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Being a part of the eCommerce world is not easy by any means! There is a lot that you need to bring under control, and not enough resources, support, and help that can facilitate you in your quest to do that. However, relying on an eCommerce WMS software will make things easier; in more than one way. 

And if that eCommerce WMS is Canary7, then there is nothing that you are left to worry about. Designed by fulfilment professionals, Canary7 is the ultimate tool for any eCommerce business that is working on creating better, smoother operations. Our features are aimed towards helping all eCommerce businesses – regardless of their size, to function properly, bring in more profits, and make sure that their journey leads to limitless success. 

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The most concerning challenges for eCommerce stores.

The eCommerce industry is not a predictable place; with so many factors affecting it from every end, it becomes vulnerable to changes. In order to stay afloat during these times, it becomes important for businesses to be fully aware of the challenges they may face, and become more vigilant about their circumstances.

Challenge 1: Problems with cyber and data security

One of the biggest challenges faced by eCommerce businesses is security. As an eCommerce business, you have to frequently deal with security breaches – if you are not careful and don’t have the right technology to help you take care of yours and your customer’s sensitive information. After all, eCommerce is all about the sharing of data between two parties, and even a small technical issue can cause major problems. 

Additionally, the fact that eCommerce involves monetary transactions makes it even more important for you to actively take steps to make sure that this information is not compromised. Yet, this aspect is easier said than done which is why a lot of eCommerce businesses have to struggle in this area before they can fully achieve the required standards of cyber and data security.

eCommerce WMS software - Problems with cyber and data security
eCommerce WMS software - Attracting the right target audience

Challenge 2: Attracting the right target audience.

If you are actually looking to convert your online visitors into actual paying customers, you have to make sure that you are attracting the right customer to begin with. Again, this might sound like a walk in the park but in actuality, the process of setting up your eCommerce operations in a way that the end result resonates with your customer is a very hard thing to ensure. 

You have to put your best foot forward when it comes to targeting the right audience. However, in order to do this, you need to have access to advanced technology that can help you achieve your goals faster. Unless you have the right software solutions to help you, it can be more or less impossible to attract your perfect customer in the way you actually want to.

Challenge 3: Pressure of providing an impeccable customer experience.

On the topic of customers – when it comes to eCommerce, in fact when it comes to any business whatsoever, customers can make or break your business. As more and more brands from different industries realise this, the value of an unforgettable customer experience becomes considerably more prominent, and businesses work on prioritising customers like never before. 

That in itself is no easy task – the online shopper of today is sophisticated and has high expectations from the services they receive, which means that the stakes are high for eCommerce businesses and in order to win your customers over, you have to meet quite high standards.

eCommerce WMS software - Pressure of providing an impeccable customer experience
eCommerce WMS software - Boosting customer loyalty

Challenge 4: Boosting customer loyalty.

Even if you do manage to win customers over, there is no guarantee that they are actually going to be loyal to your business. There are a lot of factors that go into this, but for the most part it raises one important question: if your customers are not loyal to you, how can you actually build and expand your eCommerce venture? 

As such, eCommerce businesses really have to strive to make sure that the customers not only love their products and services, but also actively choose to come back to their business and invest in their operations wholeheartedly. Again; this is not an easy task, because there are thousands of other businesses out there that offer the same exact thing as you, which means it is difficult to win over customers from competition today.

Challenge 5: Shrinkage and other stock problems.

Of course, not all challenges that eCommerce businesses have to face happen on the front-end of the business. Many take place behind the scenes; especially at the warehouse. You have to take special care of your stock, since it is an uncapitalised asset and the strength of your business lies within it!

If your warehouse is not properly optimised, you are more than likely to face various stock-related problems. This could be shrinkage, overselling, underselling, needing more space, and many other issues. Therefore, without the help of special WMS tools, you would be severely neglecting your stock, which means that you can’t cash in on it properly and therefore not give your business the kind of elevation it needs. 

eCommerce WMS software - Shrinkage and other stock problems
eCommerce WMS software - Lots of competition

Challenge 6: Lots of competition. 

Thanks to how easy and convenient it is to start an eCommerce business, there are millions of brands out there. Whatever you offer, chances are that another brand offers the same exact product – and who knows, maybe they do so in a much better way! This means that you have the pressure of dealing with lots of competition if you are working towards leaving a prominent mark on your industry. 

Not only that, but lots of competition also means that unless you have the right sources to help you understand forecasts and analysis, you will not be able to gauge the exact impact the growing competition has on your business. 

Challenge 7: Product return and refund policies.

The order journey for your customers doesn’t end with you shipping out the orders. Unless the customer is one hundred percent happy with what they have received both in terms of product and service, your work as an eCommerce business is not done. 

This is where reverse logistics come into play. Essentially, it should be as easy for you to receive returns from customers as it is for you to send your orders out, considering how it is an equally important aspect of your business. Yet, you can’t do this unless you have access to the right tools and technology, since reverse logistics add an extra layer of complexity and complicate your operations. 

eCommerce WMS software - Product return and refund policies
eCommerce WMS software - Choosing the right technology for the longer run

Challenge 8: Choosing the right technology for the longer run.

There is a lot of technology available to help you with your eCommerce challenges. For example, if you are looking for eCommerce WMS software, you will find 5 options that seem interesting and helpful. However, it is not as easy as picking the first software that seems as if it is the answer to your questions. 

Essentially, you have to work towards picking technology that is not only helpful to you in the present day, but also contributive to your success in the longer run. You are looking for a partner that is successful that sticks with you throughout – from the start to the finish of your eCommerce journey. 

Challenge 9: Difficulties with cross-border, multichannel eCommerce.

Every eCommerce business aspires to deal with customers across borders, earn in international currency, and sell their products on different channels. However, it is not always easy to do this, as selling internationally comes with its own set of issues and you have to possess certain abilities as well as have your hands on certain resources. After all, selling internationally and on different channels come with its own set of responsibilities, and hence should be tackled in such a manner. 

However, this responsibility is not always too easy to handle and even the most established businesses have to work hard to achieve cross-border fulfilment. To think of doing this without the help of the best eCommerce WMS software, however, would be simply impossible. 

eCommerce WMS software - Difficulties with cross-border, multichannel eCommerce
eCommerce WMS software - Logistical, supply chain issues

Challenge 10: Logistical, supply chain issues.

Supply chain issues are something that not only eCommerce businesses, but all businesses face. This is because supply chain is an intricate aspect of your business, there are many different components, processes, and elements that go into making it the best and most seamless version of itself. 

However, to manage and take care of each of these components and make sure that it fits correctly into the overall operations of your venture. It requires extra time, effort, and resources and many businesses have to struggle for years before they can reach a point where their supply chain is completely devoid of all these issues.

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eCommerce WMS software solutions by Canary7 and how they help.

No matter what eCommerce challenges you are facing, Canary7, with its top-notch eCommerce WMS software solutions, can help you navigate this industry like never before. For every eCommerce problem you have, there is an eCommerce WMS software solution we offer – and that is just one of the great things about us! 

Safe cloud-based technology.

Our eCommerce WMS software solutions use cloud-based technology. Cloud-based technology is the safest, most reliable type of software for your eCommerce activity. Unlike on premise software, cloud-based technology is not as susceptible to malfunctioning, which means it’s safer. 

No longer do you constantly have to be on edge about your data being compromised – Canary7, with its eCommerce WMS software solutions is perfectly safe and will take care of valuable information for both you and your customers. 

eCommerce WMS software - Safe cloud-based technology
eCommerce WMS software - Trends analysis and forecasting

Trends analysis and forecasting.

When looking to attract the perfect customer, you will find that trends analysis and forecasting is very important. This is precisely why our eCommerce WMS software solutions help businesses not only analyse trends but also forecast sales activity way into the future, so they know exactly what steps to take to attract the perfect customer. 

This will help your business evolve in the right direction, and attract customers that actually matter to you.

This will help your business evolve in the right direction, and attract customers that actually matter to you. It will also help you make sure that your activity aligns with your best interests, and that you are not making any decisions that could potentially dent your progress as an eCommerce business. 

Error-free order processing.

Error-free order processing will help you attract more customers – which is why so much of our eCommerce WMS software is centred around eradicating errors and mistakes from your order processes completely; or at least as far as possible. 

When the order processing is completely smooth and devoid of any errors, providing your customers with just the customer experience that will prove your worth in their eyes will be quite easy to do.

eCommerce WMS software - Error-free order processing
eCommerce WMS software - Smooth shipping and delivery

Smooth shipping and delivery.

Want to make sure your customers come back to you for more? Give them smooth shipping and delivery, and watch them choose your business over any other counterparts. Streamline your warehouse activity with the right technology, and make your shipping and delivery processes fully advanced, and ultimately enable your business to win over the loyalty of your customers like never before. 

Believe us; our eCommerce WMS software is based on the idea of helping you win over your customers, and it will help you do exactly that.

Optimised warehouse space.

The warehouse space is an important yet often quite neglected aspect of a business. If you want to get ahead of your competitors and make sure you are doing everything right, you will turn to your warehouse space and give it the best treatment ever. 

With the help of our eCommerce WMS software, it is actually possible to do this. Our eCommerce WMS software solutions help you optimise your warehouse space in the best way possible. So, with us, it doesn’t matter if you have enough space or not – we will help you make the most of whatever you have, so that the rest of your eCommerce activity can be carried out without any problems.

eCommerce WMS software - Optimised warehouse space
eCommerce WMS software - Important integration options

Important integration options.

Integration is very important for an eCommerce business. If you are not well-integrated with the most necessary platforms, you are actually quite behind a lot of eCommerce businesses and that is something you don’t want, considering that the competition is quite cut-throat as it is. 

So, Canary7, with its eCommerce WMS software provides almost any and every integration in the book. Want to connect your warehouse and eCommerce activity to Amazon? You can do that! Want to connect your business to Etsy, eBay, Magento, or Shopify? Be our guest! Want to be well-integrated with couriers such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS? You can do that too. Basically, anything and everything can become a part of your business if you work with an eCommerce WMS software system.

Easy implementation of reverse logistics.

Reverse logistics are important, because if you are expecting returns and refunds, you need to make sure that there is a smooth pathway for you to receive these. After all, the smoother your reverse logistics are, the more feasible it becomes for your customers to trust you as a business and make sure that you are credible. 

The eCommerce WMS software by Canary7 is a great way to simplify reverse logistics for both you and your customers. Make it easier for your customers to send returns and get refunds, while making it easier for yourself to accept these without taking a toll on your business.

eCommerce WMS software - Easy implementation of reverse logistics
eCommerce WMS software - Scalable technology and tools

Scalable technology and tools.

If you are looking to grow as an eCommerce business, it goes without saying that you have to invest in scalable technology. Essentially, this will be an eCommerce WMS software that grows with you and accommodates your business and operations no matter how big or small they are. 

With the help of Canary7’s eCommerce WMS software solutions, it is possible to grow; mainly because we grow with you. No matter what the trajectory of your business is, we have the tools and technology that will help you leverage your operations in just the right way. 

Omnichannel sales support.

There are absolutely no limits when it comes to omnichannel sales with Canary7 and eCommerce WMS software solutions. No matter what sales channel you plan to adopt or how many, Canary7 will provide you with the sales support you need and ensure that you have the right tools to help you navigate the business model of your choice. 

Not only that, but Canary7 will also help you make sure that you can sell your products without restrictions on borders – international selling has never been easier as with Canary7 and its eCommerce WMS software solutions.

eCommerce WMS software - Omnichannel sales support
eCommerce WMS software - End-to-end supply chain visibility and automation

End-to-end supply chain visibility and automation.

Most bottlenecks in the supply chain can simply be fixed with increased automation and visibility. As experts in logistics and fulfilment, the minds behind Canary7’s eCommerce WMS software know this, which is why all our solutions are focused on bringing more visibility and automation to your supply chain. 

By automating most aspects of your business and making sure that you stay updated with everything that goes on in your warehouse, you have more control over your supply chain. This means that not only can you identify problems early on, but also fix them on time, before they turn into bigger problems.

Be a part of the warehousing revolution with Canary7.

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eCommerce WMS Software | FAQs

Can an eCommerce WMS software boost my eCommerce growth?

If you choose the right solution, you can very well grow as an eCommerce business simply with the help of an eCommerce WMS software. An eCommerce WMS software enables this in multiple ways. For starters, it automates all the manual processes and takes the burden off your shoulders. This gives you more time and energy to strategise your eCommerce growth.

It also helps you enhance your customer experience as a whole. When that is done, it is easier for you to boost your eCommerce growth as you have the potential to break into new markets, impress more customers, and make more sales.

Can I also manage my inventory with this software solution?

Yes! Being eCommerce and warehousing experts ourselves, the minds behind Canary understand that you can not achieve operational efficiency within the warehouse if you are not simultaneously focusing on managing your inventory as well. This is why our features will enable you to not only manage your warehouse, but also organise your inventory and stock in a way that aligns with the overall goals of your business.

If you are planning on improving not only your warehouse but also your inventory, then there is no better option but to invest in a warehouse management system that can help you do both of these things, and that too in connection with eCommerce. However, you also have to make sure that you are picking the right system, because not all software systems will help you achieve this.

Our recommendation will always be Canary7!

Why should I pick Canary7 as my eCommerce WMS software?

Canary7 is a great option for all kinds of businesses because it is, flexible, and offers all the features you could possibly need for the overall improvement of your business. No matter what kind of business you run, Canary7 offers the solutions that will put you in line with the top leaders of the eCommerce industry and hence, give you a much better shot at success than it would otherwise be possible.

Canary7 is also very easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tech-savvy person or not - Canary7 offers solutions that are simple to navigate, and don’t require effort on any end. Ultimately, this is why beginners as well as eCommerce experts will vouch for our warehousing and fulfilment solutions.