Meet Canary7
Be apart of the Warehousing Revolution with World-Class 3PL Integrations

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7
Be apart of the Warehousing Revolution with World-Class 3PL Integrations

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

API integrations can be just that extra force that drives your business forward. With the help of Canary7, you can integrate your 3PL operations with top-notch platforms across the board and improve not just one, but all areas of your business. 

Canary7 provides you with world-class integrations in every possible area. From carrier integrations to eCommerce integrations, Canary7 will offer you extra support in almost every area especially so you can fully benefit from well-connected business operations. We understand that only with integrated warehouse solutions that you can move forward as a 3PL, which is why we don’t hesitate before providing you with them. 

Ready to be apart of the warehousing revolution?

Transform Your Warehouse into a Complete Fulfilment Ecosystem

Looking to get ahead of your competitors in the 3PL game? You need to start thinking of ways that will set you apart; ideally in a whole new league of your own. 

Here’s one way to do it: 3PL API integrations. API integrations connect your business operations with software and platforms that are loved by thousands, if not millions of people. In turn, you transform your warehouse from a mere fulfilment centre into a whole fulfilment ecosystem. 

Canary7 offers 99+ integrations that 3PL businesses like yours can benefit from. From eCommerce integrations to accounting right down to shipping – Canary7 interweaves your business with cutting-edge fulfilment, management, and sales solutions that help you take your operations to the next level. 

Let us help you evolve your 3PL business into a hub of productivity and innovation.

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eCommerce Integrations

An eCommerce integration allows you to connect your back system, such as Canary7, with eCommerce websites and platforms. They allow all business owners; from 3PL service providers to wholesalers to create a bidirectional flow of information between the system and the eCommerce website. And Canary7 offers the best eCommerce integrations for 3PL’s! Connect Canary7 to your eCommerce website, and watch the eCommerce flow streamline itself like never before. Manage your inventory, get orders out faster, and impress your customers in the world of eCommerce, all with the help of top-class eCommerce integrations by Canary7. 

Benefits of Canary7’s eCommerce 3PL Integrations

Benefit 1: Eliminate manual order entry

Without integrations, you may have to engage in manual order entry. Not only is this time consuming, but it may also lead to inaccurate order management which is most likely to put you at a disadvantage in an already challenging eCommerce environment. However, with the right 3PL integrations as offered by Canary7, you can automate the process of order entry and hence, make it faster, more efficient, and considerably more accurate. 

Benefit 2: Work with accurate data and inventory levels

For success in the eCommerce world, it is important to work with accurate data and inventory levels. You can do this with the help of accurate forecasting – which is why our 3PL integrations enable you to not only harness the right insights from your 3PL activity, but also use them as the basis of your forecasting methods and make sure that you maintain your inventory levels in accordance with those. 

Benefit 3: Automate notifications for customers

With the help of eCommerce 3PL integrations, you can constantly stay updated with your 3PL activity. In turn, this helps you keep customers updated as well. You can send them automatic notifications on the status of their orders and this will enable them to be at ease throughout the shipping process. This is the best way to make sure that customers perceive you as a trustworthy, reliable brand and can honestly vouch for the efficiency of the eCommerce fulfilment process you offer them. 

Benefit 4: Simplify the pricing aspect for your shop

As an eCommerce shop, you will have to make sure that your prices are at par with the market rates. Ideally, you want to ensure that your products are neither overpriced or under priced. For this, you will have to keep in touch with market prices and keep a close eye on competitors. Canary7, by helping you integrate with virtually any eCommerce platform, helps you simplify this aspect as well. 

Benefit 5: Grow your brand through new markets

Want to develop your business and break into new markets but don’t really know where to start? Don’t worry because we know: you start with 3PL integrations! 3PL integrations will help you expand as a business by allowing you to broaden your bases and improve your workflows. This will eventually allow you to be developed enough to take on more regions, and even start selling internationally! This way, you will not only be getting more customers but it will also be a method for you to overtake some of your competitors, so it is a win-win situation on all ends. 

1. Magento

Magento powers 2.3% of the eCommerce stores worldwide.

At this point, everyone has heard of Magento. It is one of the most successful eCommerce platforms out there, and hence is the number one choice for many online retailers when it comes to establishing their business. Magento provides all users with the ease and convenience one needs in order to set up their operations and create a smooth workflow in the field of eCommerce. Regardless of the size of your store, every business owner finds a little something for them in Magento. 

This is precisely why at Canary7, we go the extra mile to offer our users an integration with Magento. Our customers can enjoy full benefits of running a store on Magento, while leaving all the logistical problems to us. Whether it is order management or inventory tracking, Canary7 takes care of it all while you utilise Magento to expand your clientele and provide stellar customer experience to everyone who buys from you! Connect your warehouse with Magento’s eCommerce solutions with the help of our 3PL api integrations and dominate the eCommerce game from start to finish! 

Canary7 LP _ 3PL Integrations - Magento
Canary7 LP _ 3PL Integrations - Big Commerce

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce has taken 477 merchants from competitive ecommerce platforms.

When it comes to the eCommerce world, BigCommerce is a fan-favourite. This is because it has all the features a budding or even an established eCommerce business would need in order to impress its customers. It is the top choice for business-owners due to the scalability it provides, and hence enables them to grow their business. BigCommerce has the ability to act as a POS for you as well, which gives it a nice edge over other businesses. 

At Canary7, we constantly stay updated with the platforms our clients enjoy, and do everything we can to accommodate a connection with them. BigCommerce is no different! Our 3PL integrations include a BigCommerce integration, which will allow you to connect your warehouse with BigCommerce and get the best of both worlds. Integrate your warehouse with BigCommerce for unparalleled eCommerce growth, only with Canary7.

3. WooCommerce

There are currently 4,414,537 live websites using WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an incredible eCommerce partner, and these numbers show that! In fact, WooCommerce is reportedly used by 7.4% of all websites on the Internet, which is a whopping number. Many businesses trust WooCommerce for its eCommerce solutions, because it promises increased access, client reach, and commercial power – and who can say no to that. 

Canary7 wants its customers to benefit from the best, which is why we offer WooCommerce as one of our many 3PL integrations. If WooCommerce is your choice when it comes to running your business, don’t worry – because we’ve got you. With the help of our WooCommerce integration, you can connect your warehouse to the various features of WooCommerce, and ensure that the back end operations of your business (or businesses!) are as smooth as those at the front. 

Canary7 LP _ 3PL Integrations - Woocommerce

Marketplace Integrations

Marketplace integrations connect your warehouse to world-class marketplaces – and at Canary7, we ensure that you benefit from the absolute best of these. Our integrations help you develop a better workflow with the marketplace of your choice, and ensure that you are achieving the right KPIs as well as performing the vital functions needed to run your business successfully. 

Canary7’s 3PL api integrations with the marketplace of your choice allow you to implement full automation and hence, make your fulfilment journey considerably smoother and more productive. With the help of our marketplace integrations, you can make sure that you are working in accordance with the policies of the marketplace of your choice, hence making your journey with said marketplace absolutely smooth and seamless. 

Canary7 LP _ 3PL Integrations - Amazon

1. Amazon

Amazon’s total revenue in 2021 was $469.8 billion.

Amazon needs no introduction – it is an absolute mammoth when it comes to online marketplaces, and has billions of sales every single day. Choosing Amazon as a channel for your business is a wise decision made by many wholesalers, retailers, and even some manufacturers, mainly because being a part of Amazon means introducing your business to a diverse client-base. 

Yet, running an online store on Amazon can be overwhelming if things aren’t done properly on the back end. This is why our list of 3PL integrations also include Amazon – world’s leading marketplace. Whether you are looking to create a shop on Amazon from scratch or want to give your existing business a boost by making it apart of Amazon, Canary7 is here to support your dream with our unparalleled Amazon integration. Leave the logistics to us, and focus solely on hitting new heights of success with your business operations! 

2. Ebay

Over 19 million sellers have accounts on eBay.

eBay is one of the first ever marketplaces to exist, and it is still a much preferred shopping platform for many people. eBay allows sellers to either auction their products, or sell them as direct purchases, which is a unique business model in comparison to its counterparts. For businesses looking for the extra spark for their business, eBay can prove to be a great option and hence, a lot of business owners gravitate towards it. 

We understand the thought process behind wanting eBay to be a part of your sales channels, which is why they offer an eBay 3PL integration as well. With Canary7, running an eBay store will be easier than you would have ever thought! Order management, inventory management, and warehouse management: all under one roof. If you are looking to bring efficiency and productivity to your eBay processes, all you have to do is turn to our 3PL integrations – and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with just how well your business can perform with our help.

Canary7 LP _ 3PL Integrations - ebay

Shipping Integrations

Most useful for our 3PL customers, shipping integrations are a part of the solutions we offer so that you can reduce processing costs when placing consignments with the courier service of your choice. With the help of courier integrations, you can connect multiple warehouse processes with the courier service, and make order processing a breeze from start to finish. 

No matter which courier service you choose for your business, Canary7 can help. Our vast range of API integrations cover all major couriers, so you are at the liberty to exercise your discretion and choose what is the absolute best for your business. Shipment is one of the aspects that many businesses, especially 3PLs, are challenged by, so our 3PL integrations are a must. With these 3PL api integrations, you can establish a solid workflow to and from your warehouse, without having to step out of your comfort zone. 

Canary7 LP _ 3PL Integrations - Fedex

1. FedEx

FedEx’s average daily package volume is 15.5m.

FedEx is one of the largest courier corporations in the world. It provides customers and many businesses all over the world with many services, including but not limited to transportation, eCommerce, and business services. It has established itself as a leader in the industry and is the first choice for many businesses, especially 3PLs, when it comes to the safe and secure shipment of their products. 

So, if you want FedEx to be apart of your journey – we get it, which is why our 3PL integrations enable you to connect your warehouse with FedEx’s app. This way, you can streamline your fulfilment procedures in a dual manner – not only will you be ensuring that your warehouse is functioning properly with the help of Canary7, but you will also be making sure that the shipping process itself is safe and secure, and that all your orders safely reach the customers’ doorsteps. By using our 3PL integrations, you can develop a stronger connection between FedEx and your business, which is why Canary7 will prove to be the right choice for you. 

2. DHL

DHL serves over 220 countries and territories.

DHL considers itself “world-leading” when it comes to delivering packages, and for good reason. It delivers 1,818,000,000 parcels every single year, which shows that there are many people as well as businesses who trust DHL with their belongings. Considering that DHL operates in so many countries, the courier service is a great option for 3PLs who want to dominate the game and ensure that every package that leaves their warehouse reaches the customer in pristine condition. 

At Canary7, there is nothing we want more than the best for you. If you think that’s DHL, then who are we to stop you from fully integrating it with your warehouse services? With the help of our 3PL integrations you can make any courier service your go-to, including DHL. Our DHL integration will allow you to benefit from all the features, functionalities, and services offered by the DHL app. From that, you can work towards considerably faster and generally better order processing, which will not only wow you but also your customers. 

Canary7 LP _ 3PL Integrations - DHL
Canary7 LP _ 3PL Integrations - UPS

3. UPS

As of 2022, UPS’s freight and supply chain revenue has been over 15.2b from its 1,800 operating facilities. 

For businesses looking to expand their reach and deal with international clients, UPS provides one of the best courier solutions. Needless to say, this makes it a great fit for third party logistics companies: they can utilise it for a range of delivery options without having to put in much effort, and in turn ensure that their orders are being safely shipped to their customers. Since UPS is used to handling large volumes of orders everyday, 3PLs can benefit from sending out loads of orders at once. 

If you are interested and want to make use of UPS’s services, you can trust Canary7 to make it happen! Our 3PL integrations include UPS as well, so you can easily connect your inventory, warehouse, as well as other aspects of the supply chain with the UPS app, and create a smooth connection between all areas of your logistical journey. Connect Canary7 with UPS and benefit from the features offered by both of these! Watch your 3PL services evolve by a mile with the help of both these systems, and never disappoint customers ever again. 

More 3PL Integrations… Just a Click Away

The best part is that our 3PL integrations don’t just stop here – there is so much more. Canary7 offers 77+ eCommerce integrations and 93+ carrier integrations – which means that if you are truly looking for 3PL api integrations, then Canary7 is the ultimate stop for you. With our help and these 3PL integrations, you can actually increase your order throughput by 400%. 

At Canary7, our ultimate goal is to provide businesses like yours with the support they need to evolve and be the best version of themselves. This involves providing integrations that can allow your back-end solutions to connect to other advanced apps that can help you stay at the top of your game. With the help of Canary7, you can emerge as a leader in any industry that you work in.

And 3PL integrations are not the only things you get out of us – you can introduce yourself to hundreds of software solutions that are constantly updated in accordance with the needs of 3PLs, which means that there is nothing more scalable for your 3PL business than Canary7. 

The 3PL industry is ever-evolving. We understand that in order to strengthen your standing, you have to go the extra mile. You can do this by making use of the hundreds of integrations we offer. 

All Ears to Suggestions

Remember – at Canary7, we aim to be there for our clients throughout their fulfilment journey. If you have any suggestions that will enable us to show up for you better, we are all ears. Our monthly sprints are implemented in order to ensure this very thing; that Canary7 can be consistently updated in accordance with the needs of our customers, especially when it comes to API integrations.

So, have something to say? Contact us today!