What is a FedEx WMS Integration?

Canary7 and FedEx – a collaboration from your dreams.

Canary7 - FedEx Integration

What is a FedEx WMS Integration?

Canary7 and FedEx – a collaboration from your dreams.

Simplifying the shipping process is a regular topic of concern for many organisations. This is because good shipping involves several different levels, and in order to achieve your goals, it is essential that you become an expert in each one. 

It is difficult to do this manually. They are not complicated enough to tackle every one of these stages and supplement them with the advancement necessary to maintain a company’s competitiveness. They are a costly part of any business since they could put a lot of strain on the workers in the warehouse. 

Do we have any other options? This is the main thing most businesses will be concerned about – and rightly so. 

Well, the answer is: absolutely; automation is the perfect alternative.

In the twenty-first century, automated operations are the key to expanding your company. You may automate your procedures using a variety of solutions, including carrier integration. You may make your warehouse a much more organised hub of production with the assistance of a carrier integration in addition to streamlining your shipping procedures with the appropriate carrier integration. 

The FedEx WMS Integration is one such instance of a carrier integration. 

Want to know more? Continue reading to discover everything there is to know about the FedEx WMS integration!


  • What is FedEx?
  • Why Consider a FedEx WMS Integration for Your Business?
  • FedEx WMS Integration Features
  • Advantages of a FedEx WMS Integration
  • Summary

What is FedEx?

One of the most well-known brands in the worldwide shipping sector is FedEx. Every day they ship millions of parcels, many of them overseas. Their postal services ensure that your demands for secure and prompt delivery are satisfied since they are focused on the client experience. One of the best aspects regarding FedEx is that they actually try to incorporate their dedication to delivering sustainable delivery solutions into their business. This effort translates into a seamless delivery experience that many people enjoy.

The corporation, which is based in the USA, makes a significant economic contribution to that country while also having an influence on the global shipping market, making it an excellent shipping choice for both personal and professional purposes. There is obviously no better choice than FedEx if your company is primarily in the international scheme of things. 

Given that FedEx is among the biggest courier companies in the world, you can anticipate a lot from it. It offers a wide range of services to individuals and several organisations throughout the globe, ranging from but not restricted to transit, eCommerce solutions, and business services. When it refers to the secure and private transportation of their goods, many businesses turn to it since it has positioned itself as a pioneer in the sector.

FedEx WMS Integration - What is FedEx_

Why Consider a FedEx WMS Integration for Your Business?

FedEx offers a variety of excellent business options. FedEx can simplify your dispatches for you irrespective of where you are in the globe or the size of your organisation. 

A carrier integration that links all of your FedEx statistics to your logistics system is most likely to function the best since this is the surefire approach to providing the highest levels of productivity and efficiency to your workflow, at least in terms of the customer experience.

Carrier integrations will help you to bring your fulfilment and shipment information all to the one place, making it easier for you to ship your orders out on time and with complete safety.

Because of this, carrier and WMS integrations are available if you wish for FedEx to be a part of your journey. You may use them to link your warehouse to the FedEx app. This will streamline your fulfilment processes in two ways: first, you’ll use warehouse management to make sure your warehouse is operating effectively; second, you’ll ensure that the delivery process is secure and safe and that all of your orders arrive at the customers’ doorsteps without incident. You may strengthen the relationship between FedEx and your company by utilising our FedEX WMS integration, therefore you should get knowledgeable about this field.

FedEx WMS Integration Features

Some prominent FedEx WMS integration features are:

FedEx WMS Integration - Your team won't have to worry about workload

Your team won't have to worry about workload

A FedEx WMS connection is required to guarantee that the business’ selection and packaging procedures fulfil the requirements of the delivery service. You may now be confident that your efforts won’t be in vain just to be abruptly refused by the mail service with the aid of a FedEx WMS integration. You may utilise the internet to receive all the details you need to complete your delivery before you even begin packing. 

By streamlining your packing and selection processes, you also improve the fulfilment process overall and reduce unnecessary stress on your team and staff, which can boost their efficiency in other areas.

Effective Order Tracking

You can effectively track your order and receive information at each step of the process with a FedEx WMS integration. Customers will regard your company more favourably generally if you can provide them with regular updates, thus order monitoring is crucial. 

You’ll get to relax and be assured that your company is building a strong reputation after your clients’ worries go. By keeping an eye on your orders while they are being dispatched, you can be sure that your parcels are being delivered safely and securely.

You can track every order with a FedEx WMS integration, which will simplify customer service, please your customers, and ensure that your postal funds aren’t being wasted. FedEx offers a number of user-friendly order tracking features. 

These, in addition to the efficiency and automation provided by a FedEx WMS interface, may help you keep track of your packages and ensure their security right up until the last second – which means there is less space for things to go wrong and you have full agency over the delivery of your products!

FedEx WMS Integration - Effective Order Tracking
FedEx WMS Integration - Optimised Shipping Processes

Optimised Shipping Processes

Optimised shipping processes will get you far. Batch shipping includes making batches, sending items in batches, processing multiple units, issuing labels in batches, completing batches, and archiving batches. This is exactly what batch or bulk shipping entails, and there’s a reason why businesses think it’s so important. 

You are purposefully blocking yourself from the appropriate type of success by not integrating batch shipping into your operations just yet, and no business, least of all yours, should be doing that as it can seriously hinder you from growing properly. As a result, you need to start integrating batch exporting into your procedures as soon as you can.

The advantages that batch shipment provides are truly numerous and enormous. You may handle your shipments more effectively by using batch shipping, which offers greater operational flexibility. Additionally, they help you save money as well as energy, and combining similar orders improves the efficiency of your company and aids in error prevention.

Convenient Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

How skilfully you handle returns has a big influence on the fulfilment process. Return logistics are essential, and if you pay close attention to them, your company is moving in the correct path. Many businesses must be aware of this function. This is due to the fact that one of the most crucial but profitable steps in the purchasing process is reverse logistics. 

The better off your business will be perceived as, the simpler it is for customers to easily return, refund, and exchange incorrect items. The good news is that FedEx WMS integration makes return logistics simpler, which has a hugely positive impact on your business.

FedEx offers simple methods for sending and receiving items, as we’ve just mentioned. When this is coupled with the right technology, which you can do if you have a FedEx WMS integration, reverse logistics may be completely seamless.

FedEx WMS Integration - Convenient Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges
FedEx WMS Integration - Order Summaries

Order Summaries

For success, you need improved order visibility. Just as important as making sure your goods are in good shape is having accurate statistics, data, and information regarding the growth of your business that can be compiled into reports and assessments that are essential for the development of your business! Since many companies are not aware of this, they typically pay absolutely little attention to their purchasing visibility. 

You don’t have to be one of those companies. You can efficiently focus and combine all of this data with the help of a FedEx WMS integration, ensuring that you are profiting from it and that you are not one of those companies. 

For improved order overviews and unmatched transformation, use FedEx WMS integration.

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Advantages of a FedEx WMS Integration

You should know what advantages a FedEx WMS Integration can provide. Some of these include:

Helps your Employees

If your company employs time-consuming manual means to get around these places, your employees will be subjected to considerably greater stress! You are truly doing your employees a disservice if you expect them to resolve their fulfilment concerns using only manual methods because this might lower their productivity. 

Therefore, manual processes and a heavy dependence on them will hinder the expansion of your company but also to your staff members’ psychological and physical well being. The FedEx WMS integration can help you provide them with an environment that will expedite their job and provide pleasant settings for them.

A FedEx WMS integration will automate everything and make sure that your workers can be the best version of themselves from the start to end, with nothing impacting their productivity and efficiency and this is something that will ultimately translate into more success for you as a business.

FedEx WMS Integration -Helps your Employees
FedEx WMS Integration - Helps you Save Time

Helps you Save Time

By optimising your shipping procedures, a FedEx WMS connection saves you a massive amount of time as compared to manually entering various order data. Users expend significantly less effort when manual bookings are eliminated, giving operators more time for resupply, picking, and shipping. 

You will eventually save time by switching to a FedEx WMS integration, time that may be better spent in other areas of your business. This will improve the efficiency of your procedures while giving you time to maintain your competitive advantage over others.

Provides you with Accurate and Dependable Data

Because the data is directly important from the ERP or WMS, there is a substantially lower danger of bad errors, which results in significantly higher accuracy for all of your consignments and shipments. Less mishaps and errors in this regard allow you to save more time, labour, and money lost on returns and failed shipments. 

Delivery and transport integrations are therefore quite helpful for businesses looking to cut costs and eliminate mistakes in that area, especially ones like FedEx WMS integration. You can fully rely on the data you produce utilising a FedEx WMS connection since it is correct, which will eventually make it simpler for you to obtain an overview that is absolutely dependable and error-free.

FedEx WMS Integration - Provides you with Accurate and Dependable Data
FedEx WMS Integration - Helps you Create a Better Customer Experience

Helps you Create a Better Customer Experience

Customer complaints resulting from inaccurate shipping information, delayed delivery, or inaccurate tracking hurts your company’s reputation. Customers receive their items and have a fantastic shopping experience when delivery information is precise and tracing data is made available. 

A FedEx WMS integration can only help with this, thus it has to be prioritised and incorporated into your overall customer experience plan. You are investing in the success of your company’s growth as well as the quality of your entire customer service strategy by including FedEx shipping into your workflows.

Brings Unparalleled Efficiency to your Operations

Modern customers have very lofty expectations. They want delivery within a certain time frame and speedy turnaround. To achieve this criteria, it is usually essential to use several carriers, and coordinating the systems of these various carriers is not an easy process. 

Automation allows for a more streamlined, efficient connection between fulfilment and shipment. With something like a FedEx WMS integration, that optimises your work processes to the core and ensures that your customers can recognise your efforts, you can do all of this and more.

FedEx WMS Integration - Brings Unparalleled Efficiency to your Operations


If you’re considering streamlining carrier operations, a FedEx WMS integration is crucial as it will improve the productivity, income, and reliability of your delivery and fulfilment operations. It is essential to your customer service strategy because it provides you with the equipment and technology you need to ensure that the logistics you provide your clients are effective.