What is an XDP Integration?

 By streamlining shipping processes for you to a great extent, the XDP WMS integration with Canary7 enables you to provide the best possible customer experience.

Canary7 - XDP Integration

What is an XDP Integration?

 By streamlining shipping processes for you to a great extent, the XDP WMS integration with Canary7 enables you to provide the best possible customer experience.

Are you seeking a way to make your company’s operations more efficient, particularly in terms of shipping and deliveries? 

You must realise that you are not the only business that has to go through this in order to get to eventual success. The reason why so many companies strive for the same thing is that prompt, flawless delivery constitutes one of the most crucial indicators of a company’s success. It really is that straightforward: if you are offering your clients a speedy and easy shipping process, you are currently on the right track; if you are not, you are not.

However, reaching that stage when your deliveries are flawless is difficult to accomplish manually. When it comes to manual processes, they are not sophisticated enough to assist you in overcoming obstacles and eventually producing a superb and completely flawless client experience. They put your staff under unnecessary stress and leave greater possibility for error, which can have a negative impact on their general productivity.

Fortunately, automation can guide you there! Automated processes are essential to the operation of modern enterprises. After all, there is no chance you could keep up with the 21st century’s growing challenges if you don’t have the necessary level of automation integrated into your firm. 

Process automation can be accomplished in a variety of methods, including carrier integration. With the help of a carrier integration, you may organise your storage area as a much more organised production base and expedite your shipping procedures.

The XDP WMS Integration is one illustration of a carrier integration. One of the most crucial ways to ensure the success of your business is to offer your customers the finest delivery experience. You can steer your business in the appropriate directions with the aid of an XDP WMS integration. It should be given a lot of attention by your company because it will ultimately prove to be the most crucial element of your success strategy. 

Are you interested in finding out more about using an XDP WMS for your company? Learn everything there is to know about XDP WMS integration and how it can benefit your business by reading on.


  • What is XDP?
  • Use of an XDP WMS Integration
  • Additional Benefits of a XDP WMS Integration
  • XDP WMS Integration: Features
  • Summary

What is XDP?

XDP is a parcel and freight network based in the UK that can help individuals as well as businesses send and receive deliveries. It was formed in 1995 and is now one of the largest privately owned carrier services in the UK. The team at XDP provides customer-focused logistics and takes all your needs into account, which has enabled it to become one of the biggest parcel companies in the UK. 

You can make an account with XDP and handle your deliveries from anywhere in the world! No matter what the nature of your business is, XDP can accommodate your services to a great extent and make your customer experience better. 

Canary7's XDP Integration - What is XDP_

Shipping Solutions

Use of an XDP WMS Integration

So, where does an XDP WMS integration come into all of this? 

There are several uses for an XDP WMS integration, and we will go into more detail about these uses later. Let’s first consider the reasons why your business should begin considering integrating with XDP WMS. 

Mobile App Features

This is due to the fact that an XDP WMS integration makes your selected postal service provider a crucial component of your company’s operations. By integrating XDP WMS, you can utilise all of the features and services of the XDP app.
From there, you may take action to handle requests in a general faster and more efficient manner, gratifying both you and your customers.
Domestic Shipping Services

Fulfilment Solutions

With an XDP WMS interface, your fulfilment processes and shipment data may be harmonised, making it simpler for you to rapidly and safely complete orders. As a result, the fulfilment procedure created with the aid of an XDP WMS
integration will give your business a strong basis.

Shipping Automation

With the generation of shipping labels and tracking number management, a cargo can be scheduled to be dispatched on a regular basis. A XDP WMS integration will undoubtedly improve your operations whether your company is young
or growing because it will undoubtedly save you a significant amount of time and effort.
If you’re interested in using XDP’s services, an XDP WMS integration will enable you to do so. The XDP app may be easily connected to the storage, warehousing, and other elements of your distribution network, enabling direct connection at every stage of your logistical path. By connecting the two, you can take use of all the advantages that XDP and a top-notch warehouse management system have to offer. Watch your services improve considerably with the help of these various solutions, and never again disappoint customers.

Additional Benefits of a XDP WMS Integration

The advantages of an XDP WMS integration, include the following:
Canary7's XDP Integration - You can cut costs

You can cut costs

Every organisation depends on money. The more money you can save, after all, the quicker your company will expand and succeed. Budget management, nevertheless, is not always simple. 

Remember that you are paying for all of the organisation’s departments, several of which are resource-intensive. Focusing on order fulfilment, shipping, and asset tracking in particular is crucial to achieving this goal. Integrating the XDP app with your freight forwarding processes can result in significant financial savings.

This is partially due to the amount of automation it offers. A WMS integration reduces the chance of errors by automating each step of your logistics operations and shipments. As a result, you are no longer concerned about errors, flaws, and inaccuracies. Because everything is automated, there won’t be any faults that need to be corrected subsequently, which will cost you money. 

Especially when mailing and receiving packages, this is essential. This is because there is no turning back once something has been sent incorrectly. Providing your customer with broken goods might make you both uncomfortable, cost you more money, and have other bad effects.

You can get accurate and trustworthy data

All of your deliveries and packages will be considerably more reliable because there is a significantly lower risk of catastrophic errors since data is a crucial critical factor when it comes to ERP or WMS. You may be able to save more time, money, and effort by not making as many mistakes and blunders here than you would otherwise lose due to cancellations and unsuccessful shipments. 

Shipping and logistics interfaces, particularly those like the XDP WMS integration, are therefore quite beneficial for companies aiming to reduce expenses and errors in that area. With the help of an XDP WMS integration, it is possible to provide accurate data, which will finally result in an error-free display.

Canary7's XDP Integration - You can get accurate and trustworthy data
Canary7's XDP Integration - Will enable your operations to operate with remarkable mobility

Will enable your operations to operate with remarkable mobility

our operations will function exceptionally efficiently thanks to the integration of XDP WMS. This becomes clear when we take into account the incredibly high expectations of modern consumers. They demand an immediate solution and performance within a given time frame. Numerous carriers are frequently needed to achieve these goals, and linking the systems of all of these multiple carriers can be challenging. 

Automation helps to make the connection between fulfilment and shipment as effective as possible. You may achieve all of these necessary milestones by utilising an XDP WMS integration, which aids in strengthening your operational procedures from the ground up and makes sure that your clients can recognise your efforts….

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XDP WMS Integration: Features

What characteristics of an XDP WMS integration do you think make it such a crucial component of your warehousing system? Pay attention to the following:

Standardised Shipping Protocols

If you streamline your delivery procedures, your brand will expand more than before. Various operations that are involved in batch shipping include generating batches, distributing goods in batches, handling big numbers, printing tags in batches, finishing combinations, and preserving batches. Batch or bulk shipments are highly valued by businesses because this is precisely what they involve.

By incorporating batch and bulk shipping into your strategy, you can make it easier for yourself to execute seamless shipment for all your deliveries, and based on that, impress your whole customer base. It will help you save time, effort, and energy; all at once! 

Canary7's XDP Integration - Standardised Shipping Protocols
Canary7's XDP Integration - Order Tracking and Shipping

Order Tracking and Shipping

A XDP WMS integration allows you to efficiently track your order and receive updates along the way. Order monitoring and tracing are crucial since they enhance the customers’ perceptions of your business. As a result, it’s imperative that you regularly update them. 

Once the problems with your consumers have been resolved, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your business is developing and earning a reputation you can proudly exhibit in front of your customers. You can make sure that your items are being transported safely by keeping an eye on them when they are delivered.

These, along with the speedy development and automation offered by an XDP WMS interface, may enable you to keep an eye on your goods and assure their security all the way up until distribution, lowering the likelihood of problems and providing you complete control over the entire process. 

Order monitoring is essentially the foolproof approach to guarantee that the relationship you have with your clients is free from major obstacles from the start.

Simple Return Processing

The fulfilment process will be greatly affected by how successfully you handle returns. Your business is on the right track if you concentrate on return logistics. Planning the return trip is crucial. Given that reverse logistics is one of the most important components of running a retail corporation, it is problematic that many businesses must comprehend this obligation. 

Customers will view your company as being more successful if broken goods can be returned, refunded, and exchanged more rapidly. The XDP WMS integration is fantastic since it really helps your firm and simplifies return logistics. 

There is nothing more satisfying than having a reliable returns logistics strategy in place to finally ensure that your clients trust your business? A straightforward process is impressive to all. Additionally, it is wisest to base your brand’s reputation on dependability and honesty, two qualities that all customers find valuable in a business.

Canary7's XDP Integration - Simple Return Processing

As you can see, each of these functions is significant in and of itself, and when properly implemented, a XDP WMS connection may be used to integrate XDP with your warehouse management system. 

So, if you want to take advantage of the capabilities offered by a XDP WMS integration and enjoy the aforementioned advantages, you should add it into your plan right away.


A XDP WMS integration is essential for optimising carrier workflows as it will raise the efficiency, scalability, and durability of your fulfilment and delivery operations. It is crucial to your customer service strategy because it gives you the tools and technology required to guarantee the success of the fulfilment experience you are giving your customers. 

As it will increase the effectiveness, profitability, and dependability of your fulfilment and delivery operations, an XDP WMS integration is crucial for optimising carrier workflows. Because it provides you with the resources and technology necessary to ensure the success of the fulfilment experience you are providing your consumers, it is essential to the overall customer-service strategy.