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What’s the Use of a Bigcommerce Order Management Integration?

Are you looking to grow on BigCommerce and want to improve the way you do things? Then you need a BigCommerce order management integration!

Canary7 - Bigcommerce Order Management Integration

Meet Canary7
What’s the Use of a Bigcommerce Order Management Integration?

Are you looking to grow on BigCommerce and want to improve the way you do things? Then you need a BigCommerce order management integration!

If you are even remotely familiar with the world of eCommerce, there’s a very high chance that you are familiar with BigCommerce. This is because BigCommerce is more or less an industry leader when it comes to eCommerce platforms, and it has helped thousands of businesses get on their feet and secure a prominent spot in the digital sphere. 

BigCommerce provides businesses with a plethora of features that make it easier for them to establish themselves as noteworthy eCommerce brands. However, to ensure that you are getting the absolute most out of BigCommerce as a platform, it is important to use it in tandem with a BigCommerce order management integration. 

If you want to learn more about what a BigCommerce order management integration is and exactly how it can help your business move forward, keep reading!


  • What is BigCommerce? 
  • BigCommerce Stats
  • BigCommerce Advantages
  • BigCommerce Disadvantages
  • BigCommerce Order Management
  • What is BigCommerce Order Management?
  • BigCommerce Order Management Integration
  • Benefits of BigCommerce Order Management Integration  
  • Summing Up

BigCommerce Stats

The following facts, figures, and stats will help you gauge just how powerful and well-trusted this eCommerce platform is: 

1) New Stores Added

In 2022, 5,144 new stores were added to BigCommerce. This shows that the eCommerce platform is only growing exponentially, with more and more merchants deciding to make BigCommerce a part of their journey. The fact a similar number of stores added has been maintained by BigCommerce for at least the last three years further shows that despite competition, BigCommerce is a part of the big leagues and there is little that you can’t expect from this platform and software provider in the future as well. 

2) Diverse Range of Products

The fact that many retail sectors have adopted BigCommerce as a platform shows that its solutions are trusted to meet the needs of a diverse range of businesses. The three major retail sectors that are hosted by BigCommerce include home and garden product retailers (15.7% of BigCommerce stores), apparel product retailers (15% of BigCommerce stores), and autos and vehicle product retails (6.6% of BigCommerce stores). These markets are huge, and if BigCommerce can support them, it’s pretty evident that the platform is doing something right. 

3) A Global Thing

The United States is the most popular location when it comes to the usage of BigCommerce. However, it is used all over the world. 6.5% of live BigCommerce stores are based in Australia, 5.9% are based in the UK, 2.7% are based in Brazil, 2.7% are based in Canada, 1.2% are based in Hong Kong, and 0.9% are based in New Zealand. This shows that BigCommerce serves clients all over the world, and that many of the internal websites we come across on a daily basis may be powered by BigCommerce.

What is BigCommerce?

Before we get to understanding the role of a BigCommerce order management integration, it is important to fully comprehend the functioning of BigCommerce as an eCommerce platform. 

BigCommerce describes itself as “the most trusted B2C and B2B commerce solution provider.” That, for the most part, is true, considering that BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that is used and vouched for thousands, if not millions of people all over the world. It helps merchants sell more and expand their customer base. 

In general, the BigCommerce platform provides a holistic eCommerce solution for business owners. This solution includes components such as store creation, search engine optimisation, security, marketing, and hosting which are meant to support not only enterprise sized businesses, but also small and medium sized businesses that really need the push to grow their venture, and grow it fast. 

As such, the primary aim of BigCommerce is to boost growth and increase sales at all stages of your business journey. While you do that, it seems like BigCommerce provides you with everything you need: from possibilities to develop your business model to the space needed by you to implement latest innovations – you get it all under one roof. 

For this reason, BigCommerce is quite popular with merchants. 

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration

BigCommerce Advantages

The stats in the previous section are pretty reflective of the fact that BigCommerce is popular. A look at the advantages it introduces merchants to can help one understand why exactly this might be the case.

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Easy to Set Up and Run

Easy to Set Up and Run

There is no one who values ease of use more than eCommerce business owners, which is why it is one of the first things people look for when it comes to an eCommerce platform. BigCommerce offers a fairly simple and straightforward onboarding and setting up process, which is a considerable part of the overall package BigCommerce gives its clients. It comes without all the complexity that is usually associated with software solutions, and for this precise reason there are many businesses who prefer BigCommerce to a lot of its other counterparts.

Strong Aesthetics

The way your shop looks plays a huge part in determining whether or not your business is on the track to be successful. BigCommerce takes the cake in this regard as well, since it provides you with features that actually enable you to create some wonderful designs for your digital shop. There are many themes already available that you can choose from; but that;’s not all! You can make changes as per your wishes, and that too with a simple drag and drop solution, as opposed to complex coding tactics. 

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Strong Aesthetics
Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Reasonable Pricing

Reasonable Pricing

For businesses that are on a budget, BigCommerce is even more attractive since it is an affordable eCommerce solution. This is supplemented by the fact that it is an all-in-one solution; although you are getting a large range of features, you are getting them all in one, so you don’t have to spend money on each one of them separately. So, in a way, we can say that one of the biggest benefits offered by BigCommerce is the fact that it helps you save money, and therefore makes it possible for you to increase your profit margins.

Sell Without Boundaries

Your success as an eCommerce business can be enhanced 10x if you start selling internationally. BigCommerce makes this easier for its merchants by allowing them to sell anywhere with one eCommerce platform. Whether you want to dabble in cross-channel commerce or get buyers from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest – BigCommerce provides you with solutions that will help you deal with all of this seamlessly. Not just that, it also allows you to accept payments in more than a hundred currencies, which makes it simple for them to earn money in international currency.

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Sell Without Boundaries
Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

In order to gain traction as an eCommerce venture in 2022, you must equip your business with smart solutions. BigCommerce allows you to do exactly that; you can integrate smart operations and smart scaling into your business, and make sure that you are on the right track at all times. For example, with the help of the features provided by BigCommerce, you can easily create a scalable product catalogue, which will further be easier to manage with the help of a control panel or even an external system such as a catalogue API.

BigCommerce Disadvantages

The list of BigCommerce’s advantages is quite long, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are certain disadvantages involved that all businesses must be aware of if they want to make an informed choice when picking an eCommerce platform for their business. After all, almost 36% of businesses migrate from BigCommerce to Shopify, so there must be certain gaps and lags, right? 

Let’s have a look.

No Email Marketing Tools

Many of BigCommerce competitors such as Shopify and WooCommerce provide email marketing tools. This gives them a competitive edge over BigCommerce, as it doesn’t do so. If you want to make use of email marketing, you will have to get a third party app that can do it and of course, pay extra. Needless to say, this additional charge and responsibility incurred by BigCommerce merchants is frowned upon and is therefore a prominent disadvantage that may impact people’s decision to use BigCommerce.

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - No Email Marketing Tools
Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - No Subscription Features

No Subscription Features

A lot of eCommerce businesses want to sell subscriptions and take recurring payments. However, if you are a BigCommerce merchant, you cannot do that since there are no features offered by BigCommerce that allow you to do it. In case your business model depends on such payments, you will have to get a third-party app and pay for it separately, which again, is inconvenient and considerably more expensive.

No Multilingual Options

Multilingual options are not offered by BigCommerce. Again, to incorporate this in your BigCommerce store, you will have to get a third-party app. For businesses aiming to target people from different demographics, this may pose a serious problem and can cause a great hindrance to their sales. So, this is yet another factor that makes businesses prefer other platforms over BigCommerce.

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - No Multilingual Options
Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Yearly Threshold

Yearly Threshold

If your annual sales limit is exceeded, then BigCommerce will automatically upgrade you to a higher plan. Although it makes sense, this can lead to unexpected costs and mess up your budget. The annual sales threshold should be observed and if not, your costs are going to increase and you will have to pay up more than you had expected and planned for.

Weak Order Management

Although there are limited order management options available, these are weak and definitely not fit enough to help you streamline your order management fully. As an eCommerce business, your entire success depends on how well you manage your orders, so if BigCommerce falls short in this regard, what are you meant to do?

Turn to a BigCommerce order management integration, of course!

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Weak Order Management

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BigCommerce Order Management

BigCommerce order management is one of the things you must get right if you are planning to leave a mark in the world of eCommerce with your digital store. However, if you rely on BigCommerce itself to help you achieve that level of order management, you will be essentially setting yourself up for failure. 

This is because although BigCommerce can help you deal with your orders, you need to deal with them in a way that does not only connect to the rest of your business processes, but also boosts efficiency, productivity, and other positive aspects of your business without any limits. 

Such advanced order management can only be implemented in your processes if you use a third party order management software like Canary7, and integrate it to the front end of your business using a fulfilment integration for BigCommerce. 

But more of that later!

What is BigCommerce Order Management?

First, let’s try and understand what BigCommerce order management is to begin with. It is the process of handling all the orders you get on your BigCommerce site. While basic things like tracking the order and updates to the customer can be done using BigCommerce, the features offered by BigCommerce don’t allow you to connect your order processing components to things that go on at the back end of your business. So, for example, if you rely on BigCommerce alone you can’t have a clear connection between your inventory, warehouse, and order management processes, which of course puts your business behind a few levels. 

BigCommerce Order Management Integration

At Canary7, we constantly stay updated with the platforms our clients enjoy, and do everything we can to accommodate a connection with them. BigCommerce is no different! Our 3PL fulfilment integration for BigCommerce will allow you to connect your warehouse with BigCommerce and get the best of both worlds. Integrate your warehouse with BigCommerce for unparalleled eCommerce growth, only with Canary7.

 Such an integration is meant to connect your BigCommerce activity with your order management system, and ensure that you are processing your orders in the fastest, most efficient of ways. 

A BigCommerce order management integration will help you centralise your activity from different data sources, and in doing so make sure that you don’t have to divide time between each of these. It will also make sure that the data and all important information, assets, and updates are easily accessible from one place. 

As such, the role of a 3PL fulfilment integration for BigCommerce in building your business from the ground up is very important, and simply cannot be understated. 

Benefits of BigCommerce Order Management Integration

Some other benefits of a BigCommerce Order management integration include: 

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Saves time

Saves time.

In the eCommerce industry, time is money. Therefore, the fact that a BigCommerce order management integration helps you save time is a huge benefit! Instead of having to set up and run two completely different data sources, you can focus on just one and reap the benefits from. The time you save can then be given to things that actually need improvement, and hence it becomes easier for you to push your business in the right direction. With the help of an eCommerce integration, it becomes more convenient for you to climb the ladder of success just the way you want to. 

Saves money. 

A single investment in a BigCommerce order management integration will help you save money in so many other areas. This is because instead of investing in multiple solutions, you are investing in only one. Not only that, the level of quality it brings to the table when it comes to your order processing means that you are giving your customers something they can never forget, which in turn means that you have the chance to grow your sales like never before. Overall, if you are looking to optimise your budget and only spend it in places that will bring you the results, then a BigCommerce order management integration is bound to act as your best friend. 

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Saves money
Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Provides scalability

Provides scalability. 

Everyone’s business wants to scale up – that is something that all eCommerce merchants incorporate in their list of goals. With the help of a BigCommerce order management integration, you make your business more scalable and allow it to grow without any boundaries, restrictions, and limits.

Boost productivity. 

Productivity is important if you want to create order processing that is seamless from the start to finish. By trusting a BigCommerce order management integration, you make it more feasible for your team to do everything else a lot more productively, and boost your business prospects by far.

Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Boost productivity
Bigcommerce Order Management Integration - Increases customer satisfaction

Increases customer satisfaction. 

If one of your goals as a business is to increase customer satisfaction, then a BigCommerce order management will definitely help you. This is because the ultimate aim of a BigCommerce order management is to improve the quality of your order processing, which eventually works in terms of leaving your customers impressed and boosts customer satisfaction. By managing your orders with a BigCommerce order management integration, you essentially make sure that your customers come to you over and over again, and decide to do business with you!

Summing Up

BigCommerce is a useful platform that can help businesses comfortably set up and run their business in the eCommerce space. However, if you want to make sure that your BigCommerce journey actually results in overall success for your eCommerce ventures, then you must invest in a fulfilment integration for BigCommerce, which will help you improve your BigCommerce activity like never before.