Pick and pack software solutions; your key to smooth fulfillment.

When we say Canary7 helps you achieve the best pick and pack strategy, we truly mean it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

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Canary7; your key to smooth fulfillment

Picking, packing, and shipping are three of the most important aspects of fulfilment. While shipping gets a lot of attention by business owners and warehouse operators, picking and packing can often be neglected to a great extent. This is problematic, because your pick and pack processes don’t only deserve your attention, but must be prioritised if you and your team are working towards smooth fulfilment. 

With Canary7’s pick and pack software solutions, you can finally do that. You can give your pick and pack processes the attention they deserve, and in turn ensure that you are giving way to a smooth and seamless fulfilment process. 

No matter how far behind you are on your dream pick and pack processes, Canary7 accelerates that journey and helps you catch up on it with full zeal. 

The importance of pick and pack processes

Your pick and pack processes are very important. If you look at them a certain way, you will see that these two processes together can either make your business or break it apart. This is because your pick and pack processes are the bridge to the ultimate fulfilment experience you provide. If you lag behind in any way, you will see that it will be reflected in your overall performance.

Perfecting pick and pack processes can be your only chance at ensuring that whatever it is that you are providing your customer with is not only what they want, but also of the highest quality. Once the picking and packing is done and your product is sealed and shipped, there is no going back. So in a way, the picking and packing is when you are the last in touch with your products, and it is your opportunity to make sure that it aligns with the expectations of the customer.

However, it is easier said than done. In order to achieve perfection in this area, you have to finish everything at the speed of lightning. In addition, you must also make sure that there is accuracy in each and every step you take, which in itself can be hard to guarantee, especially if you are still relying on paper based systems. 

But don’t worry – you have Canary7. We will not only make you realise the importance of your pick and pack processes, but also understand and help you amplify and optimise them in a way that supports the overall goals of your business. 

Packing solutions by Canary7

Solution 1: Appropriate boxing and packaging

Appropriate boxing and packaging is important if you want a successful packing process. However, it is not that straightforward to achieve. Many times, your staff will be unable to select the right packaging materials. However, with our pick and pack software solutions you can have exact information regarding the order on your fingertips, which will allow you and your staff to make just the right decisions for your orders in terms of its packaging. 

Solution 2: Accurate packing slips

Packing slips are integral, and with our pick and pack software solutions, you can actually generate accurate packing slips that will make sure that your overall fulfilment journey doesn’t get affected in any conceivable way. It will ensure that it is easier for your team to check the orders before they are shipped, and this will help you reduce errors and the prospect of wrong orders being shipped. With our pick and pack software solutions, you don’t have to worry about reverse logistics either; the packing slips will accompany your orders throughout their journey, so that anywhere they go, it is easier for them to come back if needed. 

Solution 3: No more breakage or spillage

Mishaps during packing are more common than you’d think, which is why it is important for you to ensure that you are taking all the necessary steps to avoid things like breakage and spillage – not only because they cause delays in the order fulfilment of your products, but also because they can result in added up costs and cause budgetary problems which no one wants. With the help of Canary7’s pick and pack software solutions, you can optimise the packing process in such a way that it accommodates the careful handling of fragile products, and hence make it unlikely if not impossible for things to go askew. 

Solution 4: Faster packing process

The faster your packing is, the faster your delivery will be. The faster your delivery is, the better impression you will be leaving on your customers. It is all interconnected, and hence there is no space for carelessness or neglect in any of these areas. Luckily, Canary7’s pick and pack processes are a great way to ensure that everything is on track and that the packing process is being completed as quickly as possible, which further makes it easier for you to impress your customers.

Solution 5: Alignment with the courier requirements

Picking, packing, and shipping are all very closely interlinked – therefore it is important for you to ensure that each of these align with each other. When it comes to packing, it must align with the courier requirements of your shipping partner. Canary7’s pick and pack software solutions make this simple, quick, and convenient for you, thanks to the hundreds of courier integrations we provide. Centralise all your shipping related data so that you can quickly tap into it at any given moment and make sure that your fulfilment processes, especially packing, is done in accordance with the requirements laid out by your shipping partner. 

Picking solutions by Canary7

Solution 1: 100% picking accuracy

One of the biggest concerns for businesses is picking accuracy. If the picking process is not 100% accurate, the whole fulfilment procedure will fall apart. You will deliver the wrong orders, dissatisfy your customers, and create many more hurdles for yourself as a business. With Canary7’s pick and pack software solutions, you can finally achieve 100% picking accuracy. Pick the right stock and make sure that each order has just the items it needs. Make fulfilment a breeze for not only yourself, but also for your team and your customers. 

Solution 2: More efficient picking

When it comes to successful fulfilment, speed is a huge consideration. This is because the faster you are during picking and packing, the faster you can actually get your orders out to the customer. And of course, we all know just how much customers appreciate a quick delivery. With Canary7’s pick and pack software solutions, picking can become the fastest process at your warehouse. Locate items more speedily, waste less time on dealing with and reversing mistakes, and save more time to make sure that the order is correct. Efficient picking is no longer a dream, because Canary7 turns it into a reality.  

Solution 3: Multiple picking types support

Do you think your business can benefit from cluster picking? Or are you more of a batch picking/wave picking type of a business? No matter what your deal is, Canary7’s pick and pack software solutions can help you with any and every picking type out there. All you have to do is pick the one that aligns the best with your business, and the rest is up to us to deal with. We will make sure that not only do you implement your choice of picking in your operations, but also that you are not held back in that choice and can update in accordance with the changing needs of your business. 

Solution 4: Faster stock tracking

In order for picking to be fast, it needs to be paired with fast and efficient stock tracking. Stock tracking can only be achieved with the help of automated solutions, such as Canary7’s pick and pack software solutions. You can track your stock from start to finish as well as ensure that it is safe throughout. This helps you locate it more easily, and hence expedites the entire fulfilment procedure to a great extent. 

Solution 5: Less burden for pickers 

Let’s be real; picking can be a tedious job. The tediousness of it all paired with the burden to ensure that all the information at hand is accurate and every product that leaves the warehouse complex is in perfect condition can really take a toll on your pickers and cast a shadow on their productivity. To make things less of a burden for them, you can integrate our pick and pack software solutions in your operations, and witness your business propel forward with complete force. 

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Canary7; your gateway to unparalleled fulfillment benefits

Canary7 is a holistic fulfilment solution that makes it child’s play for you to perfect not just one element of your fulfilment journey, but each of them. Whether you are an eCommerce player or you are navigating the world of 3PL, Canary7 provides the fulfilment support you need in every conceivable way. 

Adaptable, scalable, and sustainable

Adaptability, scalability, and sustainability are three very important components in pick and pack software solutions, as well as fulfilment solutions in general. With adaptability, you can ensure that the software solution can support your needs, no matter how diverse or unique they are. Scalability ensures that the software solution supports you through different phases of growth, and makes sure that you are going nowhere but up. And sustainability means that the software solutions are safe to use long-term, and become an integral part of your strategy. 

The best part is that Canary7 is all of these things. Our flexible interface makes us a good fit for all your needs, whereas our scalable formulae behind each and every feature act as a catalyst for growth in your overall development. Canary7 is a future-friendly, long-term solution that is sustainable to use and benefit from, and hence it is an important aspect for many businesses looking to expand in their respective fields. 

If you are looking to bring adaptability, scalability, and sustainability to your pick and pack processes as well as other processes within your overall fulfilment procedure, you must choose Canary7, as it can provide you with all of these things as well as many more. All you have to do is trust us. 

Interconnected and integrated 

Canary7 is a holistic fulfilment solution. Whether it is our pick and pack software solution or our order management technology, there is not much addition you need in order to achieve optimal results. However, despite that, we understand that as a business operating in the 21st century, you require a certain amount of interconnection with other platforms. Whether it is an eCommerce platform you want to connect to or ERP software you want to combine with Canary7, we are truly, wholeheartedly ready for it. 

Canary7 offers carrier integrations, eCommerce integrations, ERP integrations, accounting integrations, and many other integrations that can help you make sure that the front end, back end, and every other area of your business is fully covered and not susceptible to any vulnerabilities. These integrations will help you centralise all your relevant data, and make sure that it is accessible with just a few clicks. 

Not only that, but with the help of these integrations you can also save a considerable amount of time. You can benefit from multiple functionalities within one place, which makes it easier for you to be completely in control of your fulfilment journey. 

Simple to use and benefit from

Unlike many other pick and pack software solutions as well as fulfilment solutions in general, Canary7 is not complicated to use. In fact, we are as simple and easy as it gets. Using Canary7 is not any different from using any of the social media apps on your phone that you are used to, which makes us a great fit for businesses that don’t want to indulge in unnecessary amounts of technical knowledge simply to use a software system to the best of its capacity. If you are one such business, you would be happy to know that Canary7 doesn’t put you through any of it. 

Anyone, from you to your warehouse staff, can master Canary7. It doesn’t even require training! Additionally, our customer service reps are always present to help you get through any hitches or problems with our software without it impacting your operations too massively. 

If you are looking for a fulfilment software solution that helps you cut through the noise and focus on things that truly matter, Canary7 is the one that you have been looking for all this time. It is easy, straightforward, and simple, and will not be an extra burden for you – we promise. 

Versatile in every conceivable way

Canary7 has the ability to support every industry. Our solutions help you get through as an eCommerce business, but we are also a great fit for 3PLs. FMCG can benefit from our features too, and so can the food and beverage industry. Retail businesses will particularly benefit from our inventory, order, and warehouse management solutions, whereas manufacturing businesses, with their unique needs can also utilise Canary7 in the form of its warehouse control system. To put it simply; no matter what your challenges are, Canary7 jumps in to save the day and provide you with a fulfilment experience like none other. 

At Canary7, we truly believe that no matter what your business is and regardless of its size and industry, everyone deserves the opportunity to grow without restrictions. That’s precisely why we provide universal features that prove to be an important addition to any and every warehouse. Whether you are working with 6 team members or 600, you will witness Canary7 come into the picture and make fulfilment easy, fast, and overall perfect for all parties involved. This is exactly what sets us apart from our competitors; we truly work to make your job easier for you, and it shows in everything that we do. 

Pick and pack software solutions; now just a few clicks away

The best pick and pack software solutions have already made their way to you. Are you ready to improve your fulfilment journey based on them? 

Then it’s time to join hands with Canary7.