The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration

Canary7’s UK Mail WMS integration has the potential to fully transform the way you process your shipments and make fulfilment considerably easier for you.

Canary7 - UK Mail Integration

The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration

Canary7’s UK Mail WMS integration has the potential to fully transform the way you process your shipments and make fulfilment considerably easier for you.

A swift, effective, and seamless shipping procedure can have an unparalleled impact on the well-being of your business.  

However, a seamless shipping experience is not easy to achieve, especially if you are relying on manual processes. Contrary to automated solutions, traditional, manual procedures make it hard to achieve the objectives of a modern shipping experience. They are entirely out-of-date and unlikely to be beneficial in the long run if you continue to employ them. They tend to take longer to perfect and hence, are more prone to errors. 

But the good thing is that we have automated solutions. Automated solutions are a much superior choice. In fact, automation might be a game-changer for both yourself and your business.

One example of this kind of game-changing, transformative tool of automation is a carrier integration – such as the UK Mail WMS integration.

On this page, we get into the details of UK Mail WMS integration and also the kind of benefits it can introduce your business – so, if you are interested in learning more about this then keep on reading! 


  • What is UK Mail?
  • UK Mail Services
  • Using a UK Mail WMS Integration
  • UK Mail WMS Integration Features
  • UK Mail WMS Integration Advantages 
  • Summary

What is UK Mail?

DHL Parcel UK Limited, as a group, offers practical and effective postal service. It is generally known as UK Mail, and is one of the top courier companies in the UK.  What began in Harrow in 1971 as a cab company has grown into an expansive and impressive parcel service. So much so that it is said to be directly vying with the Royal Mail’s long standing dominance!

The detailed tracking that UK Mail provides is one of its greatest features. You can rely on UK Mail to mail your packages safely and securely since every package you send or anticipate receiving will be accurately monitored. In addition, UK Mail offers online options that let you easily send and print mail straight from your computer – in addition to the option of having it collected conveniently. Either way, your convenience seems to be prioritised when it comes to the actual postal experience, which is a wonderful aspect of UK Mail’s services.

The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - What is UK Mail_

UK Mail Services

The main services provided by UK Mail include:

UK Delivery

Since it is based in the UK, UK Mail has pretty flexible and comprehensive plans for delivery in the UK. This includes next day delivery, small parcel delivery, large parcel delivery, morning delivery, cheap parcel delivery, and even Saturday delivery. 

However, you must keep in mind that there is a pretty extensive list of prohibited and restricted goods when it comes to DHL Parcel UK and hence UK Mail. Some examples of prohibited items that cannot be sent using the UK mail services include dangerous and hazardous goods as well as extremely valuable items. Things like animals, antiques, car seats, biological samples, and firearms are completely prohibited, as well as designer items and other expensive things. 

International Delivery

In addition to UK delivery, UK Mail can also help you with international deliveries since DHL Parcel UK ships to a very long list of countries. They also claim to offer the UK’s cheapest International postage rates, which is a great sell considering their services are also fast, safe, and completely reliable. You can pretty much ship anything across the globe, and that too at considerably affordable rates. 

The main ways through which UK Mail connects you to the world include DHL Parcel Connect, DHL Parcel International, Road Economy Delivery, and Worldwide Air Delivery. Whereas DHL Parcel Connect and Road Economy Delivery are services limited to European destinations alone, DHL Parcel International and Worldwide Air Delivery are the options that can be considered for delivery anywhere in the world.

Marketplace and eCommerce Integrations

With UK Mail and DHL Parcel UK, you can integrate your shipments with marketplace and eCommerce integrations. This is one of the best things about this delivery option. It is evident that the needs of online retailers are not only acknowledged, but also addressed by the provision of an extremely helpful technological solution. 

You can easily link your DHL Parcel UK account with ten top eCommerce platforms. So, whether you are an Amazon seller, are conducting your business on Etsy, or want to venture into eBay, you can have the shipping process sorted out for you with the help of UK Mail and DHL Parcel UK!


UK Mail understands that there can be plenty of reasons behind a recipient wanting to send you back their parcel. No matter what the reason is, UK Mail enables you to get the parcel back easily and without any unnecessary hindrances. 

All you need to do is create a reverse label on their website. What this does is that it creates a reverse route for the order you originally collected. So, if you sent your order through a service point to someone’s home, the reverse delivery would start off with a home collection and be dropped to the service point for you to collect it. It is quite simple and seems to be quite a convenient option for all customers, especially businesses. 

Using a UK Mail WMS Integration

As it appears to be one of their strengths, UK Mail is a wonderful choice for companies who are interested in offering safe and reliable tracking for their products. If you want to send packages to the UK and make sure they get to their destination securely, look into UK Mail to see if it meets your needs. If you want safe shipping experiences, it probably does. 

Therefore, a UK Mail WMS integration will enhance your shipping experiences. You can make sure that the cargo that leaves your storage complex is fulfilled in a smooth manner by integrating your UK Mail data and features with the warehouse side of your business.

UK Mail WMS Integration Features

Some prominent UK Mail WMS integration features are: 

The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - Return Deliveries

Return Deliveries

The fulfilment procedure heavily depends on how well you process returns. If you pay return logistics high attention, your business is headed in the right direction – and this is something that a lot of businesses need to get straight. This is because reverse logistics, along with how simple you make returning and refunding items for your customer is one of the most important aspects of the shopping process. Any customer will agree with this! Thankfully, the UK Mail WMS integration, paired with the convenience provided by DHL Parcel UK, makes return logistics easier.

Things can be sent and received in simple ways  – if you use the right kinds of automation. So, a carrier WMS integration will save your goods from getting lost in addition to assisting you in building relationships and trust with your customers, while simplifying the whole things along the way. A UK Mail WMS integration would make it simpler for you to keep track of your products wherever they are going, and whoever they are sent to.

If you want to improve your company’s return logistics operations, integrating it with a UK Mail WMS is essential because it could provide your warehouse operations the strategic advantage you need and greatly improve everything. The quality of the client experience depends on this.

Batch Shipping

If you aren’t yet familiar with batch shipping, you are definitely behind many businesses that have already established a successful shipping experience. Batch shipping is the procedure of combining many shipments into particular units. Through the use of a UK Mail WMS integration, you can accomplish the same thing with UK Mail’s courier service.

Creating batches, adding shipments in batches, working in batches, printing labels in batches, finishing batches, and archiving batches are all a part of batch shipping. These processes bring top-notch efficiency and productivity to the overall workflow. With a strong UK Mail WMS integration, you and your team can become considerably more productive.

And the best part is that this is not where the list of the advantages associated with batch shipping ends. You can regulate your shipments more effectively thanks to the added workflow flexibility that batch shipping provides. They also allow you to save time and effort, and grouping related orders together makes your company more organised and helps you avoid errors.

If you manage international shipments, orders shipping from a specific warehouse, orders containing a particular product, or priority shipments, batch shipping is advantageous. As a result, it is crucial to your products and encourages the growth of your company internationally.

The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - Batch Shipping
The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - Accurate Order Tracing

Accurate Order Tracing

Using a UK Mail WMS integration will allow you to trace your order successfully and be updated at each and every stage of the procedure. Order tracking is important because customers will see your business more favourably as a whole if you can give them regular updates. 

Client anxiety may well be reduced, and you can be sure that your business is developing a solid reputation. Furthermore, order tracking while it is being shipped helps you to verify that your things are being transported securely and safely.

With the help of a UK Mail WMS integration, you can trace every order, which will make customer support easier, gratify your customers, and make absolutely sure that your postage money isn’t being blown. That sounds a lot like saying that t he only application you should use if you want to make your workflows more transparent is a UK Mail WMS integration, and it’s true!

Order Transparency

You need better order visibility for success. Having correct statistics, data, and facts about your business development that can be gathered into presentations and reports that are essential to the expansion of your business is just as vital as making sure your goods are in good condition! Unfortunately, not. a lot of businesses realise this and in fact, they tend to not care about their order visibility at all. 

With the aid of a UK Mail WMS integration, you may effectively focus and combine all of this data and guarantee that you are gaining from it – and hence, you can ensure that you are not one of those businesses.  

The improved order visibility makes both the places where you are doing well and those that need improvement more obvious. Since these elements are simpler to study with the help of a WMS integration, you are in a stronger position to evaluate your output and make modifications based on this information.

The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - Order Transparency
The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - Picking and Packing Optimisation

Picking and Packing Optimisation

A UK Mail WMS integration is also necessary to make sure that the business’s picking and packing practices comply with the delivery company’s criteria. With the help of a UK Mail WMS integration, you might finally be certain that your efforts won’t be in vain just to be abruptly denied by the courier service. Before you even get to the packing stage, the connection will allow you to get all the essential information you require to finish your delivery. 

Additionally, by optimising your choosing and packaging procedures, you enhance the fulfilment process overall and relieve your team and employees of needless stress, which may help them perform better in other areas.

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UK Mail WMS Integration Advantages

There are many advantages to carrier integrations, including a UK Mail WMS integration.

You can save time by using a UK Mail WMS integration. 

One of a company’s most valuable resources is time. If you want to succeed in your area, you need to develop efficient strategies to accomplish your goals. The only way to guarantee that your success is long-lasting is to do this, and hence saving time should be on the top of your agenda if you are looking to expand as a business. 

There is, however, a more crucial reason why time management is critical when it comes to shipping. The reason behind this is that your consumers need lightning-fast deliveries! The timing of deliveries is a factor that customers are beginning to value more and more. As a result, it becomes essential to prioritise time for effective customer support. If you send out your orders late, you will develop a reputation as a brand that simply does not care about its audience – and that’s the last thing you want if you are a growing business. 

You may accomplish this with the use of a carrier WMS integration! A WMS integration can help you cut costs and expedite those deliveries since it automates all the tiresome operations that often take an absurd length of time. With each package that leaves your facility, you will not only increase sales but also leave a positive impression on your clients, which is ultimately the fool-proof way to build your name as a brand. 

A UK Mail WMS connection is indubitably a need for companies wishing to emphasise turnaround time.

The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - save time
The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - save money

You can cut costs by integrating UK Mail WMS.

For many firms, even SME enterprises seeking to grow and flourish, funding is also a significant factor. Essentially, you are spending money in every area of the business, which can oftentimes be rather draining when it comes to resources. Therefore, in every area, particularly warehouse management, order fulfilment, and shipment, the objective is to spend less and save more. A UK Mail WMS integration can really help you save a tonne of money.

Essentially, this is due to the degree of automation it offers. A WMS integration makes sure that the likelihood of something going wrong is kept to a minimum by automating every procedure connected to your warehouse management and shipping. As a result, you are no longer concerned about errors, flaws, and inaccuracies. Everything is correct since it is automated, and you don’t have to spend money going back and fixing problems.

This is considerably more necessary when shipping and making deliveries.  This is due to the fact that there is absolutely no turning back once you ship anything incorrectly. A faulty item being delivered to your client can cause both of you and them pain, cost you more money, and have a bad effect on the way others perceive your business. Seriously, there is nothing customers hate more than receiving the wrong item. 

Therefore, it is always preferable to start everything off correctly, which is precisely what UK Mail WMS integration enables you to achieve.

All crucial fulfilment processes in your warehouse are streamlined.

You need to create a strong link between your fulfilment operations, such as picking, packing, and shipping, and your warehouse management processes if you want your deliveries to be successful and truly contribute to your business’ development. On the foundation of a manual structure, it is difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish this. After all, manual processes are slow, and rarely advanced enough to deal with the multiple intricacies of the fulfilment experience as a whole. 

This is where a carrier-connected WMS integration may help. It will assist you in establishing a connection between your warehouse and your cargo to make sure that they work together seamlessly and effectively. With the help of this, you can flaunt greater interconnection between different elements of your business, which ultimately brings greater and more proficient activity to your business. This link between two of your company’s most crucial sectors will also greatly improve your understanding of your development.

As a result, a UK Mail WMS integration is quite essential for the general development and efficiency of your company. It will enable you to strategise more effectively and obtain greater insights about your company.  You may improve your business’s and warehouse’s whole infrastructure by using this in just one area. 

This will benefit you in the long run – it is a certain technique to make sure that you are truly putting your organisation in a more scalable position. This will ensure that your efforts are wholly sustainable and can actually make a difference to your business and the way you process your orders. 

The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - streamlined fulfilment processes
The Benefits of Using a UK Mail WMS Integration - staff will find things to be simpler

Your staff will find things to be simpler.

It can really be taxing for your staff to ensure that warehouse management and fulfilment are top-notch and carried out flawlessly. After all, doing everything alone may be pretty intimidating and frustrating. Additionally, your staff will be under much more stress if your business uses repetitive manual methods to navigate these places. No one wants to do the same thing over and over again, let alone warehouse workers that already have a pretty tough job.

All of this might harm not just your business but also the work ethics and mental wellness of your employees. As a result, it’s critical to offer them all the assistance they require. This will often take the shape of some sort of technological advancement, such the UK Mail WMS integration. You may fully automate your facility along with all of your fulfilment and shipping procedures with the aid of a WMS connection. 

The final outcome? Because it provides the greatest support to its employees, the warehouse you get is effective. Once you integrate a WMS into your operations, you’ll realise how much of a difference it truly makes. Your employees will appreciate you, we can assure you of that.

A UK Mail WMS integration improves customer retention.

The ultimate objective of every firm is to gain the loyalty of their clients by satisfying their needs. This is possible with the use of a carrier integration, such as one for UK Mail. It will assist you in streamlining the shipping procedure, which will help you amaze your clients and have a long-lasting effect on how they view you. 

You can be sure that your sales are always increasing and that your client retention won’t suffer thanks to the integration. The integration makes a noticeable improvement to the way you process your orders, which makes it even more crucial to your customer experience. 

When your consumers receive their delivery promptly and without any complications, they will begin to believe that you are a company that genuinely cares about them. They may even be able to successfully promote you in this way. Better more, if they are accustomed to a flawless transaction, they will be inclined to work with you once again, which is clearly useful for your company. 

All you need to do is make sure that your fulfilment and shipment processes are always being improved with the aid of a warehouse management software and a carrier WMS integration; both will assist you in creating an experience your consumers won’t soon forget.

This is exactly what you should be striving towards as a business, and with the help of UK Mail integration.


A UK Mail WMS link is essential if you’re thinking about simplifying your carrier operations since it will increase the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your shipping and fulfilment operations. It is crucial to your strategy for customer service because it gives you the technology and automation you need to ensure excellent performance of the distribution process you offer your customers. 

For more information on additional carrier integrations as well as the UK Mail WMS integration, go to this page.