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Navigating the eCommerce space without support from modern and advanced tools and technology is hard, if not impossible. In order to compete with various competitors in your respective industry sector, it is important to establish a foundation of your business that utilises the latest techniques, and this is something only an eCommerce warehouse management software can help you with. 

If you think that the search for an eCommerce warehouse management software is challenging – then you are right. But we also have good news; Canary7, the best warehouse management software for eCommerce, is now all ready to help you with improving your online retail journey. We come to you loaded with features that take into consideration the various hardships of operating as an eCommerce business, and in turn provide you with the most helpful eCommerce warehouse management software solution. 

With our warehouse management software eCommerce businesses can not only organise their warehouse properly, but they can also streamline other aspects of their eCommerce journey in a way that opens the doors of success for them.

eCommerce trends that form a competitive environment

The eCommerce world can be quite unforgiving at times; because there are always new trends being introduced into this area, it forms a competitive environment that requires businesses to keep up or get used to constant failure. 

Take a look at these eCommerce trends and understand how fast-paced, innovative, and future-forward this industry is. 

The use of artificial intelligence for online shopping

Over the past few years, AI and machine learning have played the primary rule in transforming online shopping, and making it something that human beings from 20, 10, and even 5 years ago couldn’t have ever fathomed. 

Increasingly, businesses are being advised to make as much use of AI as possible, as it will help you improve your customer experience, enable faster conversions, give you better revenue, and even inch up those profit margins you so desperately want to expand. 

To make AI work in the best way possible, you need to start off with loads of accurate data, which you can generate only if you have the right technological solutions such as a warehouse management software for eCommerce incorporated into your operations. 

Increased dependence on voice search

AI and automation play a part here too. Most shoppers are now used to voice search. Part of this is because of the rise of smart speakers while part of it can be accorded to voice assistants like Siri. 

As more people familiarise themselves with smart speakers and voice assistants, more consumer actions take place with the help of voice search as well. Again, for businesses, this means that they have the responsibility to address these trends and incorporate them into their business activities to the best of their ability.

More helpful, AI-generated data on online shoppers

AI can and should be used to learn more about online shoppers. This enables businesses to make decisions that actually contribute towards the success of their business instead of you shooting in the dark. With the right technology, you can continuously collect data that gives you an insight into customer behaviour, which means that you can also learn how the customer interacts with your products. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can optimise your services in a way that really resonates with your customer base, and hence leave them in awe of whatever it is that you offer.

A detailed, individualised shopping experience

Personalisation of the shopping experience is a very important factor in today’s time and age. Customers crave individualised experiences, and providing this to them can actually improve your revenue and give your business a considerably stronger standing. 

Although quite hard to do in the past, providing an individualised experience is not very challenging any longer. This is because all you need to do to create a custom journey for your clients is harness and leverage more data. So, using something as simple and risk-free as an eCommerce warehouse management software can allow you to provide your customers with an unparalleled shopping journey.

A fully mobile-optimised shopping journey

Mobile shopping is not just an option anymore; it is the real deal. It provides customers with unparalleled convenience by allowing them to shop from anywhere, no matter how far they are from the shipping location. This is the kind of expediency customers are used to, and it has more or less become a parameter by which they judge your brand. 

So, if your eCommerce experience is not mobile-optimised from start to finish, you are actually putting your business at great risk of failure. Not only that, but you also need to optimise your logistics for mobile handling, so that you can control your business and warehouse activity from anywhere in the world. If you are unable to do that, then chances are that your operations could be neglected. 

Therefore, mobile optimisation is the need of time.

More flexible payment methods

There is nothing that consumers of the 21st century value more than convenience, especially when it comes to payment methods. Brands that restrict their payment options to 1 or 2 are actually not preferred by customers, as it becomes obvious that the individual needs of customers that could be varied are not taken into regard.

As a business that is working on being successful, offering a variety of ways to pay should be on the top of your priority list. “Normal” payment methods like debit card, credit card, and bank transfer should be accommodated, but don’t forget to include options like PayPal and Venmo, and maybe other platforms that enable crypto currency payments.

A holistic digital strategy for conversion

Businesses need to focus on actual conversion, which can only be done with the help of a digital strategy. A digital strategy that is informed by actual data is very important, as it will help you make adjustments to your business in accordance with what actually works. A digital strategy that is based on helpful data will make it easier for you to get conversions. 

Usually, such a strategy will not only cater to one platform, but enable businesses to do well on multiple platforms. This is what makes it holistic and helpful, and by focusing your energy into creating such a strategy you can actually make sure that your business is not being left behind in any regard. 

Authentic and sustainable business practices

Businesses and customers alike are growing to become more conscious of the impact their choices have on the environment. Customers are more keen on picking businesses that are sustainable, as it is a better option and can actually make a difference to the environment. 

So, increasingly, customers are likely to ask the following questions: is the business making an effort to go paperless? Are the logistics and warehousing activities of the warehouse sustainable? Do they use biodegradable packaging or recyclable supplies? It is only when the answer to all these questions is a yes that you can actually call yourself a sustainable business that will attract eco-conscious buyers.

Interactive customer support methods

We all like people who care about us, and in the eCommerce world, this is even more true. Consumers will prefer businesses that show that they care about them, and the most common way of doing this is by providing an interactive customer support experience. 

Essentially, your customer support should answer all the queries of the customer and be there for them each step of the way. However, to be able to do this, you yourself should be fully attuned with the state of their orders, which can only be done with the help of an eCommerce warehouse management software.

Implementation of successful last-mile logistics

Last mile logistics can prove to be a challenge for most eCommerce businesses, yet it is an important part of a functional retail experience. It is essentially the final stage of order fulfilment, i.e. the actual delivery of the product. Many problems that occur in this stage can take a toll on the overall fulfilment process, such as special customer requests, government regulations, remote locations, and labour issues. 

However, if the fulfilment process is streamlined and automated right from the beginning, the occurrence of these problems is less likely and instead, a successful implementation of last-mile logistics becomes the reality.

How can Canary7’s warehouse management software for eCommerce help?

If we figure out a few common elements in all the prominent eCommerce trends, they would be automation, data, and innovation – all of which is made a part of your online retail journey with the help of our eCommerce warehouse management software system. 

Canary7’s warehouse management software for eCommerce automates your fulfilment process from the very start, which means that each step is executed with efficiency and without any delays whatsoever. So, not only are you getting to save time, but you are also avoiding instances that could take a toll on the overall customer satisfaction rate you have. 

Our eCommerce warehouse management software solution also allows businesses to harness and leverage data in the most useful of ways. By generating accurate data throughout, we give you the ability to utilise it wherever and whenever you deem necessary. We genuinely believe that data is the answer to most fulfilment and supply chain problems, and we have gone the extra mile to reflect this in our eCommerce warehouse management software. 

Canary7 is also innovative in everything it does. Our warehouse management software for eCommerce is meant to be a modern solution for business from all industry sectors – so, whether you are into fashion eCommerce or furniture eCommerce, Canary7 allows you to dominate your industry with future-forward innovation and technology.

Features offered by our eCommerce warehouse management software solution

As the provider of world’s top eCommerce warehouse management software solution, Canary7 brings to you unparalleled features that are built to fully align with your progress as a business, no after what your ultimate goals are. With the help of these features, you can fully evolve your business and take it up a notch.

Order tracking; anywhere and everywhere

If you implement real-time tracking into your business, you are actually on the right track to success. This is because both businesses and consumers are now used to easily tracking their products, and this is an industry standard. In order to achieve this in the best way possible, you must make use of systems that support order tracking from the start of the fulfilment process right down till the end. 

Canary7 is an eCommerce warehouse management software system that does exactly this. We provide barcode scanning, RFID tracking, and many other methods that put you in control and allow you to tap in and see where exactly your orders and products are. With the help of the data you generate through these mechanisms offered by Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management software, you can provide a better customer experience to your customers and also have a better understanding of your business yourself.

Warehouse storage optimisation for proper space utilisation

Warehouse space is expensive, and mismanaged warehouse space is even more expensive. If you don’t stay careful and optimise your warehouse in a way that it supports maximum storage with existing space, chances are that your warehouse costs will quickly start draining your resources. 

To avoid this, make use of the features offered by Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management software. Our warehouse management software for eCommerce allows you to create a custom layout plan for your warehouse, which enables you to manage and organise stock much more effectively. As a result, you get to save money and improve your cash flow. Not only that, but a well organised warehouse also means less mistakes and disasters as well as safety hazards, which means that it is a lot more functional and reliable in regards to the fulfilment process. 

Multichannel selling for maximum revenue

Gone are the days when selling on one channel was enough for success. If you actually want to expand your business and watch it grow beyond boundaries and borders, you have to turn to multichannel selling. So, if your platform for online retail is Amazon, you need to add eBay, Etsy, and even social media selling platforms like Facebook and Instagram into the mix – this is the only way you can turn into a successful brand. 

It is easier said than done, but with Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management software, it is as easy as a piece of cake. Thanks to multiple eCommerce integrations offered by us, businesses can manage fulfilment processes on multiple platforms without a single hitch. This allows you to sell more and get a larger revenue, which will turn out to be yet another milestone in your success.

Efficient last-mile logistics handling

Implementing effective last-mile logistics should be one of your top priorities. By focusing on last-mile logistics, you actually get to ensure that all your orders are safely and securely delivered to the actual recipient of the order. 

To ensure that this process is completed without any hindrances, you need to start focusing on automating and streamlining each aspect of the fulfilment operation with the help of Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management software. By doing this, you can make sure that no last minute delays take place and that the customer receives their order on time, as they are supposed to in general.

Stock control to avoid issues of overstocking and under stocking

If your ultimate goal is to make sure that you are not wasting an unnecessary amount of money or resources on dealing with issues like overstocking and under stocking, then you need to turn to stock control. The right stock control mechanisms make sure that your warehouse is only accommodating the inventory activity you need, which in turn allows you to avoid having too much or too little stock. 

However, this can’t be done manually. It is only with the help of Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management system that you can implement the right kind of stock control. With Canary7’s WMS for eCommerce, you get a complete overview of your inventory, which means that you can consistently check whether or not your stock is in line with your requirements.

Join Canary7 and become a part of the eCommerce warehousing revolution

Our eCommerce warehouse management software system is the fool-proof way to ensure that you become successful in the eCommerce world. So, your search for an eCommerce warehouse management for eCommerce that can help you become the best in the business comes to an end now. 

Now, all you have to worry about is taking the first step and joining hands with us. 

We promise you won’t regret it.