Food & Beverage Distribution Software

The world of food and beverage is incredibly fast-paced, competitive, and challenging. But you don’t have to worry, because Canary7 allows you to navigate food and beverage warehousing with utmost ease and convenience.

Helping you hit the right balance between supply and demand, Canary7 is the best way to satisfy your safety, quality, and traceability requirements in just a few clicks.

Food & Beverage Warehousing: A Challenge

The supply chain challenges faced by food and beverage suppliers and manufacturers are quite possibly some of the toughest to face. Due to strict rules, regulations, and a plethora of legal obligations, ensuring that food and beverage warehousing remains functional can be a difficult job. Whether you are a fully automated distribution centre or are more focused towards manual processes, handling food and beverage related goods is not easy.

This is why you need a WMS and a food & beverage distribution software that is particularly focused towards the food and beverage warehouse in order to ensure that your warehouse is at par with industry standards.

Meet The Ultimate Food and Beverage Inventory Software

Allow us to introduce you to Canary7: your ultimate partner when it comes to streamlining the food and beverage warehouse and supply chain. With Canary7, turn food and beverage warehousing challenges into a lifetime opportunity of dominating your industry. 

From pick and pack strategies and warehouse control to inventory management and the eventual shipment of your goods, Canary7 remains your partner throughout the fulfilment process. The ultimate focus of our WMS is to optimise your food and beverage warehouse space, maximise inventory accuracy, and ensure top quality – so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Key Insights into the Food & Beverage Industry

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With 80% of its total investment in equipment and machinery, the Food & Beverage industries are having the largest revenue share in the Logistics Automation Market (Source).

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of ghost kitchen customers now order delivery or pickup at least once a week. An effective WMS is essential for companies to continually meet the high expectations of demanding customers (Source).

How Does Canary7 Help Food & Beverage Warehouses?

There is a lot of responsibility in a food and beverage business to deliver nothing but the healthiest, most fresh, and the best goods to your customers. Canary7 continually adapts to changing requirements, from evolving consumer preferences, packaging and sustainability, and safety requirements.

Your Problems

Worried about your food and beverage warehouse? Looking for the perfect food and beverage inventory software? Want to take your food warehouse management to the next level but don’t know how to?

Don’t worry – Canary7 has got it all in control. 

We know this is what your problems look like: 

  • Inadequate storage space for perishable items 
  • Labour mismanagement
  • Lack of food traceability
  • Spoiled and damaged goods
  • Supply chain complexities

Our Solutions

Canary7: the leading and the latest Food and Beverage Warehouse Management System is made to encounter all of these problems – and more. Canary7 food and beverage distribution software offers you: 

  • Safe storage and management of perishable items
  • Efficient and highly organised labour management
  • Increase end-to-end food traceability 
  • Reduced damages and food wastage
  • Streamlined supply chain

Top-Notch Storage and Inventory Management for F&B

Canary7 is designed keeping in mind the unique needs of the food and beverage warehouse and the challenges you will face. Canary7 ensures that you deliver nothing but perfection to your customers, and in turn build strong loyalty with them.

Key Food and Beverage Warehouse Management Features:

1. End-to-End Traceability

Gain Access to Real-Time Insights into Your Food and Beverage Warehouse

Canary7 helps you establish end-to-end traceability, which means that you can access real-time inventory insights whenever you want. Implement regulatory compliance and recalls with the help of batch/lot, FIFO/LIFO, production and best before end data with our food and beverage inventory software.

2. Special SKUs and Kits

Manage Complex Materials

Sophisticated inventory control with stock rotation available for different customers means you get to have a greater level of control on your warehouse: access special SKUs for various retailers and manage complex materials and kits with increased efficiency across different time windows.

3. Adaptive Functionality

Respond Quickly to Changing Food and Beverage Warehouse Regulations

Thanks to monthly development sprints, Canary7 responds to changing food and beverage warehouse regulations at lightning fast speed so that your warehouse satisfies all the requirements consistently. By choosing Canary7, you are ensuring that all your warehousing processes are compliant and safe in accordance with all relevant rules. The ultimate food and beverage distribution software. 

4. Smart Record Keeping

Keep Accurate Records of Your Food and Beverage Warehouse

A huge part of your success as a food and beverage business depends on your record-keeping. With Canary7, you get to maintain records through the creations of comprehensive, extensive reports that are not only backed by data but also reflect the performance of your warehouse in real-time. Benefit from full visibility of your inventory and detailed tracking of your goods with our food and beverage inventory software.

5. Corrective and Preventive Tools

Avoid Wastage & Spoilage

Canary7 facilitates businesses with warehousing solutions that will help them avoid wastages, spoilages, and any other complications that may occur in the fulfilment process within a food and beverage warehouse. Take the right corrective and preventive actions with the help of Canary7 and increase the shelf-life of your products with the best food and beverage distribution software.

6. Flexibility in Configuration

Configure Settings According to Your Preferences

Canary7 is not only easy to use, but it is also super flexible and allows users to configure it according to your preferences. In the food and beverage warehouse, this feature is particularly important as it means that you can adjust the functionality of our software to align better with any rules and regulations that you are aiming to follow.

7. Integrations, Interfacing, and Much More…

Benefit From Top-Level Integrations for Your Food and Beverage Warehouse

Canary7 equips you with a variety of off-shelf integrations that make your Warehouse Management System even better! 

The Best Software for Food and Beverage Industry

Canary7 is the best food and beverage distribution software. Here’s why:

Make faster deliveries with Canary7! Speed is one of the most important components of food warehouse management, which is why it is an integral part of all our solutions at Canary7. By ensuring that each and every aspect of the fulfilment process is smooth and streamlined, Canary7 minimises any problems that you might have to face, and speeds up your delivery process.

You want your customers to stick with you, and we want you to stick with us. So, all our food and beverage warehouse solutions are configured to boost client retention by helping you win your customers over. Canary7 Food and Beverage distribution software grows and adapts with our customers to exceed the end users expectations.

With expansion comes great responsibility, and Canary7 promises to take care of it so you don’t have to. No matter how big or small of an establishment you are, Canary7 is designed to mould itself in accordance with the unique needs of each of our customers.

Better inventory management means that you can create a safer storage system for your food ingredients and other perishable items. Canary7 helps you minimise stockouts and ensure that you always stay in touch with your inventory activity so that you can plan for the future. The best food and beverage inventory software.

If you are a business that values sustainability, then you must know that food wastage is a problem that must be curbed to the best of your capability. Canary7 believes that the only way to do this is to ensure that you are following the right safety precautions and handling instructions for each item. Canary7 empowers your food and beverage warehouse by lengthening the shelf-life of your products.

Make Food and Beverage Management A Breeze

Designed By Experts

Canary7 is not a shot in the dark: it is designed by industry experts keeping in mind the unique standards of the food and beverage warehouse environment. Backed by cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, Canary7 is the ultimate food and beverage inventory software.

Batch/Lot Visibility

We understand just how important batch/lot visibility is to the food and beverage industry. Canary7 not only supports this, but ensures that all other facets of the food warehousing process have considerable visibility and can easily be traced from one end to the other.

Unparalleled Efficiency

To stand out from your competitors, you need to instil efficiency at the core of each and every process in your food and beverage warehouse. With Canary7, you can easily turn this dream into reality and bring utmost, unparalleled efficiency to your food and beverage warehouse processes.

Sectors We Support:

A specialised warehouse management system to cope with the new layers of complexity ecommerce adds to the supply chain.

Canary7 provides a range of 3PL central WMS features designed specifically for your warehousing operation.

Canary7 empowers FMCG suppliers & distributors to achieve increased profit margins and reduced operating costs throughout their warehouse.

Because of our extensive experience in the manufacturing business, we have identified a need for a WMS that addresses specific industry concerns. Canary7 provides complete visibility into your manufacturing process, from manufacturing to distribution.

In the food and drink industry, adapting to changing logistical requirements is a must. Canary7 allows you to navigate your food and beverage warehouse with ease.

What is a Food and Beverage Warehouse Management System?

A Warehouse Management System is a software system that helps you optimise and streamline warehouse processes. From picking, packing, and shipment - to inventory, control, and orders, a WMS can help you elevate your business and impress your customers with a smooth, seamless fulfilment process. A Food and Beverage Warehouse Management System is a software that helps you do all that, but for the food and beverage industry. A good Warehouse Management System is meant to provide businesses with accurate inventory information, real-time tracking, and other benefits that can help them navigate the food and beverage work environment.

What are the benefits of a food and beverage distribution software?

A Warehouse Management System can help you get a lot of benefits! These include but are not limited to: Faster deliveries Fewer mistakes Less stress Better organisation and order fulfilment warehouse Better time saving Streamlined fulfillment processes

Is food and beverage warehousing complicated?

Although it can be, it doesn't have to be! The fact that food and beverage warehousing involves the handling of perishable items means that business owners and warehouse operatives have to be more careful when it comes to handling them. However, if you have a WMS like Canary7 installed in your warehouse, there is no reason why your food and beverage should be complicated and hard to understand.

Why Canary7 for your Food & Beverage WMS??

Not only is Canary7 multifunctional, but it can also be used across different industries. This makes it an advanced solution that can really help you elevate your warehousing procedures! Whether you are a new business or have been in the game for years, Canary7 will make sure that you dominate your industry with an awe-worthy food and beverage warehouse.

What should I know before investing in a Food and Beverage Warehouse Management System?

There are quite a few things you need to understand before you invest in a Warehouse Management System. To start off, ask yourself the following questions: What is the size of your business? What is your budget for the software? How many products do you want to sell in total? Is your team tech-savvy? What are the existing problems in your supply chain that you want to fix? Is your business mainly online or offline? What would be the most ideal integrations and/or features for a business like yours?

What is the most important feature for a Food and Beverage WMS?

All features offered by Canary7 are more or less important and should be looked for in every Warehouse Management System. However, the most important feature in our opinion is adaptability. Since food and beverage requirements and regulations are changing very frequently, a good WMS should be able to accommodate these regulations as soon as possible. For example, Canary7 carries out monthly sprints so that any new regulations can be easily dealt with.

Can I get a free demo of the food and beverage inventory software?

Of course! You can get a free demo of Canary7 whenever you like. Just scroll up on this page, find the demo form, fill it in, and submit. It’s as simple as that! Get a taste of how Canary7 warehouse management system can improve your food and beverage warehouse.

What integrations does Canary 7 offer?

Canary 7 integrates directly with many popular applications, including: FedEx DHL Amazon UPS DPD Yodel Magento BigCommerce Amazon Prime And more.