eCommerce pick and pack software; the real foundation of your fulfilment process.

When we say Canary7 helps you achieve the best eCommerce pick and pack strategy, we truly mean it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

eCommerce pick and pack software; the real foundation of your fulfilment process.

When we say Canary7 helps you achieve the best eCommerce pick and pack strategy, we truly mean it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

The pick and pack process is one of the most important elements of your fulfilment procedure. However, you are likely to struggle with it if you don’t have the right technology available to help you optimise it – and if anything within the process goes wrong, your business can suffer. 

But you don’t have to worry about any of it. With Canary7’s cutting-edge eCommerce pick and pack software, you can improve your fulfilment journey from start to finish and ensure that any hindrances you may face along the way are dealt with swiftly and with efficiently.

Ready to transform your eCommerce picking and packing processes for good?

What is pick and pack software?

eCommerce pick and pack software is meant to help you improve the process of picking and packing within your warehouse. Essentially, you are streamlining each step of the process in a way that doesn’t only boost your overall efficiency, but also adds to the productivity of your business. 

A pick and pack software is necessary because without it, the eCommerce picking process within your warehouse could get very complicated and messy – without you even realising it. This is because on its own, the pick and pack process is quite an intricate one, and requires a lot of attention. 

What does the picking and packing process look like?

The picking and packing procedure within the warehouse is fundamental – it decides how well your order is prepared, and can be the only chance you get to make sure that the order makes its way to the customers is in pristine condition.

Picking process

The eCommerce picking process first begins when an order comes through your portal on your eCommerce channels such as Shopify, BigCommerce or Amazon etc. If you have an order management system in place, it will generate a list of all the orders that are placed within a specified period, so it is easier for you to tap into and see which orders need to be fulfilled. 

Then, pick tickets are generated. This is essentially a list of items that informs your staff of what products need to be picked, as well as where they can be located. In this stage, it is up to the warehouse pickers to decide the priority of the orders. Generally, they are prioritised based on the client (i.e. which client offers a better volume of business) and delivery deadline (i.e. which orders need to be delivered urgently). The tickets may also inform the pickers of any additional details that need to be taken care of. 

Once this is out of the way, your picking team is free to go around the warehouse and collect the items that need to be prepared for fulfilment. Depending on the size of your warehouse complex, this can be a longer process. However, if equipped with the right technology, your staff won’t have to worry too much. For example, a picking ticket that can be scanned using a barcode scanner will tell your picker exactly where they need to be, and they won’t have to waste time trying to look for the products that need to be shipped. 

After all the items are gathered and taken to the temporary holding place, they are ready for the packing process. 

Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Picking process
Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Packing process

Packing process

The packing process begins when the items have been successfully picked by warehouse pickers. During this process, each item will be scanned so that the requirements of the order can be tallied. This will allow your team to ensure that no items are missing and that the order is ready to be fully completed. 

Once it is ensured that all items are present in the holding space, the item will be packed into an appropriate box, accompanied by a packing slip that mentions all the relevant details of the order. 

And then, your orders are completely ready to be shipped.

What role does Canary7 play in your picking and packing processes?

Without the help of an adequately automated eCommerce pick and pack solution, it is impossible for you to achieve a seamless fulfilment procedure. Luckily, with the help of our eCommerce pick and pack software, it is possible to give your business the best of the best. 

Types of picking Canary7 supports:

Pick to Order

Pick to order; the simplest and the most common form of picking, During this process, workers pick each item ordered one by one. It involves locating the item, walking to the destination of the item, taking it to the packing area, and restarting the whole thing for each item on the order. 

If you are a small business, this is the method for you. It is a good way to ensure that only the correct items are being picked. By adding Canary7’s eCommerce pick and pack software to the equation, you can make sure that it is easier for your team to track done the required items instead of having to spend so much time and effort trying to find them. 

Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Pick to Order
Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Batch Picking

Batch Picking

As a picking method, batch picking is gaining more and more traction with each passing day. Basically, the process entails finding and picking all the items within a category, and then sorting them into orders later on. By using this process, you get to save time and effort, and don’t have to go through the same kind of hassle as you would have to go through with the pick to order picking method. 

Our eCommerce pick and pack software can also help you here. Since batch picking can only be perfected if your warehouse has several SKUs, Canary7 helps you generate scannable codes for each of these and hence, enables you to manage batch picking a lot more easily. 

Wave Picking

The best way to describe wave picking is this: batch picking, but make it urgent and time-sensitive! In this method, your pick operates in accordance with waves. These are essentially intervals created by an automated system that aligns your picking process with the time-based crucialities like delivery deadlines or schedules. Based on this, a list of picks is created and assigned to each wave. 

Canary’s advanced eCommerce pick and pack software technology can help you implement wave picking as well. Since it is one of the most advanced and savvy ways to get the job done, our features will help you employ wave picking in the best possible way.

Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Wave Picking
Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Zone Picking

Zone Picking

Zone picking, also known as pick and pass, is also batch picking, but a little more advanced. The purpose of this method is to enable warehouse workers to pick the right items from one location before moving onto the next location. Essentially, the picker goes to each zone – if it does contain any items that need picking, it is transferred to the bin/cart. If not, the picker simply moves on. 

With Canary7’s eCommerce pick and pack software solutions, you can generate data on each zone and make this data accessible within just a few clicks. Thanks to this, your team doesn’t have to wander around aimlessly – you can reduce motion waste, and ensure the right level of efficiency required to give everything the required finish. 

Cluster Picking

If you are a bigger business that gets hundreds or even thousands of orders every single day, then cluster picking is the picking method you should be interested in. During cluster picking, the point is to use multi-tote or multi-bin contraptions in such a way that it is possible to collect the goods for multiple orders simultaneously. 

With Canary7’s eCommerce pick and pack software, you can generate as many pick tickets as you want – no matter how many orders you get in a day, not only will you be able to access them with just a few clicks, but it will also be easier to make sure that the fulfilment journey for each of these is perfected from the beginning right till the end. 

Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Cluster Picking

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Packing process; perfecting each step with Canary7.

Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Gather and check

Gather and check

For the perfect packing process, you first have to ensure that all the items you are looking to pack are the right items and that they fit the order list. This step is important, because it will help you ensure that you are processing the order correctly, and just a little bit of vigilance in this regard will help you make sure that your customer satisfaction does not get affected. 

With Canary’s eCommerce pick and pack software, it is easier to do this considering accurate data is just a few clicks away from your pickers. They can always tally the orders before they get to the actual packing process, which will help you make sure that any mistakes and errors in the picking can be adjusted easily before the items are sealed and packaged. 

Use the right packaging

Then, you must use the right packaging. Needless to say, if you are shipping something fragile, it must be wrapped in bubble wrapping as well as appropriate boxes. However, it is not always this straightforward to establish which packaging materials should be used to complete the process. 

Yet, with the right eCommerce pick and pack software such as the one offered by Canary7, it can be easier to know which packaging would suit better. This is because you have a clear overview of what the product is; its dimensions, weights, and all other details. Having this information available on hand can help you pick the right packaging for your item.

Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Use the right packaging
Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Generate an accurate packing slip

Generate an accurate packing slip 

Next, the packing slip needs to be accurate. Not only is this important for your own record keeping, but your customers also need to know that the package that has just arrived at their doorstep is the right one and actually aligns with what they ordered while online shopping. Moreover, a packing slip is crucial in terms of verifying that everything that needs to be packed has been packed. It will also help you track items easily and identify any damaged items. And most importantly, in the case of a return, a box that finds its way back to you with the packing slip still attached to it will make reverse logistics as easy as a piece of cake for you. 

With our eCommerce pick and pack software solutions, you can generate accurate packing slips that smoothen out the fulfilment process, and make sure that in case reverse logistics becomes a part of the picture, everything can still be handled smoothly.

Check shipping requirements

Your packing process doesn’t always end once the packaging has been done. Most of the time, it is also your job to see if the order being shipped is in line with the requirements and standards set out by your courier partner. Only if it fits those parameters can it be shipped, so it is important to cross-check and see if you are missing out on something. 

Canary7’s eCommerce pick and pack software solutions allow you to align your shipments with the requirements of the courier to begin with. With carrier integrations that allow your warehouse processes like pick and pack to always be connected with your choice of courier partner, Canary7 makes sure that there are no gray areas left when it comes to the success of your fulfilment journey.

Canary7; eCommerce pick and pack software - Check shipping requirements

Make fulfilment easy with Canary7’s pick and pack software solutions

So – what are you waiting for? Turn fulfilment into a breeze and make sure that each and every part of your pick and pack processes is optimised, automated, and ready to launch you to new heights of success.

eCommerce Pick and Pack Software | FAQs

Why is it important to focus on pick and pack processes?

The pick and pack process is crucial for the success of the whole fulfilment procedure. In fact, an efficient pick and pack process can make a monumental difference in the way you fulfil your orders, which you can ultimately see reflected in your warehouse operations as well. If you are aiming to improve your delivery times and boost your customer retention, then there is no better way than to focus on optimising and improving your pick and pack process. If you successfully do this, you will be able to create a customer experience that will be hard for your customers to not appreciate.

I’m struggling with my pick and pack processes. How can I improve them?

Many businesses struggle with their pick and pack processes! In fact, picking and packing are two of the most challenging yet crucial elements of the entire fulfilment journey. So, if you are finding it challenging to perfect them, you are on the right track. Our advice when it comes to making them better is investing in a robust eCommerce pick and pack software like Canary7. Canary7 makes sure that each aspect of the pick and pack process is automated and improved with the help of cutting-edge technology, so it is definitely worth paying attention. If you have a software system like Canary7 involved in the process, there is not much else that you will need to improve it.

What is the best picking method for my business?

The best picking method for your business depends on multiple factors such as the size and nature of your business. If you are a considerably smaller business, say, a start-up, and are dealing with a smaller volume of orders as well as selling a smaller variety of products, then you can prosper even with a simple, straightforward pick to order method. However, most SMBs will benefit from more efficient and advanced methods like batch picking and wave picking, which can only be achieved with the best eCommerce pick and pack software such as Canary7. And if you’re a well-established, bigger business, then cluster picking is what you will benefit from the most as it will help you fulfil more orders in a lesser amount of time.

How can I minimise errors during packing?

Errors during packing are very common and can often lead to bigger problems and more expenses. Therefore, it’s a good thing that you are looking for ways to minimise errors during packing, since that’s exactly what you should be doing. Again, the best way is to get help from an eCommerce pick and pack software like Canary7. But, in addition to that, just make sure that you are scanning and re-scanning the products for each order so that you can ensure that no wrong items are being shipped. Use the right packaging materials and appropriate boxes. And lastly, always make sure to pay attention to the packing slip as it can help you save a lot of time and effort.

Is Canary7 only a pick and pack software?

No! Canary7 is a holistic fulfilment software that offers many other solutions as well. From warehouse management to order management and even warehouse control can be done using the innovative technology provided by Canary7. Essentially, Canary7 is a software that help you make all elements of your fulfilment journey better, which means that you don’t have to shoot in the dark anymore and can now actually make adjustments to your operations that matter and lead you towards success.