What is a UPS WMS Integration and How Can it Help Your Business?

A partnership between Canary7 and UPS is the ideal fit for your facility.

Canary7 - UPS Integration

What is a UPS WMS Integration and How Can it Help Your Business?

A partnership between Canary7 and UPS is the ideal fit for your facility.

Many organisations are constantly trying to streamline their logistical processes. This is due to the fact that good shipping requires seamlessness and perfection at a range of different levels in order to accomplish your aims. 

It can be challenging to do all of this manual, without the help of automation. Advancement is required in order to manage all of these categories. Contrarily, manual processes and a strategy built around them are not sufficiently complex, which helps you keep a competitive edge. They can be a needlessly expensive component of any organisation because they can place a significant amount of stress on the warehouse staff. 

Fortunately, automation is the best remedy for the majority of issues caused by manual operations.

Automated processes are essential for business expansion in today’s day and age. There are many techniques to automate processes, including carrier integration. You can set up your warehouse as a far more structured production hub and streamline your shipping processes with the aid of a carrier integration. 

One example of a carrier integration is the UPS WMS Integration. Giving your customers the best delivery experience is one of the most important methods to make sure your company is successful. A UPS WMS integration will help you steer your business in the right direction. It will end up being the most important component of your success strategy, thus it deserves to be considered as an integral thing to focus on as a business. 

Want to learn more about how to navigate using a UPS WMS? Discover all there is to know about UPS WMS integration by scrolling down and reading on.


  • What is UPS?
  • The Use of a UPS WMS Integration
  • Advantages of a UPS WMS Integration
  •  UPS WMS Integration: Main Features
  •  Summary

What is UPS?

UPS is an American logistics company, which is also referred to as United Parcel Service. It provides international freight and package delivery services. UPS has divisions that concentrate on freight, air cargo, and management of supply chain services in addition to its express courier service specialisation. When compared to domestic routes, the costs for UPS’s international Express, Expedite, and Standard courier services are obviously greater. Depending on the route you choose, the size of the cargo, and the delivery window, UPS provides guaranteed and day-definite global deliveries. 

When scheduling deliveries abroad, UPS also offers value-added services. You can choose from a variety of alternatives, including Saturday delivery, customised handling, particular day collection, and delivery notice, depending on the country.

Pallet shipment services are also offered by UPS through UPS Worldwide Express Freight. Deliveries of palletised items weighing more than 70 kg can be arranged by businesses throughout Europe, the US, Canada, and Asia, but pricing must be obtained separately. 

This implies that UPS offers one of the finest delivery services for companies wishing to grow their clientele and work with clients around the world. It goes without saying that this renders it a wonderful match for third-party logistics providers, who can use it to quickly and easily implement a variety of delivery alternatives while ensuring that their customers’ items are delivered safely. Any firm can gain by sending out a backlog of requests at once because UPS is accustomed to handle big volumes of transactions every day.

Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - What is UPS_

The Use of a UPS WMS Integration

The smartest thing you could do for your business is look into a WMS integration, especially if it’s linked to a delivery provider like UPS. Your preferred postal provider may be able to play a crucial role in the operations of your business thanks to a UPS WMS connection. You may take advantage of all the UPS app’s functions and services by integrating UPS WMS. From there, you can take measures to process orders far more swiftly and efficiently overall, impressing both you and your clients.

Your fulfilment procedures and shipment information can be combined with a UPS WMS integration, making it easier for you to carry out your orders on time and in complete safety. As a result, creating direct network connectivity between your WMS or ERP system and the UPS app is a necessary step in the fulfilment process built with the help of a UPS WMS integration. 

It is possible to programme shipments to be sent out automatically, which will generate shipping labels and manage tracking numbers. This unquestionably saves you a good amount of time and effort, thus as a young or expanding business, your operations might gain a lot from a UPS WMS integration.

You can rely on a UPS WMS integration to make it possible to utilise UPS’s services if you’re interested in doing so. It will make it simple for you to link your inventory, warehouse, and other supply chain components with the UPS app, facilitating a seamless connection across all facets of your logistical journey. Utilise the functionality provided by both UPS and an effective warehouse management system by integrating the two. With the aid of both of these solutions, watch your services advance greatly and never again let clients down.

Advantages of a UPS WMS Integration

The advantages offered by a UPS WMS Integration may offer. Some of these are:

Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - You can save money

You can save money

All businesses depend on money. After all, your firm will advance and thrive more quickly the more income you are able to save. Budget management, nevertheless, is not always simple. 

When you think of it, you are funding every department of the business, which is frequently resource-intensive. So, the objective is to spend less and make more in each area, but particularly in order fulfilment, shipping, and warehouse management. The UPS app can be integrated with your warehouse management processes to save you a significant amount of money.

This is primarily due to the degree of automation it offers. A WMS integration reduces the likelihood of mistakes happening by automating every step involved in your warehouse management and shipment. As a result, you are no longer concerned about errors, flaws, and inaccuracies. There are no mistakes that need to be addressed afterwards because everything is automated, which will save you money. 

This becomes considerably more important when shipping and delivering packages. This is because there is no turning back once something has been sent incorrectly. Giving your consumer a defective product can be unpleasant for both of you, incur additional expenditures, and have negative effects.

You can acquire accurate and reliable data

All of your shipments and packages will be significantly more reliable because there is a much lower risk of catastrophic errors because data is a major pivotal point when it comes to ERP or WMS. You might be able to conserve more work, effort, and money by having fewer errors and mistakes here than you’d otherwise squander on cancellations and unsuccessful shipments.

Consequently, delivery and transportation interfaces, particularly those like the UPS WMS connection, are quite beneficial for companies trying to reduce expenses and errors in that area. With a UPS WMS integration, you may produce precise data that will eventually make it easier for you to obtain an accurate and error-free perspective.

Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - You can acquire accurate and reliable data
Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - More jobs may be completed more quickly

More jobs may be completed more quickly

A UPS WMS integration saves you a considerable amount of time compared to manually entering different order data – which is done by optimising your shipping processes. When manual duties are eliminated, you exert far less energy, which frees up workers’ time for refilling, choosing, and shipping. 

By moving to a UPS WMS integration, you will end up saving time gradually. This time may then be used more effectively in other areas of your organisation. As a result, your operations will be more effective and you’ll have more time to maintain your competitive advantage over rivals.

Will improve customer service

Your business’s reputation suffers when customers complain about incomplete shipment information, delayed deliveries, or faulty tracking. When transportation details are exact and monitoring data is readily available, customers are given their goods and have a positive buying experience. 

This may unquestionably be aided by a UPS WMS integration, thus it needs to be given paid attention to and incorporated in your entire customer service strategy. By putting UPS shipping throughout your processes, you are making an investment in the expansion of your business and the effectiveness of your entire customer care strategy.

Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - Will improve customer service
Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - unparalleled efficiency

Will enable your operations to function with unparalleled efficiency

Your operations will operate with impressive efficiency thanks to a UPS WMS integration. This becomes clear when we take into regard that the expectations of modern consumers are extremely high. They want speedy response and delivery within a particular time range. Numerous carriers are frequently needed to fulfil these needs, and integrating the systems of all of these different carriers can be challenging. 

Automation enhances and maximises the interconnection between fulfilment and shipment. You can achieve all of these necessary milestones by employing a UPS WMS integration, which fortifies your operational procedures from the ground up and makes sure that your customers can recognise your efforts.

Benefits your workforce

Your team will experience a lot more stress if your firm relies on time-consuming manual procedures to solve the problems your organisation is facing, which is not a beneficial move. If you expect your employees to manage your fulfilment issues solely manually because doing so could reduce their productivity, you are surely doing them a disservice. 

As a result, relying too much on manual methods can prevent your business from growing. but also to the psychological and physical health of your employees. With the UPS WMS integration, you may assist them by giving them access to a nice atmosphere that will speed up their work.

A UPS WMS integration will automate everything and ensure that your staff is free to operate at their highest levels at all times, without something interfering with their productivity and profitability, which will eventually lead to greater business success.

Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - Benefits your workforce

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UPS WMS Integration: Main Features

The main features of a UPS WMS integration are:

Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - Detailed Orders Overview

Detailed Orders Overview

You need better order visibility for success. Having reliable statistics, data, and facts about the development of your brand that can be compiled into evaluations and inspections that are essential to the growth of your company is just as vital as ensuring that your products are in good condition. As a result, many companies usually pay little to no attention to their purchasing visibility. 

You are not required to manage one of these businesses. With the aid of a UPS WMS integration, you can effectively concentrate and combine all of this data, ensuring that you are earning from it and that you aren’t one of those organisations.

Improving Picking and Shipping

To be on the safe side about the company’s selection and packing practices meeting the needs of the mail provider you are working with, a UPS WMS integration is important. Even before you get to the packing procedures, you can utilise the aggregated, integrated data to get access to the necessary information you require to finish your delivery. 

By reducing your packaging and selection techniques, you may enhance the fulfilment process as a whole, thus ensuring that your team and employees are not strained with unneeded burden. Their productivity in other departments will improve as a result.

Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - Improving Picking and Shipping
Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - Enhanced Shipping Procedures

Enhanced Shipping Procedures

If you streamline your delivery procedures, your brand will flourish like never before. Making batches, mailing products in batches, handling numerous units, printing tags in batches, finishing batches, and preserving batches are just a few examples of the various tasks involved in batch shipping. Businesses regard batch or bulk shipments so highly because this is exactly what they entail. 

By delaying the introduction of batch shipping into your company, you are wilfully impeding your own success. Batch shipping should be integrated into daily business processes by no firm because doing otherwise could severely restrict your ability to progress. You must begin incorporating batch exporting into your processes as soon as you can.

Batch shipping comes with a plethora of benefits. Using batch shipping, which gives more operational flexibility, will help you manage your shipments. Additionally, they assist you in saving money and energy because grouping orders for similar items increases productivity and minimises errors.

Following Orders Successfully

With a UPS WMS integration, you can efficiently track your order and get updates along the way. Order tracking and tracing is critical because this is what enables your customers to see your business more favourably. Hence, it becomes important for you to provide them with frequent updates. 

Once the problems of your clients have been resolved, you’ll be able to unwind and feel assured that your business is growing into itself and developing an image that you can proudly flaunt in front of your customers. You can ensure that your items are being transported securely by keeping an eye on your purchases as they are being delivered.

With a UPS WMS integration, you can trace every order, which will make customer support simpler, impress your customers to a great extent, and make absolutely sure that your postal fees aren’t being jeopardised. It is simpler because UPS provides a choice of user-friendly order monitoring alternatives. 

These, along with the swift growth and automation offered by a UPS WMS integration, may enable you to keep an eye on your goods and assure their protection at all times up until delivery, lowering the possibility of problems and providing you complete control over the entire process.

Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - Following Orders Successfully
Canary 7's UPS WMS Integration - Processing Returns Effortlessly

Processing Returns Effortlessly

The fulfilment procedure will be greatly affected by how proficiently you handle returns. Your company is moving within the right trajectory if you focus on return logistics. Logistics for the return trip are crucial. Many businesses need to understand this responsibility – which is problematic considering that reverse logistics are one of the most important parts of running a retail business. 

Your business will be perceived as more successful if customers can return, refund, and exchange defective goods more quickly. The excellent thing is that UPS WMS integration simplifies return logistics, which significantly benefits your company.


A UPS WMS integration is essential for streamlining carrier workflows since it is going to boost your fulfilment and delivery operations’ efficiency, profitability, and dependability. It is integral to your customer service strategy because it gives you the tools and technology required to guarantee the effectiveness of the fulfilment experience you are offering your customers.

By connecting Canary7 to UPS with the help of our UPS WMS integration, you can make sure that the overall framework for your fulfilment operations can be solidified, so that you can scale up as a business in every way possible without having to worry about any possible restrictions. Canary7 will make sure that you get the benefits of not only UPS (or any other carrier provider, really), but also that your operations with the warehouse are up to the mark.