How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively

Integrate Parcel Force with Canary7 and watch your business skyrocket to new heights of success.

Canary7 - Parcel Force Integration

How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively

Integrate Parcel Force with Canary7 and watch your business skyrocket to new heights of success.

Streamlining the shipment procedure is often a cause for concern for many businesses. This is because successful shipment has multiple layers to it, and it is important for you to perfect each layer in order to reach your goals in terms of fulfilment. 

With manual procedures, this is hard. They lack the intricacy required to tackle each of these layers and supplement them with the advancement needed to ensure that an organisation stays at par with its competitors. They also tend to be quite burdensome on the staff of a warehouse, and hence, are a redundant part of any organisation. 

But what’s the alternative? 


Automation is your best friend if you want to develop your business in the 21st century. One such example of automation that helps you move forward is a carrier integration. With the help of the right carrier integration, you don’t only get to simplify your shipment procedures, but also transform your warehouse into a considerably more organised hub of productivity. 

For example, a Parcelforce WMS integration. 

Never heard of it? Don’t worry – we’ve got you. Just keep reading. 


  • What is Parcelforce?
  • Parcelforce Services
  • Why Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration?
  • Benefits of a Parcelforce WMS Integration
  • Parcelforce WMS Integration Features
  • Summary

What is Parcelforce?

If you want to send a package to the UK, Europe, or perhaps anywhere in the entire world, Parcelforce, also known as Great British Parcel Delivery, is indeed the perfect pick for postal services. They assert that you can rely on their crew to ensure flawless delivery regardless of where you are, which is obviously a significant advantage. Additionally, they put a specific emphasis on enterprises and offer postal solutions that support corporate expansion.

Parcel Force offers amazing discounts, such as savings of up to 50% on international delivery, making it a cheap and effective option for you to get your packages organised. With more than 25 years of post industry expertise, Parcelforce has established a reputation as a postal service that not only assists with safe deliveries but also has a sizeable presence in the infrastructure and IT industries, adding to its legitimacy as a business partner.

How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - What is Parcelforce_

Parcelforce Services

The main services offered by Parcelforce include: 

Flexible Collection

One of the features offered by Parcelforce is flexible collection of the parcels that have to be delivered. They can pick up the parcels from your door or if you prefer to drop these off at your nearest Post Office branch or depot, they can pick it from there too. No matter where you are based in the UK, the Parcelforce team can reach you as long as it is a working day. 

Similarly, if you are a recipient, you can also pick up your parcels with ease. Whether it is a Post Office or a designated place you have decided, Parcelforce will deliver there. If not, then the parcel will be sent to you at your doorstep, which is obviously a convenient option that many people as well as businesses enjoy and benefit from. 

Keep in mind that for businesses in particular, there are additional specialist services and interactive text facilities, which ensure that these entities are supported better. 

Meticulous Tracking

Tracking your parcels is important, which seems to be the understanding behind Parcelforce’s meticulous track support. They allow you to track your parcels at every stage, so that you can ensure their safety and security throughout the journey. Again, this feature is not only a good thing for individuals but also for businesses, who can use it to ensure that the products that reach their customers reach them in pristine condition. 

All you have to do is enter your reference number on their website, and you can track the parcel whether you are the sender or the receiver. It is a pretty simple tool that doesn’t require much effort from your side but is actually quite an effective way of keeping an eye on your parcels. 

Next Day UK Delivery

If you are based in the UK and want to send your parcel urgently, then you can opt for Parcelforce’s next day UK delivery. This service comes at a pretty nominal rate for urgent shipping (starting from £16.68) and can be relied on. The parcels sent to be delivered the next day are fully tracked, and you can choose from a variety of collection and drop-off options. 

Although you can’t send more than 30kgs per parcel, it is still a pretty good option for emergency deliveries, especially if you are a business and don’t want to disappoint your customers with late delivery of their orders. Simply choose one way to send out of the three they provide (online, through your local post office, or from one of their depots) and you are good to go.

International Parcel Delivery

With Parcelforce, your deliveries are not limited to the UK. Parcelforce claims that their international services “make the world feel much smaller,” which means that they offer reliable international delivery that aligns with your needs as someone based in the UK. When it comes to international delivery, they say they value speed the most, which could be a benefit to you as a business. 

The international courier services associated with Parcelforce include globalexpress, irelandexpress, globalpriority, globalvalue, and globaleconomy. Each of them target a different segment and you can pick the option that best suits your needs. 

Why Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration?

Parcelforce appears to be your finest alternative if you’re looking for a courier partner who can provide you with exclusive discounts, concessions, and assistance with cutting-edge shipment technology. If your ultimate objective is to shorten your delivery times and amaze your consumers even during peak season, Parcelforce could be the postal service you’ve been looking for. They assert that at peak times, they take delivery of a fully filled van every 45 seconds.

If optimising the fulfilment procedures of your business is one of your goals, then a Parcelforce WMS integration is a complete must. 

Benefits of a Parcelforce WMS Integration

There are many advantages that come with a Parcelforce WMS integration.

How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - Allows you to cut down on time

Allows you to cut down on time.

A company’s time is one of its most important resources  – which is why you have to prioritise it properly. You should create effective plans to achieve your objectives if you want to excel in your field. Saving as much time as you can should be your top priority if you want to grow your business since doing so is the only way to ensure that your success is long-lasting.

Time management is important in regard to the process of shipping for another more important reason, too. Your customers want flash deliveries, which is the reason behind time being a valuable element in your struggle towards success. You must keep in mind that customers are starting to place an increasing amount of importance on delivery timing, which means there is also an increasing amount of pressure on you to ensure that you are valuing your customers and their needs. In fact, in order to provide good customer care, it is therefore crucial to prioritise time. 

Your brand will gain a reputation for just not caring about its customers if you send out orders late, and if you are a developing company, you don’t want that.

Using a carrier WMS integration can help you do this! Since a WMS integration automates all the tedious activities that frequently take an insane amount of time, it will help you save expenses and speed up those deliveries. The most effective strategy to establish your reputation as a brand is to raise sales with every box that leaves your facility while also making a good impact on your customers. 

For businesses that prioritise turnaround speed, a Parcelforce WMS integration is unquestionably necessary, and will only add unparalleled value to your business.

You can make major cost reductions.

You undoubtedly already know the importance of money as a business. It is the one factor that gives your company its unique identity. 

In essence, you are investing resources in all aspects of the company, which may sometimes be fairly resource-intensive. Therefore, the goal is to spend less and save more in every area, but especially in warehouse management, order fulfilment, and shipment. You can actually save big bucks by integrating the Parcelforce WMS, which should be the ultimate goal of your business. 

This is mostly because of the level of high-tech automation it provides. By automating each step related to your warehouse operations and shipment, a good WMS integration needs to perform in a way that ensures that the chances of things going wrong are kept at a minimum. You no longer worry about mistakes, defects, and inaccuracies as a result. Since everything is automated, there are no mistakes to be fixed afterwards, which will end up helping you save a lot of money. This money can then be used in other areas of your business! 

The need for this increases noticeably while shipping and fulfilling orders. This is because once anything has been sent wrongly, there is no going back. Delivering a defective product to a customer may be painful for both of you, cost you additional money, and negatively impact how other people see your company. Receiving the incorrect goods is, quite simply, the biggest pet peeve of customers. 

As a result, it is always ideal to get things off to the right start, which is exactly what Parcelforce WMS integration allows you to execute, and that too with commendable accuracy.

How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - You can make major cost reductions
How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - Creates a stronger connection between all parts of your business.

Creates a stronger connection between all parts of your business.

If you want your deliveries to be effective and really aid in the growth of your company, you must establish a solid connection between your fulfilment activities, such as selecting, packing, and delivering, and your warehousing management framework. 

It is extremely challenging to get done with this using manual procedures, as mentioned in the introduction. Manual procedures are inefficient and rarely sophisticated enough to handle the numerous complexities of the fulfilment process as a whole – anyone who understands the contrast between manual and automated solutions understands this.

This is exactly why we think you need a carrier integration, and a Parcelforce WMS integration is particular.

To begin with, it will help you connect your warehouse as well as your freight so that they may operate together efficiently and successfully. By doing this, you may demonstrate a stronger link between the many components of your company, which will ultimately result in more active and effective business. This connection between the two most important business areas for your organisation will also significantly enhance your comprehension of how things are going.

Hence, a Parcelforce WMS connection is very necessary for the growth and effectiveness of your business as a whole. You’ll be able to strategise more skilfully and learn more about your organisation. By utilising this in just one location, you may enhance the infrastructure of your warehouse and organisation as a whole. 

Will take things off the shoulders of your staff.

Your personnel may find it extremely hard to maintain first-rate and flawless warehouse administration and fulfilment. After all, going it alone might be daunting and difficult. Additionally, if your company relies on tedious manual techniques to get around these areas, your personnel will be pressured with far greater stress! You are honestly doing your workforce an injustice if you expect them to work through the problems of fulfilment with only manual procedures, as this can take a toll on their productivity!

So, manual processes and an unnecessary dependence on them is not only detrimental to your company’s progress. but also to your staff members’ work ethics, health, and emotions. It’s crucial to provide them with an environment that can support their work and make things comfortable for them. 

And by that we mean automation like a Parcelforce WMS integration. Through the use of this, you can develop an automated approach to  all of your fulfilment and shipping processes. 

All of these elements individually contribute to the fact that the warehouse you receive is efficient because it offers the best assistance to its employees. You’ll see what a monumental difference a WMS really makes if you include it into your operations. We guarantee that your staff will appreciate you.

How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - Will take things off the shoulders of your staff._
How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - Improves the way you deal with your customers.

Improves the way you deal with your customers.

Every business’s ultimate goal is to win its customers’ loyalty by meeting their demands. Utilising a carrier connection, like the one for Parcelforce, makes this possible. It will help you streamline the shipping process, which will astound your customers and leave a lasting impression on how they see you. 

Due to the integration, you can be certain that your revenues are continuously rising and that your customer retention is unaffected. The integration significantly enhances how you handle orders, and therefore makes it all the more valuable for your CX strategy.

Customers will start to think that you are a firm that actually pays attention to their needs when they receive their deliveries quickly and without any issues. They could even be able to use this as reassurance that you are a brand worth investing in. Even better, if customers are used to a seamless workflow from your end, they will be even more likely to engage with you again, which is obviously advantageous for your business. 

With the help of a warehouse management system and a carrier WMS integration, all you have to do is make sure that your fulfilment and shipping procedures are always being enhanced. This will help you to provide your customers an experience they won’t soon forget.

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Parcelforce WMS Integration Features

Some prominent Parcelforce WMS integration features are: 

Prioritised Order Tracking

You may successfully track your order with a Parcelforce WMS integration, and you’ll receive updates at every step of the process. Customers will see your company more favourably across the board if you can provide them with regular updates, thus order tracking is crucial. 

It’s possible that the worries of your clients will decrease, and then you can be confident that your company is building a good reputation. Additionally, order monitoring during shipping enables you to confirm that your belongings are indeed being dispatched securely and safely.

You can track every order with the use of a Parcelforce WMS integration, which will simplify customer service, please your customers, and ensure that your postal dollars aren’t being wasted. Parcelforce’s order tracking solutions are pretty simple to use by everyone. 

These, paired with the efficiency and automation provided by a Parcelforce WMS integration, can ensure that you are always in touch with your parcels and can make sure that they are completely safe and secure till the very last minute.

How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - Prioritised Order Tracking
How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - Shipping Batches_Lots

Shipping Batches/Lots

Batch shipping involves making batches, sending shipments in batches, processing in batches, generating labels in batches, completing batches, and archiving batches. This is what batch shipping entails, and there is a good reason why it is considered to be so important for businesses. 

You are undoubtedly behind many companies that have previously developed a successful shipping experience if you aren’t yet acquainted with batch shipping. This process of merging many shipments into specific units will take your business in the right direction, so it’s high time you familiarise yourself with it. 

In actuality, there are many, many advantages that batch shipping brings to the table. Because batch shipping offers additional operational flexibility, you can control your shipments more successfully. Additionally, they enable you to save time and energy, and putting relevant orders together improves the organisation of your business and assists in error prevention.  

Batch shipping is ideal if you handle overseas shipments, orders delivered from a certain location, orders containing a specific product, or priority shipments. As a consequence, it is essential to your goods and promotes the global expansion of your business.

The workflow as a whole benefits from these procedures’ exceptional productivity and efficiency. You and your team can work much more productively with a solid Parcelforce WMS integration.

Easy Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges

How skilfully you handle returns has a big impact on the fulfilment process. Return logistics are important, and if you pay close attention to them, your firm is on the correct track. This is an aspect that many businesses need to understand. This is due to the fact that one of the most crucial elements of the purchasing process is reverse logistics, yet the most rewarding. 

The more simple it is for your clients to return and refund wrong items, the better perception they will have of your business. Fortunately, Parcelforce WMS integration makes logistics for returns simpler and hence, impacts your business in a wholly positive manner.

We have already discussed that things can be sent and received in simple ways with Parcelforce. When you pair this with the right kind of technology, which you do if you get your hands on a Parcelforce WMS integration, you can ensure that reverse logistics are completely seamless.

How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - Easy Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges
How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - Order Overviews

Order Overviews

For success, you need improved order visibility. Just as important as making sure your products are in good shape is having accurate statistics, data, and information about your company’s growth that can be compiled into briefings and reports that are crucial to the advancement of your organisation! Many companies are aware of this, and they really have a tendency to give their order visibility absolutely no consideration. 

You can efficiently focus and integrate all of this data with the help of a Parcelforce WMS integration and ensure that you are profiting from it, ensuring that you are not one of those companies.

Get better order overviews with Parcelforce WMS integration for unparalleled transformation. 

Picking and Packing Improvement

A Parcelforce WMS integration is required to guarantee that the company’s picking and packaging procedures meet the requirements of the delivery service. You might finally be confident that your efforts won’t go in vain just to be abruptly rejected by the courier service with the aid of a Parcelforce WMS integration. The link will enable you to obtain all the necessary information to complete your delivery before you even begin the packing process. 

Additionally, by streamlining your selection and packing processes, you improve the fulfilment process overall and reduce unnecessary stress for your team and staff, which can improve their performance in other areas.

How To Use a Parcelforce WMS Integration Effectively - Picking and Packing Improvement


If you’re considering streamlining your carrier operations, a Parcelforce WMS link is crucial as it will boost the effectiveness, profitability, and sustainability of your delivery and fulfilment operations. It is essential to your customer service strategy because it provides you with the equipment and automation you require to ensure that the logistics you offer your clients runs well. 

Visit this page for more details on the Parcelforce WMS integration as well as other carrier integrations.