additional HR software in that sense.

Why Canary7 for your labour management system?

Canary7 provides a fully automated warehouse labour management solution. However, the thing that sets it apart is that it can also be used as a WCS (Warehouse Control System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System). This means that it is likely to offer more efficiency, speed, and control than other labour management system software. It is a better long time solution, and can help you scale your business across borders.

How to pick the best labour management system for my business?

Picking a Labour Management System is an important decision, so here are some questions you should ask yourself before you make the decision to pick them: Why do I need a Labour Management System? What are the issues with my labour that I need to fix? How many people is the Labour Management System going to deal with? How many people will be using it directly? What is my budget? What integrations do I need? Am I looking for a long-term solution for warehouse labour management?

Can Canary7 help me retain my employees?

Trust us on this: there is nothing your labour loves more than an optimized workflow in the warehouse. Afterall, the better and more efficient your warehousing processes are, the less work they have to do! In this regard, the fact that the Labour Management System helps with warehouse optimization will have a positive impact on your employee retention. Additionally, since it also works to directly engage employees and encourage them to push themselves forward with traceable performance metrics, Canary7 is the best way to ensure that your employees don’t leave you anytime soon!

Can I get a free demo of the labour management system by Canary7?

Yes! You can book a free demo for not just the Labour Management System, but also for any of the other solutions we offer. We want you to be completely at ease before you make the decision to choose Canary7, which is why we urge you to try and test us before you commit to our inventory software.