Why Use a Tuffnells WMS Integration for Your Business?

Canary7 and Tuffnells; the automated collaboration your business has been looking for all this time.

Canary7 - Tuffnells Integration

Why Use a Tuffnells WMS Integration for Your Business?

Canary7 and Tuffnells; the automated collaboration your business has been looking for all this time.

Is your business looking for a method to bring more efficiency to the centre of your operations, especially when it comes to shipping and deliveries. 

We must let you know that you are not alone in this. Countless businesses aspire towards the same goal, and this is because fast, seamless deliveries are one of the most important parameters by which you can gauge the success of your business. If you are providing a quick and smooth shipping process to your customers then you are on the right track, and if you are not then you aren’t – it’s just deceptively simple like that.  

But the tricky part is getting to that point, where your deliveries are simply perfect, is challenging to achieve manually. When it comes to manual processes, they are not advanced enough to help you navigate various challenges and ultimately be able to create a customer experience that is top-notch and fully seamless. They leave more room for error, and are also unnecessarily burdensome on your employees, which can take a toll on their overall productivity.

Luckily, automation can help you get there! Today’s businesses cannot function without automated processes. After all, if you don’t have the appropriate level of automation integrated into your organisation, there is no chance you could keep up with the escalating difficulties of the 21st century.

There are many ways to automate processes, including carrier integration. You can set up your storage area as a far more structured manufacturing hub and streamline your shipping processes with the aid of a carrier integration.

One example of a carrier integration is the Tuffnells WMS Integration. Providing your consumers with the best delivery experience is one of the most important methods to guarantee the profitability of your company. With the help of a Tuffnells WMS integration, you can guide your business in the right ways. Your business should place a lot of importance on it because it will ultimately turn out to be the most important component of your success plan. 

Do you want to learn more about using a Tuffnells WMS for your business? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Tuffnells WMS integration and how it can help your company.


  • What is Tuffnells?
  • The Use of a Tuffnells WMS Integration
  • Advantages of a Tuffnells WMS Integration
  • Tuffnells WMS Integration: Features
  • Summary

What is Tuffnells?

Tuffnells Parcels Express is a parcel delivery service based in the UK. It allows you to delivery your parcels at nominal rates and also enables you to track and trace them from start to finish, which means you can ensure that the delivery remains safe. They have an interactive platform on which you can create an account and make posting your items a lot easier for yourself. 

Tuffnells are great for many reasons. Firstly, it handles large, heavy, and bulky items, which not a lot of freight services deal with. Moreover, it provides flexible services that are meant to align with the needs of the customer. It is simple to use and can handle logistics in more than 167 countries, which makes it a great choice for many local as well as international customers, including businesses. 

Canary7's Tuffnells WMS Integration - What is Tuffnells_

Shipping Solutions

The Use of a Tuffnells WMS Integration

A Tuffnells WMS integration has a wide range of applications, and we shall discuss these in more detail later. But first, let’s think about why your company should start thinking about integrating with Tuffnells WMS. 

Mobile App Features

This is because your chosen postal service provider becomes an integral part of your business’ operations thanks to a Tuffnells WMS integration. You can use all of the Tuffnells app’s features and services by integrating Tuffnells WMS.
From there, you may take steps to process orders more swiftly and effectively in general, satisfying both you and your consumers.
Domestic Shipping Services

Fulfilment Solutions

Your fulfilment procedures and shipment information may be unified with a Tuffnells WMS integration, making it easier for you to complete orders quickly and securely. As a consequence, your company will have a solid foundation
thanks to the fulfilment process built with the help of a Tuffnells WMS integration.

Shipping Automation

A cargo can be scheduled to be shipped on a regular basis, with the creation of shipping labels and tracking number management. If your business is new or expanding, a Tuffnells WMS integration may considerably help your
operations because it unquestionably saves you a large amount of time and labour.
A Tuffnells WMS integration will make it possible for you to use Tuffnells’ services if you’re interested in doing so. The Tuffnells app may be simply connected to your distribution network’s storage, warehousing, and other components, allowing for direct connection at every point of your logistical path. You can utilise the benefits that Tuffnells and a top-notch warehouse management software both have to offer by integrating the two. With the aid of these different solutions, watch your services significantly improve and never again let clients down.

Advantages of a Tuffnells WMS Integration

The advantages of integrating Tuffnells WMS, which include the following:
Canary7's Tuffnells WMS Integration - You can get precise and reliable data

You can get precise and reliable data

Data is a crucial component of ERP or WMS, therefore all of your shipments and packages will be significantly more reliable because there is a considerably lower risk of catastrophic errors. You might be able to save more time, money, and effort by avoiding mistakes and blundering here than you would otherwise lose due to cancellations and unsuccessful shipments. 

Therefore, shipping and logistics interfaces, especially those like the Tuffnells WMS integration, are quite beneficial for firms trying to reduce expenses and errors in that area. With a Tuffnells WMS integration, you can produce accurate data, which will ultimately make things easier for you.

Could speed up the completion of additional tasks

The integration of Tuffnells WMS can expedite the fulfilment of extra responsibilities. 

When compared to manually entering various order data, a Tuffnells WMS integration saves you a tonne of time by automating your shipping processes. When manual chores are eliminated, you consume a lot less energy, which frees up employees’ resources to fill orders, make selections, and send products to other parts of your company. 

If you move to a Tuffnells WMS integration, you will steadily save time. The time might therefore be utilised more effectively in other divisions of your business. As a result, your processes will be more profitable and you’ll be given more time to focus on preparing your company for rivalry with other businesses.

Canary7's Tuffnells WMS Integration - Could speed up the completion of additional tasks
Canary7's Tuffnells WMS Integration - Will enhance the level of customer service

Will enhance the level of customer service

Customers that complain about insufficient shipment information, delayed deliveries, or inaccurate tracking hurt your business’s reputation. When shipping information is clear and readily available, customers receive their purchases and have a positive purchasing experience. 

This can surely be helped, so a Tuffnells WMS integration must be considered and included in your whole customer service strategy. By incorporating Tuffnells shipping into every aspect of your operations, you are making an investment in the expansion of your business and the effectiveness of your overall customer care strategy.

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Tuffnells WMS Integration: Features

What characteristics of a Tuffnells WMS integration do you think contribute to the importance of your warehousing system? They are as follows:

Order Overview

You need better order visibility for success. Having solid data, statistics, and information about the development of your business that can be used in evaluations and audits that are crucial for the growth of your organisation is just as vital as making sure your things are in good condition. However, businesses frequently lack the resources necessary to make this a reality. As a result, many companies often pay little to no attention to their purchasing visibility.

You don’t have to be in charge of one of these businesses. With the aid of a Tuffnells WMS integration, you can effectively integrate and consolidate all of this data, ensuring that you are earning from it and that it is truly contributing to the expansion of your business. With the help of this kind of data, you can improve your logistics operations and order fulfilment more generally, which will help you achieve all of your planned objectives and present your company in the best possible light.

Canary7's Tuffnells WMS Integration - Order Overview
Canary7's Tuffnells WMS Integration - Optimised Shipping Protocols

Optimised Shipping Protocols

If you enhance your distribution procedures, your brand will expand like never before. Producing batches, transporting goods in batches, handling huge numbers, printing labels in batches, packing in pairs, and batch preservation are only a few of the tasks involved in batch shipping. Businesses regard batch or bulk shipments highly because this is precisely what they involve. 

If you want to improve the productivity of your business, batch shipping is an essential component of your shipment strategy. Although it may seem simple to do batch shipping, it isn’t! However, you may more easily group all of your orders into batches and prepare your shipments that way with the use of a Tuffnells WMS integration.

Order Tracking and Fulfilment Done Successfully

With a Tuffnells WMS integration, you can efficiently monitor your order and receive information along the way. Order tracing and tracking are crucial since they improve how customers view your business. As a result, it’s critical that you keep them informed frequently. 

Your business will be able to grow and develop a profile that you can confidently exhibit in front of your customers once the problems with them have been swiftly resolved. You can also ensure that your items are being transported carefully by keeping an eye on them when they are delivered.

Canary7's Tuffnells WMS Integration - Order Tracking
Canary7's Tuffnells WMS Integration - Processing Returns Quickly

Processing Returns Quickly

The fulfilment procedure will be significantly impacted by how you manage returns. Your company is moving in the right way if you focus on return logistics. Making plans for the return trip is crucial. Many firms must be aware of this requirement, which is problematic given that reverse logistics is among the most important facets of running a retail business.

What could be better than being able to finally guarantee that your clients trust your company with an efficient returns logistics process in place? A simple procedure talks words and will impress everyone. Additionally, it is the best approach to build your brand’s reputation on the foundation of dependability and integrity, which are desirable traits in a company that all customers value.

So, if you are looking forward to reap the aforementioned benefits and make use of the features provided by a Tuffnells WMS integration, then you will surely incorporate it into your strategy without any further ado! 


Since it will increase the effectiveness, profitability, and dependability of your fulfilment and delivery operations, a Tuffnells WMS integration is crucial for optimising carrier workflows. Because it provides you with the resources and technology necessary to ensure the success of the fulfilment experience you are providing your consumers, it is essential to your customer service strategy.