Bring out the eCommerce pro in you with our eCommerce warehouse management system.

When we say Canary7 helps you achieve the best eCommerce warehouse management strategy, we truly mean it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Bring out the eCommerce pro in you with our eCommerce warehouse management system.

When we say Canary7 helps you achieve the best eCommerce warehouse management strategy, we truly mean it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

eCommerce may seem like a walk in the park, but it isn’t. In fact, it can be one of the toughest industries in the world. This can be accredited to a range of different factors, but mostly it is due to the fact that eCommerce is always subject to significant fluctuations, and they have an impact on each and every sale that you make. 

To deal with these fluctuations better and in a way that leaves a minimal to no adverse impact on your business, it is important to turn to an eCommerce warehouse management system that is robust enough to support your business activity throughout your eCommerce journey. Such an eCommerce warehouse management system will allow you to reach success with greater strides, while simultaneously working on building up the reputation of your business and taking it to the level where you need it to be. 

And we are sure you have been searching for such an eCommerce warehouse management system for quite some time now; considering how without it, you really cannot expect your business to prosper properly. The good news is that your search for that ends with Canary7. 

Canary7 has been especially designed to help businesses like yours move forward in the world of eCommerce. Each feature that Canary7 provides you with is a solution to a challenge that you are likely to face as an eCommerce venture, and hence, our eCommerce warehouse management software system doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to allowing your business to succeed. 

From inventory control to order handling, our eCommerce warehouse management system makes it convenient for you to streamline each aspect of your business for maximum success, which makes it even easier for you to establish your brand and leave behind competitors. 

Canary7 is a stellar eCommerce warehouse management system, and it will prove it’s worth by being a high-functioning part of your fulfilment strategy. 

Don’t believe us? See for yourself. 

Warehousing challenges for eCommerce brands

Do you feel like warehousing is one of the most challenging things about eCommerce brands? You are not the only one. Many businesses would agree that managing a warehouse for an eCommerce venture is not an easy job, and there is a lot of space in this process for things to go wrong. For the most part, warehousing is quite a tricky job – especially without a warehouse management system for eCommerce.

Inaccurate inventory handling

Inaccurate inventory handling is one of the most serious eCommerce warehouse challenges. If you are dealing with inaccurate inventory information, your picking process will be mismanaged and hence cause delays in the overall fulfilment process. Not only that, but inaccurate inventory handling may also lead to problems like overstocking and under stocking. You can also have a buildup of obsolete inventory if you don’t have your hands on completely accurate inventory information, and workers will have to pay attention to errors and mistakes more than the actual fulfilment process. 

In short, inaccurate inventory handling can slow down your progress as a business to a great extent, which can cause long-term problems for you. 

Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Inaccurate inventory handling
Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Inadequate space utilisation

Inadequate space utilisation

Did you know that most of your warehouse problems start with your warehouse setup? Many businesses tend to invest in a badly configured warehouse, which leads to many challenges that can impact the overall development of your business. By “badly configured” warehouse, we mainly mean a warehouse that is not being utilised to its complete capacity. When a business does this, they are giving way to avoidable time wastage and as well as causing damage to the profitably of their products. 

Remember, the more time it takes for your picking team to find a product, the fewer orders you can fulfil as a whole – so if your warehouse doesn’t make it easier for you to locate your products, you are doing something wrong. 

Inefficient workforce management

You can simply not succeed without the help of your staff. You need to manage them properly, and if that can’t be done then you are setting your business up for failure. This is because labour costs can be the chunkiest bit of your budget, and if your labour isn’t being optimised in a way that actually increases your prospects of succeeding, then all of the money and resources you spend on them are going to waste. 

However, managing your labour force effectively can be hard, and that’s why streamlining labour processes is a huge deal for most eCommerce businesses, especially those that have to work without a warehouse management system for eCommerce. 

Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Inefficient workforce management
Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Reliance on paper-based systems

Reliance on paper-based systems

While you could get away with paper-based processes back in the day, today’s world is fast-paced and technology-driven, which doesn’t allow you that liberty at all. If you are still working with manual data entries and processes, you are at a great disadvantage – not only because they are slow and inefficient, but also because all cut-throat competitors are probably already making use of automated solutions like eCommerce warehouse management systems. 

Yet, shifting to modern technology when you have relied on paper-based systems is not always a smooth and seamless transition, and many businesses will find it a challenge to even switch to automated systems under such circumstances. 

Navigating peak season

Peak season is rarely kind to businesses, especially when it comes to the logistics end. The influx of orders and the constant inventory handling that must be perfected for optimal results is not only hard to achieve, but can also take a toll on the overall development of your business. For this reason, peak season becomes an even bigger pressure on businesses wanting to outperform their competitors, especially if there are no automated solutions involved to boost up the progress.

So, Christmas, New Year, various annual sales, and other festivities can be a cause for concern for eCommerce business owners, even when they are primarily a source of joy and comfort for most people around the world.

Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Navigating peak season
Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - A flawed picking process

A flawed picking process

Your picking process is the backbone of your fulfilment processes and if there are any flaws in it, your business will obviously be impacted. A flawed picking process leads to delays, and can cause a dent in the overall customer satisfaction you provide. Not only that, but a flawed picking process can also slow down your overall warehouse and fulfilment activity, which is the last thing you want when you are looking to bring efficiency to your eCommerce journey. 

Hence, if there is one thing that needs to be perfect from start to finish, it’s the picking process; it truly deserves all your focus. With a perfect picking process, you can actually solidify the standing of your business and dominate the eCommerce industry with full vigour.

Erroneous order management

At the end of the day, your customers will judge how well you process and manage your orders. Think of it as a bridge between you and your customers; the better you are with your order management, the better you can impress your customers and the more highly they will think of you. However, managing orders perfectly is something not everyone can do, especially eCommerce businesses that sell on multiple channels. Just imagine; a load of orders coming from numerous sources such as company websites, eCommerce portals, offline sales, and channels. 

All of that is bound to present quite a serious challenge to eCommerce businesses hoping to succeed in a challenging industry. 

Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Erroneous order management
Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Effective management of data

Effective management of data

Any business would vouch for this: data is the most important weapon in today’s time and age. Data can help you achieve your goals in the best way possible – however, in order to be able to leverage it properly, you need to be managing it perfectly. This, unfortunately, proves to be the challenging bit for businesses especially eCommerce ones that are essentially harnessing data each second of the day. 

Yet, if you are able to crack the code and actually manage data in accordance with the objectives of your strategy, there is not much you can’t achieve in the field of eCommerce.

Incorrect forecasting

For optimum sales, your forecasting needs to be in check. This is not always as straightforward as it seems, especially if you are routinely using paper-based warehouse management tactics. Paper-based systems set your business back because they lead to incorrect forecasting. In turn, incorrect forecasting can lead to mismanagement of your inventory, which can cause problems like overstocking and under stocking. 

Essentially, incorrect forecasting will worsen your warehouse processes, and hence it is a challenge that needs to be dealt with as promptly and quickly as possible.

Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Incorrect forecasting
Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Ineffective quality control

Ineffective quality control

You need to make sure that every product that leaves your warehouse is in the perfect quality. However, when you have hundreds of orders coming your way, it can be hard to ensure that every product for every order is in pristine condition. Yet, there is no other option and it is your job as a business to make sure the quality of your products aligns with the customer’s expectations. 

Remember; you can’t do more with less and you need adequate eCommerce warehouse management solutions and help if you want to implement the right kind of quality control.

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Warehouse management system eCommerce solutions

No matter how many challenges you have to face in creating the perfect warehouse layout for your eCommerce business – with Canary7, you don’t have to worry. 

With Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management system, there is a solution for every problem you face.

Unparalleled accuracy

The best thing about Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management system is that it offers unparalleled accuracy. No longer do you have to worry about inaccurate forecasting or inadequate inventory handling, because Canary7 allows you to bring accuracy to every single process that you execute with the help of our eCommerce warehouse system. 

With Canary7, you can not only harness the right kind of data but also utilise it in a way that leads to you making the right decisions that will not harm your business. With accurate eCommerce warehouse management solutions, you can avoid shrinkage, overstocking, and under stocking. Not only that, but you will also spend less time on rectifying mistakes, which plays an important part in establishing yourself as a brand that values efficiency. 

For any business looking to be more productive, accuracy is going to be the fool-proof way to achieve it – it is the perfect way to ensure that your efforts are not going to waste and that the work you are putting into your warehouse management is actually leading towards success. 

Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Unparalleled accuracy
Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - End-to-end automation

End-to-end automation

Manual processes are outdated, and this will cause more harm to your business than good. With the help of our eCommerce warehouse management system and other eCommerce warehouse management solutions, you can ensure that your business is equipped with end-to-end automation. Whether it is in your inventory handling or order management, Canary7 ensures that you have to use minimal workforce in executing the integral processes with your warehouse, which makes it more convenient and straightforward for you to achieve optimal results. 

Where there is automation, there are also less human errors, which means you can spend less time worrying about those. Although human errors are not 100% avoidable in any setting, with the right eCommerce warehouse management system, they can be reduced to a significant extent, which makes it a great addition to your business. 

Also, automation is a much safer option than manual eCommerce warehouse management processes. Automation eliminates safety risks, strengthens customer satisfaction, reduces processing time, and helps with space optimisation. In short, eCommerce warehouse management systems and the automation that they bring to the table can greatly improve the whole eCommerce experience for all eCommerce business owners. 

So, if you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your manual processes related problems, Canary7’s automated warehouse management system for eCommerce is the perfect answer.

Border less scalability

Every business dreams of growing and that too without restrictions. The minds behind Canary7 understand have made it possible for you to grow without restrictions. As an eCommerce warehouse management system that aims on streamlining your processes in a way that scalability doesn’t remain to be an issue for you, Canary7 really enables you to scale up in every conceivable aspect. 

Whether you aim to grow in terms of your location or your audience, Canary7 supports your goals. It will grow with you, so as the complexity of your warehouse management processes increases, our software will adjust itself to your activity. 

Scalability is important even for those who are aiming to increase their revenue. Such businesses don’t want to be held back by their structures or lack of resources, and that is exactly what our eCommerce warehouse management system allows you to do. Essentially, you grow without any restrictions or pre-requisites holding you back, and hence it will prove to be an important element of your warehouse strategy. 

Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Border less scalability
Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Seamless order and labour management

Seamless order and labour management

We understand that warehouse management is only one part of the equation – in order to actually achieve the kind of success you are looking for, you will also have to streamline your order and labour management processes. This will allow you to create a holistically good strategy that brings maximum efficiency to each part of the fulfilment procedure.

If you are looking to manage your orders and labour like eCommerce pros, our eCommerce warehouse management solutions are definitely the answer. So, essentially, along with managing your warehouse and ensuring that it functions with perfection, you will also be making an effort to ensure that your order management and labour management processes are going in the right direction. 

Whether you are struggling with delegating tasks to the right people or managing orders on multiple channels, Canary7’s cutting edge eCommerce warehouse system will provide you with a solution that can help you not only overcome these problems, but also equip you with a 360 degrees vision that enables you to wholly improve these processes. 

Increased profitability

Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management system is important even when it comes to warehouse profitability. It helps you update standardised processes, get rid of excessive inventory, measure labour costs to figure out inefficiency, train your employees, and reduce obsolete inventory in your warehouse – all of which can help you save a lot of money. 

Believe it or not, the way your warehouse operates greatly impacts your cash flow. If you are looking to optimise your budget and expand your profit margins, then you will have to identify the problems present in your warehouse. Thanks to Canary7’s eCommerce warehouse management system, you can luck out in this aspect and actually improve the activity of your warehouse in a way that helps you save money. 

With a save more and spend less approach, you will be able to make some great improvements to your business without completely depleting your financial reserves, which is the right way to make sure that your business is going in the right direction.

Canary7; the eCommerce warehouse management system - Increased profitability

Improve your warehouse journey with the help of our eCommerce warehouse management solutions

Get Canary7 today and improve your eCommerce warehouse journey without any restrictions whatsoever. We specialise in providing a warehouse management system eCommerce businesses can actually benefit from, and that too at affordable rates.

With the best eCommerce warehouse management system software by your side, you can conquer the eCommerce industry and impress your customers like never before.

eCommerce Warehouse Management System| FAQs

What is a eCommerce warehouse management system?

Warehousing is a process which contains many layers such as order management, returns management, item tracking, picking and packing and much more. An eCommerce warehouse management system is therefore used to help you streamline all of these processes from one place. It ensures that all of your back-end processes are aligned with your chosen eCommerce platforms, allowing your order processing to be better, quicker and much more efficient. This will result in a smoother fulfilment experience for your customers.

What are the features of an eCommerce warehouse management system?

Efficiency, automation and accuracy are the three main features provided by a eCommerce warehouse management system. By bringing these elements to the centre of your warehouse operations you will be setting your business up for success. An eCommerce warehouse management system also comes equipped with integrations so you can transform your warehouse into an undeniable hub of productivity.

What are the benefits of an eCommerce warehouse management system?

When it comes to an eCommerce warehouse management system there are many benefits it can provide for your business. These include but aren’t limited to: Faster deliveries, fewer picking mistakes, less stress, better organisation and time saving.

Can an eCommerce warehouse management system help me with more than just warehouse management?

Yes! Since warehousing has lots of different elements, a warehouse management system can help you not only streamline your warehouse operations, but also provide you with more efficient inventory and order management processes. This will make all of your logistical affairs a lot easier as you will be managing everything all on a singular solution.

Why Canary7 eCommerce warehouse management system?

Canary7 is an all round modern solution for the problems you may face in the warehouse. Our eCommerce warehouse management system is a highly customisable and scalable solution that allows you to improve your fulfilment processes from start to finish, taking your business to the next level. No matter what size, niche or nature your eCommerce business is, Canary7 can help you get your warehouse problems under control by offering you a cutting-edge eCommerce wms.