Canary7 eCommerce WMS; for managing your warehouse with utmost precision

When we say Canary7 helps you achieve the best eCommerce warehouse management strategy, we truly mean it. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Is your warehouse filled with chaos every peak season? Does your team need help to streamline basic warehouse processes? Are you looking for technology that can take your warehouse to the next level and make it an actual contributor to your success? 

If your answer to the above was yes, your warehouse processes are ready for Canary7’s eCommerce WMS; the ultimate tool that can help you evolve as a business. Designed to help you straighten out various aspects of your back end logistics, our eCommerce WMS will significantly make you and your team more accurate, efficient, and productive in order fulfilment. 

By investing in our eCommerce WMS, you are opening yourself up to a plethora of benefits that will attach themselves to your business and enable you to move forward with complete dedication and commitment. Want to enhance your customer experience? We can help with that. Want to make faster deliveries and fewer mistakes? That’s our responsibility. Want to improve the input from your employees? That will come naturally without you having to put in any effort!

In short, with the help of Canary’s eCommerce WMS, it is highly convenient to make your warehouse a better, far more productive, and helpful asset for your business. And the best part is that you don’t have to put in ridiculous amounts of energy, because everything is quite simple to achieve. Thanks to automation, the responsibility and burden is taken off of your shoulders. This way, you are left with energy to focus on other aspects of your business, whereas warehouse management is taken care of by our eCommerce WMS

eCommerce WMS solutions for everyone

Often, businesses need help getting  logistics software that fully aligns with their services. Not all software systems are designed to help companies from all industries, hence; not all software systems will prove to be a good fit for you and your operations. 

However, with Canary7’s eCommerce WMS, you don’t have to worry anymore. We offer eCommerce WMS solutions that are relevant to any business from any sector. Whether you are operating in the retail industry or are a online eCommerce store trying to provide the best logistics experience to your customers, our eCommerce WMS solutions will prove to be the missing piece from your success puzzle.

eCommerce WMS features to improve your warehouse activity – from start to finish

Canary7 brings to you eCommerce WMS features that improve your warehouse activity. From the second that an order is placed correctly until the moment that the order is shipped out, Canary7 equips you with the support you need to make the process as smooth and seamless as you need it to be. 

Canary7 eCommerce WMS - Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is one of the features offered by our eCommerce WMS solutions. This is because the more attuned you are with your stock, the better chances you have in making sure that everything is in working order. 

By staying on top of your inventory activity, you can fully optimise your warehouse properly and align it with the goals of your business – and Canary7’s eCommerce WMS help you do exactly that, with utmost accuracy and precision.

Space Optimisation

Warehouse space is expensive and therefore, it is better to organise everything in the warehouse in a way that whatever area you do have is enough. Therefore, space optimisation is essential and it can be done with the help of Canary7’s eCommerce WMS solutions. 

With the help of our eCommerce WMS, you can optimise your warehouse so that little space can be used to support the maximum amount of processes. With optimised space, you can also do more which makes Canary7’s eCommerce WMS an absolute must for your success strategy. Introducing it to your business will help you move forward towards success. 

Canary7 eCommerce WMS - Space Optimisation
Canary7 eCommerce WMS - Data-based Reports and Insights

Data-based Reports and Insights

Bringing data into the centre of your processes will help you enhance it appropriately. With data-based reports and insights, you will be able to gauge the current standing of your business a lot better, which will help you make necessary improvements and adjustments. 

With manual processes, this is hard to achieve. This is because data can only be properly brought to your business with the help of the right eCommerce WMS solutions. Our eCommerce WMS can help you achieve this, and that too with the use of the most accurate data that is accessible to you at any given moment.

Barcode and RFID Compatibility

Barcode and RFID compatibility means that you can organise your inventory in a better way, and keep a track of it so that you can make sure that all your stock is safe and secure at all times. However, only the best eCommerce WMS solutions offer such compatibility. 

Fortunately enough, Canary7‘s eCommerce WMS offers barcode and RFID compatibility, which means that you can quickly and easily implement barcode scanning and RFID tracking into your processes. This will enable you to track your inventory better, and also have a better insight into how your inventory and the progress of your business.  

Canary7 eCommerce WMS - Barcode and RFID Compatibility
Canary7 eCommerce WMS - Surveillance


If you are looking to improve your business, you will need to be more in touch with all your warehouse activity. However, this is often hard to achieve considering that warehouse management is an intricate process that involves multiple functions, and it can take a lot of work to have an overview of all these processes. 

By integrating Canary7’s eCommerce WMS solutions, you gain end-to-end visibility into your warehouse. Our eCommerce WMS will allow you to perform full surveillance and make sure that all your workforce is operating with complete efficiency. This way, you are able to be in control of your activity, even if you are not present in the physical vicinity of the warehouse. 

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The eCommerce WMS software for every eCommerce problem

Our eCommerce WMS software has a solution for every eCommerce problem – and that is our superpower. 

Problem: Inadequate warehouse picking processes

All organisations will agree that the most crucial element of a successful logistical strategy is the picking process, i.e. the process of getting the items for an online buyer after the order is first placed. Essentially, this is one of the most labour-intensive parts of the fulfillment procedure, and unless it is perfected, can end up eating a lot of your warehouse budget and even be a burden for your employees. 

An inadequate warehouse picking process can be caused by multiple things; even something as familiar as the under utilisation of workforce and equipment. However, the most common factor behind failed picking processes is outdated and manual methods of completion

Solution: Optimised warehouse picking and packing

Canary’s eCommerce WMS software is designed to optimise the picking and packing processes within your warehouse. Our features enable you to make relevant adjustments to existing processes quickly and easily, which means that you can improve them without having to start over. 

With our eCommerce WMS, you get to take your inadequate picking processes and transform them into a contributing factor to your success. Therefore, making your picking procedure better is turning out to be a concern for you, then Canary7 is the answer you have been looking. 

Canary7 eCommerce WMS - Optimised warehouse picking and packing

Problem: Maintaining cost-efficiency in your warehousing operations

Budgetary restrictions are one of the biggest hindrances for many businesses. Because of financial considerations, you have to be sure that the money that you are actually spending on your warehouse is being spent on the right things. 

However, this is rarely the case, mainly if you are relying on manual processes. Manual processes cause inaccuracies and mistakes, which can cause your warehouse costs as well shipping charges to increase, and can quickly drain your resources if not dealt with proper measures. 

Canary7 eCommerce WMS - Cost-efficiency in every warehouse process

Solution: Cost-efficiency in every warehouse process

Not with Canary! Canary7’s eCommerce WMS is the fool-proof way of ensuring that each element within your business is being executed in a cost-efficient manner. To that end, Canary7 automates the processes that need automation, and make sure that no money is put at stake due to the possibility of mistakes and missteps. 

In short, Canary7 ensures that your money is being spent in the right direction and because of this, you can see a positive change in your revenue and profits margins. Canary7 is a massive asset for eCommerce businesses that are looking to improve their cash flow, and they vouch for it based on that. 

Problem 3: Mismanagement of stock

Your stock is your uncapitalised asset – which means that you have to go to the extra extent in order to keep it functional. Yet, a lot of businesses neglect this area. Mostly, this is because managing stock is a complex and demanding job, and not all companies are equipped in the right way to be able to do that properly. 

However, the thing is that mismanaged stock is a liability. If your inventory is not organised correctly, you are setting yourself up for failure. For example, if you fail to acknowledge that you are low on certain items before a customer places an order for them, it will lead to an awkward confrontation with your customer and may even dent your reputation beyond repair. 

Solution: An organised and extremely high-functioning inventory

With our eCommerce WMS software, you get the opportunity to work on your inventory, organise it properly, and make sure that everything is in working order. Canary7’s eCommerce WMS ensures that you have access to accurate inventory reports and that you stock up on the right products. 

Not only that, but you can also make locating the relevant products in your warehouse easier, which will help you save time and effort. It will also help you restock at appropriate intervals, and hence provides a better alternative than having to lose your energy on doing all of this manually and inaccurately. An eCommerce WMS solution is the best way to introduce organisation to your inventory, and hence it is something that must become a part of your warehouse success strategy. 

Canary7 eCommerce WMS - An organised and extremely high-functioning inventory

Problem 4: Delays in the order fulfillment process

No one likes delays, least of all consumers. This is because consumers have massive expectations in the 21st century, and unless these expectations are addressed by your services, chances are that they will not perceive you as a brand that is at par with the industry standards. 

However, if your warehouse is not properly optimised, then delays can rarely be avoided. Even if there is a single manual, redundant process in your warehouse, things will be slowed down to a great extent, which will only lead to your customers having a wrong impression of you. It may even cause you to lose business, and if delays become a norm in your fulfilment processes, you will see your customer retention deteriorate over time. 

Canary7 eCommerce WMS - Quick and speedy order fulfilment processes

Solution: Quick and speedy order fulfilment processes

The solution? Canary7’s eCommerce WMS! One of the most significant objectives behind providing our customers with our software solutions is enabling them to be more efficient, because we understand just how important it is for a business to achieve that, and that too without having to cross miles for it. An eCommerce cloud based WMS software comes to the rescue, and makes everything easier and much faster for you. 

Canary7 automates the fulfilment process; everything from picking and packing to the actual shipping comes under domain, and we go to every extent to make sure that each of these processes is fast and efficient, and that your customers are not left waiting for their orders at any point in time. For businesses that want to be number one in their industry sector, speed is an important factor, and they can bring it to the centre of all their operations with the help of our eCommerce WMS. On the other hand, with it, it is possible to keep up with the level of speed customers expect these days.

Problem 5: Poor customer experience and satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a crucial indicator of your success as an eCommerce business, and the best way to boost your customer satisfaction is to provide the best possible customer experience that you can. There are many things that are involved in the customer experience, and customers will usually take into consideration things like the speed of delivery, order accuracy, product quality – which means that all of these should be perfected to the best of your ability. 

Again, with manual processes, doing that is not only complex and challenging, but straight up impossible. However, with the right WMS eCommerce businesses can take the leap and improve their customer experience in a way that drives customer satisfaction. 

Solution: An enhanced customer experience

We care about you, and you care about your customers, which means that our eCommerce WMS software is the ultimate way to ensure that your customers can be happy with your brand. By making all your processes smooth and seamless, the eCommerce WMS will allow you to foster a better relationship with your customers. 

With us, you can finally boost your customer retention and make sure that anyone who decides to trust your services is impressed with the agility that you showcase in your order fulfilment procedures. Improve your brand reputation for good, and see your business prosper in the best possible way.  

Canary7 eCommerce WMS - An enhanced customer experience

Why Canary7?

If you are still wondering about why exactly you should trust our WMS for eCommerce, then this is for you: 

As a world renowned eCommerce WMS solution, Canary7 has been specifically designed to help you navigate the various challenges that take place within the eCommerce world. This enables you to be a better contender in your industry sector and hence, allows you to set yourself up for success in a considerably better way. 

Not only that, but Canary7 is affordable – you don’t have to empty your pockets in the search for the right WMS software for eCommerce, because Canary7 allows you to do everything that needs to be done in a budget-friendly way. 

As one of the best WMS software for eCommerce available in the market, Canary7 is focused on creating workflows that align themselves with ultimate goals and objectives of your business. As the ultimate WMS for eCommerce warehouses will help you warehousing operations in their entirety.

Canary7; the right eCommerce web based WMS software for your business.

Canary7 is the WMS for eCommerce that warehouses can really benefit from in every possible way. Whether your ultimate goal is to make your business more efficient or introduce productivity in your team, Canary7 will help you in its capacity as the best eCommerce WMS, and allow you to foster growth and development in the best possible way. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join us and help your business expand in the right direction.