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With Canary7, the only limit small businesses have to be mindful of is the sky. Our specialised 3PL software for small business will help you improve your operations by miles. Whether your ultimate goal is to simplify all your warehousing operations or it is to increase your profit margins, we are here to help. 

Canary7 has been designed keeping in mind the unique needs of small 3PLs. We understand that unlike your bigger, more established counterparts, you need extra support to ensure that the fulfilment procedures you take responsibility for are completed properly, with utmost, unparalleled productivity and efficiency.

The Ever-Evolving Needs of a Small Businesses

Logistics are challenging and hard to perfect for any business. However, for small businesses, it can become completely overwhelming and at times, even impossible to ensure that the fulfilment aspect of their business is seamless. This is because unlike other businesses, small 3PLs have more pressure on them to accelerate their growth, so that they can build better credibility with their clients. Not only that, but small businesses have some specific problems that need to be solved by their choice of 3PL software. 

Changing Operations in Response to Market Conditions 

Today’s commercial world is brutal – any business that wants to move towards long-lasting success should know that the journey towards that point is not easy. You have to manage a lot of things and overcome quite a few hurdles: such as learning how to change your operations in response to market conditions. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that this life and the world are unpredictable. Anything can happen at any time, and the only businesses that survive in the face of such fluctuations are those that are well-equipped to handle supply chain disruptions and quickly change their operations in response to the changing conditions of the market. 

Needless to say, in this area, small businesses are likely to suffer the most. Because they have limited funds and reach to optimise their operations in response to market conditions, they may find that they are way behind their more established competitors. This is particularly problematic in consideration of the inflation crisis going on around the world – the price hike in almost every area of business is much more likely to impact small businesses, leaving them with insufficient resources to bring adaptability to the centre of their business operations.

Lack of Capital

Money makes the world go round and for small businesses, there is nothing that is truer than this. Small businesses usually start with little cash flow, which can prove to be quite a big challenge if you are trying to get up on your feet. After all, your cash flow is the blood of your business, and if you don’t have enough to get you going, it is unlikely that you will be able to move forward towards success. 

Not only that, but any ways to counter the problem such as obtaining funding are also not easy for a small business/start up – especially if you are a 3PL. This is because you have to prove, beyond doubt, that your business has the potential to become successful and you are on track to making your customers happy. Bigger businesses have enough data to tip the scales in their favour, but a 3PL that is just starting out may struggle to get to that point. 

It’s complicated; to be successful, you need money. To get money, you need to prove that you are already successful. It is a dual track that you have to dominate in order to get ahead, and the lack of capital will prove to be a hindrance to that.

Inadequate Administration

Administration consists of small, menial tasks that come together to form the basis of your business. Things like bookkeeping, payments, purchases, sales records – all the aspects that we don’t really sit down to think about are actually far more important than we consider them to be. For small businesses, they are even more important. 

Yet, small businesses struggle with executing them properly. With limited resources and a smaller workforce, it is really hard to ensure that the administrative tasks are taken care of, and are seamlessly integrated into your business. This leads to an intentional neglect towards administrative tasks, which can manifest into bigger problems. 

When you fail to deal with administration in an effective manner, what follows is chaos. For a small 3PL business, this is the worst case scenario. Not only do you have to actively ensure that there is top-level organisation through all the processes of the supply chain, but you also have to make sure that everything in other areas of your business is well-managed if you want to grow and be taken seriously by your customers.

Employee Retention

Another huge problem for 3PL small businesses is employee retention. Generally, employees gravitate towards workplaces that can offer them good financial compensation and growth. While some small businesses can do this quite easily, a lot of them can’t – at least for a short period after they launch. 

This is problematic because it means you can’t really win the loyalty of your employees. They are likely to be on the lookout for better opportunities, and even if they don’t take up on them, you will be left worrying about the shortage of workers. 

Essentially, this is a problem of  employee retention. It is not limited to small businesses only – a lot of bigger businesses struggle with retaining employees as well. However, it is easier for bigger 3PLs to find replacements whereas it’s not as easy for small businesses to do this. 

Canary7’s 3PL Software for Small Business

For any business-owners looking for a 3PL software for small businesses, Canary7’s software solutions are a God-send. This is because with the help of our unique solutions and features, we help small businesses tackle the different challenges they are likely to face on a daily basis. 

Unmatchable Adaptability

It is important for small businesses to have a certain level of adaptability within their business operations, so that they can respond promptly to the market fluctuations. However, this has to be done in a relatively tighter budget, considering that small businesses rarely have financial leverage to focus on adaptability and optimise their operations in a way that makes it possible for them to shape their work in accordance with various changes of the business. 

This is where Canary7 steps in and helps small 3PLs optimise their business activity for change, without being incredibly heavy on the pockets. Canary7 offers a one-stop shop for everything needed by a small business to prepare for worst case scenarios. With the help of our 3PL software for small business, you can not only improve you warehouse and fulfilment operations, but also bring more flexibility to the centre of your business so that you can respond to changes with full vigour. 

3PL Software for Small Business-Unmatchable Adaptability
3PL Software for Small Business-A “Spend Less, Save More” Approach

A “Spend Less, Save More” Approach

Since money is such a huge factor contributing towards the success of a small business, it is absolutely necessary for 3PLs to try to save money wherever it is possible. This is especially true in regards to warehouse space – warehouse space is expensive, so if your operations are not on the right track and you are struggling to manage everything properly, you may find your business to be going in the wrong direction. 

This is precisely why Canary7’s 3PL software for small business has been designed with a spend less, save more approach. With this approach, our features will help you save money wherever possible. For example, they will optimise your existing warehouse space in such a way that it is enough for your inventory, meaning that you don’t have to make any additional investments in extra warehouse space. Our features can also help you with various inventory management, order management, and labour management processes to improve them in ways that enable you to spend less money. With everything streamlined and improved, you will observe that your profit margins are increasing. For small businesses, this is great because the more profits you can get, the better your cash flow is and the better investments you can make in other areas of your business. 

Streamlined Administration

As tedious as small administration tasks sound, they help a small business operate in a much more organised way. For this reason, they are a crucial part of your business and will help you preserve a more long-lasting position within the 3PL industry. Yet, not all businesses have the resources to delegate due attention towards these administrative tasks. 

At Canary7, we understand that – which is why we enable you to automate almost all your warehouse and fulfilment processes. Most of the time, this includes a lot of administrative tasks such as maintaining sales records and checking inventory levels. However, it is also helpful in terms of freeing up enough time for you and your workforce to focus on these tasks yourself. Without our 3PL software for small business, it would become increasingly difficult to tackle these tasks since your attention would be required in other places. 

3PL Software for Small Business-Streamlined Administration
3PL Software for Small Business-More Employee Engagement

More Employee Engagement

Your employees are the thing that will help you keep your business alive even during bad times, which is why they deserve to be prioritised. However, with limited resources, it is not always easy for small businesses to make their employees’ jobs easier. If employee retention is one of your biggest concerns when it comes to operating as a small business, then the good news is that you no longer have to worry. 

Our 3PL software for small business is the best possible solution for employee engagement, because we truly believe that your workforce is the most important part of your business. For this reason, our solutions are integrated with gamification: a one-of-its-kind concept that aims to incentivise work tasks for your employees, encourage healthy competition amongst them, and boost productivity. With the help of gamification, you get to increase employee engagement. This simplifies your employees’ jobs and hence, contributes towards retaining your employees properly.

What Makes Canary7 Perfect for Small Businesses

Canary7 is the perfect fit for small businesses. Our 3PL software for small businesses helps connect you with just the right digital innovation tools you need to ensure that your business is equipped for a full-on digital transformation and that you can actively become a part of the warehousing revolution. 

Cloud Technology

A small business cannot even think of investing in expensive, heavy, and complicated on-site 3PL software. Luckily, Canary7 is a 3PL software for small business that uses cloud technology. All your data is saved in the cloud, which means you don’t have to go through the pains of setting up on-site software that is not only a hassle, but is also vulnerable to any unpredictable malfunctions in the future. 

3PL Software for Small Business-Cloud Technology
3PL Software for Small Business-API Integrations

API Integrations

As a smaller venture, you look for 3PL software for small business that can help you deal with multiple aspects of your business together – without sending you on multiple different journeys in different directions. We get that, so we offer you top-class API integrations that connect your businesses with other apps and software you need to map out a successful journey for your 3PL project. Connect with Amazon, Shopify, FedEx, and hundreds of other apps for maximum efficiency. 

Barcoding and RFID

Don’t want to spend the entirety of your small business years trying to figure out what goes where? Let Canary7 help you with the barcode and RFID technology – both of which make it easier for you to organise your warehouse, inventory, and orders. With the help of these digital innovations, you can elevate your business to the next level and introduce it to the kind of advanced solutions it needs to leave your competitors biting the dust.

3PL Software for Small Business-Barcoding and RFID
3PL Software for Small Business-24_7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

If you’re all for special treatment, Canary7 is the perfect fit for you. At Canary7, all our clients are important to us, which is why we don’t hesitate to help them in any capacity we can, at any hour of the day. Not only are we there to help you set everything up, but we are also there for you throughout your journey with our 3PL software for small business to ensure that everything is working out well for you and there are no problems that hold you back from realising your full potential as a business.

Canary7: Your Favorite 3PL Software for Small Business

So – what are you waiting for? Join us today in the warehousing revolution, and experience your business elevate beyond your expectations. Impress your customers, employees, and more important yourself, with unparalleled growth and success! 

It’s go Canary7 or go home… so make sure you are on the right side of this!

3PL Software for Small Business | FAQs

What is the 3PL Software for Small Business?

On this page, 3PL software for small business refers to Canary7 3PL solutions that are designed to help all 3PLs, including small startups that need the extra support to stay afloat. These solutions respond to the unique problems you face as a 3PL small business, and hence the perfect addition to your 3PL setup.

What feature is the most useful for me as 3PL?

All our features will help you operate better as a 3PL. Whether it is our warehouse automation features or inventory control functionalities, each service offered by Canary7 will make your job considerably easier and hence take off a good amount of load from your head. These features will also help you save money and increase your profit margins, which make them an even more fitting success partner for budding 3PLs.

Is Canary7 an on-site software or a cloud-based software?

Canary7 is wholly cloud-based, because that is what works best for our clients. Our customers, especially 3PL small businesses, cannot afford the price or the complications associated with on-site software. Alternatively, we offer cloud-based, simple, and cost-friendly 3PL solutions which ensures that businesses can get the space they need to operate successfully.

Can I try Canary7’s 3PL software for small business for free?

Yes! We want you to make sure that Canary7 is a good fit for you before you actually commit to it, which is why we offer a free 30 min demo to help you familiarise yourself with our functionalities. Use it for a good 30 minutes before you make the final purchase. We want you to make an informed choice, which is why we are there throughout the process to help you with any other additional questions as well.