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We understand that your eCommerce journey is riddled with hundreds of hurdles and complications; and therefore, we strive to provide warehouse management and fulfilment solutions that seamlessly integrate with your processes and make them better, more enhanced, and considerably more lucrative when it comes to bringing in profits. 

As your eCommerce business evolves, it is likely to become a complex ecosystem that requires an extra nudge in the right direction for the sake of success. Canary7, with its cutting-edge, customer-centred solutions will provide just the push you need, and be the ultimate partner in success for the shopping experience you aim to facilitate your customers with.

As a dedicated warehouse management system, Canary7 can help you do a range of things; from streamlining orders to straightening out pick, pack, and ship processes – our features have been specifically designed to bring productivity, efficiency, and ease of use to the very centre of your warehouse operations. 

To put it simply: your search for the best WMS for eCommerce ends today!

An eCommerce Warehouse System for 10x More Efficiency

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Warehouse management solutions that support you in an ever-growing, ever-evolving industry.

The eCommerce industry has seen an incremental transformation in the past few years and at this point, it continues to change, expand, and become more challenging with each passing day.

26 million+ sites all over the world. 

There are more than 26 million live eCommerce sites all over the world. This means that there are millions of operational stores that your customers can interact with, and hence the level of competition you have to face is going to be tough. 

69.57 percent of shopping carts are abandoned.

69.57% of shopping are carts abandoned by customers. There are many reasons behind this – sometimes, the customer just changes their mind. Other times, aspects like the companies return and exchange as well as shipping policies can lead to the customer abandoning the shopping cart without buying anything. To make sure that your customers actually go through with sales, you can offer them simply your best. 

A market of 2.14 billion online shoppers. 

As an eCommerce business, your shop is accessible to billions of people all over the world. Your ultimate goal is to attract as many of them as possible, and actually be able to ship to them. But with high numbers also comes great responsibility, and to be able to successfully navigate the ultimate eCommerce challenge, you will have to give it your best shot. 

Only a little over 2 percent is the actual conversion rate for eCommerce shopping. 

As shocking as it may seem, only 2.17 percent of eCommerce visits that take place actually convert into purchases. Although the actual number of online shoppers has superseded billions, there are still not as many people who actually make a purchase with an eCommerce visit. A conversion will only take place when the customer is really drawn to your eCommerce services, and that only happens if you have something different, better than ordinary to offer. 

What do these stats mean for your eCommerce operations?

In essence, these stats show just how important it is for you to invest in the best WMS for eCommerce. The eCommerce world is unpredictable and you have to accustom your business to frequent fluctuations, which can only be done with the help of the best WMS for eCommerce. With a stellar customer service that is grounded in streamlined back end warehouse processes, you can finally impress your customers and make sure that they know they are signing up for nothing short of excellence. 

The best WMS for eCommerce; features that will help you transform your eCommerce activity.

As the best WMS for eCommerce, Canary7 is focused on connecting you with features that offer you nothing but absolute perfection. By integrating your operations without solutions, you are opening yourself to limitless success; in the world of eCommerce, and even beyond.

Unparalleled automation. 

Warehouse automation takes many forms and luckily, each of these forms is meant to make your warehouse more efficient, evolved, and overall a better place for your eCommerce operations. With the help of warehouse automation solutions provided by the best WMS for eCommerce i.e. Canary7, you can not only increase productivity but also reduce labour costs, improve your margins, and make sure that your customers get nothing but the best from their eCommerce experience.

Essentially, with the help of end-to-end automation that the best WMS eCommerce solution brings to the table, you can make sure that each aspect of your warehouse operations is done accurately and without any mistakes, which is the best way forward if you are looking to create a long-lasting, positive impression on your customers.

Canary7_ the best WMS
Canary7_ the best WMS - Smart warehouse optimisation

Smart warehouse optimisation.

Not all eCommerce businesses realise this, but if you are looking to improve your services you have to turn towards how things are being managed in the back end. So, you have to make sure that your warehouse is optimised in the best way possible, and that can only be done if you make use of the best WMS for eCommerce!

Canary7 steps in and takes over the situation, and makes sure that whatever storage space you are actually working with is optimised in a way that it can carry everything you need it to, but also not impact your budget or prices in a negative manner. For businesses on a budget, this is very important and will help them move towards success a lot quicker. 

Inventory management options.

Inventory management is an important element of ensuring that your eCommerce experience actually resonates with your customers. This is because unless everything is being correctly run on the inventory management end, you can expect smooth order processing and deliveries.

For this reason, as the best WMS for eCommerce, Canary7 takes inventory management extremely seriously and allows you to manage your stock with the best technology, tools, and strategies. With the help of our inventory management solutions, you can avoid issues such as overstocking, under stocking, shrinkage, and many other problems that could cause detriment to your business. 

Canary7_ the best WMS - Inventory management options
Canary7_ the best WMS - Order processing and management

Order processing and management.

Smooth order processing is key for any eCommerce project – yet, it is also quite challenging! The order processing journey begins as soon as your buyer clicks confirm on their shopping cart, and isn’t over until the order has reached them safely (including returns/refunds). Needless to say, the question of ensuring that everything goes well is easier said than done. 

However, if you have Canary7 helping you in the capacity of the best WMS for eCommerce, there is little you will need to worry about. Canary7 takes over order processing the second your customer places their order, and helps make your journey a lot easier.

Omnichannel support.

If you are planning on making your eCommerce business successful, you will have to incorporate more than one sales channel – a business model known as “omnichannel sales.” However, more channels mean that there are more requirements you have to worry about, and also a larger load of orders you have to handle everyday. 

Canary7 will help you by providing solutions that come with the best WMS for eCommerce stores. This means that by using Canary7, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one or two sales channels – instead, you can use literally any channel you want, and provide unparalleled services across different channels. 

Canary7_ the best WMS - Omnichannel support
Canary7_ the best WMS - Swift and easy scaling up

Swift and easy scaling up.

Scaling up is something every business looks forward to – every business hopes to expand without any major hindrances, and hence it becomes an important part of the trajectory of an eCommerce business as well. Although, if you don’t rely on the best WMS for eCommerce, it may be hard, if not impossible, to expand and take your operations to the next level. 

Canary7, on the other hand, ensures that it provides you with all the support and functionalities you need to scale up your business. Whether it is selling internationally and across borders or expanding in the terms of your sales channels, the best WMS for eCommerce is always at your service.

Labour and team management.

At Canary7, we truly believe that your labour force is the most important aspect of your business. If you want your eCommerce setup to flourish in the long term, empowering your labour force should be your number 1 priority. After all, it is only in connection with your workers that the solutions offered by Canary7 can be taken advantage of. 

Therefore, we help you manage your labour better, and make sure that they can benefit from the productivity and efficiency of warehouse management solutions instilled in your warehouse complex. By taking off the responsibility from their heads of trivial matters that can simply be automated, they are given more space to focus on things that actually require their expertise. So, Canary7 is not only the best WMS for eCommerce, but also the ultimate booster for your staff!

Canary7_ the best WMS - Labour and team management
Canary7_ the best WMS - Order tracking

Order tracking.

You will find that there is no better way to win the hearts of online shoppers than to make sure that they are given updates every now and then. That is something that can only be possible to achieve if your orders are properly tracked, from start to finish. 

Luckily, Canary7 comes bundled up with features such as barcode scanning and RFID tracking; both of which are great for making sure that all your orders are properly tracked and shipped on the right time to the right addresses. Do this, and watch your customers leave positive reviews like never before.

Easy returns and refunds.

Returns and refunds are important. If online shoppers find out the brand they are shopping from does not have a proper return process for their products, chances are that they will not want to shop from the brand at all. Hence, to make sure that you are not one of those brands, you must make sure that you are offering easy returns and refunds to your customers. 

This will be done if you have smooth reverse logistics in place – which is easy to do with the best WMS for eCommerce i.e. Canary7. Solutions by Canary7 ensure that receiving orders back from unhappy customers is just as efficient and error-free as sending orders out, and in that way, reverse logistics will become nothing but a breeze for you. 

Canary7_ the best WMS - Easy returns and refunds
Canary7_ the best WMS - Risk management and forecasting

Risk management and forecasting.

Having an eCommerce shop is risky, because the eCommerce world is not predictable at all. If you want to make sure that the fluctuations don’t cause you loss, you must perform risk management and forecasting. Yet, if you were to try and do this manually without the help of the best WMS for eCommerce, it simply wouldn’t be possible. For the right kind of risk management and forecasting, you must turn to Canary7, 

Canary7 provides the automation and accuracy needed to forecast trends properly, and make sure that you are prepared to take any risk for the sake of your eCommerce success. You don’t have to shoot arrows in the dark any longer – with the help of our solutions, you can plan the entire trajectory of your business and ensure that each decision you make aligns itself with the ultimate goals of your business, no matter how big or small. This way, you can future-proof your activity and make sure that the changes in the eCommerce industry don’t impact you. 

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Why Canary7?

We’re glad you asked that: we want our customers to make an informed choice when it comes to selecting Canary7 as their warehouse management solutions provider. 

Canary7 is the best WMS for eCommerce because:


As opposed to some on-premises software, Canary7 is a cloud-based solution that you only have to pay for per head. This means that there are no hidden charges, and you only pay for the package you need – nothing more or less. For businesses that are aiming to save money and not have their budget mess up unnecessarily, Canary7 is not only the best WMS eCommerce solution, but also the most affordable.

Canary7_ the best WMS - Affordable
Canary7_ the best WMS - User-friendly


Why waste time on complex, hard to understand WMS solutions when you can simply rely on Canary7? Canary7 is easy to understand and can be used with utmost convenience by not only you, but also every other member of your team. The learning process is very simple, and we are sure that you will be able to perfect it in no time! The fact that it is user-friendly also means that you can understand the exact way you must use it to get the most out of it.


Canary7 is a holistic solution, which means that instead of offering one or two features – we offer everything you need to make your eCommerce business an unmitigated success. So, warehouse management doesn’t only mean warehouse management with Canary7, it also means inventory management, labour management, order management, and warehouse control. Thanks to the holistic services, you don’t have to look into different solutions and can trust Canary7 with all of it.

Canary7_ the best WMS - Holistic
Canary7_ the best WMS - Supportive


We are there for our customers every step of the way. Not only will we help you with the onboarding process and make sure that Canary7 is well-integrated with your warehouse, but we will also stick around to ensure that you have no other questions or queries. In case you do, we have customer support available around the clock and our customer representatives will be more than happy to help you navigate Canary7 in a much better way. With Canary7, you are never alone: we celebrate your successes with you and help you through your failures, so if the best WMS for eCommerce, to you, means a software that grows with you… then Canary7 is the ultimate choice.

Empower your business with the best WMS for eCommerce – today.

At Canary7, our ultimate goal is to help our customers make their eCommerce journey easier. If you streamline your fulfilment with Canary7, you will save up time, money, and effort; all three of which can be then focused on places within your business that really require that focus and determination. For this reason, our warehouse management system has the potential to become an integral part of your business. 

If you are still not convinced – why don’t you take us out for a spin before you commit to us for good?

Best WMS for eCommerce | FAQs

Why do I need a warehouse management system for eCommerce?

A warehouse management system for eCommerce is important for a lot of reasons. eCommerce activity is multi-dimensional, which means you have to streamline things on multiple levels in order for you to be able to ultimately solidify your success as an eCommerce business - including the warehouse.

A warehouse management system will help you take care of your warehouse in accordance with the goals of your eCommerce business. This will make it easier for you to get more orders, satisfy more customers, and grow as a business without any restrictions. A warehouse management system is also the only conceivable way you can keep up with the ever-evolving needs of the modern day eCommerce industry, and will help you not only keep up with various industry standards but also leave behind your competitors.

What makes Canary7 the best WMS for eCommerce?

Canary7 is indubitably the best WMS for eCommerce because all of our features will help you move towards eCommerce success a lot more swiftly and with considerably more confidence. This is because each of our solutions is aligned with the needs of modern day eCommerce businesses, and hence provide you with the leverage you need to grow as a business.

Not only that, but Canary7 is affordable. Whereas almost all the other warehouse management systems will cost you a considerable chunk of your budget, Canary7 is a lot more feasible and hence, a considerably better investment.

So, for businesses that are planning to focus on scalability and that too without spending a lot of resources, Canary7 is definitely the best option.

Can Canary7 help me streamline refunds and returns?

Yes! As the best WMS for eCommerce, we allow you to create quite a strong eCommerce reverse logistics setup with us. We understand that forward logistics are not the only thing you need to focus on to be a successful eCommerce business. In fact, the way your process returns and refunds is also equally important; if not more. For this reason, we allow you to process refunds and returns seamlessly. Not only that, but Canary7 can also simplify processing exchanges. All in all, you don’t have to worry about reverse logistics at all because Canary has definitely got your back and will help you evolve in the right direction without any problems whatsoever.

Will using Canary7 boost my eCommerce revenue?

Quite possibly, yes! Of course, your eCommerce journey consists of various aspects and whether or not your eCommerce revenue can improve will ultimately depend on your performance in regards to all these aspects. However, the chances of your eCommerce revenue improving with Canary7 are a lot more plausible than they are without the integration of eCommerce. Canary7 puts you in a position where you can impress your customers a lot better, which makes it a lot easier for you to improve your brand image, and get even more customers onboard.

What other industries does Canary7 cater to?

You already know that Canary7 caters to the eCommerce industry. However, it also caters to 3PLs, FMCGs, and food and beverage businesses. In addition, Canary7 also provides specialised solutions for manufacturers, who obviously have a completely unique set of needs that need to be paid attention to. In short, Canary7 is for everyone! No matter what your business is and regardless of the size of your operations, you will find that there is a little something that Canary7 has to offer to everyone, and that is what truly makes us the best WMS for eCommerce.