Meet Canary7
Canary7; the only order fulfilment software you need.

Reliable, Robust Order Fulfilment Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7
Canary7; the only order fulfilment software you need.

Reliable, Robust Order Fulfilment Solutions; Now at your service.

The only way to turn your company setup into a full-fledged centre of productivity is to invest in order fulfilment software, which enables the back end of your company to be connected to multiple apps that increase productivity and efficiency. 

No matter who you are, what your business is, or your location, Canary7 gives you a fulfilment experience that is out of this world and can show your customers that their money invested in your services is worth every cent. Canary7 is a software solution that is made to bring world-class order fulfilment software right to your storefront.

What is Order Fulfilment Software?

Before we dive into all the benefits of an order fulfilment software, we must first define what it is. An order fulfilment software is used to help businesses automate inventory management and manage orders and shipments. Whether you fulfil orders yourself or use a 3PL, order fulfilment software is very valuable for tracking orders, inventory levels and automating the shipping process.

If you have a good order fulfilment software, they should integrate with all the important platforms you have/need, whether its eCommerce, accounting, marketplaces or carriers. This will help increase efficiency by having all of the information you need in the one place.

Order Fulfilment Software Benefits by Canary7

With Canary7, you don’t only get order fulfilment benefits, but you can also amplify your game in other areas of your business. This is because as an order fulfilment software, Canary7 does not only restrict itself to just that. 

Greater inventory visibility

Increased inventory visibility is one of the integration’s most notable advantages. An inventory that is difficult for you to access and manage is a recipe for catastrophe. It is much easier to check that stock handling is up to par and that the pick and pack operations are being carried out correctly when you have enhanced visibility into your inventory thanks to order fulfilment software.

Canary7 - only order fulfilment software you need - Greater inventory visibility
Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Decreased errors

Decreased errors

Another advantage of order fulfilment software is considerably less mistakes. When end-to-end order fulfilment software is put into place inside your warehouse, it becomes simpler for you to make sure that everything is going as planned, both in the background and in the open. Through a fulfilment software, you get more control over a variety of company operations, which enables you to ensure that there aren’t any delays, inaccuracies, or errors within any of the sectors, eventually increasing warehouse productivity.

Enhanced fulfilment efficiency

Lightning-fast speed and efficiency are the keys to winning over your clients, thus our fulfilment software is likewise geared towards giving your company the resources it needs to advance quickly and successfully towards success. With the use of Canary7’s order fulfilment software, you may process orders considerably more quickly, which will result in quicker dispatch to your clients. Clients will like you more if you fulfil requests quickly. Making your company more efficient should thus be among your top goals because it is a surefire way to grow your company successfully.

Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Enhanced fulfilment efficiency
Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Saving money should be on the top of your to-do when running a warehouse – regardless of what the nature of your business is. This is due to the fact that storage space isn’t really cheap, and that every square foot you invest in should be used effectively if you want to prevent wasting money. The expenditures that would be allocated to various parts of your organisation are reduced since order fulfilment software enables you to handle many components of your industry from a single location. The best method to save money over the long run will be to establish a one-stop shop by engaging in order fulfilment software.

Better customer care

Better customer care is something every business should strive for. Although your efficiency within the warehouse is important in terms of ensuring that the orders that reach the customers are in pristine condition, they are not the only thing that will allow you to build the kind of customer care that people actually value. Good customer care for your business can only be established if you have order fulfilment software to help you along the way, and that is exactly what Canary7 aims to provide our customers with.

Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Better customer care
Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Simplified processes

Simplified processes

The easiest method to establish trust for your company is to simplify all of your operations. This includes warehouse operations, as well as other operations, including receiving orders, sending products, and liaising with suppliers, are also crucial to guaranteeing the success of your company as a whole.  Despite the fact that this is difficult for businesses to accomplish given that the fulfilment process is already interconnected and difficult to begin with, it can be done with the aid of order fulfilment software that is especially made for streamlining multiple processes that take place in the warehouse.

Data reliability

You obtain the appropriate data with the aid of fulfilment integration, not only for your warehouse as well as for other components of your company. You may develop accurate reports and assess the overall effectiveness of your organisation with the aid of every bit of data you gather in different aspects of your business.

Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Data reliability

Order Fulfilment Software Features

Canary7 offers the capabilities you need to render order management effectively for your company. As such, we are the ideal partner for you in order fulfilment as well as order management! What’s best? You practically never have to work, so you have time to concentrate on other elements of your business that actually require your attention.

Scalable Order Processing

For any organisation, highly scalable order processing development is indubitably the top focus. We understand this, which is why we have provided you with a very scalable and resilient fulfilment infrastructure. Canary7’s order fulfilment software expands and changes along with your business. With the comprehensive, 360-degree perspective of your order flow that Canary7 offers, you can make choices that will strengthen your company and accelerate its expansion.

Expand easily and without restrictions, and watch as your eCommerce business soars like never before. Only Canary7’s order fulfilment software can set it up for quick order processing, more customer happiness, and ultimately improved productivity and more success.

Multichannel Sales Support 

Multichannel sales are crucial for a successful business since you need to experiment with many platforms, grow your audience in other locations, and try out various strategies if you want to really establish yourself as a reputable brand. You can easily accomplish this as well with Canary7’s order fulfilment software. 

You may yield information from each source, consolidate it, and operate with it conveniently without having to split your focus across all of the eCommerce platforms you use including Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce to name a few . Not only is this much more practical, yet it is also more lucrative and will result in higher numbers where they count!

Accessible Customer Records

How effectively you handle customers is a big element of good order management, and you can only handle customers properly if you manage to develop a connection with them. Customer records are crucial in this aspect. You cannot streamline your order processing if you depend on manual record-keeping. 

No matter how many clients you have to fulfil transactions for, Canary7’s order fulfilment software makes it possible for you to automate record-keeping. As a result, you can keep track of their information and ensure that they are added to your total customer base. You can finally design the client experience that will enable you to advance your company with Canary7.

Accurate Order Tracking

Customers demand to know precisely where their orders are in the modern world. This requires you, as an eCommerce company, to go above and beyond to ensure that every item that enters and leaves your warehouse is accurately traced. 

You can always keep track of the orders that are sent out for your company thanks to Canary7’s order fulfilment software’s capabilities like barcode technology and RFID tracking. Additionally, this will make it simpler for you to inform clients, which is precisely what they require when they purchase online!

Optimal Order Picking, Packing, and Shipping 

Processing orders is a procedure that involves time and effort. It combines many procedures, including selection, packaging, and shipping. An eCommerce company will need to simplify each of these procedures in order to attain ideal seamlessness of total order handling. 

The order fulfilment software from Canary makes this simple to accomplish. Your teams from various departments receive precisely the tools and support they require to navigate these procedures and overcome any obstacles that may arise. The final outcome? Integrated order processing that will undoubtedly wow your current clients and draw in new ones.

Management of Order History

Order history is significant for a number of reasons. Legal, administrative, and even operational analysis are all needed in order to make significant adjustments that genuinely enhance the way you operate. Again, with a lot of orders, this might be challenging to accomplish on your own. 

Our order fulfilment software simplifies history management while ensuring that you always have access to your information. By doing so, you may ensure that you correctly gauge how well you’re doing in relation to your orders. This can also help you spot issues before they become serious ones, saving you time and money when it pertains to improving your order processing.

Smooth Reverse Logistics

Because of this, not all order fulfilment systems for business activities consider reverse logistics, so you cannot always rely on order fulfilment software to guide you through the difficulties of reverse logistics. 

However, with Canary7, you can benefit from the best reverse logistics. Our innovative order fulfilment software assists you with fulfilment from beginning to end, including reverse logistics. One of the main reasons Canary7 is ideal for your order fulfilment strategy needs is that you can conduct refunds, returns, and replacements at the speed of lightning.

Smart Reporting and Analytics

If you don’t have reliable systems for data collection and analysis in place, it’s possible that your business—especially an eCommerce one—won’t succeed. To accurately assess your business, Canary7’s order fulfilment software will assist you in creating personalised reports and progress graphs. 

You can count on Canary7 to provide you with the exact information you need to evaluate your success as an eCommerce firm, whether you have to showcase your figures to stakeholders or require them to make essential modifications. Naturally, this may also assist in increasing your overall order management efficiency.

Automated Billing System

The creation and maintenance of a positive client experience also depend on accurate and timely billing, which is a crucial component of order management. 

You may automate invoicing with our order fulfilment software and ensure that you don’t have to worry about producing them manually.

High Volume of Orders

We believe in limitless order management, so regardless of how many orders you receive each day, you can handle them swiftly and efficiently with the aid of our order fulfilment software. 

Our solutions may be customised with only a few clicks and don’t require more work from you, unlike manual order management methods. Consequently, for any company intending to improve their order management system.

Sectors we Support

eCommerce & Retail

Multiple supply chain levels must be negotiated by eCommerce and retail businesses, which is typically challenging to do. However, everything is conceivable with the right assistance. The ever-expanding eCommerce and retail industries are the ideal match for Canary7, which offers these companies the precise support they require. Canary7 has you covered for good when it comes to order management, inventory control, or warehouse management.

Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - eCommerce & Retail
Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

One of the most difficult business areas we are aware of is the quick-paced food and beverage industry, where companies must continually adjust to the shifting tastes of their clients. Canary7 is the best choice for food and beverage companies wishing to enhance their logistics since, fortunately, our professionals considered the many issues encountered by firms in this industry when building the features for our software.


If a business wants to be successful in the manufacturing industry, a number of challenging issues that it brings to the table must be resolved. The geniuses of Canary7 are well aware of these issues and have developed software and services that can be included into your warehouse to permanently assure a smooth production process. Canary7 assists firms in effectively managing all four types of production-related inventories, allowing them to easily set up a hassle-free manufacturing process.

Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Manufacturing
Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Third Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics

Our 3PL solutions are geared towards assisting third party logistics companies establish their legitimacy and demonstrate to their customers that they are up to the task of overcoming logistical issues. Canary 7 assists 3PLs in brilliantly navigating the complexities of this industry and guarantees that every procedure inside the warehousing complex or distribution centre is completely automated for maximum efficiency. Many of the challenges of starting a 3PL company may be avoided with Canary7; it’s precisely what your project needs to succeed.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Since the FMCG business is so challenging to manage, not all solutions are applicable to it. Canary7, on the other hand, is of the opinion that modern software support is essential for the FMCG industry’s success and offers just that. The firms in this area who utilise Canary7 have a real opportunity of developing, diversifying, and dominating the market since Canary7 helps FMCG better equip their sales and profits while reducing expenses.

Canary7 - The only order fulfilment software you need - Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Reports that are thorough and in-depth

This is what we tell ourselves, but an order fulfilment software is only as effective as the reporting it allows you to generate. If you use Canary 7 to set up your eCommerce warehouse, you can access your warehousing data in a variety of forms in addition to being able to examine it at any time within the system and export it to multiple data-builders. These reports will assist you in understanding your development, spotting problem areas, and making any adjustments you consider essential.

Technology designed exclusively for your customer service staff

We realise that your customer service department is the foundation of any warehouse structure, thus we think they should get extra assistance. Canary 7’s warehouse specialists have created solutions that are specifically tailored to boost the output of customer support teams by giving them illuminating inventory information, order monitoring, and real-time notifications: all of which help them better manage their customers.

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