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The eCommerce industry is taking the world by storm. Granting anyone passionate and hardworking enough the chance to own a successful business, the eCommerce sales model is easy to implement and hence, attracts a lot of different ventures. Running an eCommerce business is far from easy, especially in consideration of the logistical requirements it has, however with a eCommerce 3PL WMS it can be easy!

Throw 3PL into the mix where you have to take care of your clients’ logistics regardless of what their preferred sales channel is, there is a lot at stake. Without the right support, taking on this challenge can prove to be detrimental. 

But not with Canary7. We present to you the leading eCommerce WMS solutions, which means that you are always well-equipped to tackle any 3PL eCommerce related difficulties that you may face. 

Regardless of what your goal is, Canary7 is the best eCommerce 3PL WMS software. With our solutions, you will be opening yourself to a whole new world of third party logistics, that not only involves efficiency and productivity, but is also a fool-proof dimension of profits for you. 

Ready to kick start your ideal 3PL journey with an eCommerce 3PL WMS straight out of dreams?

Struggling with meeting the growing needs of the eCommerce world?

The post-Covid reality means that the eCommerce world is not what it used to be. Even though the pandemic frenzy is now considerably less, in-person businesses are still struggling with more and more people preferring online shopping to visiting brick-and-mortar shops. For eCommerce businesses there is an influx of customers turning towards them…which is good – but it also means more responsibility.

Post-Covid eCommerce Trends

67% of consumers report that their shopping habits have changed considerably (Source) after the Covid-19 period (which is technically still ongoing!)

New product categories.

Grocery eCommerce. Entertainment eCommerce. Maintenance eCommerce. Eco-friendly eCommerce. Healthcare eCommerce. These terms may sound foreign, but they essentially make a huge chunk of your eCommerce activity in 2022. Back in the day, although these categories existed, they weren’t as popular as they are today. Everything from food to dishwashing liquid to hammers – even things that were traditionally preferred to be bought in person, are now likely to be bought online. Today, goods that come under the aforementioned categories are consistently sought by customers on online stores, which essentially means that eCommerce businesses have to evolve their fulfilment procedures in order to deal with these products better.

eCommerce 3PL WMS-Grocery eCommerce. Entertainment eCommerce. Maintenance eCommerce. Eco-friendly
eCommerce 3PL WMS-Wavering customer loyalty

Wavering customer loyalty.

As sad as it is to realise, customers today are much less likely to be loyal to eCommerce brands. Due to the competition present in the market, customers just have way too many options to choose from, and they will only gravitate towards the business that offers them the right price, quality, and customer service: all of those combined. This doesn’t mean that you can’t win a customer’s loyalty at all – you can, but only with the best eCommerce 3PL WMS solutions that help you analyse customer behaviour and study sales trends, so that you can optimise your sales strategy in accordance with the changing preferences of this customer. It’s definitely more effort for you. 

Contactless (and generally flexible) payment methods

eCommerce customers in the present day are used to flexibility and convenience – especially when it comes to the billing process. If the payment process for the customer is tiresome, it is unlikely that they will return to you and are likely to find a business that offers a simpler alternative. In light of the Covid changes hastily made to the way we interact with each other, customers are now becoming increasingly comfortable with contactless payments… one could say that they even prefer them over other ways of making payments. (Source) To win the hearts of your customers, you have to offer a billing process that is not only seamless but also aligned with the needs of your customer.

eCommerce 3PL WMS-Contactless (and generally flexible) payment methods
eCommerce 3PL WMS-SOP-friendly fulfillment

SOP-friendly fulfilment.

Better safe than sorry – this is the motto most people opted for during the lockdown period all over the world. This mindset has stuck with people even as Covid restrictions have eased out, and customers expect SOP-friendly fulfilment. This means people expect the fulfilment journey of their orders to be aligned with safety precautions. Not only that, but it also means that other expectations consumers had regarding fulfilment during the Covid period have also stayed with customers. For example, the expectation of fast and urgent delivery is still there, which means that eCommerce setups have to step up their game to a considerable extent.

Social media shopping.

Social media shopping has existed since before Covid, but it took a different form after the pandemic hit. Many social media platforms, taking note of higher online retail demand, added eCommerce features to their interfaces in order to ensure that they are providing their users with exactly what they are looking for. These platforms, today, have become extremely integrated with strictly – eCommerce platforms. This provides ease and convenience to users and also allows them to confirm the credibility of certain products. And hence, is preferred by them. For eCommerce businesses, this means that they have to amalgamate their services from both these areas and try to bring traffic to both platforms in order to ensure long-term success.

eCommerce 3PL WMS-Social media shopping

eCommerce 3PL businesses - it's your time to gear up.

The evolving trends of the eCommerce world means only one thing for eCommerce brands: there is so much to do, and not enough time. For 3PLs that are on a journey to help these brands improve their logistical processes, it is pretty much the same. 

But you can handle it; because in the world of fulfilment, nothing is impossible… as long as you have Canary7 onboard as your eCommerce 3PL WMS.

Canary7 – the perfect eCommerce 3PL WMS for your warehouse operations!

Whoever said the perfect eCommerce 3PL WMS doesn’t exist hasn’t met Canary7! Regardless of the size, nature or financial condition of your operations, Canary7 is here to help. With Canary7’s unique features, we can help you tackle all the challenges the eCommerce world throws at you. Whether you need help with extensive data analytics or location management, Canary7 takes the reins to transform your warehouse to succeed!

In the simplest terms, Canary7 is the best eCommerce 3PL WMS partner you can have onboard, to ensure you are well-equipped for the world of eCommerce third party logistics. Our solutions will not only bring your most advanced fulfilment expectations to life but show the world just what you are capable of!

eCommerce 3PL WMS Features by Canary7

Canary7 brings to you out-of-this world features that become apart of your warehouse management processes and ensures that you are reaching your desired heights of success. As the best eCommerce 3PL WMS available in the market today, Canary7 is indubitably the ultimate partner of success for third party logistics businesses, especially those dealing with eCommerce fulfillment. 

Multiple Location Support

One of the best aspects of eCommerce is that it allows customers to buy products from all over the world. You’re in London but want to buy a product in Germany? No problem – it will be with you within a week. Customers today are not used to any geographical barriers when it comes to their online shopping experience, and as an eCommerce 3PL business it is more or less your job to make it happen… And you can make it happen with the help of our eCommerce 3PL WMS solutions. 

Canary7, being the leading 3PL eCommerce software, offers multiple location support. This means that you don’t only get to improve the fulfilment processes in one warehouse, but in all warehouses you have – regardless of their location. Bring efficiency to all your warehouses and fulfilment centres, deliver your eCommerce orders completely efficiently, without any major hindrances that hold you back and make your 3PL journey more difficult for you.

Logistical Speed and Efficiency

Speed is a value that all customers value, especially in today’s eCommerce world. Your customers are not used to any delays, and want their orders within their reach at the speed of lightning. This is a trend that has more or less always existed in the commerce world, but with the urgency that was brought forth by the pandemic, it has become even more important for businesses to ensure that they are sending out their orders on time, and that there are no delays that would frustrate the customer. 

Canary7’s eCommerce 3PL WMS offers a bundle of features that cater towards bringing speed and efficiency to fulfilment processes. It streamlines your inventory so that the picking and packing times are decreased dramatically. This also helps you avoid the risk of under stocking and having your customers wait for their orders. Canary7’s eCommerce 3PL WMS also increases the level of visibility your warehouse activity has, which means that you can tune into the processes whenever you like and identify early on, hence avoiding any major delays that may manifest because of that. 

Easy Returns

In today’s eCommerce world, the fulfilment process does not end with the shipment of the product. This is because today, returns are very common. In fact, your return policy plays an important part in enabling the customer to decide whether or not they want to do business with you. This is because in case the customers don’t like what they’re getting, they want to know that they can easily return the product without any hassle. If you want to succeed as a business, you will offer your customers this element – no questions asked. 

Easier said than done, but not when you have Canary7’s 3PL WMS around to help you. Canary7 makes reverse logistics a breezy process for you, your clients, and the customers involved. With product tracking that allows you to stay in touch with all pertinent deliveries, our 3PL eCommerce software enables you to ensure that the returns process is just as seamless and that no mishaps happen along the way. Our solutions empower all parties involved with the perfect resources and are bound to leave everyone satisfied.

Top-Notch Accuracy

Want to make sure that you stay in touch with the changing trends of eCommerce as well as the shopping behaviour of your customers? You have to ensure accuracy at each aspect of the supply chain to make that happen. Accuracy will help you ensure that the data you generate through your warehouse activity is reliable and can inform the rest of the decisions to make for your business! Not only that, but focusing on accuracy will also allow you to make sure that there are no errors, which will help you improve your third party logistics services. 

Canary7 offers accuracy for all our solutions, which means that our eCommerce 3PL WMS is completely reliable. If, as a 3PL, you are looking to indulge in warehouse activity that can afterwards be assessed accurately and eventually make other areas of your business better, then Canary7 should be your go-to choice of a 3PL eCommerce WMS. Canary7 will ensure that everything you or your warehouse staff does is recorded accurately, so that you can refer back to it whenever you’d like to.

Data-Based Analyses

Data is important for any business… but it is even more important for eCommerce businesses since they have to make sure that their strategy aligns with the changing consumer expectations. If you keep relying on paper-based systems for your warehouse management, it would be impossible for you to generate the kind of data needed to evolve your business and make it fit for the consumers that trust in it. 

This is where Canary7 steps in and takes a considerable load off your shoulders. By generating important data and then allowing you to convert that data into customisable reports, our eCommerce 3PL WMS makes it easy for you to reach data-based analyses. Such analyses can later be used to understand your inventory, warehouse, and order activity and will allow you to identify any gaps that can cause potential bottlenecks in your supply chain if not managed on time.

Easy Training

Too many cooks spoil the broth… but this doesn’t apply to the eCommerce world. The only shot you have at emerging as a successful eCommerce 3PL business is if you have your workforce behind you, giving each fulfilment process their absolute best! And this is possible if you have a good eCommerce 3PL WMS onboard. However, most 3PL eCommerce WMS solutions, although good, can sometimes be hard to navigate, which means that it takes your staff an ample amount of time and effort to ensure that they have functionalities of the software sorted. 

This isn’t the case with Canary7. Our eCommerce 3PL WMS is easy to navigate: with a clean, intuitive interface, anyone can learn how to make use of our software solutions in the best way possible. For your warehouse workers, this means that they don’t have to set out extra time in order to learn the ins and outs of Canary7. Just a few hours would do in terms of them understanding how to use Canary7 in a way that actually contributes towards the success of your business. Not only that, but we have professionals that can train your workers as well as user guides that can be referred to at one’s own pace. For this reason, using Canary7 is not as hard as some other software.

Seamless Billing Processes

Your customer expects easy billing processes. Who wants to go through hassle just to ensure that they are fulfilling their dues? No one – certainly not eCommerce customers of the 21st century. Hence, it becomes very important for an eCommerce brand to ensure that they are providing as many flexible payment methods as possible. Not only that, it must also ensure that it has enough resources to follow up on payments, and make sure people pay on time. 

With the help of Canary7, even this is possible. Use our eCommerce 3PL WMS to keep track of all your billing processes. Regardless of whether it is something you are charging or being charged for, you have access to clear receipts that help you gauge your spending and come up with ways to make your clients pay on time without being too invasive. 

Budget Optimisation

Want to save money and increase your profits at the same time? It is possible. Ideally, an eCommerce business should be optimising its budget in a way that implements a spend less, earn more approach. This means that you need to invest in processes that require less cash flow, and bring in more revenue. 

It may sound impossible set against the backdrop of inflation, but with a software solution like Canary7, it becomes easy for you to battle financial struggles and improve your profit margins to a great extent. Canary7 makes sure that the processes it automates don’t require any amendments from your end, which means that after investing in Canary7, you can step back and don’t have to spend money on improving these procedures any longer. Not only that, but the efficiency and productivity Canary7 brings to the table then ensures that these processes bring in more businesses and turn considerably more profitable for you.

Are you ready for the warehousing revolution?

With the help of our eCommerce 3PL WMS, you will be entering a warehousing revolution that enables you to dominate the 3PL industry. Being a 3PL eCommerce software, Canary7 will guide you through the various challenges associated with eCommerce and third party logistics. 

The only question is: are you ready to join us?

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eCommerce 3PL WMS | FAQs

Can Canary7’s eCommerce solutions help with omnichannel fulfilment?

Yes! Canary7 is a completely omnichannel-friendly solution, which means that no matter which or how many channels you want to integrate into your fulfilment strategy, you can employ Canary7 and get started with improving your fulfilment experience. In fact, to help you achieve seamless omnichannel functioning, Canary7 offers top class integrations. These integrations can be used to connect you with multiple solutions such as ERP programs, courier apps, and even eCommerce platforms; all of which can help you add an extra layer of efficiency to your omnichannel operations.

Is Canary7 free to use?

Although Canary7 is a paid software system, we offer a free demo that you can avail anytime you like. This is to make sure that anyone who is committing to Canary7 as a solution is comfortable with it before they make the final call, and hence can try our capabilities beforehand. Remember: at Canary7, there is nothing more important to us than your satisfaction. For this reason, we make sure that you are satisfied with what we have to offer before you commit to us, and our 30 minute demo will help you do that quite easily.

I am struggling with eCommerce as a 3PL. What should I do?

Handling eCommerce orders as a 3PL can be quite a challenge, and we get that. Not only do you have to make sure that everything is working out well in the back end in terms of logistics, but you must also have the right connection with the forefront of the eCommerce shop as well. Striking this balance is a hard job - but the right tools and technology can boost your performance as a 3PL, especially in the area of eCommerce.

For this reason, our ultimate advice for a struggling 3PL would be to get an eCommerce 3PL WMS, as this multi-dimensional solution handles everything within the warehouse but also streamlines processes directly linked to your eCommerce activity, so it is pretty much a win-win situation once you get this solution on-board.

Is Canary7 good for small businesses?

A small business needs all the support it can; especially technological support. As an automated solution, Canary7 can really help small businesses prosper and become a better version of themselves which is why we definitely think that our solutions could be a great fit for small businesses.

Is my eCommerce data safe with Canary7?

Yes - Canary7 is a cloud-based solution so you don't have to worry about any malfunctioning like you would have to if you were working with an on-premise software. Other than that, your data integrity is a top priority for us which is why our solutions are designed to prioritise it as well. You can use our 3PL wms solutions without worrying about your data being compromised, which means that we are a great option for businesses who want to indulge in advanced 3PL activity without constantly being concerned about the safety and security of their data.