Meet Canary7
The Only 3PL Fulfilment Software

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7
The Only 3PL Fulfilment Software

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Tackle all your fulfilment challenges with Canary7; a 3PL fulfilment software solutions that are designed to cater to your unique needs as a 3PL service provider. The fulfilment game is not easy, but with Canary7, you can navigate it with utmost convenience.

The Fulfillment Process Simplified

3PL fulfilment is not just a procedure; it is a whole, highly intricate and layered journey. There are multiple processes that must be woven together in order to ensure that the final picture, i.e. your fulfilment process as a whole, is up to par with the ever-competitive 3PL industry you are a part of. 

However, the fact that the fulfilment process for 3PL is so complicated can prove to be a challenge to third party logistics providers. It puts a pressure on them to streamline each and every aspect of the experience, and that can be hard to do. 

But it can be simplified with the help of an advanced 3PL fulfilment software.

Luckily, Canary7 shows up as the best 3PL fulfilment software each step of the way within your fulfilment journey, and equips you with just the right solutions you need to elevate your business.

Receiving Inventory

Your fulfilment journey starts with receiving inventory – hence, it is one of the most important aspects of your 3PL business. As a 3PL, you receive the main goods from another company, i.e. your customer. Thus, as a 3PL business, your interaction with your customer begins right at the start of your fulfilment journey. You may even have to receive inventory from different sources – depending on the setup of your business. 


Although receiving inventory seems straightforward, it isn’t – especially not for a 3PL company. The fact that you have your first interaction with your customer right at the start of the fulfilment journey essentially means that the stakes are higher for you than your counterparts, since you have the responsibility to impress your customer right from the beginning. Not only that, but receiving inventory is also quite a meticulous process. All the stock you receive must be counted, inspected, inventoried accurately. In addition, it must also be ensured that the stock is being handled properly. Breakages are actually quite common during this stage, which makes it even more important. 

How Canary 7 Helps

With its 3PL fulfilment software solutions, Canary7 makes receiving inventory a breeze for you! The challenge of counting, inspecting, and inventorying your products can be easily tackled with the help of the barcode and RFID technology provided with Canary7. Now, you can store your stock away in a considerably organised manner – by tagging each product accurately, making it even easier for yourself to retrieve the stock for later processes within the fulfilment procedure. With Canary7, all the tiring, tedious SKUs can be kept from becoming a blur and can actually be utilised by you in a way that positively impacts your fulfilment procedure. 

Inventory Storage

The next process in the fulfilment journey inventory storage. As the name suggests, this will involve you actually storing the products that are supposed to be sold. There are multiple variations of inventory storage, depending on the kind of products you are dealing with. Storage is a crucial element of the whole fulfilment process because until your products are actually ordered and sold off to the end user, the storage is where they will rest.


The inventory storage stage is challenging for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is important for you to ensure that you are sending the stock to the right variation of storage space. Often, you have to decide between long-term storage and short-term storage. Sometimes, you may even have to disburse the products as soon as you get them, which means that they will have to skip the storage stage all together. The decision you make in this regard is important, since one wrong move could cost you a lot of money. This is because warehouse space is expensive – for each item you store, you are essentially increasing your warehousing costs. Therefore, data-backed, forecasted storage decisions are important when it comes to this stage – but they are not always easy to make. 

How Canary 7 Helps

Canary7 steps in as a 3PL fulfilment software solution and helps you ensure that all storage decisions you make are the right ones. By analysing your sales activity and using it to help you forecast your inventory, you can gauge which products need to be accommodated in which way. This will help you optimise your warehouse space better, and avoid overstocking – something that is a major issue for many 3PL businesses. With Canary7, not only do you get to evolve your storage space and make it future-proof, but also save time, money, and effort, which can then be used in other areas of your business. 

Order Processing

Next comes order processing. This actually begins when the end-user places their order for a product. As soon as you receive the order, you have to initiate a series of picking and packing activities that will then lead to a fully, properly packaged order ready to be shipped to the customer’s doorstep. Order processing for each order you get is a separate, nuanced procedure and is treated as such by all businesses that are focused on providing an unparalleled customer experience to their customers.


Regardless of the type of your business, order processing is a technical, complicated process that must be tackled cleverly. For 3PLs, this is even more relevant considering that a 3PLs whole reputation as a business depends on how well they process orders – after all, your clients have chosen you as their logistics provider based on how well you can handle this particular part of the business! The more orders you have on hand, the harder it becomes to ensure that you have managed everything properly. Let’s say your client is a multi-channel retailer, and they get thousands of orders from their website, as well as their Amazon set up. As a 3PL, you will have to ensure that every single order received by them is processed with perfection; regardless of the volume of the orders being taken per day! Needless to say, it tends to complicate things a little. 

How Canary 7 Helps

With Canary7, you get your hands on the latest, cutting-edge order management mechanisms that make it very straightforward for you to provide your customers with the order processing they deserve. Centralise the orders you get from different channels in one place, and manage them with perfection without having to make use of multiple apps. Automatically streamline your orders with the inventory at hand, so it is easy for you to ensure that the order processing is accurate. Deal with an uncapped amount of orders everyday, and impress your clients, their customers, and maybe even your competitors – only with Canary7’s 3PL fulfilment software solutions. 

Picking and Packing

After that, your fulfilment journey reaches the point where you have to pick the orders, and pack them so that they are ready to be shipped. Picking involves a picking team selecting items from the warehouse according to the order you are processing. In order to ensure that everything is done correctly, picking is usually done with the help of a packing slip which clearly mentions important details about the product in question such as SKUs, colours, sizes, number of units and location. As far as packing is concerned, it is done by carefully selecting packing materials that will secure the products for the shipment journey.


The main challenge on this stage is coordination. In order to ensure that the quality of the order isn’t compromised, it is important for you to ensure that there is proper coordination between the picking and packing teams. Since both of these teams have a job that is slightly technical, it is not always easy to streamline communication. For example, if the picking team is operating completely manually, then it may get some of the details on the packing slip incorrect. The packing team, on the other hand, may miscalculate the materials needed for the packaging following that – which can lead to delays, and sometimes even errors that show up during delivery time. Either way, this makes this stage complicated to perfect.

How Canary 7 Helps

As a 3PL fulfilment software solution, it is Canary7’s job to ensure that the picking and packing strategies are fully streamlined. This is done by providing the user, i.e. you, with all the control to ensure that the details on each order are accurate. These details can then reach your staff without any hassle, since Canary7 is easy and user-friendly enough to be used by each member of your team. This way, it becomes easy for your picking and packing teams to ensure that the details they work according to are accurate and that they are not setting themselves up for disastrous, expensive mistakes.


Everybody knows that the shipping process itself forms perhaps the most important part of the fulfilment journey. This is because shipping is essentially where your services connect with the client – it’s the process you both should ultimately be in on, and hence is the kind of thing that should be seamless for both. Shipping involves sending the order to a transportation channel or shipping node.


The challenges associated with shipping are vast and varied. For starters, you must ensure that the order meets requirements of the shipping channel. For example, if you are sending your shipment through FedEx, you will have to ensure that the order actually complies with their regulations. Same is the case for any freight service you are associated with. Sometimes these regulations have to do with the packaging, whereas other times the actual contents of the product like the size may also be subject to discretion. Therefore for shipping too, there needs to be a clear line of communication between you and the shipping service. Not only that, but in order to ensure that the shipment is actually in your control, you need to get hold of the tracking information and keep a record of it. The best approach is also to share the information with the customer, so that they can keep tabs on their order as well.

How Canary 7 Helps

With its 3PL fulfilment software system, Canary7 helps you deal with all these issues relating to the shipping process head on. Using Canary7, you automatically streamline your communication with the shipment service, and have all the necessary details you need to track the order. Not only that, but Canary7 also makes it easy for you to share this information with your customer so that they can also keep in touch with the shipment. What this essentially means is that thanks to Canary7’s 3PL fulfilment software, you are fully in control of the delivery of the order and can identify any potential problems early on, and fix them even before they transform into bigger issues.

Returns Processing

For many people, the fulfilment process ends with the shipment and successful delivery of an order. However, as a 3PL, you must already know that this is not the case. Return processing is an equally integral component of the fulfilment process. It covers all situations where the package has to be delivered back to the fulfilment centre. So, this could be because the customer received a faulty product, the wrong product, or simply has had a change of mind (depending on the return policy). It may also include situations where the package was shipped to the wrong address, or could not be received by the customer for some reason.


Returns processing is perhaps the most challenging aspect for any fulfilment process – which is why many businesses seem to neglect it. This is because with returns processing, what you have to master is essentially reverse logistics. So, think of the fulfilment journey we have just discussed – but in reverse! While it may sound like an easy thing to achieve, it certainly isn’t. In fact, it’s more complicated to track inventory, and store products once they’ve been returned. 

How Canary 7 Helps

However, with Canary7 – this isn’t the case! Our 3PL fulfilment solutions are here to ensure that the reverse logistics for return processing are just as seamless as any other process of the fulfilment journey. Our tracking solutions ensure that you can track your order even during the returns processing, which means that it becomes easier to receive returned products and then store them accordingly. Enhance your customer experience like never before with Canary7 and impress your customers for the long-run with a returns process that is seamless to the very core. 

3PL Fulfillment Software Solutions by Canary7

Canary provides all kinds of software solutions to help simplify your fulfilment journey.

1. Warehouse Management System.

Manage your warehouse and streamline all warehouse activity with our cutting-edge WMS. Optimise warehouse space, save money, and increase profit margins with the help of best technology available in the market.

With the help of our warehouse management system, you can organise your warehouse space in a way that actually streamlines your 3PL activity and allows you to grow as a business in this industry. Canary7 knows that 3PL success is contingent upon a highly advanced and functional warehouse, which is why we are focused on helping you achieve exactly that.

Canary7 LP _ Warehouse Management System
Canary7 LP _ Order Management System

2. Order Management System

Take control of order processing with the help of our world-class OMS. Implement reverse logistics with unparalleled ease and impress your customers with unbelievably fast delivery times. Take the chaos out of order management and send your products out with ease.

No longer do you have to lose your mind over chaotic order processing – with our order management system, you can gain control of the entire fulfilment process and make sure that your customers are accommodated in every possible way. It’s time to emerge as the leading 3PL; with the help of our 3PL fulfilment software. 

3. Inventory Management System

Handling an inventory may be hard, but not with the help of Canary7’s savvy 3PL fulfilment software solutions for inventory management. Use our inventory management software to streamline your inventory and ensure that you never have to deal with problems of overstocking/under stocking ever again. 

3PL inventory is very important – and it is only if you master it from end to end that you can solidify your success as a third party logistics business. At Canary7, we understand that and are focused towards enabling you to create the most advanced inventory management processes that will transform you in the best possible ways by providing you with the ultimate 3PL fulfilment software.  

Canary7 LP _ Inventory Management System

4. Labour Management System

Our 3PL fulfilment software solutions are not only focused on the various processes that are a part of the fulfilment journey, but also the people who make it possible. For this, Canary7’s labour management system steps in and helps you tackle various problems associated with managing the human element in your business.

It’s time to stop neglecting your workforce and actually create a 3PL framework that lessens their burdens and increases their productivity. To many businesses, that may sound like a hard job but it is not hard at all with the help of a 3PL fulfilment software, which is why we recommend you to pay attention to it and try to implement it into all your 3PL operations. This way, you can improve your business both in terms of its performance with customers and its impact on your staff!

5. Warehouse Control System

There’s a little something for the equipment present in your warehouse as well – our warehouse control system is a 3PL fulfilment software that makes it easy for you to control and maintain the equipment within the warehouse, without leaving your comfort zone. For best results, pair our warehouse control system with our warehouse management system and watch your warehouse activity become surprisingly faster.

3PL Fulfilment Software Features

To render order management effectively for your 3PL business, Canary7 offers the capabilities you need. As well as providing efficient order management we are also the perfect provider for all your order fulfilment needs. So what features does our 3PL fulfilment software offer?

Scalable Order Processing

Scaling and expanding is something that every business strives for. This is why Canary7 was built with this in mind to provide you with a very scalable and resilient fulfilment infrastructure. With the help of Canary7’s 3PL fulfilment software, you can set up for quick order processing, better customer satisfaction and ultimately improve the productivity inside your warehouse. 

Accurate Order Tracking

As a 3PL it is important for your customers to know precisely where their order are in the process, therefore it is important to have accurate order tracking in place for your customers to view. Canary7’s 3PL fulfilment software allows both you and your customers to keep track of the orders you send out thanks to its barcode and RFID capabilities. 

Optimal Order Picking, Packing, and Shipping 

Third party logistics main purpose is to process orders which involves many different procedures such as selection, packaging and shipping. To obtain seamlessness throughout the order handling process, 3PL’s must simply all of these procedures. 

The 3PL fulfilment software that Canary7 offers, makes this simple to accomplish. It will allow each and every person with the right tools and support they need to navigate these procedures and overcome any challenges that may arise. So what is the final outcome? An integrated order process that will leave your clients speechless.

Smooth Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is just as important as the full order processing stage, however not all order fulfilment software’s consider this as an important factor. With Canary7, you don’t have to worry as you will benefit from the best reverse logistics. 

Our innovative 3PL fulfilment software assist with fulfilment from start to finish, including reverse logistics. Conduct returns and replacements at the speed of lightning with Canary7 3PL fulfilment software.

Smart Reporting and Analytics

In order to succeed you need to have reliable systems in place that can gather important data and analysis of your business. Canary7’s fulfilment software can help with this, providing you with personalised reports and progress graphs with all the information you need to evaluate your success as a 3PL. Naturally, this may also assist in increasing your overall order management efficiency.

Automated Billing System

Another crucial component of order management is having accurate and timely billing which will ensure a positive client experience. With Canary7’s 3PL fulfilment software you can automate invoicing so you don’t have to worry about producing them manually.

High Volume of Orders

As a 3PL you will have to manage a substantial amount of orders each day for different clients. Therefore we believe in limitless order management, meaning you can handles all the orders you receive each day swiftly and efficiently with the aid of our 3PL fulfilment software.

3PL Fulfillment Software Solutions for Everyone

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