The Best 3PL WMS
Software for Your Business

Meet Canary7: the best 3PL software solution for your warehouse. Equip your warehouse with unrivalled efficiency, flexibility, and profitability and watch your 3PL experience flourish, only with our 3PL solutions! 

The Best 3PL WMS
Software for Your Business

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7

The Best 3PL Software solution for your warehouse

Looking to transform your warehouse activity? Want to find the best WMS for 3PL challenges?

Equip your warehouse with unrivalled efficiency, flexibility, and profitability and watch your 3PL experience flourish. 

We understand that managing third party logistics can be a hard job; especially when you are managing the fulfillment process for multiple clients. However, it doesn’t have to be. With the help of the right technology and the right amount of automation integrated into your operations, you can actually transform the way you operate as a third party logistics provider and bring your 3PL activity to life. 

The best news is that you no longer have to look far for this solution – because it is just a few clicks away for you!

Canary7 is based on the collective knowledge and experience of the 3PL industry’s top experts, so it has been designed specifically to help you overcome challenges in this particular industry. 


Why Choose Us?

In the list of best 3PL systems, Canary7 is sure to stand out – thanks to the effective yet easy-to-use controls it offers.
Created by top-level industry experts, each feature of the 3PL WMS software offered by Canary7 is meant to seamlessly align with your business and help you take your warehouse to the next level.

Automate your 3PL workflow – from start to finish, only with Canary7.
Best 3pl WMS Lower Cost

1. Lower Costs

Unlike traditional 3PL WMS solutions.

Canary7 offers a holistic, one-stop approach to managing your warehouse and making it 3PL-friendly. This means that you no longer have to waste your money on different heavy-duty tools to get a simple job done. We are focused towards helping our clients optimise their budgets and ensure that they are only spending money in the direction where it matters. Cut down on your spending with the help of the best 3PL software solutions in the market.

Best 3pl WMS Lower Cost

2. Limitless Flexibility

The key to prospering in today’s 3PL game is being

is being completely in control of your WMS activity. In their creation of Canary7, our experts are mindful of this fact which is why each feature provided to enhance your 3PL experience offers limitless flexibility. As the best 3PL WMS software, Canary7 is flexible enough to be used in accordance with whatever challenges you may face as a 3PL business. Not only that, but we are constantly on the lookout for suggestions from clients on how to improve our tools so that they are better aligned with the needs of a 3PL venture.

Best 3pl WMS Limitless Flexibility
Best 3pl WMS Real-time visibility

3. Real-Time Visibility

No matter how evolved your warehouse ecosystem is,

Canary7 offers you real-time visibility on all ends, through which you can keep complete track of your fulfillment processes at all times. A 360 degrees view of your activity means that you can detect and fix problems at the speed of lightning, without having to sacrifice the efficiency of your business. With Canary7, you are empowered with constant updates to ensure that you truly are in control of your 3PL business operations.
Best 3pl WMS Real-time visibility

4. Increased Productivity

The Best 3PL Warehouse Management System Software
Will help you faster productivity within the warehouse – and that’s exactly what Canary7 does. Our unique “gamification” approach when it comes to team management, paired with the cutting-edge technology that is behind all our software solutions allow your business to be the hub of productivity! By putting the efficiency of your team at the very centre of your business, our features allow you to equip each member of staff with the ability to contribute their very best to the equation, and in turn make Canary 7 the best 3PL WMS software in the market.
Best 3pl WMS Increased productivity
Best 3pl WMS Fully Scalable Warehouse Management Software

Fully Scalable Warehouse Management Software

Looking to transform your warehouse activity? Want to find the best WMS for 3PL challenges?
Our clients told us that scalability is one of the most important factors of success for their business, and we listened. This is why with Canary7, it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. We offer solutions that facilitate the growth of your business, regardless of its current scale.
Canary7 is a 3PL WMS that adapts to your needs – which is what makes it unique and the most reliable contender to help you achieve your 3PL aims. Unlike other 3PLS WMS software available in the market, Canary7 is not static. It grows in accordance with the operational and spatial requirements of your operations, which allows it to transform into the perfect fit for you.
Our features help you improve your supply chain by making it more seamless, and hence increasing efficiency, productivity, and profitability. This remains our ultimate goal even as your business grows, and hence you are allowed to map out your journey to success no matter where your business is at the moment.

Replace outdated technology with Canary7, and watch your business evolve into its best possible version. Optimise your waving, picking, and packing strategies. Identify the space for growth across all aspects of your business. Increase productivity within the warehouse and improve order fulfillment and product delivery. And along with all of this, grow steadily and watch your business rise through the ranks.

Best 3pl WMS Fully Scalable Warehouse Management Software

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3PL Warehouse Management Made Easy

Turn managing your 3PL warehouse into a breeze, only with Canary7.

It is our job to offer unique yet trustworthy features to help you improve your 3PL operations – and that’s exactly what we do. Our warehouse management system is equipped with technology that makes it a great fit for all industries, including the 3PL industry towards which it provides a special focus.

Best 3PL WMS User Interface & Expert Training

1. User Interface & Expert Training

Our clients vouch for our user-friendliness, and you will too.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of our easy-to-use solutions to unlock the full potential of Canary7. To use the best 3PL WMS software system, you need to understand that software With our user-friendly interface, understanding the ins and outs of Canary7 and how it can become a part of your operations for unparalleled growth is no less than a walk in the park. Equipped with detailed user guides, technical support, and expert training, Canary7’s WMS solutions can easily be taught to all your staff – regardless of how tech-savvy they are (or aren’t). With Canary7, you can bring the whole team together and use your 3PL WMS to the very best of its ability, nothing less.

Best 3PL WMS User Interface & Expert Training

2. Sleek and Responsive Design

A treat to look at and navigate.

Outdated WMS solutions are not only displeasing to look at, but they are also painfully ineffective. Canary7 aims to take you away from all of that and offer you a versatile, highly responsive design that is easy for you to navigate. The WMS has a simple, minimalistic look that allows you to tune out the unnecessary details and focus entirely on enhancing the 3PL experience within your warehouse. Moreover, it can be accessed on a range of smart devices – including your phone and laptop. So, the best WMS for 3PL challenges is just a click away from you, no matter what your gadget of choice is.

Best 3PL WMS Sleek and Responsive Design
Best 3PL WMS Cloud-Based Warehouse Management

3. Cloud-Based Warehouse Management

Leave it all to the Cloud.

Canary7 allows you to bid farewell to heavy hardware that requires monumental time, effort, and money to set up and yet, offers little more than pesky infrastructure limitations. Our 3PL warehouse management system is cloud-based, which means that not only does it activate instantly without requiring much effort from your end, but it also means that you can access your data from anywhere in the world, without any trouble. All in all, cut down on installation and operational costs by relying on the Cloud – only with Canary7.

Best 3PL WMS Cloud-Based Warehouse Management

4. A Gamified Approach

Engage your team like never before, and watch their productivity levels rise.

Your biggest and most important asset will always remain your labour force, and a huge part of success for 3PLs is dependent on how well-equipped and productive your team is. To that end, Canary7 ensures that your staff contributes their best abilities to your business by keeping them engaged with gamification. Gamification is employed across Canary7’s interface, which allows your team to compare their performance against each other and hence, encourages friendly competition. With this approach Canary7 empowers your employees to be a highly productive part of your journey to success and this is what makes Canary7 the best 3PL WMS software.

Best 3PL WMS A Gamified Approach
Best 3PL WMS Smart Stock Rotation

5. Smart Stock Rotation

The answer to all your stock rotation needs.
We understand that you require the best 3PL WMS software system to tackle a broad range of stock rotation needs – which is why Canary7 provides smart stock rotation. Take control of our flexible WMS solutions and meet all important KPIs with efficiency. No matter how complex your desired stock protocols are, Canary7’s 3PL warehouse management system allows you to take the lead and do whatever is best for your business.
Best 3PL WMS Smart Stock Rotation

6. Universal Integration Options

Take advantage of full API integration options to suit your needs.

Canary7 is the 3PL WMS software that provides a diverse range of integration options. You can easily use Canary7 to integrate your WMS with all important digital applications such as eCommerce platforms like Shopify right down to Carriers such as Royal Mail. This will create a holistic ecosystem consisting of logistic, financial, and fulfilment solutions for your business. Not only will this help you save money, but it is also the best way to bring efficiency and profitability at the heart of your operations.

Best 3PL WMS Universal Integration Options


3PL WMS Software Solutions

Created by the best for the best.
Canary7 provides the ultimate way for you to navigate 3PL challenges without compromising on the integrity of your business. For every problem, we offer a cutting-edge, world class solution.
Best 3PL WMS Save Money

Save Money

Struggling with finances and can’t afford any mistakes? Canary7 ensures that the tools offered to you are actually effective. Skip the trial and error period and choose the best 3PL WMS software that is guaranteed to fit perfectly within the framework of your business.
  • Make data-driven, budget-friendly decisions.
  • Avoid unwanted costs by eliminating understocking, overstocking, and stock shrinkage.
  • Only pay per user.
Best 3PL WMS Speed up your processes

Speed up your processes

Want to speed up your fulfillment processes and ensure you are making your deliveries exactly on time? The advanced technology gone into building our features also makes sure that you can reach your desired milestones at the speed of lightning.
We value efficiency, and know you do too, so we equip you with solutions that are efficient too.
  • Ship and sell faster.
  • Eliminate warehouse delays.
  • Monitor your orders in real-time.
Best 3PL WMS Speed up your processes

Grow Exponentially

Are your operations centred around the ultimate goal of growth? Canary7 offers next-gen, future-friendly solutions. It is built for scalability, and the way it adapts itself in accordance with the needs of your business proves that.
We understand that no warehouse stays the same – especially if you are succeeding, your warehouse is likely to grow. For this reason, our experts have curated leading solutions that support future growth and changing business requirements throughout your journey as a business.
  • Support for a large range of machines and processes.
  • Get full oversight of your warehouse and plan for the future.
  • Manage your experiences in accordance with demand peaks.

Manage Your Labor Force

Hoping to manage your labour force in a better way? One of the most challenging aspects of running a 3PL warehouse is managing the labour force. Since they have to undertake multiple responsibilities, it is not unusual for 3PL workers to feel overwhelmed. With Canary7, you can tackle this situation and

ensure that your labor force is getting just the help it requires. Empower your employees, empower your business.

  • Engage your employees with gamification.
  • Align human resources with areas of high demand.
  • Delegate tasks to specific members like pro.
Best 3PL WMS Control your warehouse

Control your warehouse from anywhere

Don’t want mobility issues to hinder your warehouse management experience? It’s time to turn to the best 3PL WMS software! To ensure that everything is up to par with your warehouse (or warehouses) it is important for you to have full control of the situation.We ensure that you have access to your data and
can oversee your processes no matter where you are in the world. Enhanced operational visibility means that each aspect of the supply chain can be checked and double checked, which ultimately helps you minimize errors, save money, and ensure that everything is in control.
  • Cloud-based technology.
  • End-to-end control.
  • Manage your experiences in accordance with demand peaks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a warehouse management system?

A warehouse management system is a software that streamlines all your warehouse activity and ensures that your fulfillment processes are executed efficiently across the supply chain. A WMS allows you to control not only your warehouse, but also your manufacturing, inventory, and shipment procedures. It provides the best option for companies that are looking to improve their operations as well as expand in terms of what they offer.

What is 3PL?

3PL stands for third party logistics. It is essentially the procedure that involves outsourcing your logistic processes to a third-party, usually to help with eCommerce operations. Many businesses outsource their logistics to third-parties because it’s more convenient, cheaper, and less demanding in terms of effort. 3PLs are focused on taking the burden off businesses, and hence have a very big responsibility on them to ensure that everything is executed just the right way. The challenges a 3PL faces are often unique and it is not straightforward for just any tool to tackle these.

What is a 3PL WMS?

A 3PL warehouse software is a warehouse management system software that is built specifically to tackle the various issues that concern 3PLs. A 3PL will allow you to improve your warehouse performance, optimize your inventory, manage shipping, and considerably increase client satisfaction. 3PL warehousing solutions will allow you to transform the efficiency, flexibility, and scalability of your warehouse - no matter the size or nature of your business.

What are the benefits of using a 3PL WMS?

Many! Primarily, you don’t have to invest in multiple tools and software in order to get everything sorted. Instead, you get a holistic, well-rounded solution that can help you tackle multiple things at once, without wasting an unnecessary amount of time and effort.

What is the best 3PL warehouse management software?

Don’t let long, exhausting lists of 3PL systems fool you! Canary7 is the best 3PL WMS software for plenty of reasons. It has been created keeping the special needs of 3PLs in mind, and hence offers solutions that are likely to tackle the various challenges your business is likely to face. Moreover, it is a scalability-friendly solution - so no matter how much your business grows or scales up, you can rely on Canary7 to help you tackle any issues that you may come across. It truly is the best, considering that the team at Canary7 will take into account your particular needs and make improvements to the product based on that. Here, your opinion matters, which is why Canary7 is YOUR personal 3PL WMS solution, and also the best 3pl software.