How Can a Royal Mail WMS Integration Help Your Business?

Canary7’s Royal Mail WMS integration can help you provide better shipment experiences to your customers; beyond borders and boundaries.

Canary7 - Royal Mail WMS Integration

How Can a Royal Mail WMS Integration Help Your Business?

Canary7’s Royal Mail WMS integration can help you provide better shipment experiences to your customers; beyond borders and boundaries.

Smooth, seamless, and speedy shipment is the key to success. However, if you rely on manual processes, it is not possible to achieve these aspects at all. Manual processes are not only slow, but are also more prone to errors and mistakes, and therefore if you still rely on them, you are following an approach that is wholly outdated and certainly not likely to be beneficial in the long run. 

The advice? Automation! Automation can do wonders for you and your business. 

And when it comes to shipment, there is no better tool of automation than a carrier integration. 

On this page, we talk about Royal Mail WMS integration; we discuss what it is and how it can help your business. 

So, if you are excited to learn more, then keep scrolling. 


  • What is Royal Mail? 
  • Royal Mail Services
  • Royal Mail WMS Integration Features
  • Summary

What is Royal Mail?

One of the largest postal and courier services in the UK is Royal Mail. Since 1516, when it was first established as a government agency, it has offered services for mail delivery and collection. After the government offered its final stake in the company and ended 499 years of state control, it was completely privatised in 2015. 

The citizens of the UK may depend on Royal Mail for secure courier services, whether it be for letters, packages, or bulk delivery. Additionally, as Royal Mail is mandated by law to ensure universal service, goods can be sent to and received from the UK from anywhere in the globe.

The way that Royal Mail works is actually quite simple. Ever seen those distinctive red pillar boxes in the UK? They are all owned and maintained by the Royal Mail. Letters and parcels are usually submitted in these boxes, and if you are a business, then they are collected from you in bulk. Then, they are taken to the Royal Mail sorting offices, where they are sorted out and shipped to the right destination. 

Deliveries by the Royal Mail are made at least one a day (excluding Sundays and bank holidays) so the postage is fast and efficient. It has over 150,000 employees, so there is a huge team operating from all over the nation to serve its customers and make the shipping experience smooth.

Royal Mail WMS Integration - What is Royal Mail_

Royal Mail Services

The Royal Mail services include the following:

Universal Service

The universal service, which allows articles of a certain size to be sent to any place within the United Kingdom for a set fee that is unaffected by distance, must be maintained by Royal Mail in accordance with the legislation. The universal service would be provided by Royal Mail till at least 2021, according to the Postal Services Act of 2011. 

This means that as per the law, the Royal Mail is the designated provider of the universal service, and hence it has the responsibility to deliver certain products regardless of the sender’s or the recipient’s location. Following this, even people in remote areas can benefit from the Royal Mail’s services. 

Special Delivery

For a higher fee, Royal Postal Special Delivery is an expedited mail service that ensures delivery by 1 p.m. or 9 a.m. the following day. There is a money-back guarantee in the case that the product does not deliver on schedule. It covers products with a value of up to £2,500 for commodities insured before 9 a.m. or after 1 p.m. (for either service).

So, if you want to get something delivered urgently and want the item insured for that particular time, you can opt for the Special Delivery provided by Royal Mail that promises to send out your packages on time. 

Business Services

Along with traditional stamped mail services, the Royal Mail also has a business mail division. Royal Mail’s business postal service is mostly used for PPI or franked mail, in which the shipper prints their own “stamp.” Either a printed label or a basic rubber stamp and ink pad are used for PPI mail. A specific franking device is used for franked mail. 

If the sender prints an RM4SCC barcode or writes the address in a specific location on the envelope using a typeface that can be read by optical character recognition (OCR) equipment, bulk business mail utilising mail mark technology can receive discounts of up to 32%.

Prohibited Goods

Royal Mail will not carry a number of items which it says could be dangerous for its staff or vehicles. Additionally, a list of ‘restricted’ items can be posted subject to conditions. Prohibited goods include alcoholic, corrosive or flammable liquids or solids, gasses, controlled drugs, indecent or offensive materials, and human and animal remains.

Other than this, Royal Mail has tried multiple times to ban certain items, such as sporting forearms completely. However, these efforts have not come to fruition – Post comm believed that Royal Mail has not provided sufficient reasons behind banning these items. 

So, for the most part, there are many items that you can send and receive using Royal Mail. This is of course a beneficial aspect for businesses because regardless of what your products are, you can send and receive them easily using Royal Mail. 

Promotional Mail Delivery

Leaflets, brochures, catalogues, and other print items are sent to groups of residential and commercial locations determined by a postcode using Royal Mail’s “Door to door” service. The postal carrier makes these deliveries in tandem as part of their regular tour. Virgin Media, BT, Sky, Talk Talk, Farmfoods, Domino’s Pizza, Direct Line, and Morrisons are among the businesses that use the “Door to door” service. The service shipped 3.3 billion products in 2005.

Instead of utilising the UK Mailing Preference Service, Royal Mail runs its own opt-out database for the “Door to door” service. Consumers and consumer advocacy organisations have criticised Royal Mail for warning customers who choose not to use their service that they may miss important government information. Campaign messages and unaddressed government correspondence will still be distributed to clients even if they have opted out, according to clarification provided by the business in June 2015.

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Royal Mail WMS Integration Features

Some prominent Royal Mail WMS integration features are: 

Royal Mail WMS Integration - Order Tracking

Order Tracking

A Royal Mail WMS integration will help you track your order properly and ensure that you are updated with where your order is every step of the way. Order tracking is important because the more updates you can provide your customers with, the better they will think of you as a business. 

It enables you to reduce customer anxiety and ensure that you are establishing your image as a credible brand. Not only that, but order tracking when it comes to shipment also gives you the ability to make sure that your orders are being shipped in a safe and secure manner.

With the help of a Royal Mail WMS integration, you can track all your orders which will help you reduce pressure from your customer service, appease your customers, and make sure that your money on shipping is not being wasted. It is the ultimate software solution you need if you are looking to bring more visibility to your workflows.

Picking and Packing Support

A Royal Mail WMS integration is also important so that you can ensure that your picking and packing processes are in line with the specifications of the courier service. With the help of a Royal Mail WMS integration, you can ultimately ensure that your efforts don’t go down the drain only to be rejected by the courier service at the last minute. Before you even get to the packing stage, the integration will allow you to access all the important data you need to take into account before you finalise your deliveries. 

Instead of shooting in the dark and working on a whim, you can now properly plan and strategize your deliveries with Royal Mail. A Royal Mail WMS integration, therefore, makes your delivery processes considerably more secure and easier to execute than manual processes, and hence you have a better chance at creating a good customer experience. 

Not only that, but by streamlining your picking and packing processes, you improve the whole fulfilment procedure in such a way that your employees and team don’t have to deal with an unnecessary amount of pressure, which can improve their performance in other areas. 

Royal Mail WMS Integration - Picking and Packing Support
Royal Mail WMS Integration - Batch Shipping

Batch Shipping

If you are not yet aware of what batch shipping is, then you are seriously lagging behind! Batch shipping refers to the process of organising multiple shipments into customised groups. With the help of a Royal Mail WMS integration, you can do this with Royal Mail as well. The basic steps of shipping with batches include creating a batch, adding shipments to the batch, working in the batch, printing labels from the batch, and archiving the completed batch. A good Royal Mail WMS integration will allow you to do all of this, and maybe even more. 

The benefits of batch shipping are many! For one, they provide more flexibility with the workflows, which means you can have increased control over your shipments. They also help you save time and effort, and grouping similar orders together allows you to avoid mistakes and brings a higher level of organisation to your business. 

If you are processing international shipments, order shipping from a specific warehouse, orders with specific products, or priority shipments, you will benefit from batch shipping. The fact that a Royal Mail WMS integration can help you streamline batch shipping then means that the integration can help you save time, effort, and money – all at once! For this reason, it is integral to your services and really helps your business grow without borders.

Return Logistics

Return logistics are an important part of the fulfilment process. If you, as a business, prioritise return logistics, then you are on the right track. This is because many customers believe reverse logistics and the proposed ease with which they can return products and get refunds as the most important aspect of the shopping experience. Thankfully, with a Royal Mail WMS integration, return logistics become a breeze. 

You can receive your products just as easily as you can send them. This will not only build credibility and rapport with your customers, but also make sure that your items are not getting lost in the way. A Royal Mail WMS integration will help you keep an eye on your parcel, no matter where they are going or coming from. 

Therefore, if you are planning to improve your business in the area of return logistics, you definitely need to introduce your warehouse workflows to a Royal Mail WMS integration, because it can provide it with the edge you are looking for and enhance everything in a considerably better way. For customer experience success, this is a must.

Royal Mail WMS Integration - Return Logistics
Royal Mail WMS Integration - Order Visibility

Order Visibility

You need better order visibility for success. Not only to make sure that your products are in a good condition, but also to ensure that you have the right stats, figures, and facts about your progress which can then be sorted out into reports that are integral to your development as a business. With the help of a Royal Mail WMS integration, you can centralise and consolidate all of this data properly and make sure that you are benefiting from it. 

Increased order visibility means that the places you are doing good in are more pronounced, as well as the areas that need improvement. Because these aspects are more analysable with the help of a WMS integration, you are in a better position to judge your output and make changes based on this information.


A Royal Mail WMS integration is important if you are thinking of optimising your carrier processes, because it will help you become more efficient, productive, and profitable with your shipping and fulfilment journey. It gives you the automation you need to make sure that the delivery process you promise your customers is top-notch, and hence, is crucial for your customer success strategy. 

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