Your Search for the best
3PL Inventory Management
Software Ends Today

Choose Canary7 as your 3PL inventory management system, and watch your business transform into its best version.

Your Search for the best
3PL Inventory Management
Software Ends Today

Choose Canary7 as your 3PL inventory management system, and watch your business transform into its best version.

Meet Canary7

A Modern, cutting edge solution to the age old problem of inventory management, designed to help you tackle various challenges associated with 3PL inventory and stock control.


End-to-End Automation

Tired of traditional methods of inventory that require a monumental amount of resources, time, and effort on your end? Turn to Canary7!

As a 3PL inventory management software solution, Canary7’s most prominent power is that it offers end-to-end automation across different areas of the supply chain, including inventory. No longer do you have to be on the front line and exert yourself to achieve the right inventory milestones because Canary7 is designed to get that load off your head.

By automating important inventory processes within the warehouse, this 3PL inventory software takes care of all the stock and allows 3PL owners to take a backseat and focus their energy elsewhere.

For a 3PL business, automation is indispensable because it goes towards building your credibility and repute as a reliable business. By replacing manual processes with automation, Canary helps you cut back on any possible errors and mishaps. This allows you to not only speed up the overall fulfillment procedure, but also create a considerably better experience for your clients and their customers.

Automating your inventory processes with Canary7 also allows you to save money – with more and more processes automated, your labor force doesn’t have to put in the extra hours, and you don’t have to put in the extra money.

Just set up your process once – and Canary7 will do the rest! Make your inventory more sustainable by integrating automation at every possible end of your business.

Benefit 1: Increase productivity with automated processes

Canary7 introduces automation to your inventory processes – and this proves to be a great help. Traditionally, 3PL inventory management is a labour-extensive job. This means that it requires a lot of effort from your workers. However, with the right kind of automation, you can take a lot of the burden off of your shoulders as well as your team’s, and this is bound to lead to increased productivity and efficiency for all your operations. 

Benefit 2: Minimise delays and errors

You can do wonders for your 3PL inventory if you minimise your delays and errors. However, if you are still relying on manual systems, errors will occur very frequently. This is why Canary7 offers automated solutions instead, as these can help you cut back on costly mistakes and help you save money and time on that front. 

Benefit 3: Save money, time, and energy

With the help of Canary7’s 3PL inventory management solutions, you can save time, money, and effort in general as well. This is because not only are we affordable, but we also provide you with the resources that will help you employ a save more spend less approach, and this is how you can ultimately work on improving the overall productivity of your business.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

A successful inventory is one that can be tracked at all times. This idea influences Canary7’s 3PL inventory software as it aims to help you keep a close eye on your stock and stay in track of your inventory at all times. Canary7 introduces you to features that grant you complete control of your inventory. Whether your orders are at the warehouse, in transit, or at the distribution centre, our tools allow you track them throughout the fulfillment journey.

A 360 degrees view of your inventory activity allows you to ensure that you never run out of stock again. Inventory replenishment is a walk in the park with Canary7, because you get constant updates and in case you are running low on any of your products, you can quickly restock without it impacting your business.
With Canary7’s tracking facilities, you can easily identify slow-moving products. This will allow you to get them off your hands as fast as you need to, which enables you to establish a better cash-flow by focusing your resources where they are needed.

Our inventory tracking features also enable you to improve the overall customer experience you create for your customers. Adequate inventory tracking leads to better order tracking, which means that your customers can stay in the loop of their orders as well. Inventory tracking also means that you can ensure that all your bestsellers are available, and that your customers don’t have to wait for them unnecessarily.

Benefit 1: Prevent stock outs and overstocking

Two of the biggest issues associated with inventory management are stock outs and overstocking. Either of these extreme conditions are not beneficial for you. Luckily, Canary7 helps you avoid these by providing you with accurate, real-time data. You can use this data to improve your warehousing processes in general, as well as optimising your budget for optimal support.  

Benefit 2: Reduce “shrinkage” problems like theft, spoilage, and loss

3PL inventory management can also become complicated in light of problems like theft, spoilage, and loss. A simple solution to this is keeping an eye on all your items throughout. However, this is hard to do where manual systems are involved. On the other hand, with an automated 3PL inventory management system like Canary7, you can stay in touch with the movement of your inventory throughout and hence avoid all shrinkage problems before they actually occur. 

Benefit 3: Improve customer satisfaction

Not all businesses know this, but a 3PL’s customer satisfaction capabilities are very closely connected to how it manages its inventory. The more organised your inventory is, the more your strength as a 3PL can translate into your logistical services and the more satisfied your customers can be with your services. So, if as a 3PL you struggle to drive your business towards growth and satisfy your customers with your services, you will greatly benefit from an automated solution like Canary7 that improves your inventory. 

Data-Driven Forecasting

At Canary7, we take data seriously; especially when it comes to inventory forecasting.

With the help of Canary7’s 3PL inventory management software solutions, you can really put the data you generate with your inventory activity to good use and make the most of it.

Use Canary7 as your 3PL inventory management system to integrate different types of inventory forecasting into your overall warehousing strategy. Doesn’t matter if you want to leverage trend, graphical, qualitative, or quantitative forecasting; you will find support for your chosen methods at Canary7.

Not only that, but you can take advantage of multiple inventory formulae that work in tandem with Canary7 – such as EOQ, reorder point, average inventory, inventory turnover, load time, and safety stock. Get your hands on just the right inventory data needed to get accurate information out of these inventory forecasting methods.
Canary7 has been designed in a way that amalgamates inventory and data, and in turn empowers you with a one-of-its-kind forecasting. If you are looking to expand your target audience, make better investment, set attainable goals, improve customer satisfaction, and formulate better plans for your business, then Canary7’s 3PL system should be your number one choice.
3PL Inventory Management Software Data-Driven Forecasting

Benefit 1: Collect the right data

Collecting the right data is something that you really need to do in order to make sure that your business is moving in the right direction, and that your 3PL inventory is aligned with the overall trajectory of your business. Luckily, Canary7 helps to harness this data and then utilise it in ways that will actually help you make useful adjustments to your inventory. 

Benefit 2: Track your inventory in real-time

Tracking your inventory in real-time is important if you want to get updates that will actually improve the way you operate with data. It will help you get recent information and this is better for making sure that the efforts you make are well-aligned with the current fluctuations in customer demand as well as a range of other aspects that can have the same kind of impact on your business. 

Benefit 3: Take seasonal peaks and trends into regard

As a 3PL that manages inventory processes for many businesses, you have to keep seasonal peaks and trends in consideration as you optimise the fulfilment experience. Based on accurate data and real insights, Canary7 will help you do this, no longer do you have to worry about peak-season chaos – Canary7 will enable you to overcome it without any problems.

3PL Inventory Management Software Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting

Canary7 provides reporting tools that will help you gain and present a holistic, well-rounded outlook of your inventory. Get all the numbers you need to see how well you are doing, and make decisions based on accurately recorded data.

As a 3PL inventory management system, Canary7 helps you gauge insights that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Monitor the performance of products across different timeframes and compare your progress across multiple areas. Create weekly or monthly reports that allow you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your operations, and understand where your efforts need to be based predominantly.

Canary7’s reporting tools also help you understand the fluctuating metrics of your business and put them in the context of different selling seasons. This enables you to witness your growth and weigh your revenue in accordance with these circumstances.

Staying in touch with your inventory health means that you can understand the speed of change your business is likely to witness, and plan your profitability in that regard.

3PL Inventory Management Software Smart Reporting

Benefit 1: Generate weekly or monthly reports

For us, it is important to make sure that you stay in touch with your progress. This is why Canary7 makes it easier for you to generate weekly and monthly reports. This will help you see the pace at which you are growing, as well as identify all the areas that need work if you plan on accelerating and expediting your success beyond pre-defined limits. 

Benefit 2: Create product performance reports 

You can greatly improve your inventory management processes if you have the right insights on product performance and other vital information associated with that. Luckily, Canary7 helps you do that as well. You can now create comprehensive product performance reports that will not only help you understand your sales better, but also give you a dedicated insight into the life cycle of each product and hence optimise your operations in a way that can deal with all of it better. 

Benefit 3: Get bespoke dashboards with real-time insights

You can tap into Canary7’s dashboards to access real-time data and insights, which can provide you with a better look into how your inventory currently looks and how it should be optimised for a stellar experience. Instead of boring spreadsheets and other manual documents, benefit from our dashboards that are easy to use and a sight for sore eyes for businesses that want something different with their services. 

Holistic Inventory Strategy

As 3PL, unparalleled inventory management should be your number one superpower.

For that, you must have a comprehensive inventory strategy that takes into account not just one, but multiple factors associated with your business. This is exactly what Canary7 enables you to do.

Get a shot at transforming your inventory with Canary7 – from top to bottom. Our solutions cover a range of problems that 3PLs are likely to face. Want to save money? Canary7 can help you with that. Want to increase profits and productivity but also give way to a better customer experience? We have got that sorted. Any and every element that ensures a better experience for you in terms of inventory is offered by Canary7.

Your inventory strategy, with the help of Canary7’s third party warehouse inventory software will be elevated to the next level thanks to a large range of integration options offered. Take advantage of top-level integrations that make it easier to implement multi channel inventory management, eCommerce optimisation, and considerably more effective warehousing solutions.

3PL Inventory Management Software Holistic Inventory Strategy

Benefit 1: Plan the trajectory of your business 

It is important to understand that for optimal results, it will be better to plan the trajectory of your 3PL inventory from start to finish. However, in order for this to be on point and for it to be actually aligned with the objectives of your business, it has to be based on accurate details. Canary7’s 3PL inventory management solution allows you access to these details, and hence makes it easier for you to develop your business in the right direction. 

Benefit 2: Make valuable changes to your inventory control strategy

Shooting in the dark will only get you so far when it comes to executing 3PL inventory management. You need to take measured, calculated steps so that you can overall improve the way your inventory functions, and make sure that it is functioning as a profitable part of your business. 

Benefit 3: Optimise the inventory experience in accordance with your budget

If you want to future-proof your success as a 3PL, you need to make decisions in accordance with your budget. You need to make sure that you are not wasting money, but you also need to ensure that you are allocating enough resources to the functioning of your inventory. In short, it is important to strike the right balance and Canary7’s 3PL WMS inventory management solutions can help you strike that balance. 

Why Canary 7?

Designed by 3PL professionals, for 3PL professionals

Experience third party warehouse inventory software like never before. Canary7 offers a unique, cutting-edge 3PL inventory management solution for your business.
3PL Inventory Management Software Accuracy

1. Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the top priorities of all businesses – especially 3PL ones.

For this reason, Canary7 offers software solutions that have been specifically designed to bring accuracy to all inventory workflows and procedures. If you are looking to make your inventory and stock considerably more traceable, then Canary7’s 3PL inventory management software system is the ultimate option. Through consistent real-time updates that allow you to keep an eye on your inventory activity at all times, you are not only able to generate powerful data but also put that data to good use.
3PL Inventory Management Software Accuracy

2. Planning

When it comes to the execution of successful 3PL business.
Canary7 believes planning to be a crucial element in terms of ensuring success across the supply chain. Therefore, our 3PL inventory management solutions enable you to map out your business journey from start to finish. You are able to detect problems early on, and can plan the rest of your activities based on these findings. The best part is that our solutions allow you to identify the gaps in your operations before they turn into more serious problems and in turn, you are able to ensure that your business never goes off track – ever again!
3PL Inventory Management Software Planning
3PL Inventory Management Software Cost-efficiency

3. Cost-efficiency

Whether you are a small business that just started out or a bigger business, saving money is perhaps number one on your list.

Whether you are a small business that just started out or a bigger business, saving money is perhaps number one on your list. We understand that, and that is precisely why Canary7 is an all-in-one solution: it is inventory management software for 3PL businesses, but it also offers other important services that you will find to be helpful in terms of running your operations.

So, with Canary7, you are not only investing in an inventory management software but also a warehouse management, warehouse control, labor management, and order management system that can streamline all aspects of your supply chain. 

By equipping your 3PL business with end-to-end automation, you are cutting down on heavy costs. Whether it is labour costs or costs affiliated with making repeated mistakes, Canary7 can help you rectify them and save money in this area. Canary7 also allows you to create a faster fulfilment procedure.

At the end of the day, an investment in Canary7 enables you to expand your profit margins and hence, is an investment in the better future for your business. This is exactly what a budding 3PL business needs, and Canary7 is here to provide you with.

3PL Inventory Management Software Cost-efficiency

4. Integration

As the best 3PL inventory management software, Canary7 will always offer you a range of integration options.

As the best 3PL inventory management software, Canary7 will always offer you a range of integration options. With the help of diverse integration options, Canary7 makes your experience with inventory management and warehousing in general a lot more functional and profitable. This is just one of the reasons why Canary7 offers the top-level, off-the-shelf integrations. These include:

3PL Inventory Management Software Integration
3PL Inventory Management Software Ease of use

5. Ease of use

At Canary7, we believe that time is money – an aspect that is specifically true for 3PL businesses.

That’s why, as a 3PL inventory management system, we want to go the extra mile to ensure that you are not wasting time learning how to operate our software system. Instead, we want to focus on enabling you to leverage our solutions as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of them and make them positively contribute to your business instantly. Based on this reasoning, Canary7 is easy to use and requires almost no extra commitment from you, especially when it comes to its navigation.

What more is that we make things even easier for you by providing comprehensive user guides that will help you gain a better understanding of how to improve your 3PL business and inventory management in particular. Essentially, everyone from you right down to your staff can not only control but also make use of Canary7 in a way that actually increases the profitability of your business, and of course – it’s success.

3PL Inventory Management Software Ease of use

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an inventory management system?

An inventory management system is a software that combines multiple processes in order to help you streamline all your assets and inventory. With traditional methods, these processes are executed manually, and hence require more effort from your end. However, since the main purpose of an inventory management system is to automate all of these processes, effort from your side isn’t needed. This leads to more productivity and profitability.
An Inventory Management system is something all businesses can benefit from. Whether you are a manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, or a 3PL business, an inventory management system can prove to be a valuable addition to the general framework of your organization.

What does a 3PL inventory management software system consist of?

There are many different elements that are found in a 3PL inventory management software.. The ones that turn out to be the most helpful in terms of inventory management are:

  • A database of all the stock items
  • Inventory management software
  • Processes for reporting and documentation
  • Hardware tools for reading barcode labels
It is important to keep in mind that there are many other features that a 3PL inventory management system will offer you, especially if you choose Canary7. The more advanced your software is, the better features it is likely to offer.

What are the benefits of inventory management systems?

In today’s time and age, it is unlikely that a business - especially a 3PL business, can survive without an inventory management system. 3PL inventory management software helps businesses establish a systematic approach to inventory management. No longer does inventory management have to be a shot in the dark: with inventory management systems like Canary7, inventory management can be strategized and hence made a lot more contributive to the success of your business. In short, a 3PL inventory management software will help you put together your whole inventory.
Some general benefits associated with inventory management include:

  • Better cash flow
  • Better organization
  • Increased transparency
  • Long-lasting relationships with your Customers/suppliers/vendors
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Decreased overhead storage costs

Why Canary7?

Canary7 is the perfect choice for a 3PL inventory management system because it has been designed by 3PL professionals. This means that the unique challenges you face as a 3PL business are taken into account by Canary7, and the solutions we offer are created specifically to tackle these issues.
Not only does Canary7 provide a potent 3PL inventory management software, but it also offers a range of other solutions that can ensure that each step of the fulfillment procedure and the entire supply chain is well-equipped - which makes it a tool that can improve your business performance as a whole. With Canary7, there is a little something for each step of the fulfillment procedure. We offer you warehousing solutions such as 3PL warehouse management software and a warehouse control system. We also offer labor management and order management solutions, which ensure that neither your team nor customers have to experience dissatisfaction.
Simply put: Canary7 is a one-stop shop for all your needs as a 3PL business.

How do I know Canary7 is the right fit for me?

Before choosing a 3PL inventory management system, you must ensure that you are making the right choice. This is because an inventory management system is a serious investment that you make for the success of your business, and a lot of research should go into helping you decide which software should become a part of your operations. This list of questions will help you:

  • What is the nature of your business?
  • How much support will you need?
  • How many people will be using the Inventory Management System?
  • What is your budget?
  • What particular challenges do you want to overcome?