The Future of Logistics: Warehouse Control Systems and Automation for Manufacturing & Retail Businesses!

“There’s no substitute for logistics when it comes to meeting modern supply chain demands.”

As we enter a new era of hyperconnectivity, consumers expect more personalized and expedited product delivery than ever before. From the grocery we buy to the personal care and home products we use- FMCGs touch every aspect of our routine. At the same time, businesses continue facing rising operational costs and labor shortages. This has placed immense pressure on Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies to streamline their warehousing operations and address challenges across multiple fronts.

Now, let us talk about some of the most common pain points faced by FMCG businesses in regard to warehousing management. We will then showcase practical solutions to these challenges through Canary7 – a #1 rated cloud-based inventory management system software that helps transform FMCG supply chains.

Common Pain Points in the FMCG Warehousing Industry

1. Unpredictable Demand Patterns – A Perennial Problem

the Modern FMCG

Traditional manual systems rely on historical data and estimations which often lead to miscalculations. This results in problems like-

  • Overstocking – Carrying excess inventory strains cashflows and increases carrying costs. It also risks product expiration.
  • Understocking – Out of stock situations damage customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also leads to potential lost sales.
  • Capacity bottlenecks – Sudden demand surges can overwhelm warehouse capacities, delaying operations and order fulfilment.

Modern FMCG supply chains require heightened visibility and predictive insights to proactively address demand fluctuations. Advanced forecasting algorithms powered by historical data, market trends, and external factors help gain a more accurate picture.

2. Stock Tracking and Accuracy

Maintaining granular visibility and utmost accuracy of stock levels is paramount for FMCG businesses. With products having short shelf-lives and tight supply chain regulations, any discrepancy can impact costs and compliance drastically.

Traditional manual stocktaking is inefficient and prone to errors. Cloud based Inventory Management powered by integrated RFID/barcode scanning solves this by providing real-time visibility across warehouse locations. Automated alerts about low stock and expiries further aid replenishment planning.

3. Seamless Compatibility and Integration

FMCG warehouses often leverage multiple best-of-breed tools for different functions. However, disparate systems lead to data silos and inefficiencies. A single integrated platform eliminates manual data entry errors.

API-enabled solutions facilitate seamless integration between the inventory management system and other business systems like ERP, accounting, online storefronts, delivery partners etc. This facilitates automated data exchange for order syncing, billing, shipping updates etc.

4. Dealing with Multiple Locations

Global and regional FMCG brands distribute products via networks of warehouses, depots, and third-party sites. Coordinating inventory and fulfillment across multiple locations is challenging.
Centralized visibility powered by cloud infrastructure helps manage inventory holistically. Features like consolidated dashboard reporting and multi-site kitting/packing optimize inventory utilization and meet demand more efficiently.

5. Ensuring Partner and Customer Satisfaction

FMCG products see extensive returns, replacements, and after-sales servicing. Customers also expect flexibility and transparency in order statuses.

Partner and Customer

Advanced tracing tools integrated with delivery systems provide end-to-end order visibility. Customized shipment notifications aid the consumer experience. Suppliers also benefit from automated purchase order syncing, proof of delivery, and invoice processing.

6. Fast Movement Inventory Flow

The success of FMCG brands relies on their ability to replenish stock before gaps arise on retail shelves. But fast-moving SKUs also warrant frequent stocktakes to ensure accuracy.

Streamlined putaway and picking facilitated through voice-enabled technology and guided workflow significantly boost productivity. Automated monitoring and replenishment aids prevent stockouts while maintaining lean inventory levels.

As the challenges above show, FMCG warehousing demands precision as never before.

Right Solutions Provided by Canary7 Cloud Based Inventory Management System Software

1. Optimise warehouse design and space allocation

Canary7’s powerful inventory management system software leverages real-time data analytics to continually analyze physical space and utilization against operational needs.

Advanced algorithms reconfigure areas optimally based on factors like sku dimensions, seasonal demand curves and throughput requirements. Maximize productivity from square footage with surgical optimization.

2. Track stock with accurate, real-time updates

Leveraging RFID, barcodes, sensors, and AI, Canary7 delivers complete stock transparency. Know exact on-hand counts, locations, and statuses of all inventory items anytime, anywhere via web and mobile apps.

Automate cycle counts for consistent precision. Real-time alerts flag issues immediately to safeguard against shortages or expiries.

3. Integrate with other top ERP software

Canary7 offers seamless out-of-the-box integration with leading Enterprise Resource Planning programs. This includes SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Inventory levels, orders, shipments, and other transactional data automatically synchronize bidirectionally. Gain unified visibility and control while eliminating manual data entry headaches.

4. Connect multiple warehouse areas and locations together

Whether your FMCG footprint spans continents or closes, Canary7 cohesively stitches all facilities together.

View unified inventory availability across the global supply network. Configure optimal order routing based on current realities. Centralized reporting delivers a cohesive operational overview.

5. Boost customer satisfaction and retention

Canary7 elevates order management and fulfillment with rich tracking and notifications. Users enjoy smooth, tailored digital experiences from purchase to delivery.

Boost customer

Frontline teams resolve issues promptly thanks to one centralized source of truth. Higher NPS scores mean stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships to fuel continued growth.

6. Streamline inventory flow to align better with your needs

Powerful analytics uncover usage patterns to optimize putaway, picking, replenishment, and transport sequencing.

Customizable rules engine ensures correct items land in the right place at the right time. Real-time alerts flag shortages for immediate remedy. Synchronized transportation management expedites order processing.

Closing It Out

As this post outlines, Canary7 offers a comprehensive suite of solutions specifically designed to address modern FMCG warehousing challenges. Seamless integration, actionable analytics and configurable automation come together to optimize operations end-to-end.

Inventory accuracy, partner satisfaction, space utilization – every aspect of your distribution engine runs like a well-oiled machine with Canary7. Higher margins, lower costs, and continued scalability are well within reach.

Does your supply chain demand a smarter, more robust approach to warehouse management? Book a personalized demo today to see Canary7 in action. Our experts will tailor a presentation highlighting capabilities most applicable to your unique needs.

Let’s optimize operations together to fuel future growth for your FMCG brand. Simply click here to enter your details now, and one of our representatives will get in touch shortly.

Namrata Chawla

Namrata Chawla


UPDATED ON: 4th July 2024

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