3PL Order Management Software

Want to become successful in the 3PL industry? A 3PL order management software that can help you streamline your 3PL activity from start to finish is your best bet. 

3PL Order Management Software

Want to become successful in the 3PL industry? A 3PL order management software that can help you streamline your 3PL activity from start to finish is your best bet. 

Canary7; the one-stop-shop for the best 3PL order management software solutions 

Becoming a successful 3PL venture in today’s day and age may seem impossible. Not only are the needs of 3PL complex and high-maintenance, but there is also an overwhelming amount of competition in this industry, with the market expanding by almost 29% in 2022 (Statista) This means that businesses in the third-party logistics world must work hard and put in a lot of effort to get where they want to be. 

This meant that 3PLs had to put in manual energy to get everything sorted. Today, this “effort” means getting the right software solutions and integrating them with your operations to ensure they are on the right track. 

Thousands of solutions in the market claim to help you with 3PL order management: but what truly works? 

With Canary7, your search for an answer to the former question can finally end. Canary7 is the best, most advanced 3PL order management system to help you take on all 3PL challenges and tackle them simultaneously – to the point of success.


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Streamlining third party logistics: a challenging affair

Managing third-party logistics, especially without a 3PL order management system, can be challenging; this is something that anyone who is even remotely familiar with the world of 3PL can stand by. 

In case you’re wondering why exactly third-party logistics turn out to be such a challenging affair for businesses, here are a few reasons behind this glaring fact:

Challenge 1: High order volumes

As eCommerce and other industries grow, businesses’ average order volume to accommodate also increases. So, if we look at it from a particular perspective, it can be understood that the very point of a 3PL business is to handle a large volume of orders. However, especially in the absence of the right tools and technology, it can be pretty complicated for any business to take so many orders, so running a 3PL service can be very complex and challenging. Many companies that choose to engage with 3PL services are already overwhelmed by order volumes, which is why they seek extra help.

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Lack of inventory space

Challenge 2: Lack of inventory space

More orders mean a more extensive inventory as well. Your clients expect you to be able to store adequate stock so that they don’t miss out on orders and all their customers can be rightly accommodated. Yet, 3PLs know that warehouse space is not cheap, and to make sure that there is enough inventory space, not only do you have to spend a considerable chunk of money, but you must also make sure you have methods to optimise your inventory in a way that allows your stock to take up as little space as it possibly can.

Challenge 3: Rising fuel costs

Fuel costs are rising globally. This means that any business involving delivery operations has to deal with increased fuel expenses. For 3PLs, this means having to spend even more money! Your clients expect seamless last-mile logistics, which would require you to make sure that no hindrances are affecting your transportation and to do that, you need to 1) have complete visibility into your logistics activities and 2) invest a range of resources into this area. In short, striking the right balance between all of this can become problematic.

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Rising fuel costs
Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Recruiting new talent

Challenge 4: Recruiting new talent

Although automating as many areas of your 3PL activity as possible is advised, you will still need to rely on your workforce in certain aspects. The entire 3PL process is quite labour-extensive, which means you need a strong, optimised workforce to ensure that everything is on track and that your operations are being executed correctly. However, especially in light of the ongoing global labour crisis, recruiting new talent and ensuring that your workforce stays caught up in any regard can be challenging. This area is where a lot of businesses need help; hence, recruiting new talent is one of the biggest challenges 3PLs face.

Challenge 5: Lack of collaboration

3PL processes can only be successful if they have a well-integrated relationship with other service providers like carriers and shipment providers. However, it takes work to achieve this integration at times. This is because many 3PLs need to realise their importance on operational levels and neglect to connect their operations with them on time. This can lead to a lack of necessary collaboration and thus creates a lag in your 3PL activity, making bigger, much more concerning problems. 

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Lack of collaboration
Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Environmental concerns

Challenge 6: Environmental concerns

Sustainability has become a massive concern for customers and businesses alike. Both want to engage in environment-friendly activities, so there is pressure on 3PLs to make decisions that don’t harm the environment. This can sometimes be hard because wherever extensive transportation is involved, the question of an advanced carbon footprint can lead to problems. Yet, it must be remembered that there are many regulations and rules concerning the environment imposed by governments, so 3PLs must carry out their processes in a way that complies with these obligations.

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How Canary’s 3PL order management system helps:

Struggling with the challenges above but need help figuring out what to do and how to tackle them? Don’t worry! Canary7’s cutting-edge, next-generation 3PL order management software can help you do that in a few clicks.

Fast shipping processes

Your 3PL clients expect you to deliver their items as fast as possible – so you have to focus on creating fast shipping processes that will streamline the delivery experience for you and ensure that your customers are reasonably impressed with your services. With the help of Canary7’s 3PL order management system, you can speed up your delivery and get all your orders on time. The results? Positive customer reviews from everywhere, and a considerably better reputation for your business without a doubt!

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Fast shipping processes
Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Warehouse space optimisation

Warehouse space optimisation

We understand that warehouse space management is essential for the correct 3PL order management, which is why we provide specialised solutions that will help you take on warehouse space optimisation and make sure that your warehouse space aligns with your needs as a 3PL. As long as our 3PL order management system exists, you don’t have to worry about spending more money on acquiring warehouse space, and we can make your existing warehouse space work the best for you.

Streamlined return logistics

3PL order management continues after forward logistics; a reverse logistics framework that conveniently processes returns and exchanges is equally essential. For this reason, Canary7’s 3PL order management solutions don’t neglect return logistics either. You can quickly process any customer returns without unleashing havoc on your operations, which is the best thing about us! When your clients realise that you are managing reverse logistics so seamlessly, nothing can stop you from becoming their go-to 3PL provider, as this element matters a lot to businesses and is crucial to ensuring the success of any retail venture.

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Streamlined return logistics
Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Intelligent inventory management

Intelligent inventory management

As a 3PL, you really can’t risk being out of stock. But you also can’t risk the excess inventory crisis. You need intelligent inventory management solutions to help you avoid these issues by maintaining optimal inventory levels. We are pleased to announce that Canary7’s 3PL order management system will allow you to do just that. Our order management solutions are expert and help you manage your inventory smartly without having to go out of the way to take care of your stock, and that is why a partnership with our order management software will provide just the support you need in this area.

Advanced pick and pack processes 

Successful 3PL order management also requires advanced pick and pack processes. With the right technology, these can be easier to create and execute. However, with Canary7’s 3PL order management system, you can make the perfect pick-and-pack fulfilment experience. Not only can you bring more efficiency to this element using our solutions, but you will also be able to make sure that the quality checks implemented in these stages are up to the mark and help you improve the overall customer experience you offer as a 3PL.

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Advanced pick and pack processes
Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Order tracking

Order tracking

As a 3PL, you will also need to track all your orders. This is because you are responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly in the fulfilment experience. If you are relying on manual methods and tactics, order tracking is not a very convenient thing to achieve. However, with the help of an advanced solution like Canary7, you can track all your orders and stock at all times. Our 3PL order management system comes with barcode and RFID technology, making tracking orders a breeze and allowing you to stay on top of your 3PL activity consistently.

Customer support integrations

We urge all 3PLs, including yours, to remember that order management will always be customer-oriented. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the customer is involved in the process, and this can be done with the help of Canary7’s 3PL order management software. We allow you to integrate your customer support tools, which will help you ensure that the order process is fully aligned and in line with the customers’ preferences. This will help you increase your customer satisfaction levels and is also great for the overall reputation of your 3PL brand.

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Customer support integrations
Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Accurate data analytics and forecasting

Accurate data analytics and forecasting

Accurate data analytics and forecasting are critical in aligning your inventory activity with customer demand and seasonal shifts. As 3PLs can only afford to make a few mistakes regarding the future of their business, it is essential to base all your significant decisions on accurate data findings. Avoid making wild guesses and solidify your choices about your 3PL activity with the help of accurate, outclass insights and data! Canary7’s 3PL order management system lets you get your hands on accurate data analytics and forecasting, which helps you make the right decisions for your business.

Cost-effective scalability

Every 3PL wants to grow and expand its operations. However, no 3PL intends to spend an obscene amount of money to be able to do that. This is where the affordable 3PL order management software by Canary comes in. This is the best for 3PLs that want to break out of local markets and try their hand at international third-party logistics. It requires you to spend less money but doesn’t impose any restrictions on your growth – this means that you can expand as a business without wasting tons of money, and hence can work with cost-effective scalability that doesn’t hinder your prospects.

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Cost-effective scalability
Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - Effective labour management

Effective labour management

Your workforce plays a huge part in determining whether you will succeed. Hence, you must organise your labour force and ensure they are efficient and productive. You must also ensure that each resource is being utilised to the best of its potential. Luckily, you have Canary7’s 3PL order management software solutions that can also help you effectively manage your labour and ensure you are on the right track in every possible way.

Why Canary7? 

If you are wondering why exactly you should choose Canary7 over any other order management software– then have a look at the following reasons:

Reason 1: It is flexible

Canary7 is easily configurable, which means that our order management and fulfilment solutions can easily be adapted in accordance with your needs. You can ensure that our 3PL order management system fulfils all your requirements. This is better than getting a solution that doesn’t correspond with your preferences, as that will only be a waste of time and money, and no business wants to indulge in that if they can help it. Canary7’s flexibility, which is provided to you with operational maturity, makes it the perfect fit for just about any 3PL out there. 

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - It is easy

Reason 2: It is easy

Canary7 is easy to use! Unlike our competitors, we don’t require users to master rocket science before utilising our 3PL order management solutions. This makes us beginner-friendly software, meaning anyone from you to your warehouse operators can log into our interface and operate it seamlessly. The time you spend training your staff to use software can now be spent on better, more productive things, as Canary7 doesn’t require extensive training. If you are a business trying to save time and effort on this end, we are pleased to inform you that you don’t have to try any longer!

Reason 3: It is automated

Our 3PL order management system is focused on bringing as much automation to your business processes as possible. This means that with the help of Canary7, you can automate almost all your 3PL processes. This will lead to more efficiency, accuracy, and productivity and will eventually help you foolproof your success. Remember, the more automated your business is, the better chances you have of keeping up with the growing needs of the 3PL industry, and hence it is essential to invest in a solution like Canary7 that helps you bring this kind of automation to the table. 

Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - It is automated
Canary 7 - 3PL Order Management Software - It is future-friendly

Reason 4: It is future-friendly 

If you, as a 3PL, are in it to win it, then you need a 3PL order management solution that can stay with you longer. This is because to emerge as a successful third-party logistics provider, you need to improve your services consistently, and that can only happen with the help of a future-friendly solution like Canary7. Canary7 will help you become a much more advanced version of yourself as you progress, making it the absolute best order management partner for life.

Canary7; a future-friendly 3PL order management system for all your 3PL problems

Say goodbye to all your doubts and solidify your prospects of success with the best 3PL order management system like Canary7.

3PL Order Management | FAQs

What is a 3PL Order Management System?

A 3PL order management system is key in helping you automate your entire order fulfilment processes. From order tracking, processing to shipping, an order management system will bring you many benefits and ensure that all of your fulfilment processes are streamlined from start to finish. An order management system helps you to deal with a larger volume of orders seamlessly, therefore, it allowing you to take on more clients and customers.

Why is it important to implement an order management system?

Implementing an OMS into your 3PL operations will be critical in helping you scale, as it will save you time and money in the future. As you scale, you may find that you have multiple warehouses, websites and marketplaces to deal with, and having an order management system helps you bring all those elements together in the one place. If you have a good order management system in place you will also become better at managing and dealing with a larger volume of orders. This means you can take on more customers which will allow you to increase your revenue.

What other solutions does Canary7 offer?

Canary7 is the best all round solution for all of your third party logistics needs. Canary7 offers everything from warehouse management, inventory management, labour management, order management and warehouse control solutions, so you can manage you can manage your entire warehouse seamlessly.

Is Canary7 a cloud based order management solution?

Yes, Canary7 is a cloud based solution, meaning you don’t need to purchase physical software for your warehouse and your information is less vulnerable to data loss.