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The smart, flexible and scalable WMS that transforms the efficiency & productivity at the heart of your business.

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Here at Canary7, we understand those pain points involved in managing a safe, successful and productive warehousing operation. We’ve combined years of experience working with warehouse managers and business owners with our expertise in software development and cloud technology to provide our customers with a warehouse management tool that is continually improving to meet new kinds of pressures put on warehouse operations from the ever-evolving supply chain.

We Understand The Challenges Behind Warehouse Management

The End Result?

A scalable, intuitive WMS platform that helps you ship and sell more products faster whilst totally eliminating those common, yet costly warehousing errors.
Warehouse management system End Result

Key Warehouse Software Features

Unlike most warehouse management system software, Canary7 brings together a comprehensive toolkit of sleek, smart features that offer total visibility into your business’ inventory whilst managing all of your supply chain fulfilment operations, from the shelves of your warehouse right through to delivery to your customer. Who knew order fulfilment could be so simple?

Ecommerce WMS Solution Faster Deliveries

Stock Rotation

Canary7 comes fully equipped with stock rotation capabilities, allowing your business to reduce potential revenue losses due to product obsolescence or

deterioration. Regardless of your organisation’s stock rotation needs, our solution can facilitate them by capturing serial numbers during your outbound process whilst specifying the serial numbers of items to be picked. No matter your rotation strategy or the scale of demand facing your business, we make things run smoother. Simple!
Ecommerce WMS Solution Accelerated Scalability

Desired Integration Options

With Canary7 warehouse management software, you can eliminate concerns about costly, time-consuming software integrations.

As the industry’s definitive WMS, we provide smooth and seamless API integration which enable companies to automate tasks and integrate their programs and databases with the latest and most popular industry applications; from FTP to push or pull APIs. Whilst enhancing product innovation, this feature allows you to enjoy the benefits of multiple cloud-based apps at any one time.
Ecommerce WMS Solution Improve Customer Loyality

User Interface & Expert Training

Forget software glitches, poor user guidance & frustrating, hard-to-navigate digital interfaces: we’ve pioneered research and development to provide
something that’s smarter. Our unique interface isn’t just easy to use, but enjoyable, too. Packed with visually-digestible stats, touch-screen functions & optional branding for your business, our interface puts you first. Meanwhile, our comprehensive training programme & user guides ensure that new members of your team get off to the best start from day one!
Ecommerce WMS Solution Better Inventory Management
Nomatter the size or scale of your warehousing operation, and regardless of the demand you’re facing, one thing is certain to be true: your business
can benefit significantly by having greater visibility over its stock, its inventory and the processes which keep it running day-by-day. Canary7 ticks all of these visibility boxes by providing a complete, 360° view of everything your warehouse holds and everything your staff is doing. With our live warehousing map, you can optimise stocking; keep costs low & ensure you meet demand.
Ecommerce WMS Solution More Servings

Responsive Design

When you work with Canary7, you can wave goodbye to those traditional approaches which limit access to your WMS.
As a truly forward-thinking WMS warehouse management system, we offer a highly versatile and responsive design which caters to the needs of today’s modern marketplace. Our commitment to responsive design and satisfying user experience means you can access our warehouse control system from a variety of electronic devices; ranging from laptops and tablets to smartphones. Nifty!
Many warehouse optimization tools claim to be ‘future proof’. At Canary7, when we say it, we mean it. Unlike static warehousing platforms,
our solution facilitates real change whenever and wherever your warehouse needs it. By offering seamless integration with automation systems and by constantly analysing your warehouse in real-time, users of our of order management system can add technologies, machinery and processes to their fulfilment environment when their business needs change.
Whilst machinery, software & infrastructure are essential to run a productive warehouse, it is people that will make it successful: fact.
With this fact in-mind, Canary7 WMS has been engineered to provide a range of warehouse labour management features that take all of the hassle out of people management. Displayed in colourful and engaging dashboards, all of your labour resources and allocated activities are displayed and constantly updated in real-time, helping you direct staff to where they’re needed most.

Gamification for Team Engagement

With today’s warehousing operations working to tight deadlines at times of peak demand, it can be an easy mistake to lose sight of one
very important thing: team engagement. Canary7 warehouse management software places your people as a top priority by providing a unique range of gamification features across its interface. Live performance dashboards allow users to compare their performance against friends and colleagues, providing a fun and interactive incentive to follow the best in industry practice. Game on!
No warehouse ever stays the same throughout its entire lifespan. We’ve taken this understanding and combined it with technological expertise
to offer Canary7 users the opportunity to grow, scale and change as their needs require. We support tangible scalability by including a comprehensive selection of highly optimised waving, picking & packing strategies, with our team on-standby to facilitate personalised picking strategies. Where flexible warehouse pick and pack software is needed, Canary7 is the natural choice.

Cloud-Based WMS

The future of order processing, warehouse organisation & inventory management is in cloud-based technology.

Here at Canary7, we’re proud to be leading the way as a cloud-based warehousing tool that exercises firm control over your supply chain. By opting for our cloud-based WMS cloud-based, you can save time that’s otherwise wasted on time-consuming hardware setup & frustrating infrastructure: our software activates straight out of the box & charges per individual user only.

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Let us take the worry out of warehousing

We’re passionate in our belief that warehousing and logistics can be made far easier with the right set of tools.

That’s why we’ve created a unique fulfilment system which cuts out those tedious drawbacks like complicated operating systems, expensive upgrades and lengthy, complex API integrations. When you choose Canary7, you can count on us to take the pain out of your warehousing processes.

Warehouse management system worry out of warehousing


A Proven WMS

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The People Behind the Platform

So – you’ve learnt a little bit about the WMS features offered by the Canary7 platform. But who are we and what makes us different?

It’s simple: we’re the dynamic team behind a next-generation warehousing platform built by warehousing professionals, for warehousing professionals. We’re headquartered in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, with satisfied customers throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. Here’s just a few things that make us unique and one of the best warehouse management systems on the market:
WMS Gamification for Team Engagement

Customer Engagement

Engaging with our customers on a regular basis has been instrumental to the success behind Canary7. We regularly conduct feedback sessions
with our users to maintain a deep understanding of their challenges, their needs and what they’d like to see from the platform. Whether you’ve got a point of concern or a suggestion for improvement, we’re here to listen and help as your definitive WMS provider. When you choose us, you aren’t just another customer: you’re a vital part of the Canary7 community.
WMS New Tools & Features

New Tools & Features

Canary7 is in a constant state of growth and improvement, with customers regularly benefiting from new features and tools via
regular system update. We take your feedback and suggestions and use that information to develop new features every month, with each and every improvement geared towards one central objective: reducing your operational costs and improving your service levels. We’re inviting warehousing operations across all sectors of industry to join us on our journey of improvement!
WMS Unrivalled Industry Insights

Unrivalled Industry Insights

Canary7 is a comprehensive warehouse and distribution software that’s designed by warehousing professionals, for warehousing
professionals. Our years of experience working with warehousing managers and logistics experts has placed us in an ideal position to provide flexible solutions to the challenges we face. That’s why we offer each and every one of our customers a free consultation session, identifying areas where Canary7 can increase your bottom line.

Warehouse Management

Facts You Need to Know

The world of inventory management and order fulfilment is changing: fast. With the growth of eCommerce and changing consumer demands, the need for sleeker, smarter WMS systems is clear. Here’s just a few statistics that tell the story…

The average size of a modern warehouse, compared to 65,000 sq. ft in 2000 (Westernacher)

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Of warehousing operations are investing in automated processes due to changing industry challenges (Peerless Research Group)
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Of companies with high-performing supply chains achieve revenue growth superior to the average within their industries (Deloitte)

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Of respondents reported human error from manual process management as the #1 root cause of inventory fulfilment issues (Stitch Labs)

50 0 %
Of the average company’s warehousing budget is spent on labour and workforce management (Kane is Able)

What can be taken from these statistics?

Here’s a breakdown:

Our advice?

Don’t get left behind in the warehousing revolution

Warehouse Management system Serctor We Serve

Sectors We Serve

Here at Canary7, we’re passionate about demonstrating the versatility of our WMS system across several sectors of industry, including:
Regardless of the scale or nature of your warehousing operation, our solution cuts operating costs and improves service levels.
Warehouse Management system Serctor We Serve

Ecommerce & Retail

A period of exponential growth in eCommerce & retail orders has highlighted the need for a smart, intuitive order management system that responds to changing consumer trends. With Canary7, we’re rising to that challenge.

Responsive and efficient warehouse management processes are a crucial element of any successful eCommerce or retail operation. By opting for our tried and trusted WMS system, you can positively impact the bottom line of your business. From organising the inventory on your warehouse’s shelves to guaranteeing improved customer service across the board, there’s lots of reasons to implement Canary7.

Warehouse Management System E-Commerce Retail

Forget time consuming, profit-haemorrhaging picking sequences. When your eCommerce or retail business works with Canary7, you can identify the perfect picking strategy that works for your business, ensuring that your workforce works efficiently and that orders get picked in a way that is optimal.
Fast, Flexible Picking Sequences:

It’s true: by working with Canary7’s warehouse routing software, you can wave goodbye to those costly and frustrating fulfilment issues that are caused by human error. By opting for our cloud-based WMS, our users can ensure that the right products end up in the right place thanks to live inventory management & barcode scanning.
No More Fulfilment Errors:

Unlike other WMS vendors, Canary7 uses big data and live inventory analysis to provide a totally accurate overview of your available stock. By using our unique inventory tracking features, warehousing organisations can rotate stock accordingly and order new products to meet consumer demand wherever it arises.
Monitor Inventory Levels:

Warehouse Management System Food Beverage

Food & Beverage Distribution

It’s true: the food and beverage distribution sector is one that’s fast packed, competitive and fraught with challenges. Fortunately, Canary7 is the next-generation warehouse management system that meets these challenges with ease.
Unlike many other sectors of industry, food and beverage distribution operates according to strict criteria, regulations and legal obligations; particularly where perishable products are concerned. Aside from these challenges, companies operating in the food and beverage industries face obstacles in maintaining low operating costs. By implementing Canary7 WMS within your food & beverage supply chain, you can meet each of these challenges with confidence.
Warehouse Management System Food Beverage

Maintaining a constant and detailed level of control over inventory levels is a bare essential for any food or beverage distribution operation. Canary7 provides a live view of each and every piece in your inventory, with live dashboards displaying expiry dates and optimised stock rotation strategies helping you to eliminate loss of stock due to expiration.
Close Inventory Control:

Canary7’s warehouse management system architecture facilitates smart, reactive product flow in warehouse businesses by logically distributing your warehouse and optimising available space. What’s more, our live inventory dashboards allow your business to arrange inventory according to required temperatures, demand patterns, expiry dates & more.
Reactive Warehouse Management:

Expiration and contamination are major sources of revenue loss for businesses operating with the food & beverage distribution sector. When those businesses implement Canary7, they can achieve total visibility of their products to ensure the quality of their product and the satisfaction of their customers.
Maintain Product Quality:


In today’s rapidly-changing manufacturing space, the need for a compact, convenient and comprehensive warehouse management software system is crucial. Canary7 brings together a range of features to make this a reality.
In order to create a warehousing environment that is conducive to high levels of quality, productivity and precision, manufacturing organisations must use a smart, intuitive warehouse control system that enhances all elements of product flow in warehouse. This means opting for a system that saves on time and operating costs, allowing skilled workers to focus more on manufacturing and less on menial, non-productive logistics tasks. Did somebody call Canary7?
Warehouse Management System Manufacturing

Here at Canary7, we understand the many complexities that manufacturing organisations face in their day-to-day logistical operations, with fewer items in stock leading to delays and overstock leading to high carrying costs. To meet this challenge, our solution uses live data to create instinctive reordering points, keeping you on top of your game.
Instinctive Reorder Points:

Maintaining a high level of supply chain management is critical to the success of any manufacturing business; including the maintenance of good relationships and consistent communications with suppliers and vendors. Canary7 WMS ticks both boxes by tracking all product movements, integrating with your accounting solutions and setting default vendors for all parts and products.
Supply Chain Management:

Effective barcode scanning can make that critical difference between a successful manufacturing process and a failed one. Canary7 ensures your success via a smart barcode scanning system that scans barcode to pick materials, reorder items and receive items into your warehouse, transforming the efficiency at the heart of your manufacturing operation.
Smart Barcode Scanning:

Warehouse Management System Third Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics​

Here at Canary7, years working within the third party logistics (3PL) space has granted us an unrivalled understanding of the challenges faced in the sector. To meet the challenge, our WMS software reduces labour costs, enhances functionality and drives more profitability.
Is your 3PL organisation ready to wave goodbye to outdated, archaic warehousing technology that stunts productivity, efficiency and growth rather than adding to it? Does your business need a forward-thinking 3PL management software that gives you the flexibility and control you need to meet business KPIs whilst cutting order-to-ship time. Look no further than Canary7: the complete warehouse management tool for third party logistics.
Warehouse Management System Third Party Logistics

With 3PL organisations operating according to strict deadlines and production schedules, warehouse managers face challenges in processing reports, billing and other accounting information. Canary7 brings all of that accounting information into one accessible platform, with full and seamless API integration for virtually any financial tool.
Next-gen billing support:

Depending on the time of year and the demand your 3PL business is facing, you’ll need a WMS system that can manage a network of orders at a rapid pace. As one of the market’s most robust warehousing platforms, Canary7 gathers all customer data in one convenient location and generates picking orders for your staff whenever it's required.
Simple Order Management:

As a 3PL organisation, it’s highly likely that your customers will have their own requirements around packing & shipping procedures, product tracking and more. Canary7 succeeds by automatically adjusting orders to meet every client’s unique specification, every time. It doesn’t get any easier!
Automated Adjustment:

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

The mounting competition and growing pressures faced in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) marketplace has highlighted a need for automated material handling, data collection and other WMS processes. At Canary7, we’re here to deliver just that.

Many of the industry’s leading fast-moving consumer goods businesses distribute consumer goods through a single distribution centre. Canary7 is one of the top warehouse management systems for FMCG operations who want to streamline their fulfilment processes with smart pick & pack strategies, location efficiencies and inventory tracking. After all: with today’s logistics challenges, why settle for standard?

Warehouse Management System Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

FMCG businesses typically use a number of digital tools across their logistics process. Canary7 facilitates this approach by offering comprehensive ERP integration, giving your business a unified view of information from those various systems in real time. Aside from collating information in a simple manner, this feature increases the efficiency of your processes, the productivity of your workflows and collaboration between teams.
ERP Integration:

Unlike many WMS vendors, Canary7 uses live warehouse mapping to identify opportunities to use your available space to its best potential. Whilst you can enjoy a comprehensive view of your overall warehouse layout, our solution assists you in reallocating space in times of change or high demand. No warehouse ever stays the same, and Canary7 is there to facilitate change in your warehouse wherever it needs to happen.
Warehouse Optimisation:

Have you identified an unusual trend in your order flow? Are you facing challenges in satisfying demands around seasonal orders? Don’t stress: implement Canary7 WMS. Our system allows your business to configure inventory flow to process orders and SKUS, en-masse and with minimal effort. Where a streamline warehouse management system is needed, Canary7 is the ultimate choice.
Inventory Flow Management:

Warehouse Management System 21 Century

A WMS for the 21st Century

Canary7 is a revolutionary WMS program created by warehouse management professionals, for warehouse management professionals. No matter the nature or complexity of your logistics operation, our solution adopts the latest trends in big data and software engineering to provide a unique system that is scalable, adaptable and powerful to its core.

Our years of experience working with warehouse managers and logistics professionals highlighted the issues that outdated, low-performance warehouse order picking software can cause. We’re inviting businesses across all industries to join us in waving goodbye to outdated, efficient software with Canary7: a single, simple and intuitive WMS platform that is responsive to your feedback, your requirements and the changing needs of your organisation.

Activated straight out-of-the-box and ready to use with minimal installation effort, Canary7 is the warehouse management system that transforms your processes from day one. 
Warehouse Management System 21 Century

Here at Canary7, we understand that businesses today face challenges in meeting government and supply chain regulations whilst also striving to stay productive, profitable and in-tune with consumer demands. By implementing Canary7 in your business, you get the tools you need to meet all of these challenges thanks to real-time displaying and tracking of data; enhanced business intelligence and innovative features that automate a variety of your processes.  
Stay Compliant:

How your warehouse is managed can make that critical difference between failure and meeting your KPIs and productivity goals. Canary7 streamlines and optimises your management processes from its first day of operation; adding efficiency, consistency and quality control by helping your warehouse move goods at optimum speed, enhancing virtually every stage of your fulfilment process. Meanwhile, workers can enjoy a more streamlined approach to their working day. With our system, your warehouse works smarter: not harder.
More Fulfilment, More Productivity:

We’re passionate in our belief that any key features of warehouse management system software should offer a strong return on investment (ROI). Canary7 is bringing this passion forward for our customers by helping them sell more: simple. We increase profits by selling more products more accurately to your customers whilst helping your workforce pick more orders in less time with fewer orders. Unlike alternative WMS systems, our solution is powered by precision and performance.  
Return on Investment:

Need a Streamlined Order Management System? Look No Further…

Whether your business operates in eCommerce & retail, food & beverage distribution, manufacturing, third party logistics or fast-moving consumer goods, market challenges demand a sleeker, more accurate approach to order processing. Canary7 is rising to the challenge as the smartest order management system out there.

Digitisation is one of the key means of overcoming warehousing and logistics challenges. Indeed, with today’s competition, your organisation needs to depend on more than the traditional means of processing orders. Canary7 brings your order management processes into the 21st century by using real-time data analysis to track overstocking and under stocking; reduce mistakes on fulfilling orders and saving time throughout your picking processes.

  Consumer demands are changing, and your organisation needs warehouse management software that’s up to the job. With Canary7, you’re ready to meet any challenge.
Warehouse Management System Streamlined Order

We understand that today’s customers expect to be updated throughout each stage of their buying journey with tracking info, delivery progress alerts and regular emails updates. By implementing Canary7 in your fulfilment operation, you can compile crucial customer information in one secure, centralised digital location. Our solutions’ approach to customer service delivery means your business can achieve a more complete view across all sales channels to promptly address any issues or enquiries around shipping, delivery and order cancellations.
A Single, Centralised Platform:

We’re strident in our belief that the size of your warehousing and logistics operation shouldn’t limit your capacity to grow and scale. Canary7 provides users with the tools they need to utilise global inventory control, with customers able to access live data on where they can restock or purchase new products from suppliers. Unlike any other WMS system, Canary7 provides a highly specific and acute level of control over your inventory, meaning you can identify which individual SKUs are to be sold on each channel. Fundamentally, our system determines the speediest and most cost-effective means of fulfilling your customers’ orders.
Global Inventory Control:

Whilst picking strategies and stock rotation patterns are essential to the success of any warehousing or logistics operation, shipping is often the deciding factor between a happy customer and a dissatisfied one. Canary7 helps you rise above the competition by significantly simplifying your shipping process thanks to an in-built shipping cost calculator and a live dashboard which collects all international and local orders in one centralised location. Our solutions optimises and streamlines your shipping processes, passing on the savings to you and your customers.
Shipping Made Simple:

WMS Future-Proofed Inventory Management System

Discover a Future-Proofed Inventory Management System

Smart, intuitive inventory management is a key element behind the success of Canary7. When customers implement our next-generation warehouse management software, they can identify and respond to trends to ensure customer satisfaction whilst receiving warnings in advance in the event of stock shortages.  
Inventory management is essential for any business, and that’s just as true in regards to remaining competitive as it is to stay compliant. Unlike traditional, outdated inventory management systems, Canary7 allows your business to track inventory whilst automatically documenting management tasks to demonstrate legal compliance. Forget frustrating systems and lost revenue: our solution helps your business fulfil incoming or open orders whilst raising your profits. 
Is your warehousing operation struggling to fulfil orders during times of peak demand? Are you frustrated with inaccurate records, slow deliveries and overstocking? Don’t stress: we’ve got a solution for that…  
WMS Future-Proofed Inventory Management System

Using the power of big data and software engineering, the team at Canary7 have developed a unique system that allows you to consider sales promotions, seasonal highs and lows and other consumer trends into your inventory management strategy. Whilst providing a useful insight into the needs of your customers, our demand forecasting function anticipates what you need to satisfy those needs in advance, boosting customer satisfaction and retention along the way.
Pre-emptive Demand Forecasting:

When you choose Canary7 warehouse management software, you choose a system that does exactly what it says on the tin. Activated straight out of the box with next to no installation or integration efforts, our convenient and ready-to-use system saves your business valuable time and resources on lengthy setup processes, allowing you to reallocate your workforce to other areas like packing and shipping. Just plug in and you’re good to go!
Straight Out of the Box:

Forget estimations, assumptions and second guesses - Canary7 uses accurate information and data science to drive informed decision-making across all areas of your business. We help customers wave goodbye to overestimates, underestimates and inaccurate records by giving them total control and accurate visibility of their products, their people and the processes at the heart of their warehousing & logistics operation.
Unrivalled Accuracy:

Say Hello to Rewarding, Engaging Warehouse Labour Management

Whether you operate a small, family-run warehouse or a large-scale operation with numerous staff, one thing is true: effective and efficient labour management forms a critical element of your supply chain success. Regardless of your operational needs, Canary7 makes that process easier than ever with a range of sleek and super engaging labour management features.

Regardless of the infrastructure, technology and warehouse space that supports your business, it is the people in your warehouse who will make it a success. Unlike bland, boring and needlessly complex labour management interfaces, our unique and highly engaging approach facilitates a higher level of employee morale and improved profit margins whilst reducing many of the common errors associated with order fulfilment. But what separates our labour management features from the rest? It’s simple: gamification. We take the menial tasks out of management, adding a little bit of fun along the way…

Management doesn’t have to be mundane, and that’s especially true when it comes to your in-house talent. Canary7 includes a range of features within its warehouse management system architecture to cut out the hassle.

Warehouse Management System Rewarding Engaging Warehouse Labour Management

Here at Canary7, we understand that happy staff are crucial to the running of a successful and productive warehouse. That’s why Canary7 adds a little bit of fun to your warehousing game by ‘gamifying’ several elements of your fulfilment process. With productivity records and status reports collated in gamified dashboards, you can encourage each and every member of your fulfilment staff to follow best industry practice.
Labour Gamification:

The world of logistics is packed with competition. We bring that competition directly into the heart of our software, using colourful and interactive dashboards where employees can compare their performance and results against that of their colleagues. Are you looking for a fun way to incentivise productive work amongst your staff? Do you need a tool that can measure productivity and hold each member of staff directly accountable for their work? Plug in and get your game on with Canary7’s forward-thinking warehouse labour management tools!  
Incentivise Productivity:

Labour management has been cited as a key source of expenditure and time use by some of industry’s largest warehousing and logistics operations. By using live data and interactive warehouse dashboards, Canary7 allows you to enjoy a full view of the human workforce you have available whilst enabling you to allocate those members of staff to where they’re needed most.
Labour Allocation:

Warehouse Management System Market’s Leading Warehouse Control System

It’s Time to Try the Market’s Leading Warehouse Control System

Are you facing challenges in synchronising warehouse machinery like AS?RS systems, AGVs, carousels, sorters and conveyors? We get it. Canary7 eliminates those challenges by taking full control over the management of your material handling automation systems. Thank us later!
Equipping your warehousing and logistics operation with the right technology it needs to succeed is essential. However, making these systems run in tandem with each other in order to reach their true potential represents a significant challenge in itself. Canary7 gathers all of your machinery’s processes into one centralised platform, helping you determine and refine your various product flows across various material handling equipment and subsystems. Just plug in and activate our out-of-the-box solution and watch your warehouse synchronise like never before.
Material handling and synchronising the activities of various technologies represents only one of the challenges faced by today’s fast-paced warehousing and logistics operations. We’re here to remove that hassle, helping you focus on other important business tasks.
Warehouse Management System Market’s Leading Warehouse Control System

Regardless of your choice of conveyors, scanners and order fulfilment machinery, Canary7 is the versatile platform you need to keep those systems working with each other for the benefit of your business. Our solution displays the activities of all subsystems in one live dashboard, helping you optimise your equipment for better performance; fulfil more orders and satisfy even more customers. In the event that you’re using a bespoke piece of machinery, our team is on-hand to configure your system accordingly. Nifty!  
Universal Synchronisation:

At Canary7, years of experience in the logistics space has taught us that no warehouse ever stays the same. By using real-time data and live warehousing dashboards, you can plug in and remove new machineries and processes as your business grows and your operational requirements change. Unlike traditional, static warehouse control systems, our solution reacts to the needs of your organisation, allowing you to spot opportunities to drive real change and scalability. Where business growth is on the agenda, Canary7 rises to the challenge.
Scalable WMS Software:

Investing in an advanced warehouse control system shouldn’t require a huge investment of your time and effort. That’s why we’ve combined system design with expert training sessions, getting your experience with Canary7 off to a speedy and simple start. Indeed, whilst our user interface is praised for its simple and engaging functionality, our high quality, in-depth training materials and user guides ensure that even the newest members of your workforce can use our WMS with confidence from the get-go!
User-Friendly Interface:

Unlock the Benefits of API Integration with Canary7

By providing a range of unique electronic data exchange (EDI) services, Canary 7 can connect and fully synchronise with a comprehensive range of e-commerce solutions, including CMS, WMS, ERP, accounting software and more. Our warehousing software and warehouse management systems are built on a strong foundation of API flexibility.

Our commitment to Application Programming Interface integration gives your business the tools it needs to communicate with a huge range of digital applications without the need for specific databases or source codes. Thanks to Canary7, warehousing and logistics operations of all sizes and complexities can unite all of their business channels in one centralised location, including sales; distribution, customer order management and accounting. This means that when you implement Canary7, you can achieve faster innovation by breaking down those unnecessary barriers to change.
Warehouse Management System API Integration

Today’s fulfilment landscape is driven by a huge network of online marketplaces. Fortunately, Canary7 offers full integration with virtually any of these marketplaces. From Amazon to eBay, we keep you and your customers connected to the marketplaces that matter.

Courier services are central when it comes to delivering the right order on-time. With this challenge in mind, Canary7 has been engineered to synchronise directly with some of the world’s leading couriers, including FedEx, DHL and DPD.

The rise in eCommerce has been instrumental in highlighting the need for a smart, intuitive WMS platform. Our solution succeeds by integrating with the market’s leading eCommerce brands, including Magento, BigCommerce and WooCommerce.

What can be taken from these statistics?

Our commitment to API integration doesn’t end there. If you’re using an internal courier or a bespoke eCommerce platform, our developers are on standby to configure your system to work with those platforms. It’s that easy!

Achieve Warehousing Excellence Today

Don’t get left behind in the warehouse management revolution.
Canary7 is the definitive WMS system that allows you streamline all of your fulfilment operations by managing your staff, inventory, order management, picking, putaway, shipping, returns and more.

Highly Configurable & Scalable to Support Growth

Ship & Sell Faster

Eliminate Costly Warehouse Errors

Canary7: Your Ultimate WMS Knowledge Resource

Here at Canary 7, we’re passionate in our belief that our knowledge is here to be shared. Our expert team work behind the scenes to produce new and updated learning resources for Canary7 users, helping them use the system to its ultimate potential with one end goal: increasing the bottom line of your warehousing operation.
We’re proud to serve our customers with a market-leading inventory of knowledge resources and advice pieces, including expert user blogs, definitive user guides, API manuals and project case studies.
WMS User Guides
We’ve engineered our warehouse management software system to offer ultimate ease of use and simple accessibility.
We keep up our commitment to our customers with a set of comprehensive user guides which detail every element of our software, with these materials regularly updated with the addition of new tools and features. Our team is even on-hand to deliver personalised training sessions, ensuring that all members of your workforce can use the system efficiently and confidently.
WMS API Manuals
Unlike other WMS vendors on the market, Canary7 succeeds by offering a level of API integration that is simply unrivalled.
Regardless of your choice of courier, online marketplace or accounting tools, we provide unique API manuals that help you get to grips with synchronising your choice of digital tools across all elements of your fulfilment operation.
WMS Insightful Blogs
We keep our customers and followers regularly updated with a blog created by warehousing professionals, for warehousing professionals.
Aside from sharing the latest advice on using the Canary7 system, we discuss some of the many challenges faced in the order fulfilment industry, providing commentary, tips and expert guidance. Go on – give our blog a read!
WMS Case Study
We’re passionate about demonstrating the many benefits of our forward-thinking WMS system. With this in-mind,
we keep our website regularly updated with case studies that highlight the success of our solution.

Enjoy Customer Service Like No Other

When you work with Canary7, you aren’t just another customer: you’re a valued member of our growing community.
Whether you’re a new customer or an existing one, our team is there to support your business with a comprehensive onboarding process, an expert training programme and 24/7 customer support.
WMS Onboarding Process

Onboarding Process

Here at Canary7, we pride ourselves on the work that goes into onboarding our customers. As part of our comprehensive onboarding process, our warehousing and logistics experts attend your site to meet your team, understand your challenges and deliver full end-to-end system training to each and every member of your workforce.
WMS 24/7 support

24/7 Support

When we say our customers can enjoy expert support 24/7, we mean it. The Canary7 team is always on standby to assist you in rectifying issues if and when they arise. We can even access your system remotely to troubleshoot issues and suggest fast, effective solutions.
WMS Monthly Development Sprints

Monthly Development Sprints

By conducting agile sprints on a monthly basis, the Canary7 team helps you respond appropriately to your rapidly changing warehouse requirements. What’s more, our customers can access all new features and tools without any additional cost! 

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