The 3PL inventory management system you have been looking for is just a few clicks away

Choose Canary7 as your 3PL inventory management system, and watch your business transform into its best version.

The 3PL inventory management system you have been looking for is just a few clicks away

Choose Canary7 as your 3PL inventory management system, and watch your business transform into its best version.

The 3PL inventory management system you have been looking for

Managing inventory is not easy for any business, but when you are operating as a 3PL, it is your responsibility to manage the inventory of your clients as perfectly as possible. 

If you are thinking “it’s easier said than done,” then you are right. Which is why you need a 3PL inventory management system that can accommodate a vast number of your needs as a 3PL setup. And we have just the thing you need. 

Canary7 offers a bespoke 3PL inventory management system that equips third party logistics providers like you with the right tools and technology for a successful fulfilment and logistics journey. With us, you can not only manage your inventory better but also grow exponentially, without any borders or boundaries.

The world of 3PL; what do clients expect

Operating in the 3PL industry is not an easy job. As the consumers of the 21st century evolve over the years, so does their set of needs; placing a pressure on 3PLs to create an unparalleled, seamless experience for their clients and their clients’ customers.

Modern and innovative technology

When a customer opts for third party logistics, they do so hoping that it is going to help them improve the fulfilment processes for their business. Somewhere at the back of their minds they know that this is only possible where modern and innovative technology is a part of the plan, because only modern and innovative technology can help the fulfilment experience be satisfactory for consumers at large. As such, they expect 3PLs to have access to the latest tools and software that can then be successfully integrated within their fulfilment processes as well. 

Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Modern and innovative technology
Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - A clear line of communication

A clear line of communication

The 3PL way of doing things is quite unique when you come to think of it. Your client has to put themselves in a vulnerable position and hand over some of their most crucial processes to you. In that regard, it is understandable how they expect a clear line of communication from your end. This communication is expected to involve constant updates on the status of the fulfilment, and hence important in every regard, especially if you are planning to foster a long-lasting connection with your customers. 

Faster deliveries

If your clients wanted to settle for slow deliveries, they could have managed their logistics themselves. Again, for your clients, the whole point behind opting for a third party logistics provider is to make the fulfilment experience they offer their customers a lot better. An integral component of the “better” fulfilment experience will be faster deliveries, and for fast deliveries, every single process that takes place within the warehouse has to be fast and efficient. There really is no space for lagging behind, and that’s why your clients come to you – so that you can make sure that nothing is truly lagging behind.

Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Faster deliveries
Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Less mistakes

Less mistakes

If your clients are not evolved enough as a business and they try to handle their logistics, especially their inventory, they are bound to make mistakes. This is because unless they have the right mechanisms to support their operations, they can’t really bring accuracy to the forefront of their fulfilment. This is also why they expect you to make no mistakes at all. As unrealistic as it sounds, this is exactly what you sign up for as a 3PL, and hence, have to take all the necessary steps needed to ensure that you are not making any mistakes while handling your clients’ logistics. 

A customer-centric experience

The customer is not only always right like they say, but he/she is also the most important element of a business strategy. Your 3PL clients value nothing more than their clients, and therefore, expect the fulfilment experience you create for them to also keep in mind the particular needs of the customer, and ensure that each and every process that is being executed aligns with the expectations a customer would have from the order processing. 

Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - A customer-centric experience

Navigating the challenging world of 3PL with a 3PL inventory management system

If you can win your inventory management, you can win the whole 3PL game, no matter how challenging it sounds with the pressure of client expectations attached. A streamlined inventory will allow you to straighten out the hitches in all the other fulfilment processes as well, all of which can go towards ensuring that you are actually making a difference in terms of client and customer satisfaction. 

Remember: inventory management is the backbone of successful third party logistics, and to perfect it, there is nothing you need more than a 3PL inventory management system. 

What to look for in a 3PL inventory management system?

In order for 3PL inventory management to contribute towards your success as a third party logistics provider, it needs to equip you with a particular set of features. If these features aren’t provided, chances are that your investment in a 3PL inventory management system might go to waste. So, before you make the investment and commit to a software system that helps you manage your inventory as a 3PL, make sure it has the following features available:

Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Inventory tracking

Feature 1: Inventory tracking

Tracking inventory is the best way to make sure that your stock is safe. It also helps you avoid any delays and mishaps, since you are always in touch with the inventory. Therefore, your first choice of a 3PL inventory management system should be the one that offers you robust inventory tracking mechanisms, such as barcode scanning and RFID technology. These will not only help you keep an eye on your stock, but will also make it easier to locate them once the fulfilment process is initiated and you have to execute the picking of your items. Save time, money, and effort by tracking your inventory.

Feature 2: Stock levels management

Maintaining the right stock levels in your inventory is very important. You don’t want to have too little of anything, as it means that you might have to miss orders and lose business if you do. But, you also don’t want to have too much and stumble head-first into an excess inventory crisis, which would drive up your costs and make everything ten times more complicated. You have to strike just the right balance, and this is something that your 3PL inventory management system should definitely help you achieve. With this solution, you should never have to face the “too less” or “too much” dilemma ever again, because it should help you keep just enough.

Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Stock levels management
Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Accurate forecasting

Feature 3: Accurate forecasting and performance analytics

Successful sales activity is linked to good inventory management, and good inventory management is founded on the basis of accurate inventory forecasting and performance analytics. You want a 3PL inventory management system that can help you harness data and then also allow you to make sense of it. It should allow you to create reports that are accessible and understandable, so that you can make informed decisions about your business and make sure that you are not placing crucial choices on guesswork. 

Feature 4: Support for different inventory methods

As a 3PL, you are dealing with different kinds of businesses. One of your clients may be a food retailer, while another one could be a fashion retailer. It is your job to provide them with the kind of inventory management that aligns with the nature of their business. So, for the food retailer, you may have to implement the FIFO (first in, first out) method, whereas for the fashion retailer, you will have to opt for the JIT (just in time) inventory management method. You need a 3PL inventory management system that can complement both these methods, as well as any other inventory management method that you could possibly apply. 

Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Support for different inventory methods
Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Warehouse layout optimisation

Feature 5: Warehouse layout optimisation 

In order for successful inventory management, you also need to consider your warehouse. Ideally, the set up of your warehouse should align with your inventory activity, so that you can make the most out of it. Considering that warehouse space is quite expensive and should be utilised properly, it becomes even more important to optimise it. This is why your 3PL inventory management system should help you do that – create a warehouse layout that makes it easy to manage all your inventory and make sure that the efficiency of your warehouse is not being affected in the process. 

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Outsmart competitors

Outsmarting competitors is one of the biggest goals for any third party logistics provider operating in the 21st century, mainly because the competition is pretty extensive. However, with Canary7’s 3PL inventory management system, you get the tools and technology needed to create the stellar 3PL experience which will leave your competitors scratching their heads about what just happened! 

Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Outsmart competitors
Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Simplify the fulfilment process

Simplify the fulfilment process

Simple is the new advanced; this is something Canary7 believes in, and we know that you can wholly benefit from it too. Cut out the technicalities and focus fully and only on what matters: i.e. the fulfilment. Our 3PL inventory management system helps you with that, and greatly simplifies the 3PL inventory management experience for you, which will help you create an even simpler fulfilment process. This is going to be beneficial not only for you, but for your clients and their customers as well, as none of you will have to indulge in complicated algorithms to create an advanced fulfilment process. 

Cut down on costs and save money

Creating the perfect 3PL journey can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Canary7’s 3PL inventory management system is not only affordable, it is also a long-term solution as hence a good budgetary investment in the longer run. In addition, Canary7 helps 3PLs implement a “save more, spend less” approach, which allows you to expand your margins and spend less on rectifying mistakes and dealing with inaccuracies, which is ultimately what makes Canary7 the perfect addition for the strategy of any business that is looking to save money and improve their cash flow without adjusting too much in terms of what they offer. 

Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Cut down on costs and save money
Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Foster client loyalty

Foster client loyalty

Winning over customer and client loyalty in the 21st century is nothing short of a miracle. However, with consistent efforts as a 3PL business, you can make sure that the client is not only satisfied by your services, but also prefers them over any other alternative. The best part is that you don’t even have to do too much in this regard. All you have to do is integrate Canary7’s 3PL inventory management system into your warehouse processes, and you will see that the new and improved fulfilment process you offer will be much preferred by them. 

Secure your future

As a 3PL, you should be in it to win it! Securing your future should be your ultimate goal, because if you can make it past the next few years as a 3PL, you can prosper greatly. This is because the future is more or less a gold mine for 3PL businesses. With Canary7’s 3PL inventory management solutions, you get to not only handle your operations in the present, but also confidently work towards creating a future that is filled with growth and success for your 3PL setup. This way, you get to develop your business exactly the way you want. 

Canary7; 3PL inventory management system - Secure your future

Create the stellar 3PL experience with our 3PL inventory management software

Operating as a 3PL in today’s world can be hard. Doing so with unparalleled efficiency and productivity is even harder. Luckily, you can do so simply with the help of our 3PL inventory management software.