Meet Canary7
The Best WMS for 3PL Challenges

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7
The Best WMS for 3PL Challenges

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Made by 3PL professionals, for 3PL professionals, Canary7 is the best 3PL WMS for all your problems as a third party logistics service provider. Whether you want to handle your warehouse in the most efficient manner, or you want to improve your inventory to impress more customers; Canary7 is the perfect support system you can rely on. 

With just a few clicks, you can simply transform your 3PL experience.

Canary7: the most effective WMS for 3PL

Canary7 offers cutting-edge features that help 3PLs foster productivity in your fulfilment processes and brings efficiency to the centre of the logistical journey. For 3PLs who are on the look for software solutions that align perfectly with the various needs of their business, Canary7 is the ultimate option.

Ready to expand your 3PL operations? Canary7 can help.

1. Save money

Saving money is the most important aspect for many businesses – the better you manage your finances, the more chances you have of making some useful changes to your operations. This is the idea that Canary7 is based on, which is why we help you cut down on costs in many areas.

Essentially, Canary7 acts as a one-stop shop for all your possible needs, which means that you don’t have to invest in different solutions for each of your problems. With Canary7, you also get to actively minimise the number of errors and discrepancies in your fulfilment process, which can further help you increase your margins. Now, save money like a pro – only with Canary7.

WMS for 3PL - Save Money
WMS for 3PL - Grow without limitations

2. Grow without limitations

No matter what the nature of your project is, the ultimate goal for any business is to expand as much as possible. However, not all software solutions allow you the space to do that. Most on-premises WMS comes with infrastructure limitations, which is not the ideal route if you are planning to grow your business.

With Canary7, however, you don’t have to worry about any of that. As a cloud-based WMS, Canary7 gives you a lot of flexibility in setting up, running, and expanding your warehouse activity. Best for businesses that want to grow limitless, Canary7 will be your ultimate partner in scalability.

3. Gain full control

In order to ensure that everything within your warehouse is top-notch, it is important to make sure that you have full control. Gaining full control of your warehouse means that you have to integrate 360 degrees of visibility through the software solutions you use, and luckily, that is exactly what Canary7 enables you to do.

By providing you with full access to your warehouse and all the activity that is taking place within the warehouse, Canary7 facilitates you to detect problems earlier and come up with solutions just as quickly. Our software solutions are here to empower you with constant updates on your warehouse operations, so you never have to feel out of the loop – ever again! 

WMS for 3PL - Gain full control
WMS for 3PL - Boost productivity

4. Boost productivity

An unproductive warehouse is as good as an empty warehouse – which is why boosting productivity within your warehouse should be on the top of your list. The right WMS for 3PL is always the one that allows you to instil productivity at the forefront of your warehouse management.

Canary7 focuses on doing this by what we call a “gamification” approach. Our bespoke dashboards bring this approach to life, and encourage healthy competition within the workplace. Not only does this approach help you with labour management, but also allow you to introduce creativity and efficiency to your third party logistics processes. 

Cloud Based WMS for 3PL

Are you sick of on-premises software that costs you hundreds of dollars, is time-consuming to set up, and wholly inconvenient to maintain? 

In that case, look no further, because Canary7 offers a refreshing alternative!

As the best WMS for 3PL business, Canary7 utilises cloud based technology to provide you with a software solution that comes completely free from all the problems raised by on-premises software. Not only is it easy to set up, but it is also cost-friendly because you only have to pay per user. Cloud based WMS technology solutions will help you save time, money, and your effort – and we believe that there is no better bargain than that. 

Not only that, but Canary7 is also considerably safer than on-premises software. A traditional, on-premises software is vulnerable to malfunctioning because there is no backup. If anything goes wrong, you lose your data forever. With Canary7, however, your data is always safe in the Cloud! This means that not only do you have a back up, but also that you can easily access all your important data whenever you like, regardless of where you are in the world. 

Cloud based technology solutions also means that our WMS for 3PL is easy to understand. Most on-premises software cannot offer the same thing, since they are quite technical and complicated to get the hang of. Canary7, on the other hand, is convenient to navigate and extremely user-friendly to the extent that anyone – from you to your warehouse operatives can learn how to use it for the best possible results.

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WMS for 3PL: Making warehouse management a breeze

Warehouse management can be quite challenging to master – but not with Canary7. Canary7 has just the features and solutions you need to streamline the warehouse management process and make your fulfilment procedures wholly seamless. Our unique features will enable you to improve your 3PL journey to a great extent.

WMS for 3PL - Smart 3PL Stock Rotation

Smart 3PL Stock Rotation

Smart, efficient 3PL stock rotation.

Want the best 3PL WMS programming framework to handle a wide scope of stock rotation needs? Canary7 is the best contender. Canary7 WMS provides one-of-its-kind stock rotation. With the help of our features, you can easily assume command over your warehouse and meet all the crucial KPIs without putting in much effort. Regardless of how complex your ideal stock rotation is, Canary7’s WMS for 3PL will help you execute it and lead the pack in the world of 3PLs.

Universal Integration Options

API integration options for everyone.

Canary7’s WMS for 3PL offers a range of different integration options – to the point that there is one for everyone. If you need carrier integrations such as Royal mail or eCommerce such as Shopify, we have you covered. If you are looking to create a comprehensive environment out of your 3PL journey that consists of multiple aspects such as financial, eCommerce, and logistical management, then you are likely to benefit from our list of integrations. Save money and increase productivity with world-class, cutting-edge integrations, and fix all your major 3PL problems!

WMS for 3PL - Universal Integration Options
Best Ecommerce WMS Software User Interface

Sleek Design

Tune out the chaos and focus on what matters.

Most WMS software you will come across for 3PL is going to not only be complicated to understand, but also unnecessarily technical in terms of its interface. At Canary7, that sort of a design just doesn’t make the cut. We want our users to actually benefit from the solutions we put out, a huge part of which is dependent on providing a design that is sleek, minimal, and highly responsive.  Our WMS for 3PL has a basic, moderate look that permits you to block out the noise. This means that you can pay better attention to your warehouse. Not only that, but our design is supported on every device, so you can benefit from Canary7 from your laptop, phone, or any other smart device.


Encourage your team to do their best.

Your greatest and the main resource will constantly remain your workforce. At Canary7, we are focused on providing you with solutions that help you value your team in the best way possible. Not only that, but we also aim to help you improve the way your employees perform, and to that end, we provide you with a gamified approach. Essentially, the gamified approach guarantees that your staff contributes their best capacities to your business by encouraging healthy competition and ensuring that the warehouse activities that need the human element can be executed with complete zeal.  Give your employees the treatment they deserve with gamification and watch your business evolve.

WMS for 3PL - Gamification
WMS for 3PL - Cloud Based Technology

Cloud Based Technology

Your data is safe with the Cloud.

With its cloud-based technology, Canary7 can help you gain the edge over 3PLs that are still dependent on heavy, counterproductive on-premises 3PL software. Say goodbye to weighty equipment and make warehouse management easier for yourself and your team with our WMS for 3PL. No need to waste time on dealing with pesky infrastructure requirements – Canary has everything sorted with its cloud based technology. 

Easy Navigation

A user-friendly interface.  

The best WMS for 3PL businesses is the one that is easy to understand. This is because essentially, you want everyone to be able to use it. This is what we believe in at Canary7 and hence, all our features are easy to understand. You don’t need extensive training to grasp the functionality of our WMS for 3PL, and that’s what makes it powerful. Additionally, we also provide you with comprehensive user guides, which ensure that you can understand all the solutions Canary7 provides you with!

WMS for 3PL - Easy Navigation

All Our Software Solutions

Created by the best for the best, Canary7 provides the ultimate way for you to navigate 3PL challenges without compromising on the integrity of your business. For every problem, we offer a cutting-edge, world class solution. 

Warehouse Management System

We provide businesses with a one of it’s kind warehouse management system that offers visibility in your entire inventory and helps you enhance your supply chain fulfilment operations. With the help of our WMS solutions, any business can turn its dreams of growing into reality, since we are a fully scalable software system and will help you grow in just the direction you need. 

Control your warehouse activity and improve your operations for long-term success with the help of our solutions.  

  • Optimise your warehouse space. 
  • Minimise your operating expenses. 
  • Increase warehouse visibility. 
  • Optimise the supply chain. 
  • Automate all important warehouse processes. 

Inventory Management System

Canary7 provides the best inventory management system in the market. Not only does it streamline your existing inventory processes, but it also empowers you with the resources needed to implement inventory forecasting and make the right, data-backed decisions that actually lead to an improvement of your overall business operations.

Implement adequate inventory control and make the best decisions for your inventory with Canary7.

  • Boost profitability with your inventory activity.
  • Simplify inventory processing.
  • Reduce aged inventory and dead stock. 
  • Automate manual inventory tasks. 
  • Improve your customer service. 

Order Management System

The best way to win the hearts of your customers is through order management. However, managing your orders, especially as a multichannel business or 3PL, is hard. With Canary7’s OMS, however, you can make the task of managing your orders a lot easier. No matter the volume of orders you get, you can easily streamline everything and ensure that your customers are happy with the way you process your orders. 

Canary7’s world-class OMS can help make managing orders not only easy, but also fun.

  • Centralise your customer service. 
  • Globalise your inventory management and sourcing.
  • Get orders out quicker.
  • Say goodbye to paperwork. 
  • Keep inventory costs low. 

Labour Management System

In order for you to succeed as a business, it is crucial to ensure that your employees are equipped to do their best. For that, you need Canary7’s labour management system. We believe that your workers are the force behind your business, which is why your utmost focus should be towards organising your team. Our LMS features will help you do just that, and more! 

Canary7 for you are your warehouse staff – because you deserve nothing but the best. 

  • Delegate tasks according to abilities. 
  • Encourage warehouse operators with a gamified approach. 
  • Boost workplace productivity.
  • Improve resource utilisation. 
  • Increase employee satisfaction. 

eCommerce and retail businesses have to navigate through multiple layers of the supply chain - which can often be hard to tackle. However, with the right support, anything is possible. Canary7 is the perfect fit for the ever-growing eCommerce and retail industry and provides businesses in these sectors with just the right support they need. Whether its in terms of warehouse management, inventory management, or order management, Canary7 has got you sorted for good.
E-Commerce & Retail:

The fast-paced food and beverage industry is one of the most challenging sectors that we know of - considering that in this sector, businesses have to constantly adapt themselves in accordance with the changing preferences of their customers.. Luckily, in designing the features for our software, our experts have kept in mind the various challenges faced by businesses in this sector, which makes Canary7 the ultimate option for food and beverage businesses looking to improve their logistics.
Food & Beverage:

Not all solutions cater to the FMCG industry, considering that it is quite tough to deal with. However, at Canary7, we believe that the FMCG requires cutting-edge software support for success, and that’s exactly what we provide. Canary7 helps FMCG businesses increase their profit margins while cutting down on costs, which means that the businesses in this industry that use Canary7 get a genuine chance at growing, expanding, and dominating the sector.
Fast Moving Consumer Goods:

The manufacturing industry brings to the table a set of complex problems that must be addressed if a business in that sector wants to succeed. The minds behind Canary7 know all about these problems and present software solutions that can be integrated in your warehouse to ensure a seamless manufacturing process for good. All four forms of inventory associated with manufacturing are well-managed with the help of Canary7 so that businesses can create a seamless manufacturing process without any hassle.

Our 3PL solutions are focused on helping third party logistics businesses build their credibility and prove to their clients that they are capable of taking on the logistical challenges. Canary 7 helps 3PLs navigate the complexity of this business masterfully, and ensure that each of the processes within the warehouse or distribution center is fully automated for peak efficiency. With Canary7, many of the hardships associated with establishing a 3PL business can be avoided - it is just the push your project needs for success.
Third Party Logistics:

Meet Canary7

Canary7 - WMS for 3PL Champions

If you are ready to take your 3PL journey to the next level, then Canary7 should be your-go to choice as a WMS for 3PL. Cutting-edge WMS technology solutions that will help you leave your competitors biting your dust… If that’s what you expect from your warehouse management software, then Canary7 is at your service.