Meet Canary7
The 3PL Warehouse Manager of Your Dreams

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Meet Canary7
The 3PL Warehouse Manager of Your Dreams

Reliable, Robust 3PL Solutions; Now at your service.

Looking for a 3PL warehouse manager that can organise all your fulfilment activity without requiring a lot of effort from your end? We’re happy to inform you that this is not impossible to achieve. In fact, with Canary7, it all becomes a little too simple to successfully execute.

Canary7 is the 3PL warehouse manager of your dreams. No matter how disorganised or overwhelming your warehouse activity is, our warehouse management solutions can help you elevate your business and ensure that the fulfilment process for you and your clients is seamless. 

Warehouse Optimisation

As a process, warehouse optimisation involves solving the issues with warehouse space and ensuring that your warehouse is equipped and sorted to be well-aligned with your needs as a 3PL business. For perfect warehouse optimisation, it is important to integrate your warehouse activity together in all its entirety – which can only be done by analysing a range of cost-effective ways to run the warehouse. Warehouse optimisation is an important aspect of optimal customer service, and hence should be your top priority as a 3PL business. It is easier said than done, and your warehouse can only be properly optimised if you are working with a holistic warehouse optimisation plan. 

1. Importance of warehouse optimisation

For 3PLs, the importance of warehouse optimisation can simply not be understated. Your warehouse is the sole link between supply and demand in your business, which is why the way to success is to ensure that you are taking care of it. An inefficiently managed and disorganised warehouse means chaos, because such a state will have an adverse impact on every other aspect of your business as well. Not only that, but it is also important for you to optimise your warehouse properly if you want to make sure that you are not wasting money on unnecessary aspects of your business.

Canary7 LP - Importance of warehouse optimization

2. Canary7 for warehouse optimisation

Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager is your ideal companion when it comes to warehouse optimisation. With our unique features and functionalities, we ensure that no matter what the current state of your warehouse is, you can improve it to be more accommodating for your business activity. With the help of Canary7’s warehouse management system, you can ultimately ensure that you are making the most out of the space available to you, which means that you don’t have to worry about having to spend more money on better warehouse activity. It also means that you are working towards making your operations more efficient, and hence more impressive for your customers. 

  • Save money. 
  • Make your work processes more efficient. 
  • Impress your customers. 

Benefit 1: Save money

If you use Canary7 for warehouse optimisation, you can save a lot of money. This is because our solutions enable you to employ a save more, spend less approach and hence makes it easier for you to cut down on costs and expand your profit margins as well as improve your revenue. If you are looking to optimise your cash flow, there is no better tool out there for you than Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager. 

Benefit 2: Make your work processes more efficient

Speed is an important factor when it comes to warehouse optimisation, which is why our 3PL warehouse manager is aimed towards helping you become a faster, more advanced version of yourself. Prioritise speed and watch your fulfilment processes transform beyond recognition, enabling you to impress your customers and retain them for a considerably longer period of time. 

Benefit 3: Impress your customers

If you want your warehouse to succeed, you need to organise your warehouse activity in a way that, when translated into the customer experience, will resonate with your customers and show them that you are a brand that really cares about its clientele and is not afraid to go the extra mile to impress its customers.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is a core 3PL process that allows businesses to effectively monitor all the stock it has on hand. Inventory tracking allows 3PL businesses to ensure that all the products are stored safely, securely, and in a way that makes it easy to ultimately retrieve them. Inventory tracking involves keeping track of multiple aspects, such as updated stock levels, stock locations, inventory accuracy, carrying costs, inventory valuation, inventory turnover, and reorder levels.

1. Importance of tracking your inventory properly

Despite having the potential to become overwhelmed, inventory tracking is an indispensable part of your overall warehousing strategy and should be given due attention. This is because inventory tracking means more stock visibility, which essentially allows you to be in control of your business in a much better manner. It also means that you can avoid shortages and implement better forecasting, through which you can ensure that you don’t have to let any customers down with delays and slow order processing.

Canary7 - Importance of tracking your inventory properly

2. Canary7 for inventory tracking

With its 3PL warehouse manager, Canary7 equips its users with cutting-edge inventory tracking mechanisms. It grants you full control of your inventory, so that you can ensure that everything is in working order, detect errors and anomalies early on, and forecast how much inventory you’ll need in order to fulfil future orders. Our 3PL warehouse manager will help you integrate multiple location tracking within the warehouse and even in between different warehouses, which means that you can centralise the information of your stock in different places, without complicating things for yourself. The 3PL warehouse manager ensures that you can keep your eye on a product throughout its life cycle. 

  • Track inventory in multiple locations.
  • Fast detection of errors and anomalies.
  • Less shortages and stock outs.

Benefit 1: Track inventory in multiple locations

A good 3PL warehouse manager will help you track inventory in multiple locations, and that is exactly what Canary7 helps you do. No matter how expanded or developed you are and how many warehouse complexes you actively have to manage, Canary7’s solutions will become a part of your process and may make it easy for you to stay fully in control of all the things that must be managed. 

Benefit 2: Fast detection of errors and anomalies

If you can identify and fix errors and anomalies beforehand, you can save yourself a lot of effort and time when it comes to improving your inventory processes. By allowing you to keep in touch with your inventory at all times, Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager enables you to detect errors on time and stop them from turning into bigger issues.

Benefit 3: Less shortages and stock outs

Never lose an order ever again! Many businesses inadvertently end up selling products they don’t have available in their inventory, which is obviously not what any business wants. As a 3PL, you can make sure that your inventory is fully optimised to never have shortages or stock outs, and hence you can make as many sales as you want. 

Picking and Packing

Not all businesses understand this, but picking and packing processes are very important aspects of the entire fulfilment journey. Picking and packing are essentially two components of the overall preparation of an order, and involve the collection of the ordered products as well as their final organisation before they are shipped out for delivery. Picking and packing also play an important part in the inspection of the product. Ideally, these processes should be completed with vigilance so that any possible problems can be tackled before the order is sent to the end-user. 

1. Canary7 for picking and packing

Our 3PL warehouse manager was designed keeping in mind the various needs of a 3PL, including the pick and pack processes. The technology Canary7 equips you with in the form of its 3PL warehouse manager makes the picking process considerably more accurate, which means there are less misspicks and you don’t have to disappoint your customers in this regard. It also streamlines the process of packing, ensuring that the packing team has accurate information about the product at hand and so that they can pack it adequately. 

  • Reduce misspicks. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Improve delivery times.
Canary7 for picking and packing

Benefit 1: Reduce mispicks

For optimal pick and pack, you need to reduce mispicks. However, since picking is almost completely dependent on your staff, it is susceptible to human errors and mistakes. With the help of an advanced 3PL warehouse manager in Canary7, you can reduce mispicks either way and may make it easier for your labour to make the right decisions that don’t prove to be hurdles for streamlined picking process. 

Benefit 2: Increase customer satisfaction

An optimised pick and pack process is directly connected to customer satisfaction. So, Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager will help you improve your processes in a way that leaves the right impression on your customers and hence makes it easier for you to satisfy them as well as retain them for a longer period of time. 

Benefit 3: Improve delivery times

Slow pick and pack processes mean slow and delayed delivery as well; and we all know that nothing irks customers more than that. This is precisely why Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager is focused on improving pick and pack processes which will ultimately help you speed up your deliveries and get all your orders out on time. Boost your sales this way, and watch your revenue get better than ever. 


Shipping is arguably the most important aspect of the fulfilment journey. As a process, it is the first point of connection between the sender of a product (i.e. you) and the receiver (i.e. your client’s customer), which means that this process has to be seamless. Although shipping technically takes place outside of the warehouse, the state of your warehouse is likely to have an impact on shipping itself, which is why it more or less becomes a process that must be taken care of in tandem with your warehouse. 

Canary7 - Importance of speedy shipping

1. Importance of speedy shipping

With shipping, the main thing you should be on the lookout to ensure is that it is speedy. There is nothing that your customers will dislike more than a delayed delivery, and the best way to avoid that from happening is to make the shipping procedure as smooth as possible. For this, it is important that all the other processes that feed into the shipping procedure are also done on time. All in all, speedy shipping is important because it creates a long-lasting positive impression on the customer. 

2. Canary7 to make the shipping process better

Since good shipping can only be achieved if there is integration between all the different processes going on within the warehouse, Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager becomes a must for the shipping process. The 3PL warehouse manager brings efficiency and productivity to the heart of your warehouse, which means that the shipping can also be faster. Not only that, but the warehouse manager works in terms of helping you tune out all the noise and focus on the processes that really matter, so that they can perfect them which will ultimately lead to seamless shipping, and leave your customers in awe. With our software solutions, you can only benefit from API integrations that connect you to top-notch courier and shipping companies such as FedEx and DHL. This will allow you to ship more orders and hence, increase your profit margins.

  • Deliver products faster.
  • Integrate with world-class couriers.
  • Increase profit margins.

Benefit 1: Deliver products faster

By helping you streamline your shipping processes, Canary7 makes it easier for you to deliver your products on time. Our 3PL warehouse manager will help you move forward with complete confidence and therefore establish your 3PL services as a reliable option for your customers, which is all they want when it comes to the execution of their logistics processes. 

Benefit 2: Integrate with world-class couriers

The best way to ensure a good fulfilment experience is integration with world-class courier services that can make shipment easier and considerably better for you. Luckily, Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager enables you to integrate with almost any and every good courier service, and hence is enough for a fully transformed shipping journey for your products. 

Benefit 3: Increase profit margins

When your shipping is on point, you will see your figures for profits increase as it is! This is why focusing on shipping should be one of your top priorities. The good thing is, you can now do that quite easily with the help of the best 3PL warehouse manager available in the market today; i.e. Canary7. So, for any business that is looking to improve in terms of profit margins, integrating Canary7 with your shipment processes is the best way to proceed.

Labour Management

Labour management is an important aspect of the overall warehouse management as well. It is the process which involves you managing your workforce, delegating the right tasks to them, and organising their efforts in a way that actually has a positive impact on your business in the longer run. Labour management is all about equipping your workers with the support they need to help your business grow, and hence is not only linked with productivity at work but also understanding ways to boost employee retention. 

1. Importance of the “human element” in the warehouse

No matter how advanced the technology and equipment in your warehouse is, it can never be as powerful as your workforce. Your team is the backbone of your warehouse, which is why labour management is an important part of working towards your ideal 3PL operations. When the team is well-managed and organised, your processes automatically become fast and efficient, which means that you are able to get more out of your warehouse than before. Labour management also allows you to get to know your employees better, and have an overview of their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to delegate tasks in accordance with what your employees are good at. 

2. Canary7 to enhance your workforce

Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager understands that you need to focus on your team if you are working towards long-term success, which is why our WMS enables you to manage your staff a lot better. Not only that, but you can pair our 3PL warehouse manager with our labour management software solutions, which will take the ultimate state of your warehouse even further up a notch. With our unique, gamified approach, you get to engage your employees and provide them with incentives to improve the situations of the warehouse. Not only that, but Canary7’s gamified solutions are also likely to make work a lot more enjoyable for your employees, which is the ultimate way to win over their loyalty to your business. 

  • Retain employees. 
  • Boost productivity. 
  • Make warehouse operations speedier. 

Benefit 1: Retain employees

Your customers are not the only people you should be focused on retaining. Your workforce is your biggest asset and as such, it becomes your responsibility to retain your employees as well. However, this can only be done if they are equipped with the right tools and technology that make their job easier, not harder. Luckily, Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager is just the thing you need – bringing it to the centre of your work processes can very much help you achieve boosted employee retention. 

Benefit 2: Boost productivity

Giving your employees access to an advanced solution like Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager, you can boost their productivity as well. Because everything will be automated, they don’t need to put in the effort to execute tedious tasks and can instead do other, more important things. This will positively impact their productivity and hence, they can be motivated to be a considerably more contributive part of your workforce. 

Benefit 3: Make warehouse operations speedier 

By taking the workload away from your employees and giving it to Canary7’s automated warehouse solution instead allows you to speed things up. When things are fast from the very foundation of your business, you can make sure that you meet your goals and solidify the basis of your brand in a much more noticeable way.


Warehouse reporting exists to ensure that you are keeping a necessary log of all the warehouse activity. A typical warehouse report will consist of quite a lot of information – such as the presence and state of all the items in your stock, as well as all the interactions that have been made in connection to the said item. Some other things that a warehouse report may include are the availability of items, total sales of items, cost, quantity, and usability, and order details for each order.

1. Importance of data-backed, accurate reporting

Your warehouse report is essentially an overview of how well you are doing as a warehouse. Not only that, a warehouse report can be the basis of your warehouse optimisation plan, as it provides all the necessary information needed to make decisions that will actually contribute towards the success of your business. Warehouse reporting is an important process as it helps highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and also enable you to understand which areas within your operations need the most attention from you. 

2. Canary7 for accurate reporting and forecasting

Our 3PL warehouse manager makes reporting a breeze. Because all the important information you have is available throughout your fulfilment journey, it is easy to amalgamate all of it in report form and make use of it. At Canary7, we believe that generating valid data is not enough; you should also be able to make sense out of it. For this reason, our 3PL warehouse manager makes the extra effort to present information to you in a simple yet effective manner, enabling you to focus on the details that matter and tune out those that don’t. 

  • Accurate, data-based reports. 
  • Customise reports according to your needs. 
  • 360 degrees view of your operations.

Benefit 1: Accurate, data-based reports 

Your business is only as good as the progress it makes, and this progress can be judged only on the basis of accurate reports. Not all warehouse management solutions give you access to accurate data, and hence not all warehouse management solutions are helpful for businesses that want to grow. However, our 3PL warehouse manager can help you improve beyond all boundaries by providing you accurate reports on your progress, which helps you understand and improve your activity on a much deeper level. 

Benefit 2: Customise reports according to your needs

With Canary7, you have complete control over what your reports look like and what they show. If you want to show them to stakeholders, this is the best option because it will allow you to actually create documents that leave a lasting impression and present your business in a positive light for everyone involved. Customised reports can really help your 3PL activity grow in the right direction, and Canary7 is all in for that!

Benefit 3: 360 degrees view of your operations

In order to be fully aware of the standing of your business, you need to have a 360 degrees view of your operations. This can only be granted to you by Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager. Our fulfilment solutions allow you to keep a close eye on all your 3PL activity, so it becomes easier for you to have a complete view of your operations and make the right decisions that will resonate with them entirely. 

3PL Fulfillment Software Solutions by Canary7

Canary provides all kinds of software solutions to help simplify your fulfilment journey. 

Warehouse Management System

Our warehouse management system is the best for 3PL businesses who want to streamline their warehouse activity without compromising on the unique features of their operations. With cutting-edge technology that makes it easier to elevate your business, our WMS is renowned for helping businesses tackle various fulfilment and warehousing challenges with utmost ease. Not only that, but you can also easily optimise warehouse space, save money, and increase profit margins using our top-class warehouse management system.

Order Management System

For 3PLs, order management is no piece of cake. However, it can be done with Canary7! Our order management system makes it easy for you to streamline order processing and make it 100% efficient. Take high volumes of orders and impress your customers with speedy delivery. Provide your clients and customers alike with awe-worthy reverse logistics and handle returns like the pro you are. Without an order management system, your competitors will be left wondering just what exactly is your order management secret. 

Inventory Management System

Your inventory is the most important aspect of your business as a 3PL. After all, your clients trust you with their products, and it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that nothing happens to the stock at hand, and that the right products make it to the right orders. Easier said than done, but our inventory management system can help. Use our inventory management solutions to navigate various inventory related challenges such as under stocking, overstocking, and shrinkage. 

Labour Management System

Your workforce matters, which is why the human element of your business is at the forefront of not only our 3PL warehouse manager, but also all other solutions. Our labour management system in particular is a great tool to handle all your employees and ensure that the warehouse activity is not taking a toll on them, and also that the different skill sets available in your workforce are being fully utilised in the warehouse management procedures. 

Warehouse Control System

The equipment in your warehouse is also a focus at Canary7, because at the end of the day, the better controlled and maintained your machinery is, the more efficient your overall warehouse management procedures can be. With the help of our warehouse control system, you can ensure that you are in control of all the equipment at your warehouse. Paired with our warehouse manager, the warehouse control system is even more likely to have a positive impact on your business overall. 

3PL Warehouse Manager – The Ultimate Warehousing Solution

If you are chasing success as 3PL, you need to turn towards warehouse management. Luckily, you have Canary7’s 3PL warehouse manager and warehouse management system right here to help you!

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