Canary7; an intuitive distribution order management solution for all your fulfillment needs.

Equipped with the right technology, Canary7 is all about bringing innovation, automation, and modernity to the centre of your business operations.

Canary7; an intuitive distribution order management solution for all your fulfillment needs.

Equipped with the right technology, Canary7 is all about bringing innovation, automation, and modernity to the centre of your business operations.

Distribution order management is a challenging process, no matter what the nature of your business is. If you want that it doesn’t take an adverse toll on your operations, you need to make an effort in terms of ensuring that distribution order management is fully under your control. And for that, you need a distribution order management solution that actually works. 

This is where Canary7 comes in. Canary7 is a cutting-edge warehouse management software as well as an effective distribution order management solution, and it can be used to streamline many aspects of a business that would otherwise put your business through unnecessary trouble. It makes the job of managing a business so much easier, and enables you to make the right choices for your venture; whatever they may be.

Equipped with the right technology, Canary7 is all about bringing innovation, automation, and modernity to the centre of your business operations. By doing this, our distribution order management solution as well as many other solutions offered by us, provides your business with a better chance to deal with competition, and become a better version of itself. 

Stellar distribution order management solution for all types of businesses.

Canary7’s distribution order management solution fits all business types and sizes like a glove! No matter what the nature or size of your business is, Canary7 can be used to execute your operations with utmost precision and ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to managing distributed orders. 

Regardless of what your ultimate objective as a business is, Canary7’s distribution order management solution will help you navigate a process that leads you to it without any major hindrances. This way, you can rely on Canary7 and its solutions to provide you with a way that takes you towards new heights of success, and hence it is the most reliable and dependable method of growth and development as a business. 

Canary7 and its one-of-a-kind distribution order management solution.

Distribution order management or distributed order management is not like your normal, everyday order management. It is a lot more organised as well as rule-based. Because of this, not every order management solution found in the market can help you achieve optimal results, and that too with the least amount of money being spent. Needless to say, for something as advanced and somewhat complex as this, you need a proper distribution order management solution – which is exactly what Canary7 provides. 

Canary7’s distribution order management solution has been designed to make it considerably more convenient for you to meet the demand for products that comes from any industry shifts or fluctuations. Not only that, but our distribution order management solution will also help you navigate the challenges associated with omnichannel retailers, and hence make it easier for you to sell your products effectively on not one, but many platforms.

Effective distribution order management solutions for every problem.

Canary7 offers a large variety of features that can help you achieve the perfect dream of a distribution order management solution.

Cutting-Edge Integrations

Canary7 offers the best and the most cutting-edge integrations which help you connect your distribution order management solution with hundreds of other important apps that can help you improve the progress of your business to a great extent. 

These integrations allow you to consolidate all your data properly and allow you to focus on everything separately, instead of having to focus on it separately. This way, your attention does not have to be divided and each aspect of your business can get its due share. As a whole, integrations are a crucial aspect of effective distribution order management, and you can benefit from them with Canary7’s distribution order management solution. 

Canary7 distribution order management solution - Drop shipping Support

Drop shipping Support

Our distribution order management system helps you get the drop shipping support you need for any and all of your drop shipping endeavours. As a whole, drop shipping requires clear communication with your manufacturers as well as your customers about the process, and you can execute this with the help of Canary7. 

Canary7 enables you to deal with multiple suppliers, pick your products effectively, deal with out-of-stock orders, and even route orders to a preferred supplier – all with just a few clicks and a clear strategy. What else could you possibly need when it comes to your drop shipping dream? Trust us, Canary7 is the perfect partner in that regard.

Order Splitting and Merging

Sometimes, splitting and merging orders is the only way to provide a good customer experience. However, not many order management solutions will allow you to do that. Yet, a good, efficient distribution order management solution will allow you to do that, which is why Canary7 should be your top choice for this kind of thing. 

With the help of Canary7, you can divide huge orders so that you can easily cover the standard shipment size, as well as manage refunds and any other particular circumstances more easily. Canary7’s distribution management solutions allow you to avoid confusion and finish your orders with full-fledged efficiency. 

Canary7 distribution order management solution - Order Splitting and Merging
Canary7 distribution order management solution - Order Routing Automation

Order Routing Automation

Order routing automation is very important. You need AI for tracking order fulfilment if you want your orders to be shipped successfully. Canary7, with its distribution management software, provides this AI and many other features that help you automate your order routes. 

No longer do you have to worry about which conveyor control systems are being used to ship your orders out – you can easily tap into our network and be up to date with the routes of your orders from start to finish during the fulfilment procedure. This will help you be more in control of how your orders work. 

Inventory Visibility

Inventory visibility is also very important. When you come to think of it, your inventory is your uncapitalised asset. In order to move forward and actually take care of your inventory, you need to gain full visibility of it. This is only possible with a robust distribution order management system, like Canary7. 

Canary7 makes it quite straightforward to gain full visibility of your inventory and have a grip on everything that takes place regarding it. This way, you can take care of your stock in a much better way and also see a reduction in shrinkage problems like theft, breakage, and spillage. 

Canary7 distribution order management solution - Inventory Visibility
Canary7 distribution order management solution - Customisable Workflows

Customisable Workflows

Customisable workflows will allow you to make sure that the processes you are spending so much time on can be moulded according to the different needs and demands of your business. However, to be able to do this properly and not face any problems with the actual flow of your operations, you will require the help of a distribution management solution. 

Canary7 is one such solution. It will give you complete control of your workflows, and you can make any adjustments to it as you deem fit. This will allow you to work with them a lot faster, and make sure that they align with the rest of your strategy in the best possible way.

Optimal Customer Experience

Customer experience is a crucial element of your success and with a distribution order management solution, it is so much easier to achieve. Canary7’s distribution order management solution has been designed specifically to allow you to work on your customer experience and improve your relationship with your customers. 

By improving your processes and making them faster and more rapid, you can leave a longer lasting impression on your customers. This will also allow you to create a better, more solid reputation for your business which can ultimately go towards making your business a considerably better investment.

Canary7 distribution order management solution - Optimal Customer Experience
Canary7 distribution order management solution - Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel Support

In the 21st century, selling things on one or two channels is simply not enough. If you actually want to move forward in your success as a business, then you must focus on omnichannel support. Omnichannel support will allow you to create a better retail experience for all your customers, regardless of what channel they find you on! 

Whether it’s Amazon you want to sell on or your own eCommerce platform; perhaps even your brick and mortar store, you can do that with the help of Canary7’s distribution order management solution – without any major hindrances or hold backs and in the most efficient way possible.

Aligned Shipping Processes

Shipping is one of the most challenging aspects of your business, however it is also the most important. Your shipping processes need to be top-notch, and this can be done if you have the right carrier integrations to help you. Canary7’s distribution order management solution provides you with these integrations, and in doing so allows you to create a seamless shipping strategy.

With the help of Canary7, you can get your orders out of your warehouse at the speed of lightning, without having to worry about the tedious, time-consuming process that neither you nor your team want to be engaged with.  

Canary7 distribution order management solution - Aligned Shipping Processes
Canary7 distribution order management solution - Accurate Inventory Forecasting

Accurate Inventory Forecasting

When it comes to the actual development of your business, inventory forecasting is an extremely important component. This is because without forecasting, every decision you make for your business is a shot in the dark, which makes it an altogether draining process for you to invest in.

With forecasting, however, you can make sure that the choices you make for your business are backed with data, and have the power to actually make a difference to the way you process things. 

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Why Canary 7?

At this point, perhaps you are wondering what is so special about Canary7 that we are urging you to invest in it.


In today’s day and age, accurate data is important in whatever you do. Inaccurate data leads to inaccurate predictions. This means that any decisions based on these predictions would also be inaccurate, and lead to incorrect outcomes. As a whole, this means detriment and loss for your business – and no one wants that. 

However, most businesses fail to make choices that will actually make it possible for them to have accurate data to supplement their business decisions. This could come in the form of relying on manual processes dealing with faulty management systems. Such missteps can really put a huge gap between you and your ultimate goals, and hence it is not wise to go in this direction. 

Thankfully, Canary7 takes this into consideration. The brains behind our distribution order management solutions as well as all other solutions we offer have gone the extra mile to ensure that the data Canary7 generates and utilises is accurate to the last T and hence, solutions are more dependable and reliable than any other solutions in the market. 

With Canary7, your strategy is a fully planned and well-thought out process, which means that you can plan all the steps you are going to take for your business in advance and make sure that there is not a single thing that hit you out of the blue, and causes your business to stagger in any capacity. 

Canary7 distribution order management solution - Accurate
Canary7 distribution order management solution - Customer-Centric


Customer-centric solutions are at the heart of everything we do at Canary7. We take care of our customers in the best possible way – but that’s not all. We also go the extra mile to equip our customers with the tools they need to take care of their customers, and so we are focused on creating a cycle of mutual benefit for everyone involved in the fulfilment journey. 

We do this in multiple ways. Firstly, we make sure that customer representatives as well as other kinds of help are always for customers to seek, so that if they have any queries or questions, they can be promptly and effectively dealt with. Not only that, we also help our customers set up our solutions in their warehouses and fulfilment centres, so that there is no space left for things to go wrong or for any gaps to be left while the customer navigates the right solutions for themselves.

We also keep the customer in mind while creating our solutions. For this reason, every software system we provide customers with is user-friendly, and simple to work with. With our solutions, especially our distribution order management solution, you don’t have to put in an unnecessary amount of energy and effort in understanding everything. 

In simple words: we’ve got you – through thick and thin.


Automation and innovation are the main driving forces behind Canary7’s solutions. This is because we are constantly striving to provide our customers with modern, cutting-edge answers to their questions in the form of our software systems. If you are a business that is still dependent on manual processes, you already know that they are redundant and basically not any good if you actually want to take your business forward. The sooner you shift from them to a modern solution like Canary7, the better. 

Canary7 is the product of extensive research into market trends and standards, so you know that our features are in line with the latest technology and focus on presenting you with solutions that actually have the ability to deal with the challenges you face as a business. As a whole, it is a lot better for you to benefit from modernity at your warehouse, as it will help you ensure that you remain on the same level as your competitors and even that you have a better chance at out-taking them in terms of success. 

Canary7 distribution order management solution - Modern
Canary7 distribution order management solution - Affordable


We understand that money is a huge consideration for many businesses, which is why our prices are reasonable as compared to many other software systems that offer the same (and sometimes even less) than what we give our customers. This is because we want as many businesses to benefit from our solutions as possible. Whether it is small businesses or larger establishments, Canary7 offers the same level of assistance, dedication, and advancement to all of these and hence, makes it truly possible for you to move forward without worrying about money. 

Not only that, but Canary7 also allows you to save up money. This is done by employing a save more spend less approach, which means that we allow you to increase your margins without having to spend a lot of money on your operations. This is done by making your current operations a lot more productive, and hence lucrative. 

So, no matter what your financial condition as a business is, Canary7 is a good choice in terms of your budget as not only is it relatively lighter on your pocket in comparison to other software systems, but it is also a better investment because it enables you to introduce better long-term changes to your business. 


Every business aspires to grow and develop. In fact, the faster you grow, the better indicator it is of your success. However, the problem is, the assets and support that is fit for you as a small business may stop being a good partner for you once you grow as a business. This can often result in you losing your money and investments, and most of it turning out to be an utter waste. Needless to say, this is not something that any business looks forward to and hence, should be avoided at any cost. 

Fortunately enough, you don’t have to worry about any of that with Canary7. Our distribution order management solution as well as many other solutions are perfect for your business in every possible way because they are completely scalable. This means that if Canary7 supports you as a small business, it will continue to support you as you grow and move forward in your journey as a business further down the future as well. 

Whether you are planning to grow in terms of your geographical location or your target demographic, Canary7 promises to be there for you through it all. Therefore, for any business that is aspiring to transform into a bigger and better version of itself, there is no better choice than Canary7. 

Canary7 distribution order management solution - Scalable

Canary7 – the distribution order management solution of  your dreams.

For unparalleled success as a business, you need a distribution order management solution. But not just any distribution order management solution. You need something that can help you deal with the various challenges you are likely to face in your journey. 

Canary7 is exactly what you are looking for; an effective distribution order management solution that will help you transform as a business for better, and give you the support you need to not only build a solid foundation to operate on, but also create a system that will stand by as you move forward as a business. 

Distribution Order Management Solutions | FAQs

What is a Distribution Order Management System?

A distribution order management system is a software that will help you facilitate a rule-based process of fulfilment. It works by automating many different processes within the fulfilment procedure. This will involve but not be limited to inventory management, inventory forecasting, reordering, order routing, and order splitting. All of this contributes towards making the distribution order management process better and more efficient. As a whole, a distribution order management system is extremely important and hence is a crucial element of your strategy. If you want to grow as a business, you will consider making a distribution order management solution a core component of your operations.

Can I try Canary7 for free?

Yes! We provide you with a 30 min free demo upon your request. This is because our ultimate aim is to ensure that you are happy with our products, and that you are actually satisfied with Canary7’s functionality before you actually commit to it. The last thing we would want from you or any of our customers is commitment where you don’t actually see a use of Canary7.

Therefore, we recommend you to not only get our demo, but also do a full research on what Canary7 is and how it can be used. You can do this by visiting our blog and having a scroll through our website, on which you will find plenty of resources to give you a better idea of what Canary7 stands for as a fulfilment software. This way, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to invest in it.

Is Canary7 only for distribution order management?

Not at all! Canary7 is a holistic fulfilment solution that tackles not just one, but many areas of your business. From warehouse management to labour management, Canary7 provides every single solution a business could require to evolve properly. You can even manage your inventory and control your warehouse equipment with Canary7, because it is built to do multiple things at once.

Simply with one software system, i.e. Canary7, you can do a lot - and that is our superpower. By collaborating with Canary7, you will open yourself to a whole new world of brilliant things, and that way you can finally succeed as a business.