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Want to gain a complete overview of your warehouse, inventory, and other aspects of your supply? Leave it all to Canary7. 

As a 3PL, managing logistics in the warehouse can be a challenging experience. Not only do you have the responsibility to make things as seamless as possible for your customers, but you also have to make sure that the delivery process for the end-user remains seamless and that there are no problems that take place during the entire fulfilment journey. Given that the 3PL fulfilment journey can be prone to many gaps and lags, it can be difficult to ensure this. 

However, not when Canary7 is a part of the picture. Canary7 is the leading third party logistics warehouse management system and it can be the perfect partner for you during 3PL activity. 

As a third party logistics warehouse management system, Canary7 helps 3PLs navigate the unique challenges of the sector with efficiency. An easy-to-use, 3PL-oriented platform: the solution to all your problems. 

Improve The Fulfilment Process

The fulfilment process you offer as a 3PL forms the backbone of your business… we get that. With Canary7, you get to improve the fulfilment process from start to finish. Whether it is your pick and pack strategy or the shipping procedure, Canary7 aligns itself with multiple aspects of your supply chain and brings productivity to the centre of your fulfilment journey as a whole. 

Organise your warehouse better with smart, cutting-edge technology and improve your performance by miles. Speed up your order processing to get products through the warehouse and out to the customer on time. Create a lasting impression on your customers, and climb up the ladder of success with no hindrances. 

Move Forward With Simplicity

Your time is precious – stop wasting it on unnecessary technicalities and complications. Instead, get your hands on Canary7’s third party logistics warehouse management system that utilises modern, advanced technology – but presents it to you in the form of minimalistic, simple features. 

No longer do you have to read through piles of documentation to understand the functionalities of your dream third party logistics warehouse management system. Easily train yourself and your team with the help of comprehensive user guides, and get the most out of Canary7’s WMS for 3PL challenges.

And because Canary7 is so simple to use, it will help you save a lot of time. The time you save can instead be directed towards other important elements of your business such as the core processes, and hence with the help of our third party logistics warehouse management system you can actually improve your business from start to finish. This is why this tool is integral to the success of any 3PL business, and hence should be on your list of priorities.

A Fully Traceable Experience

Say goodbye to scattered and messy warehouse activity forever. Canary7 will help you not only organise your warehouse, but also trace all the processes taking place within the warehouse from start to finish. Identify problems before they manifest into bigger issues and avoid having to spend hundreds of dollars on fixing them. 

Track your products’ journey from the inventory, out of the warehouse, and into your customer’s hands. Study activity patterns and improve them in accordance with your needs. Integrate your presence in the warehouse even if you are not physically present, and let go of all your 3PL fears.

Third Party Logistics Warehouse Management from Anywhere

3PL is a fast-paced world – there is so much to do, and so little time. With Canary7, do the most for your warehouse; from anywhere in the world. Our solutions can be accessed on any device, in any location, which means that you can finally be connected to your warehouse 24/7. 

Overcome 3PL challenges without any infrastructure restrictions. Get regular updates on warehouse activity, and be in control with the pace of things. Take charge of the trajectory of your business and play a considerably more active role in reaching a new height of 3PL success; without having to step out of your comfort zone.

Why Canary7?

Canary7 is the ultimate third party logistics warehouse management system – designed for 3PL professionals by 3PL professionals, our warehouse management solutions are top-class and will make just the right improvements to your business.

Optimise the warehouse space and cut down on costs

Warehouse space is expensive – any 3PL business running in the 21st century is much too familiar with that reality. However, if you optimise your space smartly, you can have more, and spend less. Canary7 takes this idea and allows you to analyse your warehouse, and make the right decisions based on that analysis. Get rid of excessive, unnecessary material and only hold onto the stock you actually need. Reduce waste, shrinkage, and of course: premium space costs! Organise your warehouse, save money, and increase your profit margins; all in one go. 

Automate all components of the supply chain

If you want to keep up with the fast-paced, ever-growing commercial world, automation is your best bet. Canary7 can automate your warehouse processes inside out, so that the burden on your warehouse staff is as minimal as possible. Automate internal work assignments and make a smooth transition from manual, time-consuming, and tiresome work to quick and mistake-free automated work. Deal with bulk orders and urgent warehouse tasks at the speed of lightning, without having to worry whether you are on the right track. 

Provide better customer service

The fool-proof method of gaining success as a 3PL company is building a lasting relationship with your customers. For that, you have to ensure that you are providing top-notch customer service. Canary7 can help get customer’s orders out to them as quickly as possible and establish yourself as a credible, trustworthy 3PL service provider. Expand your client-base while maintaining the quality of your services, and impress your clients with an unforgettable customer experience. Optimise your warehouse in a way that prioritises a client-first approach, and use that to retain existing customers, getting new ones, and overall succeeding in the area of client management.

Reduce lead times

A key step in running your warehouse adequately is focusing on the inventory. Canary7’s third party logistics warehouse management system is designed in a way that allows you to tap into your inventory and make some necessary changes. Invest in a faster inventory turnover and ensure full, long-term visibility of your inventory. You never have to worry about overstocking or under stocking ever again: stock up just enough to meet your sales targets. Reduce shrinkage problems, the need for safety stock, and even lead time only with the help of Canary7 – world’s best third party logistics warehouse management system software. 

Better labour productivity

A lack of staff motivation can lead to hundreds of hindrances between you and the success of your warehouse. The best way to deal is to replace those old, outdated work processes with new, automated ones. Boost employees with gamification, and encourage healthy competition between them for increased productivity. Observe tasks being completed in an efficient, speedy manner and create a seamless link between employee success and the betterment of your warehouse. Most importantly, improve relationships with your staff – make them feel valued and provide them with the solutions needed to show your support.

Features That Set Us Apart

Canary7 is unrivalled in the 3PL game, thanks to the advanced features we offer our customers.

1. Barcode Technology

When it comes to the management of your warehouse, barcode technology will help you like no other thing. Not only does barcode scanning eliminate the possibility of human error, but it is also considerably faster than manual forms of inventory control and tracking. Moreover, barcode technology is inexpensive, easy to learn, and extremely versatile – so, use barcodes wherever, whenever you need to collect important data. Integrate barcode technology into your warehouse processes and elevate your business – only with the help of Canary7.

Third Party Logistics Warehouse Management System - Barcode Technology
Third Party Logistics Warehouse Management System - RFID Technology

2. RFID Technology

 We want to keep your business completely updated with the latest, cutting-edge technology available in the market, which is why we offer RFID technology that can be utilised for the purposes of warehouse management. With RFID technology, tracking assets and managing inventory ceases to be a challenge and can easily be navigated by 3PL businesses. Not only that, but RFID technology also ensures that you have accurate data available on your fingertips, which is the ultimate way to ensure that you are making just the right decisions.

3. Custom Reports

It is not enough to set yourself up for success – you also have to ensure that you are steadily staying updated with and analysing your progress. This is easy with Canary7: not only are you actively generating useful data that will provide you with much-needed insights into the progress of your business, but you can also turn this data into customised, comprehensive reports that allow you to interpret and understand this data. Check if you are meeting the right KPIs and judge your business performance in accordance with those KPIs. 

Third Party Logistics Warehouse Management System - Custom Reports
Third Party Logistics Warehouse Management System - API Integrations

4. API Integrations

If you want to turn your third party logistics warehouse into a full-fledged ecosystem, then Canary7 is the best option as it provides top-level API integrations. With the help of these integrations, you can connect your warehouse to current industry applications. This allows for smooth and seamless communication between your warehouse and other apps. Essentially, what you get is a range of benefits from multiple cloud-based apps, other than just one. So, with Canary7, you open yourself up to a whole new world of task automation, innovation, and of course: improved services. Some integrations include: Amazon, FedEx, DHL, UPS, WooCommerce, eBay, Shopify, Yodel, and Magento.

5. Multi-Channel Support

No matter what your business model or sales channel is, Canary7 can help. We are not only a great fit for 3PLs, but also eCommerce retailers, FMCG businesses, and food and beverage setups. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a brick and mortar shop or your whole business is based online – Canary7 offers just the right support for your kind of business and allows you to move forward into the future efficiently. 

Third Party Logistics - Multi-Channel Support

Third Party Logistics Inventory Management Software

Tired of traditional methods of inventory that require a monumental amount of resources, time, and effort on your end? Turn to Canary7!

As a 3PL inventory management software solution, Canary7’s most prominent power is that it offers end-to-end automation across different areas of the supply chain, including inventory. No longer do you have to be on the front line and exert yourself to achieve the right inventory milestones because Canary7 is designed to get that load off your head. By automating important inventory processes within the warehouse, this third party logistics inventory management software takes care of all the stock and allows 3PL owners to take a backseat and focus their energy elsewhere.

For a 3PL business, automation is indispensable because it goes towards building your credibility and repute as a reliable business. By replacing manual processes with automation, Canary helps you cut back on any possible errors and mishaps. This allows you to not only speed up the overall fulfilment procedure, but also create a considerably better experience for your clients and their customers.

Automating your inventory processes with Canary7 also allows you to save money – with more and more processes automated, your labour force doesn’t have to put in the extra hours, and you don’t have to put in the extra money.

Just set up your process once – and Canary7 will do the rest! Make your inventory more sustainable by integrating automation at every possible end of your business.

We Are Here For You

As third party logistics warehouse management system providers, we understand that running a 3PL business can be overwhelming; which is why our team is ever-present to help you familiarize yourself with the functionalities of Canary7.

Seamless Onboarding Process

At Canary7, your comfort is incredibly important, which is why do not shy away from providing you with just the best onboarding process. Once you decide to be a part of the Canary7 family, our warehouse logistics experts will attend your site to meet your team. You are encouraged to use this opportunity to convey your needs to us, so that we can ensure that the software solutions you are opting for can help you address these issues. Not only that, but this meeting will also allow us to deliver a complete training to all the members of your workforce; following which we can make sure that you are able to make the most out of your third party logistics warehouse management system. 

24/7 Customer Support

Getting done with the onboarding is not where customer support ends. Our customer representatives are always present online and can be reached out to for help – no matter the day, no matter the time. If any issues arise, you can simply contact us; we will get to fixing them as soon as possible. We can access your system remotely, and suggest fast and effective solutions without you having to move as much as a finger. 

Monthly Development Sprints

We want to ensure that our customers benefit from the best of the best. Which is why we are keen on making regular changes and updates to our software, simply so that we can ensure that the software is adapting to the growing needs of your industry. This is what sets us apart from other third party logistics warehouse management software systems: we grow as you grow. 

Canary7: Your Partner in Success

The journey to the top, as far as the 3PL industry is concerned, can often be hard and tiresome. However, with Canary7 by your side, you are able to overcome all challenges – and that’s exactly what we are here for… to help you succeed in the face of hardships. 

Third Party Logistics Warehouse Management System FAQs

What is a third party logistics warehouse management system?

A third party logistics warehouse management system is a cloud-based software that allows third party logistics to manage, organise, and improve their warehouse activity. Such software also helps streamline other aspects of your business, including order management and labour management. It can be used to help you automate routine tasks, deliver complete visibility, and align your warehouse processes with the ultimate aim of improving the customer experience. Essentially, a third party logistics warehouse management system can also be utilised to turn your business into an ecosystem that upholds all your 3PL processes.

Which one is the best third party logistics warehouse management system for me?

There are quite a few things you should check for before choosing a third party logistics warehouse management system for yourself. However, generally, the best third party logistics warehouse management system for any business would be the one that offers as many features as a 3PL business would need. Ideally, the best WMS for you would be software that is designed by 3PL professionals themselves, so that it can realistically tackle all the issues you may face in this sector. Following this, it can be safe to assume that Canary7 is the best option for you!

What features to look for in a third party logistics warehouse management system?

Again, there are a couple of things you should be on the lookout for. Does it automate all your routine processes? Does it help you save time, money, and effort? Does it offer customisation and scalability in multiple areas? Can it help you gain a deeper insight into your business and how it operates? Does it increase transparency? Does it help you track your products better? Ask yourself these questions and if the answer to all (not one or two) of these is positive, then you have found yourself the perfect software for your 3PL dream. And, just so you know, Canary7 does do all of the above, so maybe the best approach would be to check us out!

Does Canary7 support any other sectors?

Yes - although we majorly specialise in 3PL services since the brains behind Canary7 are seasoned 3PL professionals, we also provide equally expert software solutions for other sectors such as eCommerce, retail, FMCG, food and beverage, and manufacturing. No matter the size or nature of your business, Canary7 is here to provide you with just the services you need.