Warehouse Control System

Struggling with your conveyors, carousels, sorters, modules, AS/RS systems, and AGVs? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to chaos at your warehouse forever – the management and direction of material handling automation systems is easier than ever with Canary7.
3pl warehouse software system


Redefine Your Product Flow!

You can now ensure that all your machines are being utilised to the best of their potential, and stay in control with every other sort of automation going on in your warehouse. Canary7 is the leading WCS that will help you redefine your product flow across different material handling equipment and sub-systems.

Whether you are a manufacturing business or an advanced retail operation, using and maintaining expensive equipment can be a breeze.

Simply integrate our Warehouse Control System Software with our Warehouse Management System and watch your warehouse operations evolve.

Hassle-free material handling across multiple sub-systems.

Want to move goods through your warehouse with maximum consistency, lightning fast speed, and while maintaining their quality throughout? A WCS that makes the movement and transportation of materials convenient is the best possible solution.

As your organisation grows and expands, you require a higher level of efficiency that you can only achieve with a Warehouse Control System. A WCS software allows you to control all the automated technology within your warehouses: you can optimise your equipment for better performance, faster fulfilment processes, greater ROI, and even better customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Control System Hassle-free material
Warehouse Control System All You Need

All-You-Need Warehouse Control Solutions

Canary7 provides unrivalled warehouse control solutions that can help you fully automate your warehouse. Whether you work with basic conveyors or your warehouse distribution centres are equipped with complex automated storage and retrieval systems, our control system can help you streamline your product flow across different equipment seamlessly. Backed by cutting-edge technology, Canary7 is a Warehouse Control System built to maximise your equipment’s functionality and your convenience.
Warehouse Control System All You Need

One Warehouse Control System

Countless Benefits

A Warehouse Control System is an additional layer of functionality that you add to your Warehouse Management System, and can help you elevate your fulfilment operations to a considerable extent. From assigning cartons to divert locations to establishing an automated warehouse inventory, a control system is all you need when it comes to optimising your product flow in warehouse.

Warehouse Control System Countless Benefits

Advantages of Automated Warehouse

Integrating an efficient, high-performing WCS software with a modern Warehouse Management System can help you:

Stellar Integration Between WMS and WCS

Our Warehouse Management System is just as good as our Warehouse Control System, which means that the pairing between the two can really help you make things simpler, yet more organised and efficient at your warehouse. Manage your staff, products, and equipment for one place; all without any hassle.

Warehouse Control System Stellar Integration
Warehouse Control System Traffic Cop

The Ultimate "Traffic Cop" Warehouse Control System

If you are a warehouse manager, you are probably much too familiar with the need to keep an eye on your warehouse activity at all times. Needless to say, that is humanly impossible. 

But not for Canary7!

As it allows you to stay on top of all the automation and technology being leveraged at your warehouse, a WCS is the “traffic cop” of your warehouse. It ensures that everything is running smoothly and that there are no discrepancies in the workflow. It offers you a complete insight into the state of your warehouse, which means that any possible gaps and lags can be identified early on, before they manifest into bigger problems for your workflow. 

Not only that, it also ensures that all material control systems align with the WCS, making it a centralised, well-integrated solution and allowing you to access all the important data from a singular place, instead of sending you running off in multiple directions. 

Our advice? Just sit back and relax while you let the ultimate traffic cop do its job!

Warehouse Control System Traffic Cop


Key Warehouse Control System Features

Smooth End-to-End Workflow

Move your products across various sub-systems seamlessly.
Canary7 enables you to seamlessly move your products across various material handling sub-systems and equipment. This means you can achieve a highly efficient product workflow in the warehouse that not only complements your equipment, but also allows your workers to achieve more productivity.
Warehouse Control System Support Automation Solutions

Support for All Automation Solutions

Use in combination with all automation systems.

Our control system can be used in combination with all automation systems so you don’t have to think twice before leveraging our WCS software solutions. Want to maximise the efficiency of your shuttle systems, high bay warehouses, conveyor systems, automatic storage, or mini tote systems? Canary7 can help you with all of them and more!

Warehouse Control System Support Automation Solutions

A Scalability-Friendly Approach

Expand your warehouse operations without a single worry.
Want to expand your business operations but not sure if your warehouse can handle it? Don’t worry. Canary7 is an extremely flexible and scalable solution that can not only help you meet growing sales demands but also maintain the accuracy and quality of your orders throughout.
Warehouse Control System Scalability-Friendly Approach
Warehouse Control System Dashboards and Reporting

Bespoke Dashboards and Reporting

Organise your data in comprehensive reports.
Real-time monitoring and controlling of diagnostics is an essential component of our control system, and we present the findings in comprehensive reports and bespoke dashboards that make it considerably easier to leverage your data, increase the accuracy of your warehouse processes, and accelerate work efficiency.
Warehouse Control System Dashboards and Reporting

Increased Material Flow Visibility

Install an ever-present traffic cop in your warehouse.
Being the ultimate “traffic cop” that it is, our Warehouse Control System not only ensures that everything remains at par with industry standards, but it also allows you to stay fully in control and make sure that everything stays in working order at all times.
Warehouse Control System Traffic Cop
Warehouse Control System Easy-to-Understand Controls

Easy-to-Understand Controls

Operate with unbelievable ease.
Canary7 is simple to understand. With an intuitive design that can be used across multiple devices, our Warehouse Control System can be used easily by you, your warehouse operatives, and just about anyone! Cut down on the training time and effort by choosing Canary7 as your control system software.
Warehouse Control System Easy-to-Understand Controls

Unparalleled Traceability

Trace malfunctions in seconds.
Canary7 keeps you connected to your warehouse equipment at all times, so that you can quickly identify, trace, and remediate any malfunctions that may occur. The less problems you have, the better chances you’ve got of impressing your customers with your fulfilment process and retaining them for a longer period of time.
Warehouse Control System Unparalleled Traceability


The First Choice for Warehouse Control Solutions

Looking for the best Warehouse Execution System in the market? Canary7 should be your first choice! With fully-function WMS and WCS functions, Canary7 fully automates your warehouse and leads to awe-worthy results on all ends. Canary 7 is: 

Ecommerce WMS Solution Faster Deliveries
The minds behind Canary7 are focused on optimising it to be a solution that can help all businesses with their fulfilment and warehousing processes. To make the control system software more accessible, we ensure that it is easy to understand and learn, so that anyone from business owners to warehouse operatives can navigate our solutions.
Ecommerce WMS Solution Accelerated Scalability
The warehouse control solutions as well as other solutions offered by Canary7 come packed with wonderful, data-driven features that can help you visualise data and leverage it in ways that lead to noticeable contributions and improvements to your warehouse progress. The dashboards and reports we provide you with are not only fun to look at, but also helpful.
Ecommerce WMS Solution Improve Customer Loyality
No matter what direction your business takes, Canary7 is here to help you keep your warehouse operations under control. Whether you are a small business or a large establishment, our warehousing solutions are custom-built to grow with you and help you achieve whatever it is that you want from your business. Our support for you is not temporary: it is meant to stay with you as long as you need it
With our control system, you are ensuring that whatever you send out to your customers is of the highest quality – which will easily help you win their hearts, and get them to stay with you. Whether it is our warehouse routing software or our inventory management and control systems, every single solution presented to you by Canary7 can be utilised to refine your relationship with your customers. Leave it to us to make your work processes more productive, and focus entirely on building a long-lasting, meaningful relationship with your customers.
Ecommerce WMS Solution More Servings
When your product flow is wholly optimised, devoid of malfunctions, and super fast, you are steadily moving towards more profits and unmitigated success. By making your warehousing processes smoother, Canary7 is dedicated to help you evolve and grow as a business, and get the most out of your warehousing efforts.

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Warehouse Control and More

We are focused on redefining your fulfilment process from start to finish, and warehouse control is just one part of it.

We understand that a holistic warehouse strategy needs advanced technological improvement in not just one area but many, which is why we also offer the following solutions:

Warehouse Management System

Being the top warehouse management system, Canary7 equips your warehouse with optimised fulfilment processes that can be used to improve your eCommerce game as a whole. Smoothen the pick and pack process, minimise errors during the despatch, and build your reputation as a business that has everything in control. Integrate our WCS with our WMS for the best results!

Warehouse Control System WMS
Inventory Management System OMS

Order Management System

Canary7 provides you with a stellar order management system: it allows you to perfect your daily sales order, stay ahead of your competition, and impress customers in a way that leads to unparalleled customer loyalty. Take care of your orders efficiently, by simply eliminating all sorts of costly errors. Get your customer experience to the next level and revel in unmitigated success while your rivals are left wondering how exactly it is that you finally did it. 

Inventory Management System OMS

Warehouse Labour Management

Our Labour Management System allows you to manage your human labour. Get insights into productivity levels of individual employees as well as groups, so you can understand your warehouse or distribution centre activity better. Gauge the allocation of your labour costs in a much more clear way and optimise your human assets for better results.
Warehouse Control System Warehouse Labour Management
Warehouse Control System Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory better – streamline everything from the warehouse packing strategy to the storage, right down to the final shipment! Canary7 allows you to understand your inventory activity better so that you can properly devote your resources towards taking care of your goods.

No longer do you and your staff have to worry about problems like overstocking and under stocking; just a few clicks and a Canary7 implementation will help you streamline your inventory processes for good!

Warehouse Control System Inventory Management

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Sectors We Support

At Canary7, we have a tunnel-vision when it comes to providing all businesses with a little something to drive their growth and boost their revenue. For this reason, we support businesses from all sectors. Whether you are an eCommerce venture or a manufacturing business, our advanced warehouse solutions will help you optimise your fulfilment journey in the best way possible. 

Our solutions have been created to tackle the unique needs of each industry we serve, so there are no lags when you implement Canary7 into your operations. The fact that our solutions are based on a universal approach also means that whether you are a small business or an established brand, you will find something with Canary7 that expands your capability and makes your business experience considerably better. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Warehouse Control System?

A Control System, more commonly known as a Warehouse Control System (WCS) is software that helps you manage your warehouse equipment. This is the simple warehouse automation you can find on the internet and yet, this is exactly what a Warehouse Control System does. It refines your product flow across multiple subsystems, and ensures that the WCS transportation is fully streamlined.

How does a Warehouse Control System work?

Essentially, warehouse control system software works in connection with WMS, which is Warehouse Management Software. It provides additional controls and functionality to the warehouse setup. As a whole, WCS is designed to control automated equipment within a warehouse - whether it is a unified distribution centre or multiple control system software depends on the complexity and scale of your warehousing procedures.

What are the benefits of WCS/WMS on warehouse operations?

To rightly identify the benefits WMS has on a warehouse operation, it is important to understand that the efficiency of your fulfilment processes is entirely dependent on how well-organised and controlled your warehouse is. In this regard, the top benefit a control system gives is high levels of organisation.
Some other benefits include:

  • Smoother workflows
  • Better resource assignment Streamlined product routes More visibility Better usage of storage

Why Canary7?

Canary7 offers warehousing solutions such as WCS (Warehouse Control System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System). However, our capabilities don’t end there: we are also a Labour Management System, an Order Management System, and an Inventory Management. This makes us a one-stop shop for all major warehousing solutions.

What is the purpose of a control system?

A control system is meant to provide your warehouse with an additional layer of efficiency. Businesses that are looking to expand and work on a larger scale should definitely look into the possibility of getting a Warehouse Control System so that they can ensure that their warehouse meets the standards that their business operations require.

Are WCS and WES (Warehouse Execution Software) the same thing?

Great question! Warehouse Control System and Warehouse Execution System are not the same thing. Whereas Warehouse Control Software is a lot more machine-centric, a Warehouse Execution System does the same things as it but is also inclusive of labour management and order management. It is more evolved than a Warehouse Control System simply because it offers more functions - just like Canary7! Since it includes more elements, it has a better chance of making your warehouse better.

Can I get a free demo of Warehouse Control by Canary7?

Yes! You can book a free demo for not just the Warehouse Control System, but also for any of the other solutions we offer. We will only move forward once you are completely satisfied, so take your time before you make the decision to use Canary7!

What integrations does Canary 7 offer?

Canary 7 integrates directly with many popular applications, including:

  • FedEx
  • FedEx
  • Amazon
  • UPS
  • DPD
  • Yodel
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Amazon Prime