How a Yodel WMS Integration Can Help Your Business?

A Yodel WMS integration can help align your processes with the right technology for the best possible outcome. For efficient shipping processes, a carrier integration by Canary7 is the ultimate solution. 

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How a Yodel WMS Integration Can Help Your Business?

A Yodel WMS integration can help align your processes with the right technology for the best possible outcome. For efficient shipping processes, a carrier integration by Canary7 is the ultimate solution. 

Improving your shipping processes can be on the top list of your priorities for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to improve your relationship with your customers; or perhaps you want to create a shipping strategy that leaves your competitors biting the dust. Either way, working on and improving your shipment methods can be a great way to give your business the extra edge that it requires to accelerate its way to success. 

However, it’s definitely easier said than done. The shipping processes of your business are quite challenging to perfect, and this is what every business-owner who has to make deliveries will agree with you on! There’s just a lot that there is to it, and oftentimes, it can be hard to manage. 

This is especially true if your business relies on manual processes. Manual processes are slow, leave more room for inaccuracies and delays, and are simply not fit enough to help your business achieve momentum. This is why manual processes and business strategies that heavily involve them are considered redundant, and actually counterproductive to your aspirations of being successful. 

Luckily, automation, the polar opposite of manual processes, is now easily available, and can be used by businesses to counter the problems posed by shipping processes. With the help of automation, you can seamlessly improve the way you ship out your orders, which makes it easier for you to provide a customer experience that leaves your customers in awe of whatever it is that you do. 

And the best form of automation to do this is of course a carrier integration.

On this page, we will learn all about a Yodel WMS integration, which is a kind of carrier integration that connects your Yodel account and your warehouse and allows you to get to a point where all your operations are being executed with maximum productivity. 

So, if you are curious to learn more – keep reading! 


  • What is Yodel?
  • Why Use a Yodel WMS Integration?
  • What are the Benefits of a Yodel WMS Integration?
  • What are the Main Features of Yodel WMS Integration?
  • Summary

What is Yodel?

Yodel is a UK parcel service that helps people send and receive parcels with ease. With Yodel, you can automatically track all your deliveries. The fact that you can create a Yodel account and stay on top of your shipments from start to finish means that you don’t have to worry at all about tracking numbers. 

When it comes to its delivery services, Yodel offers next day and two day delivery services for all over the UK. Additionally, with the Yodel Xpress service model, you can even send and receive parcels within a two hour delivery window on the morning of your delivery. A list of all the services provided by Yodel include: Yodel Xpress, Yodel Xpect, Yodel Xpert, and Offshore. More information on each of these can be found on Yodel’s website. 

Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - What is Yodel_

Why Use a Yodel WMS Integration?

A Yodel WMS integration can help you simplify the work of making your shipment and deliveries better to a great extent. With the help of a Yodel WMS integration, you can align all your back end operations with your shipping operations, which means there is a greater connection between everything that will contribute towards making your business a success. 

There are many ways that a Yodel WMS integration can help your business, and we will get into the depth of that in just a bit. But talking generally, the use of a Yodel WMS integration in your business will allow you to bring efficiency and productivity to the centre of your operations, which will allow you to provide better services and leave a better impression on your customers. 

Yodel’s delivery services paired with the efficiency provided by a carrier WMS integration will allow you to turn your business into a hub of productivity, which can ultimately enable you to move forward properly and make the right renditions to the way you operate. So, if Yodel is your choice of parcel service and you want to achieve nothing but the best with it, then you will definitely consider a Yodel WMS integration. 

What are the Benefits of a Yodel WMS Integration?

And now, let’s get into the depth of the benefits provided by a Yodel WMS integration:

Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - Cut Down on Costs

Cut Down on Costs

Money is a huge consideration when it comes to weighing your success. The more you save, the more you can invest in other areas of your business, which just means that there is much better improvement on every end. Not only that, but your margins also get to reflect just how well your business is doing, which is why it is important to focus on your costs and make sure you are not making decisions that may result in being of detriment to your budget. 

With manual processes, you can’t save money; it’s as simple as that. With automated solutions such as a Yodel WMS integration, you can do exactly that. This is because instead of spending money on different solutions, you are investing in one solution that actually works and in fact, manages many different aspects of your business. 

Because you don’t have to worry about inaccuracies and delays with GLS WMS integration, it becomes easier for you to cut down on unnecessary costs and improve your cash flow in the best possible way. As a whole, this is the best way to make sure that your business is on the right track budget-wise. 

Save Time

Time is one of the most important assets for a business. The more time you get to save, the more you can do and the better impression you can leave on your customers! That is why saving time should be one of your top priorities. However, like everything else, that is easier said than done as well. 

A Yodel WMS integration will help you save time, do everything a lot more quickly, and hence leave just the impression you want on your customers. There is nothing better than that for your customer service strategy, believe us! 

Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - Save Time
Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - Better Forecasting

Better Forecasting

A Yodel WMS integration will also allow you to avail better forecasting. Forecasting should be the foundation of every decision that you make for your business. Shooting in the dark is just not good enough if you actually want your business to grow, which is why forecasting and analysing trends before you actually introduce changes to your business is important. 

However, before you get to that point, you actually have to bring mechanisms that actually produce accurate results to your business. A Yodel WMS integration, needless to say, is one such mechanism and it can help you make better, more accurate and precise decisions. 

Grow More Speedily

You can grow more speedily with a Yodel WMS integration. How? Well, the integration helps you improve almost every aspect of your operations, whether directly or indirectly. This allows for a much better system, and hence fosters considerably greater growth as well as more profit. 

All of this contributes towards making your business a lot more scalable. Whether you want to expand in terms of your location or in terms of your target audience, a Yodel WMS integration can definitely help you do that and a lot more.

Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - Grow More Speedily
Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - More Productive Operations

More Productive Operations

If you leave your workforce to do the same thing over and over again, they will sooner or later get tired of it. The problem with this is that this will cause an all-pervasive lack of productivity, which will ultimately translate into your business as well. For this reason, it is more or less your responsibility to make things easier for your workers, which you can do with the help of a Yodel WMS integration. 

A Yodel WMS integration helps you automate all the tedious bits of your business, which takes off quite a burden off the shoulders of your workforce. The end result is that your operations become more productive, and your workforce can pay attention to things that actually require their attention. 

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What are the Main Features of Yodel WMS Integration?

So, what are the main features of a Yodel WMS integration? Having a clear idea of these can help you gauge whether or not your business needs these right now. 

Order Summary

The best thing you can do for your business is stay on top of your orders from the start of the fulfilment process right to the very end. This is what you can do with the help of order summaries, which can be accessed with the help of a Yodel WMS integration. 

A Yodel WMS integration will give you a bird’s eye-view of all your orders. So, essentially, you will not only be in charge of all your orders, but can also have a better insight to your progress as a business and see if you need to make any changes to send off your orders in a much better way. This will also help you build better relations with your customers, which is what you ultimately want for your business’s growth.

Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - Order Summary
Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - Warehouse Optimisation

Warehouse Optimisation

For quick and seamless deliveries, the layout of your warehouse matters a lot as well. The better your warehouse is optimised for a better shipment process, the better you can make your fulfilment as a whole. 

With the help of a Yodel WMS integration, you can optimise your warehouse in a way that aligns with the requirements of your postal service. This will make it easier for you to send out your deliveries on time. It will also help you achieve a greater level of organisation, which will enable you to do more in less time, and you will see how that leaves a greater, more positive impact on your business. 

Pick and Pack Support

You need pick and pack to be seamless in order for the delivery process to be perfect. However, this can often be hard because it requires completely accurate communication between your fulfilment and pick and pack teams. 

A Yodel WMS integration will help you achieve this level of communication. Your pick and pack teams can finally get the level of support they require to complete their task with utmost precision, and this will allow them to be more productive and hence provide a better contribution to your business’s success.

Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - Pick and Pack Support
Canary7's GLS WMS Integration - Frequent Updates

Frequent Updates

Like we mentioned earlier, it is important to stay on top of all your orders in order to get to a point where everything can be executed with utmost accuracy and precision. For this, you need to get frequent updates – not only because you need them, but also because your customers can benefit from this. 

A Yodel WMS integration works by providing you frequent updates at every possible moment, so that you can know exactly where your orders are throughout as well as be able to inform your customers on time if there are any unforeseen delays or hold backs. 


A Yodel WMS integration is a crucial part of your strategy if Yodel is your postal partner and you are looking to improve the way you ship your orders as well as the way your warehouse operates in connection to that. It will help you achieve your objectives a lot faster, which will help you optimise your business to a much greater extent. 

If you are interested in learning more about Yodel and Yodel WMS integrations, you can visit our website. You can also find information about many other integrations, including carrier integrations, and can make an informed choice about improving your business.