Everything You Need to Know About a DX WMS Integration

At Canary7, we strive to provide solutions straight from your dreams. So, with the help of a DX WMS integration, you can finally get your business to exactly where you want it to be.

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Everything You Need to Know About a DX WMS Integration

At Canary7, we strive to provide solutions straight from your dreams. So, with the help of a DX WMS integration, you can finally get your business to exactly where you want it to be.

For many businesses, streamlining the shipping process is frequently a source of worry. This is due to the fact that successful shipping consists of several levels, and it is crucial for you to master each element in order to meet your objectives. 

Using manual methods, this is challenging. They lack the complexity needed to address each of these levels and augment them with the progress required to make sure a company stays competitive. They are a wasteful component of any corporation since they may be highly taxing on warehouse personnel. 

However, the main question is, do we have another option?

Yes we do, and it is automation!

If you want to grow your business in the twenty-first century, automated processes are the answer. There are many different tools that can help you automate your processes, including carrier integration. With the help of a carrier integration, you not only get to streamline your shipment processes with the correct carrier integration, but you can also make your warehouse a much more structured centre of production.

One such example of a carrier integration is the DX WMS Integration. 

Excited to learn more? Then keep reading because we learn all about it on this page.


  • What is DX Delivery?
  • Here’s Why You Should Consider Using a DX WMS Integration
  • Advantages of a DX WMS Integration
  • DX WMS Integration Features
  • Summary

What is DX Delivery?

A British mail and logistics firm called DX Courier or DX Freight, is yet another optimal solution to your postal desires. It can pick up and deliver packages from and to major locations in the UK and Ireland with both residential and commercial addresses because it operates both in the UK and Ireland. In addition to DX Exchange, DX Mail, DX Secure, DX Courier, DX 1-Man, DX 2-Man, DX International, and DX Logistics, they provide a wide range of other goods.

As a result, the DX Group offers a wide range of solutions. They have more than 4000 personnel, so a sizeable crew can assist you in sorting through your delivery. Additionally, the DX Group delivers approximately 1000 million things annually, demonstrating their considerable knowledge and, to a large degree, their reliability.

DX WMS Integration - What is DX Delivery_

Here’s Why You Should Consider Using a DX WMS Integration

DX Delivery is an excellent choice if your company’s activities are mostly situated in the United Kingdom and Ireland and you’re seeking for a postal service that will assist you with your deliveries. You may pick from a wide variety of possibilities, which makes it simpler for you to locate a shipping solution that meets your requirements. 

Your experience with DX Delivery and your warehouse management systems will be in line and operate effectively together thanks to a DX WMS integration.

Advantages of a DX WMS Integration

You should know what advantages can a DX WMS Integration provide. Some of these include:

DX WMS Integration - Your team won't have to worry about workload

Your team won't have to worry about workload

To maintain excellent and faultless warehouse administration and fulfilment, your staff may find it quite difficult. After all, doing it alone may be intimidating and challenging. 

Furthermore, your staff will be under far more stress if your business uses laborious manual methods to navigate these locations! If you expect your workers to solve their fulfilment issues using purely manual processes, you are genuinely doing them a disservice because this might reduce their productivity. 

Therefore, manual procedures and an undue reliance on them are bad for your business’s growth. but also to the emotional and physical well-being of your employees. It is essential to give them a setting that will facilitate their task and make conditions comfortable for them. 

And by automation, we refer to DX WMS integration. Utilising a WMS integration, especially a DX WMS integration, will allow you to create the perfect fulfilment procedure. This is because it will help automate everything, and ensure that your staff doesn’t have to worry about unnecessary tedious details. 

All of these elements individually contribute to the fact that the warehouse you receive is efficient because it offers the best assistance to its employees. You’ll see what a monumental difference a WMS really makes if you include it into your operations. We guarantee that your staff will appreciate you, and truly appreciate you for a job that can otherwise be quite tough. 

Can help you save time

A DX WMS integration saves you a tonne of time compared to manually inputting different order data by automating your shipping processes. By getting rid of manual bookings, users exert far less work, freeing up more time for replenishment, selection, or packing by the operators. 

By moving to a DX WMS integration, you will ultimately save time that can be put to better use in other parts of your company. This will make your processes more efficient, and still leave time for you to ensure that you still have a competitive edge over other people.

DX WMS Integration - Can help you save time
DX WMS Integration - It is more dependable

It is more dependable

There is far less risk of human error because the delivery information is automatically input from the ERP or WMS, leading to significantly greater accuracy for all of your consignments. Less keying error equals less time, effort, and money wasted on returns and unsuccessful shipments. 

Therefore, shipping and carrier connections are highly advantageous for firms trying to reduce errors and save money in that regard – especially one like DX WMS integration. Due to it being accurate, you can completely depend on the data you generate using a DX WMS integration, which will ultimately also make it easier for you to get an oversight that is completely reliable and free of errors.

Will assist you in giving your customers a better experience

Your business’s reputation is damaged by customer complaints brought on by incorrect shipping information, late deliveries, or erroneous tracking. When shipping details are exact and tracking information is made available, customers receive their purchases and have a wonderful purchasing experience. 

This is precisely what a DX WMS integration can only accomplish, thus it should be given priority and integrated into your whole customer experience plan. By integrating DX delivery into your workflows, you are making and investment not only towards the progress of your company, but are also investing in the well being of your overall customer service strategy.

DX WMS Integration - better customer experience
DX WMS Integration - Brings efficiency to your workflows

Brings efficiency to your workflows

Your workflows become more efficient with a DX WMS connection. 

Today’s consumers have very high standards. They desire specific delivery windows and quick turnaround times. Utilising numerous carriers to meet these requirements is frequently necessary, and managing these many carriers’ systems is not a simple task. 

By automating the procedure, fulfilment and shipment may be linked in a more streamlined, effective way. You can accomplish all of this and more with a DX WMS integration, which makes your work processes efficient right down to the core and make sure that your efforts can be acknowledged by your customers. 

Will enable you to cut back on costs and save money.

A business is saving expenses and increasing profit when it delivers accuracy, increases efficiency, and has happy consumers. Fortunately, a DX WMS integration offer just this, making it simpler for you to minimise your expenditure and make sure you are not overpaying where it is not necessary. 

With the help of a DX WMS integration, you can optimise your budget and make sure that you are not spending money in the wrong direction, which will further help you ensure that you are hitting the margins you aspire towards.

DX WMS Integration - Reduce Cost and save money

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DX WMS Integration Features

Some prominent DX WMS integration features are:

DX WMS Integration - Improvements in Picking and Packaging

Improvements in Picking and Packaging

To ensure that the company’s selecting and packing practices satisfy the needs of the delivery service, a DX WMS integration is necessary. With the help of a DX WMS integration, you may be finally certain that your endeavors won’t be futile just to be unexpectedly rejected by the delivery company. Before you even start packing, you may use the website to get all the information you need to finish your delivery. 

By optimising your packaging and selecting procedures, you also enhance the fulfilment process as a whole and relieve unneeded pressure on your team and employees, which may improve their productivity in other areas.

Effective Order Tracking

With a DX WMS integration, you can track your order successfully and get information at each stage of the procedure. Order monitoring is essential because customers will view your business more positively overall if you can deliver them regular updates. 

When your customers’ concerns go away, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your business is developing a solid reputation. You can also ensure that your items are being shipped securely and safely through order monitoring during shipment.

With a DX WMS integration, you can trace every order, which will make customer support simpler, gratify your customers, and make sure your postal money aren’t being squandered. The order tracking tools provided by DX are quite user-friendly. 

These, together with the effectiveness and automation offered by a DX WMS integration, may help you stay in contact with your packages and assure their security up until the very last second.

DX WMS Integration - Effective Order Tracking
DX WMS Integration - Optimised Shipping

Optimised Shipping

Optimised shipping means shipping in batches. 

Wait, hear us out. 

Making batches, delivering goods in batches, processing in batches, creating labels in batches, finishing batches, and archiving batches are all aspects of batch shipping. This is what batch shipping includes, and there is a reason why companies view it as being so crucial.

By not yet implementing batch shipping into your processes, you are deliberately keeping yourself away from the right kind of success, and that is certainly something no business wants, let alone yours! Therefore, you must get to incorporating batch shipping into your processes as soon as you get the chance. 

Indeed, the benefits offered by batch shipping offers are tremendous in the number. Batch shipping provides more operational flexibility, which lets you better manage your shipments. Additionally, they save you money and resources, and grouping related orders together enhances the effectiveness of your organisation and helps you avoid mistakes. 

If you manage international shipments, orders coming from a certain region, orders containing a specified product, or priority shipments, batch shipping is suitable for you. As a result, it is crucial to your products and encourages the globalisation of your company. 

The remarkable productivity and efficiency of these processes enhances the workflow as a whole. A strong DX WMS integration may increase the productivity of you and your business significantly.

Simple Exchanges, Refunds, and Returns

The fulfilment procedure is significantly impacted by how well you manage returns. Return logistics are crucial, and if you focus on them carefully, your business is headed in the right direction. Many firms need to comprehend this feature. This is because reverse logistics is one of the most important, but lucrative, aspects of the purchase process. 

The easier it is for customers to return and refund incorrect things, the better off your company will be seen to be. Fortunately, DX WMS integration simplifies return logistics, which has a totally beneficial effect on your business.

Things may be transmitted and received with DX in easy ways, as we’ve just described. Reverse logistics may be fully friction less when you combine this with the appropriate technology, which you can achieve if you have a DX WMS integration.

DX WMS Integration - Simple Exchanges, Refunds, and Returns
DX WMS Integration - Order Overviews

Order Overviews

You need better order visibility for success. Having correct statistics, data, and facts about your business’s expansion that can be gathered into briefings and analyses that are essential to the success of your corporation is just as vital as making sure your items are in good condition! Since many businesses are conscious of this, they frequently give their purchase visibility no thought at all. 

With the use of a DX WMS integration, you can effectively concentrate and consolidate all of this data, guaranteeing that you are earning from it and guaranteeing that you are not among those businesses. 

Utilise DX WMS integration for greater order overviews and unrivalled transformation.


A DX WMS integration is essential if you’re thinking about simplifying your carrier operations because it will increase the efficiency, revenue, and stability of your distribution and fulfilment operations. It is crucial to your client service plan because it gives you the machinery and automation you need to make sure the logistics you supply your customers work well.