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Managing Orders with a Shopify Order Management Integration

Grow on Shopify with a order management integration!

Canary7 - Shopify Order Management Integration

Meet Canary7
Managing Orders with a Shopify Order Management Integration

Grow on Shopify with a order management integration!

If you have the necessary tools to navigate and manage Shopify’s algorithm, it can help any business take off and succeed. Shopify is an eCommerce marvel. You need to keep in mind a lot of things and keep a lot of things under control in this area, including order management. 

Although handling orders may sound like it is an easy, uncomplicated job – it isn’t. It takes a lot of work, and it’s seldom simple, to simplify all the orders you receive from Shopify. However, you can simplify the process for yourself and make sure you are still on the fast track to success with the aid of an Shopify order management connection.

You may not be familiar with Shopify order management integrations. Not to worry! This post aims to explain Shopify order management and show you how an Shopify order management integration may boost your company’s productivity and ability to solve problems. 

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  • Looking at Shopify
  • What is Shopify?
  • Advantages of Shopify 
  • Shopify Store – Basic Advice 
  • Shopify Order Management
  • What is Order Management?
  • Tools Offered by Shopify
  • Shopify Order Management Issues 
  • Role of a Shopify Order Management Integration
  • Summing Up

Looking at Shopify

Before we begin to explore the role of a Shopify order management integration, we must take a look at Shopify in general. In this section, we will discuss what Shopify is, and why it is such an important part of the eCommerce world.

What is Shopify?

An eCommerce platform called Shopify aids entrepreneurs in starting, maintaining, and growing their businesses. Millions of individuals use the platform to launch their businesses, which implies that Shopify receives a lot of traffic as a platform. They contend that this traffic enables them to compile the essential data for all enterprises, on the basis of which they develop new products and upgrade those that already exist. Shopify is essentially a one-stop shop for all of your company needs, which is maybe the reason it has drawn millions of merchants.

Squarespace Order Management Integration - What is Shopify

Advantages of Shopify 

If you’re wondering why having an eCommerce store on Shopify is the best option for many companies, it’s simply because it offers incredible benefits that company owners just can’t refuse! These advantages consist of: 

Squarespace Order Management Integration - Simple to set up.

Simple to set up.

Let’s face it, nobody likes hassle or pointless effort, especially when a simpler alternative is available. One of Shopify’s biggest features is exactly how straightforward and easy it is to set up. You don’t have to spend a lot of time setting up your business, and you don’t even need to have any technical knowledge to start working. Even more, it’s simple to browse the user interface. As a result, many companies, notably those who are new in the eCommerce business prefer Shopify over other kinds of eCommerce platforms.

Getting customer service 24/7 is convenient. 

Where to turn for help when things go wrong is one of the top worries individuals have when entering the world of eCommerce, given how anything may go wrong at any time. Shopify intervenes and eliminates the questions and bewilderment of its users by guaranteeing that professionals are accessible to individuals around-the-clock! You will discover solutions to all of your questions. Additionally, Shopify develops a beautiful community that has your back so that lots of business owners may interact and share knowledge!

Squarespace Order Management Integration - Getting customer service 24_7 is convenient.
Squarespace Order Management Integration - Shopify is mobile-friendly.

Shopify is mobile-friendly. 

We all adore the convenience of having the entire world at our fingertips on a small screen, don’t we? Many company owners consider mobile friendliness and optimisation to be vital since it allows their store to appeal to millions of mobile customers worldwide. They can develop a web store with Shopify that works well on any mobile device, including your phone, iPad, or other smart device, and is mobile responsive. Business owners may also control their store from their phones, in addition to that. Imagine being able to access your store from anywhere in the globe and ensuring that everything is in order!

SEO and marketing resources that work. 

You should be aware as a manager or owner of a business that merely setting up your operations is insufficient. You require a well-thought-out marketing strategy in addition to whatever SEO assistance you may get. This isn’t difficult to accomplish for those that use Shopify as their eCommerce platform, though! Shopify offers its members excellent marketing resources, including social media, email marketing, and assistance with product evaluations. You may create discount codes and coupons, as well as add landing sites of your choice.

Squarespace Order Management Integration - SEO and marketing resources that work.
Squarespace Order Management Integration - A dependable security framework.

A dependable security framework. 

After you invest so much time, money, and effort into developing your shop, its security takes precedence over all other considerations. Because of this, security is often the top consideration for organisations when selecting an eCommerce platform for their operations. In this regard, Shopify excels since it safeguards your private information and business details. Shopify ought to be your first choice if you want to use a platform that provides you with PCI and SSL certification to secure your data.

Integrations to more applications. 

Shopify enables you to do that as well if you want to enhance your store using features from other apps. Since there is so much more you can accomplish with other applications in conjunction with Shopify, it is preferable that it doesn’t restrict you to the solutions it offers. A Shopify order management system, for instance, may assist you in syncing all of your orders from Shopify with orders from other sales channels, allowing you to centralise all of your data, get a complete picture of your company’s activities, and manage numerous sales channels from a single spot.

Squarespace Order Management Integration - Integrations to more applications.

Shopify has a tonne of other advantages, but you get the idea, right? Regardless of whether you are presently using Shopify or are considering switching, Shopify will probably improve your eCommerce experience significantly – and hence it is a top choice when it comes to picking your eCommerce platform.

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Shopify Store – Basic Advice 

Here is a list of all the best practices you should be aware of if you want your Shopify business to be successful:

Squarespace Order Management Integration - Focus on aesthetics.

Focus on aesthetics.

When trying to draw in new clients, the value of aesthetics cannot be overstated. No matter how great your things are in reality, unless your website looks stunning, people won’t be drawn to making purchases from you. That’s just how it is. 

Fortunately, it’s simple to make your Shopify store gorgeous. You may utilise over 100 of the themes for your eCommerce business, both free and premium. These designs are not only attractive on the eye, but they can also be altered to suit the requirements of any sector.

Therefore, you may rely on Shopify themes to build a stunning, aesthetically superior online business. You should select your theme carefully because not everyone will work for your shop, so keep that in mind as well. To find out whether there are any issues with the template, one method to accomplish this is to read the reviews for the theme in question before using it in your narrative. If you want to alter the theme to go beyond the generic and genuinely offer the correct picture of your web store, you need also have some prior experience with coding.

Prioritise higher SEO rankings.

You must improve your SEO game if you want to flourish in the eCommerce industry. Your key to ranking better on search engines will be search engine optimisation, or SEO. This implies that your website will appear in the search results each time a person searches for a term associated with your company. SEO is excellent for growing your audience and generating leads.

There are several suggestions and tactics you may take note of if you wish to raise the rating of your Shopify web store. You should start by conducting your own keyword research. This shouldn’t be difficult with the variety of SEO tools already on the market. You should start optimising your content for those keywords as soon as you have a solid idea of the ones you should be aiming for. This also applies to the meta-data; Shopify gives you the option to optimise meta-data with pertinent keywords, giving you a fantastic chance to raise your SEO ranking.

Additionally, keep in mind that avoiding duplicate material will help your shop. Unique content should be used on all of your landing pages, product descriptions, and other material to help you outrank your competitors in search engine results.

Squarespace Order Management Integration - Prioritise higher SEO rankings.
Squarespace Order Management Integration - Improve your landing pages.

Improve your landing pages.

The initial point of contact between you and your website is a landing page. You must create a landing page that conveys the appropriate message if you want to guarantee that the consumer decides to move through and really engages with your business further. 

In order to accomplish this, Shopify enables you to integrate your store with important applications like Landing Page Builder as well as a myriad of other applications that may assist you in creating a powerful landing page.

Your job is to be certain that your landing page is distinct, incorporates your identity, and persuades the visitor to engage with your company. Although using overly salesy language on your page may not be a good idea, you must still have confidence in your ability to satisfy clients. The final line is that creating a landing page is challenging, but it is worthwhile since it will assist you in effectively attracting your audience base.

Strategise your content placement.

You cannot possibly expect your business to prosper without a sound content strategy, especially if you operate an online store. This is due to the fact that the competition is fierce in the internet space, and the only way you have a chance of beating out your rivals is if you go forward with a carefully thought-out content strategy.

The ideal content strategy is the result of a variety of elements. Consider blogging. In addition to helping you increase traffic, creating helpful content that your audience can rely on and that can help you push your brand forward as a thought-leader in the industry. Your main objective while writing for a blog should be to produce entertaining, practical, and distinctive information. Don’t forget to include pictures, videos, and other eye-catching graphics like GIFs and animations, since they may also make your material stand out. Your clients won’t be able to reject your content as long as you tick off these items on the list. 

You may post your blogs, products, pages, and collections anytime you please using Shopify’s future publishing, without having to be ready at the specified time and date. This is incredibly practical since it allows you to test out various timings and see which one works best for your material in terms of the audience.

Squarespace Order Management Integration - Strategise your content placement.
Squarespace Order Management Integration - Effective order management.

Effective order management.

You must make sure that you are handling these orders smoothly whether you receive a modest number of orders each day or need to send out a huge volume of orders. This is due to the fact that orders may be sent out for delivery and placed in the hands of consumers faster the more effectively you handle orders. It is reasonable to state that there is nothing one enjoys more than quick delivery given that we are all clients in some aspect of our life. 

But how is it possible with Shopify? Well, with the help of a Shopify order management integration.

Shopify Order Management

Before getting to the specific ways you can manage orders on Shopify, let’s have a brief look at what order management in general is. 

What is Order Management?

Order management is the process of organising all your orders, and making sure that your customers get their stuff on time. Pretty simple, right? Well, only in theory. In practicality, it takes a lot of effort to create a seamless order management process, and for many businesses, this is perhaps one of the biggest challenges that they face in the course of their operations expanding.

Tools Offered by Shopify

These basic tools offered by Shopify allow you to: 

  • View an order
  • View an order’s timeline
  • View payment events from the timeline
  • Check an order’s currency
  • Add tags or notes, or edit an order
  • Edit customer information
  • Attach an internal note to an order
  • Attach an order tag
  • Contact a customer about an order
  • Resend an email about an order to a customer
  • Subscribe to your orders feed
  • Enable push notifications
  • Enable the Shopify app badge
  • View the order status page of an order

Shopify can help you manage your orders effectively to a certain extent – but it is certainly not adequate if you are looking for advanced order management.

Shopify Order Management Issues 

The fact that Shopify order management doesn’t handle multichannel order management is one of the greatest issues. As a result, if you rely on Shopify’s services, you can only control the orders that come to you through Shopify and not through any other channels. 

This is a major issue in the modern day, as companies experiment with various sales methods. How can you be certain that everything is in order and that you genuinely have all the items accessible if there is no synchronisation between all of these channels and your total inventory? 

This presents a significant difficulty for business owners, as you can see. But it’s not a problem that can’t be resolved – especially with the help of a Shopify order management integration.

Role of a Shopify Order Management Integration

An order management integration for Shopify can assist to resolve this. This sort of integration is designed to link your Shopify activities with your order management system and make sure you’re handling orders in the quickest, most effective manner possible. 

You may concentrate your work from many data sources with the use of a Shopify order management connection, ensuring that you don’t have to split your time between them all. Additionally, it will guarantee that all pertinent data, assets, and updates are readily available in a single location. 

A Shopify order management integration will help you improve your warehouse and eCommerce activity to a great extent. Not only will you be able to get more customers onboard, but you will also be able to deal with them seamlessly which means that no longer do you have to worry about not being able to impress them with your services. For a growing eCommerce business, this is one of the most important aspects and hence, must be on the top list of your priorities. 

As a result, the importance of a Shopify order management integration in starting your company from scratch simply cannot be overstated.

Benefits of a Shopify Order Management Integration with Canary7

Some important benefits to note when you integrate your Shopify store with Canary7 WMS. 

Manage Orders on Shopify - Shopify order management

1. Shopify order management

One of the most important and obvious benefits of this integration is that it helps you, as a 3PL, to manage your customers Shopify orders. Having a Shopify order management integration with Canary7’s cutting-edge WMS software, will allow you to start fulfilling their orders straight away. This will impress your customers with how quickly and smoothly you are processing their orders.

2. Tracking features

As a 3PL, your job is to ensure the fulfilment journey runs smoothly from start to finish which includes getting it safely in the hands of the customer. This is where you need tracking. Canary7 offers you full tracking visibility, so you can keep an eye on your consignments throughout shipping. This means you can update the status of the order through your Shopify order management integration so they can update their own customers. Having these tracking features in place are necessary for your business as it allows both you and your customers to ensure that the order has been completely fulfilled. 

Manage Orders on Shopify - Tracking features

3. Real-time Updates

Staying updated with the order fulfilment process throughout will help you identify problems early on, as well as speeding up the process and ensuring that the customers have their products on time. Canary7 gives you real-time updates, not only on your orders but also your inventory management, meaning you can solve problems as soon as they arise for more efficient order fulfilment.

Manage Orders on Shopify - Real-time Updates

Summing Up

You can achieve great success by setting up an online business on Shopify, but only if you do it correctly. This heavily relies on your order management strategies. Fortunately, ensuring that your orders on Shopify and other channels are being correctly maintained is not difficult or complicated. Your order management experience will significantly improve with only a solid Shopify order management connection. 

Why not give Canary7 a go while you’re at it? We are a one-stop shop for all of your fulfilment needs since we provide order management, inventory management, warehouse management, warehouse control, and labour management. Our Shopify order management integration, in particular, will leave you astounded. 

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