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Every eCommerce business dreams of one thing and one thing alone: a boundless, limitless increase in their sales. After all, what better way of making sure you are on the right track with your business development efforts than to have a better cash flow? 

We are sure you are no different: you want to make improvements to your eCommerce activity in a way that actually brings in more sales, retains your customers, and ensures that you have a competitive edge over other businesses in your niche. 

Now – you can do that. Canary7; world’s best eCommerce WMS will help you move forward into the world of eCommerce success with complete certainty, and ensure that you have your hands on just the right tools, technology, and support that you need to be successful in this field. 

Our solutions are perfect for all eCommerce businesses, no matter their nature and size. With the help of our WMS system, you can solidify your success in the industry, and make sure that your competitors cannot even come near you in terms of operational efficiency. 

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We understand that eCommerce can be challenging…

The world of eCommerce is quite unpredictable – there are hundreds of things that can impact your online sales, and if you don’t prepare yourself to deal with all of these efficiently and simultaneously, chances are that your business could face drastic consequences.

Challenge No. 1: Growing customer expectations

One of the biggest challenges that eCommerce businesses have to face globally is having to deal with the ever-growing expectations of their customers. In this era, customer service is the one aspect that matters the most, which means that as brands try to evolve they must make the effort to bring the preferences of their customers into focus. 

This is especially important when you consider that tech giants like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy offer impeccable customer satisfaction, and in order to compete against them and even making them a part of your own eCommerce journey requires a lot of effort. 

Challenge No. 2: Pressure to become more agile. 

Next, eCommerce businesses have to skilfully tackle the pressure to become more agile. Agility has everything to do with introducing your business processes to the right advancements so that it becomes better at adapting and responding to seasonal as well as other changes that your business has to withstand. 

If eCommerce ventures fail to become more agile, they are missing out a critical component of making their business a better fit for the future because they will not be able to efficiently meet customer’s needs. This becomes more crucial as the eCommerce market evolves and becomes more complex with time. 

Challenge No. 3: Maintain consistency in all areas. 

It is not enough for eCommerce businesses to be consistent in only one or two areas – they must achieve consistency in every aspect of their business and make sure that there are no lags or gaps in your operations that trickle down to the customer experience later on. Needless to say, this is easier said than done because an eCommerce business’s journey actually involves hundreds of little processes that need to be checked constantly for overall consistency. 

For example, in order for your order management processes to be seamless, you have to make sure that the inventory management processes in your warehouse are being executed with consistent efficiency. This, in turn, depends on how consistently managed your labour is, and the smooth integration of important technology in the back end of your business. 

Challenge No. 4: Making their processes cyber secure. 

Cyber security is important; especially when you are in an eCommerce business. Essentially, you have to make sure that the sensitive information you get from your customers is well protected. One wrong move and your reputation as a business could be compromised, which would make it hard for you to expand your customer base and retain customers that are already there.

However, this is hard. Not all systems an eCommerce business has to rely on are safe, and choosing the wrong ones can cause some serious cyber security concerns. Not only that, but also the fact that technology is evolving everyday and in the wrong hands can cause just as much damage as it gives your benefits is something businesses need to keep in mind. 

Challenge No. 5: Overwhelming global competition.

The eCommerce industry grows every single day – a new website here, another online shop there. What this means for those already in the league is the constant need to stay in touch with their competitors’ activity and make sure they have at least one thing to offer that their competitors don’t. 

This becomes increasingly difficult considering that all businesses in today’s time and age are equipped with the best of the best resources, and in order to make sure that you are actually doing better than them, you have to put in a lot of effort in strategising your journey to success.

Good news: an eCommerce WMS can help you improve your sales like never before.

No matter what eCommerce challenges you have to face, an eCommerce WMS can help you get past them without breaking a sweat. If you choose the right one, you will get all the support you need to move forward in your eCommerce. 

To put it simply; an eCommerce WMS takes all your eCommerce challenges and turns them into nothing but a breeze to deal with!

More sales.

By using an eCommerce WMS, you can actually increase your sales. This is because in order to deal with more orders and that too seamlessly without errors, you need the support of an eCommerce WMS software. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to expand your sales comfortably. 

Moreover, with the help of an eCommerce WMS, you can improve your services to a great extent which can then help you get more customers onboard. This is because unless your services are impeccable, your customers won’t have a reason strong enough for them to choose your business over millions of other eCommerce businesses that can serve them just as well.

WMS for eCommerce - More sales
WMS for eCommerce - Increase in customer retention

Increase in customer retention.

Not only does an eCommerce WMS help you bring in more customers, but it also helps you retain the ones you already have. This is important if you want to make sure that your business is setting itself up for success even in the future. It is also important in order to ensure that you care about your customers enough to put in the effort to keep them around. 

An eCommerce WMS helps you strategise your customer experience. You get to implement reverse logistics, keep your customers updated, track your shipments around the clock, which essentially ensures that you can impress your customers through their purchase journey.

More consistent services.

Consistent services are important – not just in terms of impressing your customers but also in terms of making things easier for yourself. Unless you have consistent processes, it will be very overwhelming to deal with your orders and 9/10 times, you will fail to do an adequate job, which will then be detrimental to all your other efforts too. 

However, you don’t have to worry about any of that when you have an eCommerce WMS. That is because an eCommerce WMS makes every aspect of your eCommerce journey smoother, and brings consistency to every possible area that you need to achieve your goals. From inventory management to managing your staff: everything can be done with the help of a robust eCommerce WMS.

WMS for eCommerce - More consistent services
WMS for eCommerce - Greater return on investment

Greater return on investment.

Part of making sure that you are on the right track for your business is seeing it in the numbers – which means that the better your return on investment is, the more confidently you can say that your business is moving towards success. 

With an eCommerce WMS, you can actually begin focusing on improving your return on investment numbers. This is because by relying on an eCommerce WMS, you are putting in less money towards your business than you are getting out. Therefore, your success is more certain if you have a strong warehouse management system to rely on, and that’s one of the biggest advantages of having one.

Data integrity.

As an eCommerce business, it is important for you to make sure that you have the right technology that helps you make your business processes considerably safer. This can be done with the help of an eCommerce WMS, since it maintains data integrity and makes sure that your eCommerce activity is safe and secure.

If you are looking to make your business more secure and ensure that your customers can indulge in their shopping worry-free, then the best way is to get an eCommerce WMS that actually helps you do that.

As opposed to an on-premise software, Canary7’s cloud-based solutions are less likely to malfunction, which means that you don’t have to worry about your data being compromised simply because of unforeseen circumstances. 

WMS for eCommerce - Data integrity

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For a successful journey in eCommerce, there is no better eCommerce WMS partner than Canary7.

We promise that there is no better option for you than Canary7. Canary7 is an eCommerce WMS designed by professionals, for professionals and offers just the features you need to make sure that the online shopping experience you offer is up to par with the expectations of your customers.

WMS for eCommerce - Warehouse Optimisation

Warehouse Optimisation

As the best eCommerce WMS, Canary7 is expert at helping you optimise your warehouse complex space in a way that you can do more with little. We know that warehouse space is extremely expensive, and if you want to make sure that you are not going over your budget when it comes to this aspect, you will have to make do with whatever warehouse space you have. 

Canary7, in its capacity as an eCommerce WMS will help you organise your inventory in a manner that is most beneficial to you. No matter what inventory management method you employ, Canary7 will provide you with the technological support for it and make sure that your warehouse is nothing but the best version of itself. 

Top-Class Integrations

Your operations must be well-integrated with your eCommerce platforms if you want to make sure that everything is on the right track. By consolidating two different data sources together, you are making sure that the front end and the back end of your business work well together. 

Whether it is Amazon or eBay, or virtually any other eCommerce platform or marketplace you want to integrate with, Canary7 will help you do without any hassle whatsoever! Overall, you get the best of both worlds with just one software system, and that is why Canary7’s must have an eCommerce WMS for your business.

WMS for eCommerce - Top-Class Integrations
WMS for eCommerce - Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory management is an important aspect of your success. Only if your inventory is well-managed can you aim for a smoother order processing for your customers. Luckily, eCommerce WMS also helps you take care of inventory and stock, and hence makes it easier for you to control multiple aspects of your business single handedly. 

Gain full inventory visibility and track your inventory around the clock, so that you never have to be out of touch with your warehouse activity ever again. 


Why waste time on complicated, complex warehouse management systems when you can use a simpler system that does a better job? Canary7 has an intuitive interface that can easily be used by you as well as other team members. 

Save time by navigating through different features with just a few clicks and use them to improve your business to a great extent. Make sure that you focus on the right things and can tune out all the noise, without having to put in way too much energy.

WMS for eCommerce - Easy-to-Use
WMS for eCommerce - Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Employ reverse logistics in your business like a pro. Your customers will stay happy if you can promise them a smooth return and refund process, and that can only be done if you have a grasp over reverse logistics. If you actually want to succeed as an eCommerce business, you must pay as much attention to reverse logistics as you give to forward logistics.  Luckily, with Canary7’s eCommerce WMS, you can employ reverse logistics. 

Create a smooth flow of returns and allow your customers to send back any product that doesn’t fit their expectations. This will help you establish yourself as a credible eCommerce brand that can be trusted and is willing to accommodate them properly and enthusiastically. 


At Canary7, we understand that no warehouse ever stays the same – especially if it is an eCommerce one. For this reason, our features employ real-time data and live warehousing dashboards to evolve your warehouse in accordance with the needs of the time. 

As your business grows and its operational requirements expand, Canary7 grows with you and makes sure that you are not left behind in the eCommerce race. Scale your business up without limits, without bounds – and watch all your eCommerce dreams come true in no time at all. 

WMS for eCommerce - Scalability
WMS for eCommerce - Reverse Logistic Universal Synchronisation

Reverse Logistic Universal Synchronisation

No matter what your choice of conveyors, scanners, or order fulfilment machinery is – Canary7’s eCommerce WMS will step in and support your processes and ensure that they are aligned with your business properly. You can optimise your equipment for better performance, and make sure it is in working condition at all times so you can fulfil more orders and make the most out of your order processing. 

Even if you have machinery that is not compatible with Canary7, our team is on-hand to configure your system accordingly – so know that there is nothing that we actually can’t do.

Canary7: always there for you.

Canary prides itself on its customer service. Our team is available around the clock to answer your queries and help make your experience with Canary7 considerably more positive. Whether you are a new customer or an existing one, you can rely on our customer services when it comes to supporting your business with a comprehensive onboarding process. 

Not only that, but we also have an expert training programme that will involve us training you and your team members in a way that you can work with our warehouse management solutions in the best way possible. 

You are our first priority and we are never afraid to show that! 

Make your eCommerce venture a part of the warehousing revolution – only with Canary7. 

Canary7 is the start of your warehousing revolution. All you have to do to be a part of it is join hands with us. Together with our eCommerce WMS, you can evolve your eCommerce activity like never before. Not only will you be able to boost your sales, but you will also have all the support you need to make your business a success for the future. After all, this is exactly what Canary7 is all about – helping you build a more secure future for your eCommerce business. 

But don’t take our word for it – try us and see for yourself!

WMS for eCommerce | FAQs

What features should I look for in a WMS for eCommerce?

This totally depends on what the needs of your business are. Each business will have its own set of needs, which would mean that the “perfect” WMS for eCommerce will also differ for each business. However, there are a few things that every single good WMS for eCommerce will offer.

First of all, you should check and see whether the eCommerce WMS you are looking at offers scalability. As a business, your ultimate goal is to scale up, and your WMS should allow you to do that without any restrictions.

And lastly, always choose an option that is easy and simple to use. You don’t need to indulge in complex algorithms in order to streamline your eCommerce activity, which is why it is always better to go for a WMS for eCommerce that is completely simple and straightforward to use, as this will not take up time.

Does a WMS for eCommerce cost a lot?

It doesn’t have to! While there are a lot of options out there that will cost you an arm and a leg, there is no guarantee that these will work better for you than other options. For this reason, we will always recommend our customers to choose an option that aligns with their budget and doesn’t require them to dent their cash flow unnecessarily.

If I invest in a good WMS for eCommerce, will I still need a strong workforce?

Of course! No matter how good your WMS is, you still need your workforce. Yet, at times, relying too much on your workforce can make the job dreadful for them, and the worst part is that you will have to witness the consequences of this on your operations as well. However, the best way to go about this is to use your WMS in tangent with your workforce. This way, you can maximise your efficiency and productivity, and still make sure that you are not overburdening your workforce.