Cloud WMS

Canary7’s next-gen cloud based WMS can make warehouse management a walk in the park. Are you ready to introduce your business processes and revolutionise your fulfilment experience forever?

Cloud WMS

Canary7’s next-gen cloud based WMS can make warehouse management a walk in the park. Are you ready to introduce your business processes and revolutionise your fulfilment experience forever?

Canary7: a cloud based WMS software solution for industry leaders

Are you sick and tired of the hassle of installing, utilising, and maintaining WMS software solutions? Cloud WMS technology is all you need. A cloud based WMS system takes away the problems of on-premise software and instead, equips you with efficient, low-maintenance, yet extremely effective ways of managing your warehouse.

And the good news is, the best cloud based WMS is finally at your service. Canary7, built with leading cloud-computing technology, offers phenomenal cloud based WMS solutions that will transform the face of your fulfilment processes for good. 

Achieving an advanced and organised warehouse has never been as easy as it is with Canary7. 

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What is cloud WMS technology?

Cloud WMS technology is the future. It is the most effective way of managing your warehouse and processing your orders, and if employed correctly, can allow you to push your business forward towards success like never before. This is because cloud WMS technology is dependent on cloud computing, and the features cloud computing offers makes it a superior form of warehouse technology and warehouse management.

The following features are the main characteristics of cloud WMS technology:

Canary7 - Cloud WMS - On-demand self-service

Feature 1: On-demand self-service

One of the most important characteristics of cloud based WMS is self-services. Most cloud platforms provide you with resources at the click of a button, which means that you are constantly in control of your data and can easily tap into it whenever you like. Because cloud WMS technology vendors have data centres all over the world, their threshold of keeping and storing data is quite high and you can depend on them no matter how extensive your needs as a business are. Having complete control of your data also means that you and your staff have the freedom to deploy apps as you see fit and hence can make the decisions that fit in best with your own business journey. 

Feature 2: Resource pooling

Resource pooling is another prominent characteristic of cloud WMS technology. This means that instead of a select number of people having access to the solutions, everyone can! Since cloud WMS technology is reliant on multi-tenant architectures, it can be used to accommodate multiple users, which means more people can benefit from cloud WMS solutions. However, the good thing is that increased workload doesn’t mean that the security and speed of the cloud based WMS system is compromised. 

Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Resource pooling
Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Scalability and rapid elasticity

Feature 3: Scalability and rapid elasticity

Cloud WMS technology is also highly scalable and has rapid elasticity. Essentially, what this means is that you have the ability to add and remove computers as per your wishes, manage storage in accordance with your needs, and execute a network that is best suited to your growth without any hassle. This makes a cloud WMS system extremely scalable and hence, the perfect partner in your journey of growth. Thanks to rapid elasticity, a cloud based WMS software can adapt to sudden demand surges quite quickly. For example, when demands unexpectedly increase, a cloud based WMS system will automatically add resources to handle the load and will return to original resource levels once the peak surge is over. 

Feature 4: Pay-per-use pricing

This is perhaps one of the most beneficial characteristics of cloud computing. Instead of setting aside a huge chunk for your solutions, you can pay per use. Not only will this be more cost-effective and considerably lighter on your budget, but it is also more beneficial in terms of efficiency and productivity. Yet, the good thing is that although a major characteristic of cloud computing, this is not the only way you can pay for cloud computing. If you feel like you are more comfortable with paying a chunk, there are many other options that can accommodate your needs too, and that too by offering your affordable packages. 

Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Pay-per-use pricing
Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Measured service

Feature 5: Measured service

Some businesses will find that their needs for warehouse management solutions are not as evolved as they expected them to be and that in fact, they are paying way more than what they should be. However, with cloud WMS technology, this is not the case. Most cloud based WMS solutions providers work with measured service. This means that they report on the use of resources and services, and gauge how much is it that the client needs. Then, the pay-per-use model is updated in accordance with that. Needless to say, this is a better way of doing things and hence, cloud computing is proven to be much more effective for businesses when it comes to managing  the warehouse.

Feature: 6: Availability and resiliency

For increased success, it is important for businesses to constantly be in access to their data. This can be done with the help of cloud based WMS solutions, as they can be easily utilised and tapped into across different availability zones. And although malfunctioning and outages occur with these systems too, they are generally more resilient and hence a better component of your business. 

Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Availability and resiliency
Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Security

Feature 7: Security

Cloud computing is much more secure than other forms of technology. Cloud WMS technology providers have the best security systems in the world, and these are operated by security experts who definitely know what they are doing. It is to the point that even finance firms gravitate towards cloud computing as opposed to on-premise software, because your data is considerably safer with cloud computing and it doesn’t bring in the same problems as associated with other forms of technology. Even when it comes to malfunctions, you can recover your data more easily as it is backed in the cloud, which is generally more secure and hence, a better option. 

Feature 8: Broad network access

As long as you have an internet connection, you can be in control of your data from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are based in New York but want to tap into your warehouse that is set in New Zealand. Cloud WMS technology can be leveraged regardless of where you are located, and that is how it has the ability to fix all your problems. For businesses that are working on increasing the visibility of their fulfilment processes, broad network access capabilities offered by a cloud based WMS system are a must.

Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Broad network access

Who is cloud WMS technology for?

Cloud based WMS software solutions are for everyone! The benefits they provide make them a splendid fit for everyone; from industry leaders to start ups, everyone can take advantage of cloud technology and utilise it to their benefit. Anyone who prioritises the integration of cloud WMS technology is essentially making a lasting contribution to their success strategy, and can vouch for its efficacy. 

So, stop wondering whether a cloud-based WMS system is for you; and get your hands on Canary7’s cloud solutions today! Customer service is our top priority, and we promise you will not regret doing business with us.

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Benefits of Canary7’s cloud WMS technology

Canary7 employs the world’s best cloud WMS technology that will help you streamline your warehouse processes like never before. With each benefit that outweighs the other, Canary7’s solutions are bound to introduce your business to a plethora of advantages that will help you navigate your way in the world of warehouse management much more confidently. 

Whether your ultimate goal is to serve your customers better or to increase your sales, these cloud based WMS software solutions will allow you to turn your warehouse into a bigger, better, and much more advanced version of itself.

Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Always available, even in the event of a natural disaster

Always available, even in the event of a natural disaster

One of the best things about Canary7’s cloud based WMS software is that it is always available. So, if some unforeseen event such as a natural disaster catches your processes off-guard, you can quickly turn to your cloud based WMS and manage your warehouse just as seamlessly as before. This is in stark contrast to on-premise software. If an on-premise warehouse solution is destroyed in a natural disaster, there is no bringing it back. And with it, also goes all your valuable data. There is obviously huge risk involved when it comes to the operation of an on-premise warehouse management solution, which no one would be willing to take! 

Can be accessed and benefited from remotely

You don’t need to be in the physical location of your cloud based WMS solutions in order for them to work, and that is their super power. No matter where you are in the world, Canary7 can be conveniently accessed and benefited from. Because of this, our cloud based WMS system ensures that you are completely and at all times in control of your warehouse activity, which means that you can have an overview of whatever it is that is happening within your warehouse and can take appropriate action to ensure that you are on track.

Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Can be accessed and benefited from remotely
Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Enables easy and seamless backing up

Enables easy and seamless backing up

Your data with a cloud-based WMS can easily and seamlessly be backed up. This means that even if things go wrong, you can access it. Needless to say, Canary7’s cloud based WMS software makes a much safer and more secure warehouse management software. It is way more reliable, which means that you are able to execute your processes without having to deal with the anxiety of whether or not you will be able to use them safely. This is why cloud WMS technology is the number one choice for so many people.

Enables scaling server size and disk space

What if you start with a certain capacity for your WMS but soon, need more? A cloud based WMS system is great in this regard too, as it has a scaling server size and disk space. What this means is that it expands in accordance with your needs. It can be adjusted according to your workload, and you don’t have to worry about lagging behind. This makes it extremely scalable in terms of your growth too; because our cloud based WMS solutions grow with you, you can focus on developing your business without any restrictions and boundaries holding you back as well. 

Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Enables scaling server size and disk space
Canary7 - Cloud WMS - Provides a varied choice of data allowances

Provides a varied choice of data allowances 

Because Canary7 is also measured, our cloud based WMS solutions offer different data allowances. This means that the different packages we have correspond with different data allowances, which ultimately means that each package offers a different sort of functionality. As such, our clients are in charge of the solutions they choose for their processes, and hence are encouraged to make a conscious effort of choosing a plan that completely fits their needs and the one that they can see being a part of their strategy for a long-term basis. Again, this makes us completely scalable and hence, fitter for the needs of modern day businesses.

All technical work is done by the provider

If you rely on a manual, on-premise system, you have to be dependent on experts. This is because these solutions are usually very complicated and have complex algorithms, to the point that only experts and professionals can deal with the technicalities. Not only does this mean that you need to have in-house technicians, but it also means more money spent. Cloud-based technology offers a much more feasible alternative: all the technical work for cloud-based WMS software solutions is done remotely by the provider, so all you have to do is sit back and relax – that is all. 

Canary7 - Cloud WMS - All technical work is done by the provider

The best cloud based WMS system is not just a few clicks away

Your search for the best cloud based WMS system now ends! With Canary7, you can finally achieve the best warehouse management strategy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get Canary7 today and watch your business evolve to the next level with absolutely no effort required from your side.

Cloud WMS | FAQs

Does Canary7 offer other cloud based solutions as well?

Yes. We offer the best cloud based WMS - but we also offer cloud based inventory management, order management, labour management, and warehouse control solutions. You basically get the best of everything with Canary7, and can utilise cloud computing like never before only with the help of our solutions.

Why is Canary7 the best cloud based WMS software?

Using next-generation cloud computing technology, Canary7 is the best cloud based WMS software because it employs a clean, intuitive, and simple interface which makes it easier for you to make sure you are on the right track with the software and are using it effectively.

How do I know that cloud WMS solutions are the right fit for me?

That’s simple: cloud WMS solutions are the right fit for everyone! A cloud WMS solution will help any business become more efficient, boost its productivity, and save money. If these are your goals as a business, then you can confidently employ cloud WMS solutions and use them to your benefit.

Is a cloud based WMS software more expensive than on-premise software?

Not at all. In fact, it is the other way round. A cloud based WMS software is a lot less expensive than an on-premise software, and hence is likely to be lighter on your budget than any other technology. So, if you are looking to save money, you can turn to cloud based software without any hesitation.

Is my data safe with the cloud?

Yes! Cloud based WMS solutions enable easy backups, which in turn leads to safer data access. Even if a malfunction occurs, your data will be safe with the cloud and hence, a cloud WMS is a lot more secure.