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How to Ensure Success on Magento with Magento Order Management Integration​

Are you looking to grow on Magento and want to improve the way you do things? Then you need a Magento order management integration!

Canary7 - Magento Order Management Integration

Meet Canary7
How to Ensure Success on Magento with Magento Order Management Integration​

Are you looking to grow on Magento and want to improve the way you do things? Then you need a Magento order management integration!

Is Magento your go-to eCommerce platform? Then you need to know possibly everything you can about Magento order management. This is mainly because in order to future-proof your success on Magento, the first thing you have to get to streamlining is your order management strategy. 

You will only be able to turn your Magento activity around if you are well-equipped to deal with a large volume of orders and that too with utmost perfection. However, it is not an easy feat to accomplish. Despite the various features offered by Magento, it lacks one very crucial aspect: it does not allow you to align your operations with the back end of your business. 

If you were to rely only on Magento for everything, you would be setting yourself up for failure! With no support for back end, your Magento activity would be completely segregated from the vital business functions that take place off screen, such as warehousing, inventory, and order processing. Needless to say, this generates too big of a gap; a gap that will eventually translate into the quality of your services. 

This is where Magento order management integration comes in. For businesses that are struggling to handle orders, a Magento order management integration is the only solution.

Not sure about what it is? 

Then keep reading – below, we look at not only Magento and selling on Magento, but also how your experience on this particular eCommerce platform can be made successful. 


  • Magento as an eCommerce Platform
  • Magento Order Management
  • Using a Magento Order Management Integration
  • Benefits of Magento Order Management Integration
  • Summing Up

Magento as an eCommerce Platform

Before we get to discussing the role of a Magento order management integration, it would be helpful to take a look at Magento as an eCommerce platform and understand it in that capacity. In this section, we discuss Magento as an eCommerce platform and everything else seller’s need to know before they begin selling on Magento.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

What is Magento

So, what is Magento? We all know that it is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there! There are well over 200,000 websites hosted by Magento, and this number increases every single day. Owned by Adobe, Magento as a platform specialises in eCommerce websites and provides users with hundreds of features that can help them not only build their online store, but also make it better and considerably more successful. 

Magento uses open-source technology, which means that users get full control of what their online store looks like. From deciding the aesthetics of your store to incorporating the right functionality, right down to the content: everything can be fully customised on Magento, which means you can build a shopping experience that you personally want to provide your customers with.

No matter what the desired size of your store is, Magento will accommodate you with features and functions needed to make it a powerful eCommerce stop. If you are looking to deal with a handful of customers, you will benefit from the free Magento Open Source. If you are a larger establishment and deal with millions of customers per day, then Magento Commerce will step in and help you move forward with complete force. 

The best thing about Magento, according to businesses, is that it will allow you to grow beyond limits. A lot of times, you have to change platforms as your business evolves – however, not with Magento! Magento is likely to be your partner throughout your journey, which is why it is one of the most prominent and well-liked eCommerce platforms out there. 

Magento Stats

To completely gauge the efficacy of Magento in the world of eCommerce, let’s have a look at some very important Magento statistics:

0.7% of the Internet is powered by Magento.

Although that percentage seems to be minuscule, it isn’t! There are millions of websites that are powered by Magento, and like mentioned earlier, more get added to that number every single day. This makes Magento a powerful addition to not only the eCommerce space, but also worldwide IT activity in general.

Third most popular eCommerce platform in the world. 

Just a little behind WooCommerce and Shopify when it comes to popularity, Magento is recognised as the third most popular eCommerce all over the world. It accounts for almost 10% of the eCommerce market all over the world, whereas WooCommerce stands at 30% and Shopify at 18%. Regardless of this, Magento is still the number option for many people, thanks to the range of features it equips business owners with. 

Magento hosts nearly 7.500 “migrant” customers from OpenCart, VirtueMart, and osCommerce. 

The fact that people switch to Magento from other platforms just shows that it is better, at least in some regards. It is more flexible and easy to use than many other platforms, and allows businesses to be more in control of their business activity. Having nearly 7.500 customers who have migrated from other platforms means that Magento has a higher than average inward migration, which shows that it is a considerably attractive option for merchants, and has the potential to convince more businesses to trust their services as opposed to using others’ services. 

Magento allows its merchants to grow three times faster on average. 

Merchants on Magento have reported their growth rate to increase three times better after migrating to the platform. This is reflective in terms of the value of transactions, which means that businesses are likely to make more sales on Magento, as opposed to some of its counterparts. Needless to say, this is hardly a thing that can be ignored and is a huge factor for businesses to consider. Also, according to Magento, if you completely move to the platform and make use of the omnichannel solutions provided by it, you will experience an even better growth rate – which is a great thing for businesses.

Magento Advantages

Magento is popular for a reason – it provides a range of important advantages, which include:

Magento Order Management Integration - Holistic Content Management

Holistic Content Management

One of the most important aspects of running an eCommerce store is managing the content. This is because only if your content is properly strategised and search engine optimised, will you be able to gain the traction your website needs. In this regard, Magento really shows up and helps equip your store with the kind of content it needs to climb up the search engines, as well as appeal to your audience in general. 

This is also true for the not so obvious aspects of content management, such as using it to customise the way your website appears. Even if you are “code-deficient” meaning not as well-versed in coding, you can still make changes to Magento’s content to make sure that the overall shopping experience it offers is exactly what you want to be associated with your business.

Mobile Friendly Configuration 

Mobile friendly configuration is very important for eCommerce stores – it is essentially what enables your website to seamlessly attract mobile-users and offer them a convenient shopping experience. 

Magento is a great option in this regard as well, since the shopping carts it incorporates in your stores are responsive on any device, including mobile phones. Through such an approach, you can prove to your customers that they are looked after quite well, and that will help you improve customer retention in the long-run.

Magento Order Management Integration - Mobile Friendly Configuration
Magento Order Management Integration - SEO Options

SEO Options

Magento is truly amazing when it comes to SEO, and this is one of the factors that contributes to the level of growth it provides businesses with. What it does is open your business to an organic flow of traffic, which means that whatever products you are advertising for, has the potential to appear quite high up on search engines. 

Whether your goal is to dominate Google searches, Bing searches, or any other search engine – you can customise your Magento shop in accordance with it, and hence make it easier for you to grow your customer base organically, without having to deal with a lot of problems that usually have to be dealt for the sake of search engine optimisation.

A Helpful Community 

Another advantage that Magento provides its users is that it allows them to be a part of a giant, helpful community. This means that any problems that you may face on the platform or even beyond in the world of eCommerce, can be dealt with promptly with the help of other users. 

There are many Magento businesses, developers, and experts that will help you set up your shop and ensure that you are not falling behind in any area, which is one of the best aspects of this eCommerce platform.

Magento Order Management Integration - A Helpful Community
Magento Order Management Integration - Easy Third Party Integrations

Easy Third Party Integrations

Third party integrations are important, especially when navigating the eCommerce space. This is because third party integrations help you connect various areas of your business together, and ensure that there are no rifts between the front end and the back end of your business. Thanks to Magento, you can easily integrate your Magento store with other software systems you use to manage the back end of your business. 

Whether you want to connect your Magento activity to an accounting system or an order management system, it allows you to make use of a third party integration – and that is where a Magento order management integration comes in; but of course, more of that later. 

Magento Disadvantages

As much as we wish it was all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to Magento, like with everything else, there are also some disadvantages you should be aware of before you dive into the world of eCommerce with Magento. 

Steep Learning Curve

For many people, Magento presents a steep learning curve. This is because developing your store on Magento may seem easy to some people who have connections with developers or are familiar with developing web stores in general, but it can be overwhelming to others. 

For those who don’t have experience in setting up eCommerce stores, it will be absolutely necessary to learn the basics – which is not always an easy task. Therefore, it presents a rather concerning disadvantage.

Magento Order Management Integration -Steep Learning Curve
Magento Order Management Integration - Time-Consuming to Set Up

Time-Consuming to Set Up

Another disadvantage that is pretty concerning is the fact that Magento can take a lot of time to master. If you are setting up your shop on Magento from scratch, you will have set aside days, weeks, and even months to get the whole thing up and running. 

Sometimes, businesses don’t have that much time available – after all, time is money, and every second your website is not on the internet making you money is a second wasted and money lost! For this reason, Magento can appear to be a little daunting for many.

Lack of Order Management

Although Magento lets you do everything you want at the front end of your online store, it does not offer much support when it comes to the back end. So, although you can get huge volume of orders on your Magento store, there is no guarantee that you will be able to align these orders with your inventory, stock, and other elements of the business that determine what the purchase journey for your customers is going to be like. 

This is a huge drawback, considering order management is the way to ensure that every single customer that places an order with you is looked after properly and is subject to nothing but seamless and smooth order management.

Magento Order Management Integration_ - Lack of Order Management

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Magento Order Management

So, what’s this deal about Magento order management? It is important to consider Magento order management as an integral component of your overall Magento strategy, which means that is one of the most important aspects when it comes to establishing your business.

Order management is essentially the process that streamlines all the tasks that go into processing an order. For Magento, this means that the second a customer places an order on your eCommerce store, it must be connected to things that go on in the back end, because that is the only way you can ensure that everything is taking place smoothly. 

Since Magento has no in-built features who can help you with this, it is important to have a Magento order management integration.

Using a Magento Order Management System Integration

If you are wondering what a Magento order management integration is, it is essentially a data integration that connects Magento to your order management system. Its main purpose is to centralise two sources and make it easier for you to access relevant data without having to navigate two completely different software systems. 

If you manage to integrate Magento with an OMS seamlessly with the help of a Magento order management integration, it will be quite easy for you to leverage your success and ensure that your business is moving in the right direction.

Benefits of Magento Order Management Integration

Some other benefits of Magento order management integration include:

Magento Order Management Integration - Saving time

Saving time.

Considering how time-consuming Magento in itself can be, it would be helpful for you to save time in other areas of running your eCommerce store, including order management. Instead of spending time on dealing with two different data sources, you integrate them and access the relevant data from one place, which in turn makes it considerably easier for you to navigate the eCommerce space much more effectively. This is a Magento order management integration matter.

More interconnectedness.

Because Magento does not provide back end support, it can really result in lags in other areas of your business. However, with the help of a Magento order management integration, you can easily connect the front end and the back end of your business as well as other areas that require that sort of automation. With the help of such automation, there is only little that you will not be able to achieve with your business on Magento – and that is something no budding eCommerce venture can say no to.

Magento Order Management Integration - More interconnectedness
Magento Order Management Integration - More scalability

More scalability. 

Growth is possibly one of the most important priorities of your business. Everything you do is to enable your business to grow without limits. However, without a Magento order management integration, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to enable your business to grow. This is because a Magento order management integration allows you to improve the customer experience you provide your customers with, which in turn boosts customer retention. When your customers are happy with the services you provide, they will come back to you for business, suggest you to others, and trust you with their orders in a much more enhanced way!

Magento Order Management System: Everything You Need to Know

What is a Magento Order Management System?

First of let’s define what a order management system is.

An order management system is an important part of any business operations, helping you to streamline all the stage of order fulfilment to ensure you are providing your customers with the best experience possible from start to finish.

So what is a Magento order management system?

A Magento order management system provides all the same elements of an OMS only it is Magento friendly. The core purpose of a Magento order management system is to streamline all the orders that come in through your Magento shop, syncing them to your inventory and warehouse activity.

Why You Need a Magento Order Management System

So what is the importance of why you need a Magento order management system?

As Magento is an eCommerce platform, it’s main purpose is to provide you with a platform to set up your online store. Although the platform is great at providing you with a fully functional online store, it is not dedicated to helping you manage and tackle all the challenges your business faces when it comes to order management.

Therefore, you need a Magento Order management system, which is specifically designed to help you combat the particular issues you will face in regards to order management.

An order management system comes with many features, all of which will help you streamline your business operations. Although all order management systems won’t identical, we can agree that pretty much every order management system that offers an integration with Magento can provide you with the following:

  • Real-time updates
  • Support to take more orders
  • More efficient order processing
  • Omnichannel syncing
  • Integrations to Magento

Summing Up

To sum everything up, a Magento order management integration can be just the thing missing from your Magento strategy. If you are looking to grow on Magento and want to improve the way you do things, you must consider a Magento order management integration. 

Canary7, the world’s leading order management system, will enable you to integrate your order management solutions with Magento, and ensure that you experience a smooth, seamless, completely tension-free eCommerce journey. 

Sounds tempting? Believe us, once you decide to trust Canary7 with your fulfilment processes, you will never want to go back. Check us out on our website, and see what we are talking about!