The FMCG WMS to Help You Increase Profit Margins

Striving to bring more efficiency to your warehousing processes, decrease costs, and increase profits? Canary7 can help.

As the leading FMCG WMS, Canary7 is the ultimate answer to all your warehousing questions; it can help you process improvement, pick and pack strategies, location efficiencies, and everything else that goes into making your warehouse your biggest asset.

The FMCG Industry: Fast-Paced and Demanding

As lucrative as running an FMCG business turns out to be, it is no easy task. The industry is pretty unforgiving and you must outsmart an overwhelming amount of competition if you are looking to establish yourself as an FMCG set up. 

Warehousing is an important component of maintaining your FMCG business. In fact, your warehouse is more significant for FMCG brands than it is for other industries. An FMCG warehouse is a complex ecosystem that consists of multiple areas, processes, and equipment. Not only that, it also needs an efficient workforce that is well-versed in warehouse operations and organisation. 

Sounds complicated? Doesn’t have to be with Canary7 WMS

Fast Moving Consumer Goods WMS: Evolving the FMCG Supply Chain

An effective Warehouse Management System is all an FMCG business needs to evolve its warehousing strategy. Whether it is the pick and pack processes, the inventory, or the shipment, a WMS can help you streamline your warehouse activity and facilitate a considerably more robust system of control in your warehouse.

Key Insights into the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

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FMCGs can be divided into more than 10 different categories. (Source) As an FMCG business, you have a lot of different areas that you can branch into and establish yourself in. Some prominent FMCG categories include processed foods, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, and toiletries.

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Research states that the global FMCG market is projected to reach $15,361.8 billion by 2025, at the CAGR of 5.4% from 2018 to 2025 (Source) It has expanded, and continues to expand, making the FMCG environment highly competitive and fast-paced.

Canary7: Fostering Better FMCG Warehouse Processes

FMCG warehouses are complex, and there are many challenges that FMCG businesses face.

Your Problems

As a fast moving consumer goods business, this is what your problems might include:

  • Inadequate warehouse design and space allocation
  • Stock tracking and accuracy
  • Seamless compatibility and integration
  • Dealing with multiple locations
  • Ensuring partner and customer satisfaction
  • Fast movement inventory flow 

Our Solutions

Luckily, Canary7 can help:

  • Optimise warehouse design and space allocation
  • Track stock with accurate, real-time updates
  • Integrate with other top ERP software
  • Connect multiple warehouse areas and locations together
  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention
  • Streamline inventory flow to align better with your needs.

Leverage Canary7 For Optimal FMCG Warehousing

Canary7 provides solutions that enable FMCG businesses to foster more efficiency, accuracy, and scalability within their warehouse. Whether your ultimate goal is to boost customer retention or increase your profits, Canary7 is the top-class choice FMCG WMS to transform your business. 

Created by experts for experts, our features align well with the needs of FMCG brands. Thus, integrating Canary7 in your warehouse will not only improve your warehouse activity, but will also allow you to have a lot more control over your business operations.

Key Fast Moving Consumer Good
Warehouse Software Features:

1. Stock Tracking & Accuracy

Implement End-to-End Stock Tracking & Visibility

Get access to 360 degrees of visibility across all areas of your warehouse with Canary7. Track your stock with unrivalled accuracy and benefit from real-time updates that help you stay in touch with your warehouse 24/7. Monitor the quality of each activity to ensure regulatory compliance across different processes within your warehouse.

2. Inventory Flow Management

Manage A Large Volume of Goods

Noticing an abnormal trend in your orders? Struggling to meet on-season order demands? Configure your inventory flow with Canary7 and make the most out of your FMCG warehouse. Handle more orders and SKUs with less effort. Streamline your inventory workflow for better, faster, and considerably more advanced activity and hence, better results.

3. Reduce Labour Costs

Cut Down Your Spend Significantly

Canary7 makes your warehouse a lot more efficient, which means that you and your warehouse operatives can be more productive with your time. Improve your FMCG workflow with the help of top-notch technology and features. Increase the speed of order fulfilment, and decrease labour costs for maximum profit margins.

4. Efficient Order Management

Meet Order Requirements

No matter how complicated or demanding an order is, a good FMCG must deliver: at all costs. Canary7 helps you solidify this value and take care of all your orders properly. Make every single step of the fulfilment process from picking to shipping more efficient and faster so that you can execute all orders with utmost perfection.

5. Customer Service Levels

Create Long-Term Relationships with Your Customers

Custom reports for your stock, processes, and employees allows you to track performance in great detail. As a result, you can better understand your fulfilment capabilities and deliver on your customer promises. Better performance on your end means that you can create a meaningful relationship with your customers and that too for a longer period of time.

6. Productivity Tools

Boost Productivity In Your Workforce

Keep your employees motivated through each stage of the fulfilment process. Make warehousing easier and success achievable by simple yet effective tools that support your labour force, and allow them to utilise their skills properly. Make your warehouse a challenging yet rewarding environment for your workers, and observe inarguably higher levels of productivity.

7. ERP Software Integrations

Integrate Your FMCG WMS with other ERP Software

ERP integrations can make a WMS even better for FMCG operations, which is why Canary7 allows you to benefit from some top level ERP integrations. Connect FMCG WMS with DHL, Amazon, FedEx, Yodel, and Magento.

Canary7: The Best FMCG WMS

Canary7 offers the best FMCG WMS solutions to all businesses. It should be for first choice – for many reasons:

Your ultimate goal is to improve the scalability of your business, so that you can expand your FMCG business and make the most of it. We understand this, which is why all the solutions at Canary7 are dedicated towards not only helping you grow, but also growing with you! Regardless of the size of your operations, we are aimed towards helping you optimise and expand your FMCG brand.

We are focused on enabling you to prioritise your customers; each solution we offer aims to help you serve your customers, so that they have total trust in your ability to continually meet their expectations. This allows you to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers, while staying in their good books throughout their purchase journey.

Time is valuable, which is why you shouldn’t waste a lot of it on learning and navigating a software. All our solutions are pretty easy to get a hang of, so neither you nor your warehouse operatives will have to waste valuable time learning it. Our easy to follow guides and intuitive dashboards make it easy for you and your team!

The success of your warehouse depends on you, which is why you need an FMCG WMS software that can be accessed from anywhere. Canary7 is optimised for all devices! Regardless of your phone/tablet, desktop of choice, Canary7 offers a 360 degrees view of all your operations without you having to do as much as step out of your house.

Using Canary7 as your FMCG WMS means that you are cutting down on labour costs, minimising costly errors, getting and fulfilling more orders, and building a long-term, advantageous relationship with your customers.

No.1 Choice for Fast Moving Consumer Goods Warehousing

For FMCG Experts

Canary7 provides advanced solutions for industry leaders to distinguish themselves in the FMCG world. No matter what category your goods are, we have just the right tactics to help them perform better and lead to your business making its way to the top.

Designed To Exceed Inudstry Standards

The minds behind Canary7 understand that FMCG is a highly competitive industry, and in order for you to be recognized and well-regarded, you must not only comply with all industry standards but also boost your performance specifically in accordance with them. A deep knowledge of these standards has led to us creating solutions that can help you evolve your business fully.

FMCG WMS, Safety-First

Yours and your warehouse’s safety is our top priority – all of the solutions provided by Canary7 are safe, and in fact strive to introduce more safety and security to all your warehouse activity. Once you rely on Canary7 as your go-to FMCG WMS, it is our job to create a safe environment out of your workplace.

Sectors We Support:

Today’s mobile and eCommerce functions are driving retail growth whilst adding new layers of complexity to the ecommerce warehouse process. Canary7 mitigates this by offering a fresh, consistent, and fast shopping experience with a state of the art warehouse management system enabling you to adopt the best ecommerce warehouse setup.

In the food and drink industry, adapting to changing logistical requirements is a must. Canary7 meets this challenge by acting upon your customers’ changing preferences.

Unlike many solutions, Canary7
assists FMCG suppliers & distributors in achieving increased profit margins and reduced operating costs throughout their warehouse.

Our vast experience working across the manufacturing sector has highlighted a demand for an WMS that offers solutions to specific industry challenges. Canary7 offers full visibility across your manufacturing process, from production through to distribution.

Canary7 offers a range of 3PL central WMS features that are purpose-built for your warehousing operation.

What is an FMCG WMS?

A Warehouse Management System is a software system used to improve your warehousing experience. With the help of a WMS, you can make your warehouse processes faster, more efficient, and less complicated to execute. You can also manage your labour better and increase profit margins. Since a Fast Moving Consumer Goods warehouse consists of multiple areas and sometimes even centres, it is very important for businesses to use technology to bring it all together. An FMCG WMS, therefore, can be seen as a software that helps manage, organise, and improve your FMCG operations by far! It decreases the amount of human effort that needs to be put into the running of your warehouse by automating your entire setup.

What are the benefits of an FMCG WMS?

A Warehouse Management System can help you get a lot of benefits! These include but are not limited to: Optimised space Better inventory processes Low operating costs Increased visibility Increased customer satisfaction Increased customer retention Effective labour Optimised supply chain Internal automation benefit Effective order and shipment management More productivity Better long-term solutions

What to look for in an FMCG WMS?

Since an FMCG WMS is not a straightforward investment, there are a few things you need to look into before you commit to an option. Generally, when looking for a WMS, try to look for software that is easy to use, scalability-friendly, and focuses on visibility. Needless to say, it should also be safe to use and a secure solution, which would make it a better option long-term. Other features to look for include: Reporting Integration Network supporting Mobile support Connectivity Data accuracy

Why Canary7 for your FMCG WMS?

At the moment, there are not a lot of WMS software solutions that support FMCG needs. This is because FMCG warehousing comprises multiple layers, and in order to make the supply chain better, you must make improvements to your processes on each of these layers. Canary7 does that in terms of warehouse management, but also allows businesses to benefit from other solutions such as Warehouse Control System, Warehouse Inventory Management System, Warehouse Labour Management System, and Warehouse Order Management System. For this reason.

How to make sure I am choosing the best FMCG WMS?

The right FMCG WMS will always align with your business needs. Whether your an FMCG brand or any other business, you must ask yourself the following questions if you are looking to make the right choice when it comes to picking a Warehouse Management System. What is the size of your business? What is your budget for the software? How many products do you want to sell in total? Is your team tech-savvy? What are the existing problems in your supply chain that you want to fix? Other than this, it is also good to see what integrations the WMS offers, since integrations are an additional aspect that make warehouse management a lot more effective.

What integrations does Canary7 offer?

Canary 7 integrates directly with many popular applications, including: FedEx DHL Amazon UPS DPD Yodel Magento BigCommerce Amazon Prime And more.

Are inventory flow features important for an FMCG WMS?

Many FMCG products are highly perishable - meat, vegetables, fruits, beverages, processed foods: all of these come with an expiry date which is why it is important to not only speed up your processes, but also ensure that these items are being handled properly on all fronts from the beginning till the end. Inventory flow features in an FMCG WMS mean that you can easily manage all of these, since they allow you to take care of inventory in a much more organised manner - so yes, they are quite important!

Can I get a free demo?

Canary7 lets you get a free demo for all our features - so if you want to try the FMCG WMS before you actually commit to us, go ahead and book a free demo by all means!